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I just have to show you the progress of Raúl Esparza drawing 151. It’s the one I promised you to do.

As you can see, I didn’t even bother to outline the light sketch as usual - I went straight to shading. I FEEL the inspiration floating through me!! It’s an amazing shot and my fingers itch to turn it into art!! 😍❤️

AU #2: Telepathy Isn’t Special (2)

would you look at that, another soulmate au. man. y’know. like i should chill out. 

“So you can read the minds of those around you, as well as telekinesis, as it’s known?” You marvel, admiring the half embarrassed red haired girl before you. You’d forgiven her for the kidnapping, she just so happened to be the easiest way to get you here. The fact that they kidnapped you instead of just inviting you was infuriating, but then again, if you’d been invited to the X-Mansion under the pretence of translation you wouldn’t have believed it.

You’d have thought it was a trap to capture a new mutant, even if you knew they were good to your shared kind.

“Yeah, among other things… I sort of don’t know the limits of my powers right now.” She admits, embarrassment in the words and you can’t help feeling for her. “I mean, I’m seventeen and I can’t control myself like I’m ten.”

You sigh, empathising with the girl. Leaning forward, you set your elbows on your knees and meet her eyes with a forced mischievous sparkle. “What about your soulmate, though? How do you tell the difference between them and those around you?”

She bites her lip, a smile quirking her lips as she leans forward too.

“That’s just the thing, it’s like telling my own mind from a strangers. Sure, it’s hard sometimes to know what I’m thinking is me or if it’s being or been persuaded by an outsider in my head, but more often than not it’s a clear line.” She explains, holding her two hands out flat. “Mutants aren’t born mutants, you know.”

“Of course, it’s like growing boobs.” You agree instantly and she snickers, nodding happily.

“Right, but we’re all born with a soulmate. That’s what makes the soulmate phenomenon, don’t you agree? It’s not that there’s a random person out there that you’ve never met and knows nothing about you who is your perfect match. It’s that there’s a person out there who you might never have met, but they know you better than they know themselves. They’re there for every moment, every lesson and thought and fear.” Your eyes follow as she gestures, the movements small but still filled with her words. You beam, watching her lit up expression and pure happiness. You’d always loved that most about soulmates, not the perfect match or the innate best friend or even the worry free future love life, you loved the fact that every person lit up when they spoke of soulmates and the lore. “And that’s beautiful. It also sets him apart from every other thought in my mind. He’s been with me since I was born, and we don’t communicate the same way I hear the voices.” She pauses, glancing down at her hands before meeting your eyes excitedly. “Want to hear something amazing?”

“Always.” You answer instantly, suddenly itching to know exactly what she’ll say.

“We don’t speak to our soulmates in a known language.” She whispers, glancing around and you stare at her, frowning.


“See, unless you’re a telepath like the Professor and I, you’d never know. But say your soulmate is Japanese and he grew up in Japan, learned to speak Japanese and French but never English. Would you have trouble communicating with him?” She asks and you blink at her, your lips parting in surprise. “Exactly. You wouldn’t. It’s crazy but… I like to think it’s the first language. It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before, like all the languages at once. And the fact that we’re all born with it? It’s just amazing.”

“Woah.” You whisper, staring at her with open amazement. “Wait, can I test a few older languages on you? A few of them are incomplete- though you probably wouldn’t know if I hadn’t said that. Just tell me which is closest to the one in our heads.”

“Yes.” She blurts, excitement in her eyes before she forcibly calms and attempts acting natural. You giggle at her, but start speaking anyway. As the words flow from your lips, you watch her reactions. Surprise, amazement, delight, focus, joy. “None of them sound any more like it than all the other languages I’ve heard.”

“Damn.” You grin and she laughs softly, only for her smile to steady and her expression to smooth.


“I’m here to give our Translator a tour. Show her her new office if she decides to stay, and of course return her to the Professor by six.” Alex answers, and your eyes travel his body slowly before coming to rest on his face and your breath catches. His eyes glow, like a midday sky and you can’t help the flutter in your chest as the sunlight catches on his hair. “We could use a languages teacher. Logan’s just not cutting it.”

The presence pushes at you roughly and you smile toward your knee.

I’m yours and you’re mine, you agree, softly possessive and you feel it warm at the sentiment.

“I’d love a tour, you coming Jean?” You ask, only for her eyes to light up and dart toward the doorway. A brunette boy passes through, shooting a smile to your companion before settling beside your new friend.

“I’m good.” She smiles, her gaze settling on you for barely a second before she’s focused on the boy beside her and you can’t help your jealously.

“C’mon.” Alex murmurs, more subdued than before and you eye him carefully.

“You haven’t met yours?” You ask gently and he sighs, smiling at you weakly before shrugging.

“We agreed to hold off for a while. You know, see if it happens naturally.” He explains and you nod, leaning toward the connection in your mind.

“They’re flirting with someone.” Kurt grits softly, frustration soaking the words and his tail whips agitatedly.

“Dude, it’s nothing.” Peter laughs, sharing a grin with Ororo.

“Truly, Kurt. They’re your soulmate.” She affirms, an affectionate look in her eye as she watches him pace. He glances up, looking for anything, a distraction so he won’t keep pushing at them for details. He doesn’t want to take them from their life, he just wants them to be his. All his, only his.

I’m yours, and you’re mine, the words bubble through his mind unbidden, drizzled in possession and affection and he smiles despite his mood. Ororo snickers and Peter sighs, rising and clapping him on the shoulder.

“See? You just can’t lose with soulmates.” He grins and Kurt beams, letting himself be pushed toward the couch, only for his bitterness to rise again. Alone. They’re alone with the person they were flirting with? He feels their frustration at him, that it wasn’t even flirting just admiration of a fine figure and he cringes. What would they think of his figure? A blue boy, eyes as bright as highlighter pen and with only three fingers.

“Perhaps you could.” He mumbles, eyes going to the window where he spots Alex with the translator they’d brought in. His stomach jerks at the sight of her and without thinking, he teleports himself toward them, not hearing Ororos words.

“Hello.” He pipes up, only for the new girl to plow straight into him.

“Oh no!” She yelps as they crash to the ground, her ending up sprawled over him. His mouth goes dry at the feeling and she scrambles off of him. “I’m so sorry!”

“All Kurts fault.” Alex says and she cringes, shooting the blonde haired man a sour look.



It’s been just a bit over 24h since the zine has been released, and already almost 300 people bought it and we raised over £700! (the itch and paypal fees haven’t been deducted yet). It’s absolutely amazing, and I am so grateful for the support! I’ll make a first donation to the Albert Kennedy trust soon. Thank you so much!

- Puck


Marilyn Monroe on film location for the movie ‘The Seven Year Itch’ in 1954. See Rare Amazing Unseen Lost Footage of Marilyn Monroe found - On Location Filming of 'The 7 Year Itch’

Promises and Prom Kisses

A Joshaya Fanfic

Story by: hoffkk

Requested by: idontcareabouttheyoungfolks

Summary: It’s Maya and Riley’s senior prom, the night of glam, fun, and (for many) sex.  After seeing Maya all dressed up with her date, Josh can’t help but wonder how far she is planning to go with him and why he is bothered by it so much.  Suddenly, Josh finds himself at the prom and finds that the old feelings he had locked away years ago never really left.  The question is: what will he do about it now?

Notes: I own nothing GMW related or any of the mentioned songs.  I apologize for taking so long with this story, I just had to make sure I got it just right.  Hope you enjoy it!  As always, feel free to share your thoughts! :)


Tonight was the night: senior prom.  Riley and Maya had been waiting their whole high school careers for this night and were super excited that it was finally happening.  The two of them, along with Isadora Smackle, spent the whole day at Riley’s, pampering themselves and getting ready, and now they were applying the finishing touches.

“So, how do I look?”  Smackle asked, slipping some sparkly bangles over her gloved hand and giving a small twirl. She wore dark purple gloves that went up past her elbows to match her purple ombre mermaid dress.  It had a sweetheart neckline with silver sequins along the bust and was tightly fit down to her mid-thigh where it flared out into a skirt of organza ruffles, which matched the single ruffled strap that went over her right shoulder.  She wore her dark hair half up with a sparkly headband.  For Smackle, more was definitely more.

“You look amazing, Izzy.”  Riley answered, completely sincere.

“Thanks, Riley, but look at you!  You look like a modern Cinderella!” She beamed.

“Why, thank you my lovely step-sister!”  Riley replied, giving a little curtsy.  Her dress was a taffeta, A-line, high-low number, strapless with a belt made of crystals that lay in an elegant design right under the bust area.  Paired with silver jewelry and shoes and a fancy up-do, which also had silver jewels throughout it, Riley really did look like Cinderella.  "Now where is my not-so-lovely step-sister?“  She wondered aloud.

Smackle was about to remind her that Maya was in the bathroom, applying her make-up when they were interrupted.

"I heard that!” Maya called, feigning annoyance as she entered the room.

“Whoa,” Riley responded, getting a look at the complete product that was a prom-ready Maya. “Va-va-voom!”  Smackle added as she wiggled her eyebrows.  Maya definitely had the sexiest look out of all of them with her floor-length, satin halter dress that was completely covered in gold sequins.  The gown was open back, which she showed off by wearing her long, curly hair swept to the side, and it had a long slit on the side opposite where her hair hung that ran all the way up to her mid-thigh.  The only pops of color were her red lips and the fake red rose she had clipped in the side of her hair, and the only jewelry she wore were gold studs and her gold locket that her mom gave her for her 14th birthday, which she wrapped around her wrist as a makeshift bracelet.

Stop it.”  Maya responded dramatically with a flip of the hand.  The brunettes just giggled in response.

When the giggles faded away, Riley just sat on her window seat and stared at her friends a moment with a smile on her face.

“What’s that look for?”  Maya asked curiously, as she sat down next to Riley to adjust a strap on her strappy gold heel.

“I was just thinking about moments…how there are some you just know you are gonna remember for the rest of your life.  Tonight is gonna be full of those moments… I can feel it.”  Riley explained.

“Me too.” Smackle nodded in agreement, as she took a seat on the other side of Riley.

“Me three.” Maya threw in, feeling oddly optimistic about prom.

“Then let’s make a prom promise right now to embrace those moments and make the most of tonight.”  Riley commanded, clasping her friends’ hands with each of her own.

“And make the most of what’s left of our senior year together.”  Smackle added, moving her free hand over top of Riley’s and giving it a tight squeeze.

“And make the most of our last real summer together.”  Maya tossed in, mimicking Smackle’s hand motion.

“I promise.” Riley affirmed with a curt nod.

“I promise.” Maya and Smackle repeated in unison, nodding towards their friend.

Riley beamed and threw her arms around her best friends.

“I love you, guys!”  She half-shouted, pulling them into a hug.  They just smiled as they hugged back, forming a cute little group hug.

A moment later, there was a knock at the door and Auggie poked his head into the bedroom, eyes closed.

“Everyone decent?” He called across the room.

“Yes, Auggie.” Riley chuckled with a shake of her head.

He slowly peeked his eyes open, saw everyone was dressed and ready, then let out a small breath. “I am supposed to tell you girls to come to the living room.  Your dates should be here any minute.”

“Okay, we’re coming.” Riley said, then all three of them stood up to smooth out their dresses and fix their hair one last time.

“whatdaya think, Augs?”  Maya questioned.  "How do we look?“

"Perfect.” He said with a roll of his eyes.  "Now come on already!“

The three just laughed at Auggie’s annoyance as they picked up their clutches and followed him out the bedroom door.

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Math Is Pretty

Last week I met Tom Beddard, a physicist turned web developer turned artist (and friendly guy). He creates 3D fractals – those recursive shapes that infinitely repeat at every scale. They’re based on simple math, but they can create some amazing images.

Says Beddard: “I don’t seek any new mathematical insight into the resulting structures, it’s a purely aesthetic pursuit to scratch a creative itch. Part of the fascination with fractal exploration is when … amazing and completely unexpected structures can pop out and surprise you.”

Some of the fractals look like Gothic architecture. Some of them look like alien seed pods. All of them are mesmerizing. You can see lots more on Beddard’s flickr page. You can actually fly through the fractals and see them morphing in these videos. And now, thanks to a new app called Frax that Beddard helped develop, you can make fractals of your very own.


Markiplier - The Itch (stop motion animation!)


Marilyn Monroe on film location for the movie ‘The Seven Year Itch’ in 1954.  See Rare Amazing Unseen Lost Footage of Marilyn Monroe found - On Location Filming of 'The 7 Year Itch’

CRACKTAN is a network dedicated to bringing as much Bangtan crack together as we possibly can! Ever been looking for that /one/ hilarious post but could never find? Maybe you’re itching to laugh but don’t know where to start looking for amazing stuff? Or maybe you just simply don’t know where to use your ‘#WHO MADE THIS’ or ‘#DELETE THIS’ tag… well worry no more ‼

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Bad to the bone


You had come to Jurassic World for a weekend getaway. Who knew you would be running from a Indominus Rex with two boys that you had just met the day before? Not you.

“Zach! Gray! Hurry up!” An ache in your abdominal region immersed and you wanted to stop so bad but you couldn’t. The dinosaur was close by and if you slowed down even a little, the thing would be able to clamp its jaws around you. So, no. You definitely were not going to stop. You look to the side and give Gray an encouraging smile, one that said, “Don’t worry. Just keep running. Everything will be just fine.” But you didn’t know that.

The Rex was so close you could feel it exhaling. That just encouraged you to run faster. But you come to an abrupt stop when you see the cliff. The boys stop next to you and look around for another escape route but you knew what needed to be done. “We need to jump.”

“I can’t. I can’t.” Gray kept on but the Rex was coming closer and closer so you did what you had to.

You grabbed both of them and jumped. The water was cool and refreshing and you would’ve enjoyed it if not for the Rex looming above. When you saw Zach make a movement to go above, you shook your head and grabbed his hand, signaling to stay down. He nodded and as you saw the monster turn around and move away, you swam up, bringing the two boys with you.

The boys and you were hacking and wheezing but all of you were itching with relief. “Y/N, that was… Amazing.” You give Zach a smile before standing up. “We have to move. We don’t know if it’ll come back.”

Your back was to the boys as you stared into the seemingly endless forest. “Not until I do this,” Zach said. You were confused until you turned around to face them and was met with a kiss from the older boy. It lasted for a minute and would’ve lasted longer if it wasn’t for Gray clearing his throat.

You cough awkwardly and smile at them, “Let’s go.” Zach gives a small smile in return and laughs, “Yes, Ms. Bad to the bone.”

Pretending you didn’t hear the small nickname, you walk into the forest and touch your lips lightly. A small blush forms on your cheeks and you make a promise: You will live just to give him a kiss back.

anonymous asked:

Imagine Steve seeing "Blue Marble" (or "Earthrise" or "Pale Blue Dot") for the first time.

It wasn’t until after the alien invasion that Steve had a chance to start reading up on what the world had accomplished in space since he’d been frozen.  (Never mind that an alien invasion had been one of the highlights thus far).

Apollo 13.  The moon landing.  Hubble and the space station and so many amazing images.

It made his fingers itch for his sketchpad and the art supplies he’d treated himself to once he’d woken.  (The cost of which made him blush but that he bought anyway because he had an obscene amount of back pay from the Army and his S.H.I.E.L.D.-issue therapist had encouraged the idea)

He clicked on an article about Voyager I and “The Pale Blue Dot”. At the top of the article was a grainy photograph: a pitch-black background with a stripe of red-orange through it.  With the help of an arrow, Steve’s attention was drawn to the tiny blue dot caught in the red stripe.  

The Earth.  The article said it was the Earth.

“JARVIS, can you – I need this picture –big.  Really big.”

“Of course, sir.”  Steve didn’t always appreciate Tony or his ideas, but he was endlessly appreciative of the AI’s invention.

One wall of his living room was taken over by the image.  It was simple and stark and Steve sat and stared, overwhelmed.


By morning, Steve had worked through most of his dumbstruck amazement and found his inspiration.  And had used up nearly half of his new paints.  

Only then did he lay down on his couch, paint-streaked and rumpled and slept.  On the opposite wall, a painting was propped up to dry: a girl’s face in extreme close-up, brown eyes shining, a pale blue fleck in her left eye.

Tips for Second Year

Hey guys I’ve been really slacking on real posts lately because I’m actually on summer break and in denial that I’m a med student. But I thought I would put this post together on some things I did second year and some things I didn’t do but wish I did (mostly in terms of studying/being prepared to start Step One studying). 

Warning-this post turned out pretty long…..sorry?

1. Pathoma. In case you have missed me talking about him before, Dr. Sattar is the love of my life. I bought Pathoma because people the year ahead of me told me they wished they had used it before starting to study for boards. I actually wish I would have bought it first year to use it for my Foundations of Medicine class and Neuro. Not only did it help when it came to board studying, Pathoma saved my ass for my actual classes a few times. For every great professor you have, you have about 2 shitty/mediocre ones, and I learned more from Pathoma than I did from them. I would listen to the chapter at the beginning of the block (or split it up to listen to parts I knew we would learn about that week), and then I would listen to it again at double speed the night before my test. And not that you will need more reasons to love Dr. Sattar, but one of my classmates found this gem: 

2. Uworld/any Qbank. Ok so I waited until 3 months from my Step One exam date to buy Uworld, because I knew myself and I knew I probably wouldn’t use it before then because I’m definitely in the “less is more” camp when it comes to study materials. However, I did use it in my last block (GI) and after doing that I kind of wish I had used it all year. I actually really enjoyed doing the questions and they have great explanations. Obviously the questions didn’t cover all my class material but it was still a great study tool plus the more questions you do the more set you’re going to be for boards studying. However, some people I knew basically just studied for boards all second year instead of for classes. My advice is not to do that. Remember that there is more to med school than boards. Your actual course grades do matter and I just had to trust that my professors (and our new curriculum) were going to prepare me well.

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Jenny: “Now THAT was Willow Madden.”

Dawn: “She’s the complete opposite to her brother!”

Jenny: “Tom was always the friendlier of the two, that’s for sure. I’ve worked here 15 years, since I was 21. Willow was 12 when I started, Tom was 16, even as a child she was distant, but there are times where Tom can be equally as distant. Enough of that though, what are your plans for today?”

Dawn: “I thought I might go out and paint, I haven’t been at an easel in months, I am itching to get painting again.”

Jenny: “Sounds amazing! I should get back to my cleaning tasks, but I expect I’ll see you about. I’m always happy to chat so don’t hesitate to stop by whichever room I happen to be in.”

Dawn finished her last few mouthfuls of pancakes, washed her plate to save Jenny the effort and went upstairs to change before making her way to the pool house to paint. 

Dead of Night - Harry Styles

Anonymous requested: “hi i really like your writing and i was wondering if you could do a harry one shot where he wakes you up at 2am because he is horny and hard and because of that he cant sleep so he asks you to fix it

A.N. I had analytic geometry homework and an english project like damn I’ve only been at school for two days and I still am not done. Sorry it’s short but it’s something. xo


She looks so peaceful, lying here with one arm under her head and the other over her stomach. Her hair is still tied in her braid she puts up when she takes a shower at night. The candle she left burning is flickering it’s light on her face. The sheets are pulled up to her pelvic bone, her skin peeking through the sheets and comforter. I had to of been staring at her for over fifteen minutes, wondering if I should wake her up or not.

{Y/N} is one who tends to sleep with her mouth open, on her side. Which means she also fidgets and moves around constantly in her sleep. Her ass practically digs into my crotch without even taking a minute to know she is. I rub my hand over her hips when she turns towards me, snaking her legs between mine. I’d slide my hand over her chest and stuff my face into her hair. Snuggling her body closely because she won’t notice that I’m making her snuggle with me.

The clock had changed from one fifteen to two o’clock. I should have woken her up as soon as I woke up and told her. It’s not like it’s gone away, this itching - burning - growing sensation for {Y/N}. I’m fucking amazed she hasn’t felt me so pressed up to her - too close. When I felt her naked body against mine around one in the morning. I barely remembered where I had thrown our clothes; where in the room they are now.

It’s like when you first have sex either you’re going to want more or not. Then once you start having sex right after or a few years or so after - you want it more than anything. With {Y/N} the first time we had sex all I wanted was more of her. I rubbed her thigh which made her scoot closer into me, her face in my peck. I wondered by now if she were even asleep anymore.

I let out the heaviest breath, staying on my back and sinking deeper into my two pillows. Her arm was draped over me and her legs were over my stomach for how curled up she is. I stoked her hair still she began moving her legs as if her leg itched.

“Wake up.” I whispered, shaking her arm just slightly. “{Y/N}, are you awake?” I almost moaned, tightening my grip around her waist.  It took another few minutes to wake her up, shaking her a little to arouse her.

“Why am I being shaken awake at two-thirty Harry?” {Y/N} rubbed the inner corners of her eyelids, turning the lamp on her side on. “Harry..?” She turned to me, looking at me up and down with a small smile knit to her face. “Hmm.” {Y/N} hummed loudly, getting even closer to me, leaving no space between us.

I didn’t bother to say anything, I only stared at her - into her damn gorgeous eyes. I had my arm behind her head. She laid on her stomach, her arm slipping over my chest and down to my crotch. {Y/N} pressed kisses to my nipples, scratching her nails to my chest.

“How long have you been sitting here, with a boner and just staring into space?” {Y/N} laughed, sitting up and grabbing a hair band to tie her hair up. I only watched her, letting myself relax hearing her words and seeing her awake.
Without a notion or comment she tugged on my cock, the pad of her index finger pressing hard to my tip. I groaned in so much appreciation that I got that sharp feeling around my heart. I raised my hips slowly, feeling her one knee on each of my sides, pressed against my skin. Her hand was firm but not as if her hand wasn’t smooth. I arched my head into my blue pillow case, firmling letting whatever words that left my lips, slip out.

“Baby, your sleepy voice is much sexier than people interpret when they don’t know you. Those crazy women or girls - whatever - on the internet always say you would have this deep groggy voice but no.” {Y/N}’s hand moved quickly, moving the pre-sum around all over. “Your tired voice is like the sexiest voice someone could hear, dripping with contentment. Besides the fact you haven’t slept in a few hours.” Her voice was working quickly, trying to get all the words out.

“{Y/N}…” I groaned, pulling on her leg, not even trying to look up just letting her speak to me, do me.

Her lips touched my tip, not bothering to stay in one place. “Do you know how red and stubborn your cock looks?” {Y/N} giggled, kisses were being pressed to every inch of my cock and balls. Her naked body was practically attached to my lower body.

“Stop kissing my cock, do something more.” I howled, gripping both of her thighs tightly, pulling me closer to me.

{Y/N}’s lips touched my cock, just sitting in front of me with her lips puckered on my super swollen tip. Her right hand was attached to my cock and her left was connected to my chest, nails almost digging into my skin. I could feel her deep breaths coming onto my cock, her nails leaving what I like to call, ‘enjoyment scars.’ I moved my hips up fast and hard, hitting my balls against her entrance - receiving one of the most beautiful moans I’ve ever heard.

“Harold, don’t.” She hissed, not exactly making herself clear. She only grinded her hips against mine hard in return. Her mouth was basically glued to my cock, sucking me harder and tighter. {Y/N}’s hand fondled with my balls, tracing the veins on my lower cock.

I could hear my own heart beating almost, my hips moving automatically to the breaths she took. Her hands were glued to my hips, holding me down with all the strength she held at three in the morning. I didn’t have the time to stop clutching the sheets, trying not to pull on her hair or giving her scars. I could hear, sense her moans on my cock and clouding my hearing.

“{Y/N} suck harder.” I groaned through my teeth.

She listened, sucking harder than I had felt. {Y/N}’s forehead touched my abdomen as my whole cock slid into her mouth which felt more amazing than words. Her lips sucked eagerly and I wasn’t thinking about how this usually went. I was only thinking about what was happening right now. {Y/N} nibbled a bit which sent me spinning. I twitched in her mouth and that was it, she swallowed as I very slowly recovered from this event.

“I thought,” I took a deep breath trying not to sound too out of breath, vulnerable and desperate. “I thought you didn’t like swallowing cum?” I was half joking.

“The sodium levels of cum could kill me.” {Y/N} sighed, lying directly on top of me.