and its ace

The Hottest Defense in the West 😉

Quick Kristoph doodle in Photoshop!

When I make my Gavin Bros comic I want to make it in a painted style :) Tedious? Maybe. But painted comics are my thing and I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

I want to get better faster so I can write and present an ending for the Gavin Bros the way I see it in my head.

I just want to thank everyone who bought my nsfw comic to help me get a portable AC unit! I just bought it!!! Amazon’s black friday sale started early and the one I wanted was on the list \o/ 

Marbles and I thank you!!! <3 I even had a little extra to buy her a cat tree so expect pics soon of her being like “what is this” and “mom stop putting me up here to take pictures!” 

<3 <3 I hope everyone who celebrated had a great thanksgiving and if you don’t care for the holiday I hope you at least had a good day! \o/

Dear god, sleepy intimacy makes me so very happy.

One person sleeping with their head on the other person’s lap. Getting all drowsy-snuggly when they’re too tired to see straight. Being tucked in and kissed on the forehead before they pass out. Gentle touches while they drift off. Trusting the other person to watch over them and make sure nothing happens to them while they’re out.

Just… sleepy intimacy, man.

Do you ever think of all the beautiful sexualities and genders there are out there? Like people found something that describes the way they feel and they’re happy being their authentic selves while knowing what that is. It’s just great man.


Why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room?
Soon that attitude may be your doom.


I got hit with the sudden urge to sketch some dysfunctional lawyers whilst listening to the Hamilton soundtrack. I’ve missed them.