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not a single subtle bone in garry allen’s body. i mean judging by those smiles, iris sitting on his laps is probably his favorite thing ever. I live for unscripted moments like that.

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(U ASKED FOR IT) so imagine that when they finally find shiro, lance puts on a brave face and joins in the hugs and everything but LATER he goes to his room and cries bc he honestly thought shiro wouldn't make it home to them, and he goes for a walk to find the pool bc why not and shiro finds him still wiping tears from his eyes and just HUGS HIM and tells him how proud he is of what lance and the others have done in his absence and the two finally get the support they deserve

lance purposely making friends w slav to keep shiro from being constantly aggravated, lance checking in on shiro even when it seems like he’s having a Good Day bc the Bad Days are more frequent after his rescue, lance smuggling hunk’s cookies out of the kitchen to leave on the bridge for allura and shiro, lance being Really Proud whenever shiro gives him compliments on his sharpshooting, lance doing everything in his power to make sure his team is happy and safe and his team doing the same

slav doing his absolute best to annoy shiro without even trying and then doing his absolute best to make up for it and one day shiro sits him down and apologizes for overreacting and slav just stares at him for the longest moment bc in no other reality does shiro ever apolize to SLAV so slav apologizes too and they both promise to try harder and then they become actually good friends and team up to win a prank war with lance (they all win in a cuddle puddle at the end) 

I don’t remember asking for this lol but I WILL TAKE IT. Listen Lance would just be so good at this kind of stuff? And that’s honestly his real value to the team, like he would absolutely pick up on Shiro’s bad days and check up on Shiro and Shiro would just completely appreciate and value that.

Just imagine after a month or so of this Shiro thanking Lance for always keeping the team together and looking out for everyone, Shiro saying “What would we do without you, Lance? The whole team would fall apart!”

Shiro asking Lance to give the motivational speeches “Go on, Lance, I know you’ve got one lined up. Let’s hear it!” and Lance just gives the best “let’s go down swinging”-style speech and Shiro going “Alright you heard Lance, let’s do this.”

I-It’s n-not like I like y-you @shanatical! (But yes, as you may have figured out from Messaging, I did a thing for Addendum.)

In Issa Rae’s ‘Insecure’, true black girl friendship comes to HBO

Insecure soars in its casual and effortless dialogue between two black girlfriends, Issa and her best friend Molly (Yvonne Orji). It is especially timely, as black girl squads on television are hard to come by. Molly and Issa trade quips just like any friends would at brunch, dishing about dating apps, old baes and casual sex. Insecure succeeds in much the same way Awkward Black Girl did.

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anyone have any directional advice for exploring the unconscious thats not jung, something contempory, feminine?? Idk.  On the path to strip away a lot of what is not me and find something inside of me thats transcendental??? I dont even know if i believe in a soul …. but exploring in this way feels curious so I want to. I know I often say I dont believe in free will but I still try to practice magical thinking maybe because of something pragmatic but sometimes I still feel the pull of the unconscious and I want to explore it and find languages to describe it but I just feel confused. I havent felt comfortable finding images online anymore…I think that was how i explored the unconscious b4 but it just doesnt feel like me anymore or It lost its effortless natural feeling for a few reasons and I dont feel drawn to it as much. I hardly make art anymore either… I know I will again but Im not there yet and Im not sure I want to make art for the time… temporarily. I think its healthy to change attitudes and habits in life so that you can look closely at them. I have been consumed with finding images, and posting art online for so many years Im curious what its like to not do those things. what will i learn about myself? 

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i really like hollow knight’s art? i really like its kind of effortless blending of kind of victorian architecture and the ~~~gigeresque*~~~ arthropod and mollusc kind of sweeping organic curves and very intense little fiddly flairs and. it feels very natural? it feels good and right and just that these two things are said, by the art, to be similar. it is an expression of a truth already known but not made noticeable up til now

i am probably going to buy hollow knight, i think.

*scare tildes because i feel like the worst kind of nerd for busting out a comparison to h.r. giger’s work but honestly i can’t think of another comparison to make that invokes the same aesthetic sensibilities, not just that would be readily recognizable, but, like, at all


Hidden in the forest just outside of Utrecht, the building replaces an old cottage and features two large sliding doors that transform the warm escape into a breezy space that blends effortless into its natural surroundings.

you were invisible
but now they won’t stop staring

you were weak
but now there’s nothing you can’t do

—  so why is this so hard | d.l. (via mistletoestucky)