and its a candid right

You are not cool for telling people to kill themselves for not voting or for voting third-party. Its their constitutional right to NOT vote OR vote for who THEY want, even if its not the main candidates just as much as its your constitutional right TO vote. (And no the first amendment doesnt make it right for you to tell people to kill themselves.)

Stop being an asshole.

nordictator  asked:

Hey, I wanted to ask a little thingy. I loved the soft colours in that Krul/Mika edit you made and I wanted to ask if you had the original image of that chibi Mika? I have been trying to find it for a while and would be glad if you could lend a hand |D

i had the exact same issue actually lol i took the picture with my phone from my own manga so it’s not super great quality but here it is if you want it!!

i can also post the clean line art version i made if you want since this isn’t the best, but i can say it works out fine if you want to clean it up yourself ^^