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Isn't it funny how its always the end of days when a right leaning candidate is homophobic...but the moment a left leaning one is anti-semetic "Come oooon, he isn't a threat to you!"

“Donald Trump is literally going to murder all POC and LGBT people because I’ve heard it’s true in the media that hates him!”

“Jeremy Corbyn supporting a Holocaust denier, a cross-party report saying that he’s given a safe space to antisemites, him supporting antisemites and being utterly incompetent when dealing with antisemites within his party doesn’t mean that he’s antisemitic and you totally have no reason to be worried as a Jewish person, you’re just Tory scum!”

It’s alright when Leftist candidates do it, I suppose. After all, it’s only Jews.

You know, it just gets me that if it were any other race or ethnicity that Corbyn was this disgusting with, he’d be crucified. But I still get people dismissing blatant antisemitism – real antisemitic reports, not just hearsay or hyperbole – because “it’s not a big deal.”

Yeah, alright, then. Fuck me and the rest of the Jews in the UK, then.

You are not cool for telling people to kill themselves for not voting or for voting third-party. Its their constitutional right to NOT vote OR vote for who THEY want, even if its not the main candidates just as much as its your constitutional right TO vote. (And no the first amendment doesnt make it right for you to tell people to kill themselves.)

Stop being an asshole.

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who are you gonna vote for if not Hillary Clinton though? It's not like any republican candidates care about the rights of PoC

I’m actually moving to Mars in the fall