and its a candid right


RICK: Not to mention that a few…notable Ricks have disappeared recently. There’s so much happening at once, and I shouldn’t lay the blame on our new president, especially because I don’t want our faith in a Morty candidate to waver, but…

RICK: It…does seem odd, don’t you think? M-Maybe I’m just paranoid…

Jongtae/Taekey; Breaking News; PG

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“but capitalism is flawed!1!!!”

yeah, no shit. but it’s better than communism lmao

You are not cool for telling people to kill themselves for not voting or for voting third-party. Its their constitutional right to NOT vote OR vote for who THEY want, even if its not the main candidates just as much as its your constitutional right TO vote. (And no the first amendment doesnt make it right for you to tell people to kill themselves.)

Stop being an asshole.

anonymous asked:

who are you gonna vote for if not Hillary Clinton though? It's not like any republican candidates care about the rights of PoC

I’m actually moving to Mars in the fall