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Marilyn Monroe on film location for the movie ‘The Seven Year Itch’ in 1954. See Rare Amazing Unseen Lost Footage of Marilyn Monroe found - On Location Filming of 'The 7 Year Itch’

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May I have the pleasure if coloring your amazing Larcana Esmeralda art? My hands have been itching to color it ever since you posted it! :)❤


Marilyn Monroe on film location for the movie ‘The Seven Year Itch’ in 1954.  See Rare Amazing Unseen Lost Footage of Marilyn Monroe found - On Location Filming of 'The 7 Year Itch’

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I love how no one says anything when he wears a shirt that says, “Say no to racism,” but fly out of their chairs when he just mentions another race. Literally all he said was that Africans have curly hair. Are you seriously going to call him problematic for stating a fact that applies to the majority of said race? He’s not going to fully explain himself like, “Okay, so I know that not all Africans have curly hair, but you know the ones that do? Yeah, mine was like that.” Who does that in an interview? He’s just making a quick comment to help people visualize. What exactly do you want from him? Not to mention the possibility that a lot of people in Asian countries aren’t even aware that they can have naturally straight hair. I’m sure not all Americans know either, and we’re surrounded by different races constantly. Cut them some slack when it comes to these kinds of things. 

He in no way said anything racist. He didn’t use words like nappy or the N word for you to say he’s an asshole. He’s been drawing that symbol since he debuted. If his curly hair meant nothing to him he wouldn’t be signing it everywhere. He always talks about it fondly, and, while he probably exaggerated how curly it was, that just means he’s connecting to black people/Africans in a positive way. Seriously, take a seat and maybe, I don’t know, think before you make a nasty comment? Everyone on this site should be banned from using the word problematic. 


Marilyn Monroe rare candid 1957

For rare Marilyn Monroe Videos  and


Oliver becoming green arrow is not a bad thing. It’s the natural progression.

In fact, I don’t think they’ll be back in Starling because something bad happens. By the time the show is back they’ll probably be home (after that long and amazing roadtrip). They’ll be both itching to do good. Fighting the good fight. CEO!Felicity and stayathomeboyfriend!Oliver (this part is totally wishful thinking).

But Oliver struggling with his new identity aka Green Arrow/not being able to be with Felicity is not going to happen. The identity crisis is over. DONE. FINITO.

And Felicity’s going to be key when it comes to his new identity/alter ego.