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So… I’m a HUGE Critical Role nerd… and I’ve been meaning to do some fanart for a while. The most recent episode (104) really struck me and this scene in particular was just amazing. I got a massive itch to try and paint it. Out of context, this might not be too much of a spoiler??

I used this as an opportunity to push my use of texture and color and to try out some new brushes I got recently. Still a long way to go… I’ll be taking what I learned here forward, for sure.

Roman Godfrey x Reader (Little Prince pt.4)

WARNINGS: swearing

Word Count: 1101

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sorry in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes

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Roman must have called you a thousand times over the past few days. Finally, you caved and agreed to let him take you out to lunch, turning your “maybe” into an “okay fine just stop calling me”. 

You stood in front of a mirror in your room and studied yourself. Fussing with your hair, you wondered if you should change your outfit again. No, you decided. Why does it even matter what you’re wearing? It’s not like you were going on a date. This is just you getting free food from some guy who wants to feel better about sexually harassing you. Nothing more. Simple as that.

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Friday evenings

Friday evening was a great evening for everyone, even if you had a lot of homework to do. After all, there was always late Sunday evening to finish those three essays. Those without homework were already engrossed in games of chess, exploding snap and there was even a round of truth or dare starting. Harry, also one without homework, would kill (not literally, he had quite enough of that) to have some homework to take his mind of things.

Unfortunately, all he could do was sit on the sofa in front of the fireplace, one he wasn’t quite used to yet. Ever since the start of their so called ‘eighth year’ they had been situated in a tower that hadn’t been in use before the war. The loss of the Gryffindor Common Room was one thing, the gain of the leftovers of all the other houses and themselves combined was another.

He still wasn’t used of rooming with Draco Malfoy even after three months. The first time he saw Draco going through his morning routine he had avoided looking into his direction completely. Blaise was obviously used to it, but Ron wasn’t hiding his disgust when Draco came out of the bathroom with a weird substance on his face. After a while though, he found himself unable to look away from the git when he walked into the bathroom in those simply too tight satin pajama pants (how could satin even look tight?) and later when he walked back out again, his hair still dripping wet from the shower because he apparently couldn’t dry his hair magically since it would get all frizzy.

The fact that Draco Malfoy invaded his thoughts more often than during sixth year wasn’t a good sign, if Harry would say so himself. It was only after he had broken up with Ginny that he had allowed himself to look around and not block the thoughts he had when he was looking at some broad shoulders, rough hands and perfectly fitting jeans. He wasn’t sure whether he preferred boys over girls, but there was no denying that he liked them. What he also wasn’t sure of was whether he was ready to admit that he liked a certain white blond git that slept in the same room as him.

A long sigh escaped him and he barely noticed the sofa dipping where someone sat next to him.

‘Move, Potter. I want to lie down.’

Harry forced himself not to roll his eyes and grin at the same time. They had become rather civilized with each other, but that didn’t mean that Draco had lost his arrogant behavior. He just used it differently now, and Harry secretly liked it. In the beginning Draco had been more like a ghost among all the others. A lot of people still held a grudge against him, but he handled those hateful remarks surprisingly strong.

‘Then go upstairs, you have a bed all for yourself.’ Harry remarked without even glancing his way. Draco let out an annoyed huff and turned to look at Harry. His hand was resting between them to keep in balance and he leaned in slightly. ‘Move, or I’ll just use your lap as a pillow.’

Harry tried to ignore the fact that his heart skipped a beat at that sentence. He wasn’t going to admit that he had imagined a certain scenario like that quite often.

‘Whatever Malfoy. If you want to lie down on my lap so badly you should just ask.’

‘W-What?’ Draco spluttered. ‘That’s not- I just want to lie down! You are in the way!’

Harry shrugged. ‘And I’m not going to move.’


With another huff, Draco lowered himself until his head was resting on Harry’s lap. Harry cleared his throat nervously while he wondered if he was imagining the rosy color on Draco’s cheeks. He draped his arm over the railing of the sofa and rested the other on the armrest.

‘Your legs are bony. Not soft at all.’ Draco muttered suddenly. Harry looked down and a smirk slowly crept over his face. ‘That’s just hard muscle. I have been eating like crazy ever since I got here. Quidditch keeps me in shape though, otherwise I would’ve looked like Dud- Well, someone you don’t know.’

‘Draco turned his head slightly to look up at Harry and tried to ignore the warmth that rose in his cheeks some more. ‘Quidditch? You’re not even on the team.’

It was odd to stare down at Draco’s head resting in his lap. ‘I give some extra lessons to those who feel like they’re falling behind on training.’

Draco silently mourned over the weeks he had missed out on looking at Harry’s perfect form in his Quidditch attire. ‘I see.’

He turned back to stare into the fireplace a bit when he noticed some Hufflepuffs looking at him wide-eyed. He raised his eyebrow warningly at them and they quickly turned their heads in any direction but his.

‘What do you do to get your hair to look so soft?’ Harry asked in unaware amazement as he felt his fingers itching to touch it.

‘Malfoy secret, Potter. Not that it would do any good to your bird’s nest anyway.’

‘I bet you’d be surprised how soft it is, despite how it looks.’ Harry retorted.


Draco closed his eyes and he was slightly shocked at how comforting it felt to be this close to Harry. He knew it would be comfortable, but not this much. He wanted to lay here forever, preferably with Harry’s hand going through his hair, the other maybe holding his hand in his own. These thoughts were nice, maybe too nice. At least it was enough for now to let him drift off to sleep.


‘Malfoy, you’ve been awfully quiet.’ Harry said softly, wondering if his assumptions were true. When no reply came, he looked down at Draco and noticed his eyes were closed. His mouth was slightly open and his eyebrows lay peacefully on his face without any sign of a frown. Harry smiled softly.

The truth or dare game had ended, and since Hermione had brought it up for house unity, she and Ron had been a part of it. Harry had happily declined and what he had been doing instead had been totally worth it. Draco had one hand fisted into Harry’s jeans and he shivered once. Harry frowned, was he cold? Having a nightmare? His face was still relaxed though.


Ron was standing at the other side of the sofa where Draco’s feet were tucked under a pillow.

‘Ah, Ron. Just in time. Can you hand me that plaid over there?’

Harry pointed at the plaid in front of the fireplace. Ron did as Harry asked but never removed the confused look on his face.

‘Did I miss something?’ he asked while looking at Hermione. ‘Hermione did you know-’

‘Ron, breathe. There’s nothing. Yet.’ Harry said with a grin.

He really hoped Draco was sound asleep as he said those words. It was not like he didn’t hope there would be something, but he couldn’t possibly guess what Draco would think about that. Ron handed him the plaid and he put it carefully over Draco without moving too much. Hermione helped him at the end of the sofa since he couldn’t reach too far.

‘He looks at ease.’ Hermione said softly, a smile appearing on her face. Harry looked down at Draco and nodded with a smile.

‘He does, doesn’t he?’

‘We’re going to bed, don’t go too late yourself.’ Hermione told him. Ron hid a yawn behind his hand and nodded at Harry. ‘Be quiet when you come up.’

Harry nodded. ‘Will do.’

Besides him and Draco, only three other students were still in the Common Room. Probably the only three who worried about homework on a Friday evening. Draco turned in his sleep, his nose now facing Harry’s stomach. Unable to hold back to the temptation any longer, Harry slowly caressed Draco’s hair with his fingers. Draco made a soft sound of contentment and nuzzled his face more into Harry’s hoodie. Truthfully, Harry had known for a while that he fancied Draco. Only up until now, he hadn’t realized how much.

Once more Draco shifted and when Harry looked down he noticed his eyes slowly opening. After a large, ungraceful yawn he looked up at Harry and rubbed his left eye.

‘You let me fall asleep in front of people?’ he stated matter-of-factly. Harry shrugged.

‘You did it all by yourself really. I just guarded you with my life. You know what they say, don’t tickle a sleeping dragon.’ Harry joked.

‘What’s this got to do with sleeping dragons?’ Draco murmured sleepily. Harry looked down at him fondly.


Draco tried to stretch and stay in the same position at the same time, which didn’t really work but he put up with it. He looked up at Harry, who was still unconsciously weaving his fingers through Draco’s hair, and raised a hand to cup Harry’s cheek.

‘You need to shave, Potter.’ he said without a bite in his voice. He stretched his arm further so that he could comb his fingers through Harry’s hair and his eyes widened slightly.

‘Merlin Potter, you weren’t joking about the softness.’

Harry grinned. ‘Told you. Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to find out whether what I’m looking at is soft as well.’

Draco raised his eyebrow. ‘What are you talking about? You’re touching my hair as it-’

His sentence was cut short by the press of Harry’s lips on his, and soon forgotten when he was pulled up slightly and held in those broad arms that Quidditch just happened to do to you. A soft sigh escaped his lips and his hands found Harry’s hair again, and his jaw, his neck, his chest. There was so much that Draco wanted to touch that he didn’t know where to start. Harry’s lips trailed down his jaw and soon tiny butterfly kisses were placed on every part of his neck with just the right amount of tongue every now and then.

When Harry pulled back, Draco’s rosy cheeks weren’t able to hide any longer and a chuckle escaped his lips. ‘Bloody hell I’ve waited too long to do this.’

Draco smiled cheekily at him and kissed him shortly on the lips. ‘Do keep up Potter, we have a lot of time to catch up with.’

candiestudyblr  asked:

(I'm stalking your tumblr oops) but Bev paints the rest of the loser club's nails (your choice on their colors) + theirs (and maybe others) reactions?

the six times Beverly painted her Losers nails and the one time they painted hers. 


Beverly had been eagerly awaiting study hall, knowing she’d finally be able to chill outside and smoke for a while and maybe vent to Richie. She had her mind set on it all day and was biting into her cheek as she walked down the halls, tapping her fingers against her thigh to the beat coming from her Walkman. 

‘Cause I’m T.N.T. I’m dynamite…T.N.T. and I’ll win the fight….T.N.T. I’m a power load…T.N.T. watch me explode-’

“Hey Bev, Richie’s home sick so he told me to bring this to you and keep you company.” 

Beverly hopped back, she hadn’t even known she had made it past the doors yet and currently put a nasty grass stain on her converse. Her headphones fell around the base of her neck as she glanced down at Eddie holding out a cigarette. She took in the uncommon sight and smiled, sliding the stick from Eddie’s hand. 

“Thanks buddy.” She went to flick her lighter as Eddie sat across from her at the table and decided against it. She stuffed the cig into her shirt pocket as AC/DC continued to play against the sweaty skin of her neck. 

T.N.T. (oi, oi, oi), T.N.T. (oi, oi, oi), T.N.T. (oi, oi, oi)’ 

You don’t have to not smoke cause I’m here…I could leave if you want-” 

“Nah, we’ll find something better to do.” Beverly shrugged with a grin and started to dig through her bag. Eddie eyed her with suspicion. It wasn’t something that never happened but Eddie didn’t usually spend too much alone time with Bev. 

Bev takes a few minutes but finds something interesting, a bottle of red nail polish and grins as she pulls it out of her bag filled with mounds of other crap. She unscrews it and twirls the brush in her hand before giving Eddie a wicked smile. “May I?” She practically begs. 

Eddie swallows and reluctantly holds out his hand for her. 

So Beverly spends her study hall a little differently than she’d expected she would’ve but the look on Eddie’s face when she’s done is probably the most precious thing she’s ever seen so she does not care at all. The boy wiggles his red nails and blows on them like she instructed him to. “You like them?” She asks and Eddie blushes slightly. 

“yeah…Is that weird?” Eddie puts his hands down on the table, spreading his fingers and Bev feels her heart tug. 

“No. not all, Eddie. You ever want to do it again, Tell me, yeah?” She re-screws the polish as the bell rings and helps Eddie put on his beg without ruining his nails, he smiles at her one last time before leaving. 


“Bev my darling!” Richie cooed in some sort of British accent. Beverly glanced up from her yo-yo and gave him a smirk as he bopped down the way to the quarry area. 

“You bring your yo-yo, Rich? Cause I’m really in the mood to destroy you today.” Bev mocked from her spot chilling against the rock, water falling the yo-yo from her fingertip.

”Aye that ain’t very lady like, you skirt.”  Richie teased and she stuck out her tongue like a child as he began to feel up his pockets and sighed. “Oh crap, I forgot it.” He broke out of his British accent for a very normal Tozier expression. 

Beverly hopped down from her cool stance with a smirk. “You dipshit.” She smacks his back and chucks her yo-yo back on her bag. “How am I suppose to spend time with you that doesn’t involve crushing you in a battle?” 

Richie takes his turn to stick out his tongue and joined her to sit in the dirt. As they kept a very mild conversation up, Richie decided it was the best time to ask his lingering question he had for her. “Hey, did you paint Eddie’s nails the other day?” He pushed up his glasses as Bev glanced up from picking at her own polish. 

“uh-huh.” She answered simply. “Why? want me to do yours?” 

Richie cringed “What am I, your gal pal? No thanks.” He shook his head and Bev shrugged, opening her mouth to start a new conversation. “Though it really did light Eddie up like a Christmas tree.” Richie looked off in thought. 

Bev smirked. “Yeah, it suits him I think….” She began to dig through her bag again, fishing for something. She looked up at Richie with a glint in her eye. “I have peach if you’re interested?” She asked in a sing-songy voice. Richie frowned. She dug out a new one. 

“Ok Pink?” She waved the small bottle, Richie grinned.

“You know what they say, Go big or go home, am I right?” He smirked and slammed his fingers down on the rock for her. 


“I’m gonna touch it-”

“Bev! You’re gonna scare her!!” Mike whisper shouted after a bounding Beverly Marsh, skipping directly over to a deer a couple feet away from them in the grass. He swayed like he might go after her for a few seconds before giving in and strolling over carefully. 

Beverly was petting a deer. Petting a wild deer. Mike was astounded. This was better than the time Richie got chased by that pack of geese in the store parking lot. She gestured for him to come over and he nervously put his hand on the animal. Beverly cooed as she softly pet her. 

“You’re actually Snow White.” Mike chuckled as they finally let the deer be. Beverly shrugged with a wide grin. 

“I try my best.” She giggles as they start going back to the original task of walking to the small diner to meet their five friends. Mike was a little tingly with excitement from petting the deer, he looked down at his hand and noticed the growing dirt built up under his fingernails and sighed. Bev cocked her head to the side and he raised his hand to show her. 

“This is what you get from working on  a farm all day.” He shook his head and Bev giggled, reach back for the bag over her shoulder. 

“I got something to fix that.” 

Mike quirked his brow as he watched her dig through her messy bag. 

“Blue or Purple?” She asked.

“For What-?” 

“Just pick your favorite.” 

“Purple.” He shrugged and Bev grabbed his hand and they went over to a nearby bench. She put her bag between them as a makeshift table and laid Mikes hands flat. She stuck her tongue out in concentration and started painting a lilac shade over his nails. 

“This ok?” She asked before moving to the next nail. Mike chuckled. 

“Sure beats the dirt that was there before.” He urged her to keep going so Bev did as she was told with a salute. 

When she finished up, she blew on them and brought them up to Mike’s face. “Thanks!” He smiled and they were back on their way to the diner. 


“I think you’re all clean, Stanley.” Bev smiled genuinely and turned the sick off. She’d apologized twenty times over for messing up their chemistry projecting and causing the potion, as she called it, bubble over and spill all over Stan’s hands. He immediately became panicked and washed his hands more times than she could keep up with. She held out a paper towel for him with a guilty grin.  

Stan smiled back and took it. “It’s fine, Bev. I didn’t mean to freak like that.” He sighed as he balled up the paper and tossed it. 

“I know. I get it. I got carried away.” She chuckled as they were dismissed back to the regular classroom, leaving their class in the experiment room to finish without messing up and disrupting the class.

The pair sat down in the empty room and sighed. Stan kept looked down at his hands and scratching at them, leaving red lines over his skin and Beverly quickly laid her hands flat over his. “You’re gonna hurt yourself, Stan.” She frowned as he fidgeted. 

“My skin itches…I feel like I didn’t get it all off or something.” He shook his hands and she gripped at them to keep him from scratching anymore. 

“It’s all off Stan. If you want, I could keep your hands busy?” She offered, genuinely concerned and forgetting how weird that might sound. Stan looked at her with confusion so she smiled and pulled out a small bottle from her bag. 

It was a small bottle of baby blue nail polish and she went to work, gently painting his nails to keep his mind of that itch. Stan couldn’t have been more grateful. He watched her work with amazement. She was really good at it. He wondered how anyone could paint such a tiny surface. 

Once she finished, Stan had forgotten all about his panic and was simply observing her handiwork. “Thanks, Beverly..I really appreciate it.” 

“No problem Stanley. anytime.” she saluted and poked his side. 


“Look! I got it this time!” Beverly shouted as she tossed a popcorn kernel into the air and caught it in her mouth, smugly. Bill looked on from across their small table in the food court in the mall with minor amusement. She smiled and shrugged. “I thought it was cool. Next time I’m bringing Richie when I have a coupon.” She pouted and Bill chuckled. 

“I-t-t was v-v-very cool Bev.” He reassured her and she kicked his leg from under the seat. “Have anymore s-s-secret talents?” He teased and she beamed, leaning down to throw open her bag. 

“Actually, I do. And you’re next Denbrough.” Beverly chuckled and Bill took a nervous sip of his pop from the corner of his mouth. She pulled out a tiny bottle, shaking it with eagerness. 

“Put your hand down.” She pointed and Bill did as she said, putting his hand flat on the table. Bill watched her un-cap the yellow bottle and begin painting his nails carefully. He wasn’t totally surprised, his friends had all slowly started appearing with colored nails. But Bill hadn’t really ever asked why. 

She had to stop him from wiggling his fingers every few seconds as she did her second coat. “Ok….Yes, I love it.” She tapped his hands and put the bottle away. 

“It is v-v-very p-p-pretty Bev but..”

“What?” She interrupted and sat back in her seat. 

Bill looked down at his soft pretzel bites on the table and frowned. “H-h-how do I eat now?” 

Beverly hiccuped into laughter. “I’ll get you a fork.” She launched herself out of her seat. 


Beverly had her cheek flat against he desk, the prime position to make faces at Ben as he took his notes from across the room. He pretended not to notice at first, looking away quickly and blushing for a few seconds. But eventually, he gave in and started making faces back at her. 

At the bell, she strolled over and they interlocked hands as they left the classroom behind to find their friends that were scattered in different places in the high school. She was cocking her head to look down the hall when she felt Ben tug her hand. 

“Hmmm?” She asked. Ben gave her a shy smile and led her over to a bench. “What is it, you weenie?” She poked his side and Ben poked her back and gave her grin. 

“I feel left out, you have to do mine now, they all have colored nails.” Ben wiggled his fingers for emphasis and Beverly laughed. 

“Of course. Gimme your hands sweetie.” She laid his hands flat on her backpack like she’d done with Mike and picked out a color. It was a deep royal blue that she’d stashed just for him. She set off to work and gently painted as she’d done many times before. 

She finished and smiled. “Better?” 

“Much” He kissed her cheek and they started back to their task of finding their friends. 


Ben and Bev found their friends all sat around a tree in the courtyard. She glanced down proudly at their nails. Enough time had passed that Richie’s were already chipping a bit. Though shockingly, Eddie’s and Stan’s were still pristine. She giggled and sat down in the grass. 

“Are you proud?” Mike asked with a smirk that Beverly gladly returned. 

“So proud.” She leaned her back on the tree. 

Richie and Eddie’s hands were clasped together and Richie brought them up to everyone’s view. Their hands were interlocked, nails an aesthetically pleasing Red and Pink. “Eds and I look like Valentine’s Day threw up on us.” 

“Eddie scrunched up his nose at the comparison and pinched him.  

“I think it’s a good look for you guys.” She pointed her finger guns and Bill noticed her lack of polish and slowly began to smirk. 

“L-l-lets return the favor!” Bill crawled over and everyone soon caught on to his plan. Stan dug through her bag and gave each Loser a color as Bev chuckled nervously. 

“heh….Be careful you weenies!” She laughed as each boy tried to maneuver their brushes over her nails.

and that’s how Bev ended up with multicolored messy nails that she didn’t ever want to take off.  

I just have to show you the progress of Raúl Esparza drawing 151. It’s the one I promised you to do.

As you can see, I didn’t even bother to outline the light sketch as usual - I went straight to shading. I FEEL the inspiration floating through me!! It’s an amazing shot and my fingers itch to turn it into art!! 😍❤️

~Giving Ikon a lap dance Reaction

Request: can you write ikon reacting to their gf giving them a lapdance🌚

A/n: ah thank you for this I havent done a reaction in months or mtl. Pls guy I love doing scenarios but I’m so limited to content with just scenarios!!. 


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His small eyes would stare you down as you swayed your hips. That little tongue would poke out as he concentrated on how you moved. Those small eyes glazed over with lust. Jinhwan would watch in amazement at how you moved across him. “Fuck you’re gorgeous,” he mumbled as you moved your body ever so sensually.


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He’s so semi nervous semi thrilled at this. His hands would lay right beside him or in his lap. His eyes wouldn’t leave you. You would have a small grin just watching you. Yunhyeong would just want to enjoy this moment as best he can. As your intense sexy look with send shivers down his spine. “Could you maybe sit here” he would ask gesturing to his thigh. Yunhyeonf would praise and thank you for such a private show. 


Originally posted by bobhwa

This guy would just have his big ole smile on his face. His smug look. He would constantly want to touch you and feel your body (your ass). Licking his lips he would just enjoy his lap dance and maybe even give you a few lingering kisses here and there. “Ah fuck back” he moaned and you lightly but his lower lip. The music sexy and slow like how your hips moved with the song. His hips wanting just to met yours for a second. So he’s pretty eager. 


Originally posted by chanwoostinkerbell

No smile, okay maybe a small smirk but he would want to touch you but wouldn’t until you got close enough. He partially likes it when you hover over him your chest just inches from his face as you leaned over whispering if he liked what you were doing. Hanbin would grin “you’re doing amazing” he would mumble back. His hand itching to touch you. Hanbin in a daze at how erotic and lovely you look under the dim lights. 


Originally posted by ohmikon

Awkward. He would enjoy the dance part and focus on that more. The music would be set perfect your outfit looking nice af. He would watch as your legs and hips move in an almost hypnotizing fashion. A small smile would grace his lips as he watched you turn around and showing off your goodies for a second. He has a strong appreciation for the art of dance.


Originally posted by ohmikon

That beautiful smirk would grace those puffy lips. He would hold your hand as you danced around him. His eyes would watch you like a tiger after its prey. As much as he enjoys what you’re doing it’s what you’re doing down there to him is the problem. So he would pull you to him “As much as I love that I really want you right now”. Ugh, he’s so attractive when he’s horny.


Originally posted by forkjh

This boy is scared of doing something wrong. He would defiantly love it but would feel so awkward because he’s never done anything like this. Chanwoo would smile and watch you complimenting you a lot. A lot. “Wow you look amazing” his innocent comments would kinda make you melt for a second. This large beautiful eyes watching you. Chanwoo is also lowkey cocky so expect him just to lay back and watch you with a smile. 

AU #2: Telepathy Isn’t Special (2)

would you look at that, another soulmate au. man. y’know. like i should chill out. 

“So you can read the minds of those around you, as well as telekinesis, as it’s known?” You marvel, admiring the half embarrassed red haired girl before you. You’d forgiven her for the kidnapping, she just so happened to be the easiest way to get you here. The fact that they kidnapped you instead of just inviting you was infuriating, but then again, if you’d been invited to the X-Mansion under the pretence of translation you wouldn’t have believed it.

You’d have thought it was a trap to capture a new mutant, even if you knew they were good to your shared kind.

“Yeah, among other things… I sort of don’t know the limits of my powers right now.” She admits, embarrassment in the words and you can’t help feeling for her. “I mean, I’m seventeen and I can’t control myself like I’m ten.”

You sigh, empathising with the girl. Leaning forward, you set your elbows on your knees and meet her eyes with a forced mischievous sparkle. “What about your soulmate, though? How do you tell the difference between them and those around you?”

She bites her lip, a smile quirking her lips as she leans forward too.

“That’s just the thing, it’s like telling my own mind from a strangers. Sure, it’s hard sometimes to know what I’m thinking is me or if it’s being or been persuaded by an outsider in my head, but more often than not it’s a clear line.” She explains, holding her two hands out flat. “Mutants aren’t born mutants, you know.”

“Of course, it’s like growing boobs.” You agree instantly and she snickers, nodding happily.

“Right, but we’re all born with a soulmate. That’s what makes the soulmate phenomenon, don’t you agree? It’s not that there’s a random person out there that you’ve never met and knows nothing about you who is your perfect match. It’s that there’s a person out there who you might never have met, but they know you better than they know themselves. They’re there for every moment, every lesson and thought and fear.” Your eyes follow as she gestures, the movements small but still filled with her words. You beam, watching her lit up expression and pure happiness. You’d always loved that most about soulmates, not the perfect match or the innate best friend or even the worry free future love life, you loved the fact that every person lit up when they spoke of soulmates and the lore. “And that’s beautiful. It also sets him apart from every other thought in my mind. He’s been with me since I was born, and we don’t communicate the same way I hear the voices.” She pauses, glancing down at her hands before meeting your eyes excitedly. “Want to hear something amazing?”

“Always.” You answer instantly, suddenly itching to know exactly what she’ll say.

“We don’t speak to our soulmates in a known language.” She whispers, glancing around and you stare at her, frowning.


“See, unless you’re a telepath like the Professor and I, you’d never know. But say your soulmate is Japanese and he grew up in Japan, learned to speak Japanese and French but never English. Would you have trouble communicating with him?” She asks and you blink at her, your lips parting in surprise. “Exactly. You wouldn’t. It’s crazy but… I like to think it’s the first language. It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before, like all the languages at once. And the fact that we’re all born with it? It’s just amazing.”

“Woah.” You whisper, staring at her with open amazement. “Wait, can I test a few older languages on you? A few of them are incomplete- though you probably wouldn’t know if I hadn’t said that. Just tell me which is closest to the one in our heads.”

“Yes.” She blurts, excitement in her eyes before she forcibly calms and attempts acting natural. You giggle at her, but start speaking anyway. As the words flow from your lips, you watch her reactions. Surprise, amazement, delight, focus, joy. “None of them sound any more like it than all the other languages I’ve heard.”

“Damn.” You grin and she laughs softly, only for her smile to steady and her expression to smooth.


“I’m here to give our Translator a tour. Show her her new office if she decides to stay, and of course return her to the Professor by six.” Alex answers, and your eyes travel his body slowly before coming to rest on his face and your breath catches. His eyes glow, like a midday sky and you can’t help the flutter in your chest as the sunlight catches on his hair. “We could use a languages teacher. Logan’s just not cutting it.”

The presence pushes at you roughly and you smile toward your knee.

I’m yours and you’re mine, you agree, softly possessive and you feel it warm at the sentiment.

“I’d love a tour, you coming Jean?” You ask, only for her eyes to light up and dart toward the doorway. A brunette boy passes through, shooting a smile to your companion before settling beside your new friend.

“I’m good.” She smiles, her gaze settling on you for barely a second before she’s focused on the boy beside her and you can’t help your jealously.

“C’mon.” Alex murmurs, more subdued than before and you eye him carefully.

“You haven’t met yours?” You ask gently and he sighs, smiling at you weakly before shrugging.

“We agreed to hold off for a while. You know, see if it happens naturally.” He explains and you nod, leaning toward the connection in your mind.

“They’re flirting with someone.” Kurt grits softly, frustration soaking the words and his tail whips agitatedly.

“Dude, it’s nothing.” Peter laughs, sharing a grin with Ororo.

“Truly, Kurt. They’re your soulmate.” She affirms, an affectionate look in her eye as she watches him pace. He glances up, looking for anything, a distraction so he won’t keep pushing at them for details. He doesn’t want to take them from their life, he just wants them to be his. All his, only his.

I’m yours, and you’re mine, the words bubble through his mind unbidden, drizzled in possession and affection and he smiles despite his mood. Ororo snickers and Peter sighs, rising and clapping him on the shoulder.

“See? You just can’t lose with soulmates.” He grins and Kurt beams, letting himself be pushed toward the couch, only for his bitterness to rise again. Alone. They’re alone with the person they were flirting with? He feels their frustration at him, that it wasn’t even flirting just admiration of a fine figure and he cringes. What would they think of his figure? A blue boy, eyes as bright as highlighter pen and with only three fingers.

“Perhaps you could.” He mumbles, eyes going to the window where he spots Alex with the translator they’d brought in. His stomach jerks at the sight of her and without thinking, he teleports himself toward them, not hearing Ororos words.

“Hello.” He pipes up, only for the new girl to plow straight into him.

“Oh no!” She yelps as they crash to the ground, her ending up sprawled over him. His mouth goes dry at the feeling and she scrambles off of him. “I’m so sorry!”

“All Kurts fault.” Alex says and she cringes, shooting the blonde haired man a sour look.



So today I decided to be bad and make some art for a book that I’ve had my eye on but haven’t gotten to read yet… ALiCE. (by @roselinproductions!)
The plot sounds fantastic and the character designs are absolutely amazing, and I’ve been itching to make some fanart for months.

So… since I am weak… I made some.

This is the protagonist Christopher…he’s great.
Renata, the protagonist from the sequel, very different from Christopher.
no explanation needed.
Michael…is just the type of character that I grow fascinated with.
I love this lady already.
I tried to make something cool with this character and it didn’t really work but y'know what’s done is done.
it’s a great ship ok thanks bye

If you have the chance, you should go buy and read this book!! I can already tell that it’s great, and I can’t wait to read it myself.

Here’s the info if you’re interested!!!!✨

It’s been just a bit over 24h since the zine has been released, and already almost 300 people bought it and we raised over £700! (the itch and paypal fees haven’t been deducted yet). It’s absolutely amazing, and I am so grateful for the support! I’ll make a first donation to the Albert Kennedy trust soon. Thank you so much!

- Puck

*Halloween* Patrick's Sweater. (Patrick Stump x Reader)

Request: a user on Wattpad: ‘Sweaters with Patrick Stump’

Prompt 17: Sweaters

Patrick’s sweater.

Navy blue, tremendously oversized, a tiny bit worn and frayed at the sleeves; it was more comforting than anything in the universe to you.

You loved wearing it. When the soft wool caressed your skin as you sunk into it, it felt as if you were being hugged by Patrick himself, and you absolutely adored it.

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I’m such a mess right now and I just feel like a swarm of bees are in my ears and I practiced for like ten minutes and now I’m about to cry because these languages just make so much sense like… はい、お願いします

おやすみなさい !

Promises and Prom Kisses

A Joshaya Fanfic

Story by: hoffkk

Requested by: idontcareabouttheyoungfolks

Summary: It’s Maya and Riley’s senior prom, the night of glam, fun, and (for many) sex.  After seeing Maya all dressed up with her date, Josh can’t help but wonder how far she is planning to go with him and why he is bothered by it so much.  Suddenly, Josh finds himself at the prom and finds that the old feelings he had locked away years ago never really left.  The question is: what will he do about it now?

Notes: I own nothing GMW related or any of the mentioned songs.  I apologize for taking so long with this story, I just had to make sure I got it just right.  Hope you enjoy it!  As always, feel free to share your thoughts! :)


Tonight was the night: senior prom.  Riley and Maya had been waiting their whole high school careers for this night and were super excited that it was finally happening.  The two of them, along with Isadora Smackle, spent the whole day at Riley’s, pampering themselves and getting ready, and now they were applying the finishing touches.

“So, how do I look?”  Smackle asked, slipping some sparkly bangles over her gloved hand and giving a small twirl. She wore dark purple gloves that went up past her elbows to match her purple ombre mermaid dress.  It had a sweetheart neckline with silver sequins along the bust and was tightly fit down to her mid-thigh where it flared out into a skirt of organza ruffles, which matched the single ruffled strap that went over her right shoulder.  She wore her dark hair half up with a sparkly headband.  For Smackle, more was definitely more.

“You look amazing, Izzy.”  Riley answered, completely sincere.

“Thanks, Riley, but look at you!  You look like a modern Cinderella!” She beamed.

“Why, thank you my lovely step-sister!”  Riley replied, giving a little curtsy.  Her dress was a taffeta, A-line, high-low number, strapless with a belt made of crystals that lay in an elegant design right under the bust area.  Paired with silver jewelry and shoes and a fancy up-do, which also had silver jewels throughout it, Riley really did look like Cinderella.  "Now where is my not-so-lovely step-sister?“  She wondered aloud.

Smackle was about to remind her that Maya was in the bathroom, applying her make-up when they were interrupted.

"I heard that!” Maya called, feigning annoyance as she entered the room.

“Whoa,” Riley responded, getting a look at the complete product that was a prom-ready Maya. “Va-va-voom!”  Smackle added as she wiggled her eyebrows.  Maya definitely had the sexiest look out of all of them with her floor-length, satin halter dress that was completely covered in gold sequins.  The gown was open back, which she showed off by wearing her long, curly hair swept to the side, and it had a long slit on the side opposite where her hair hung that ran all the way up to her mid-thigh.  The only pops of color were her red lips and the fake red rose she had clipped in the side of her hair, and the only jewelry she wore were gold studs and her gold locket that her mom gave her for her 14th birthday, which she wrapped around her wrist as a makeshift bracelet.

Stop it.”  Maya responded dramatically with a flip of the hand.  The brunettes just giggled in response.

When the giggles faded away, Riley just sat on her window seat and stared at her friends a moment with a smile on her face.

“What’s that look for?”  Maya asked curiously, as she sat down next to Riley to adjust a strap on her strappy gold heel.

“I was just thinking about moments…how there are some you just know you are gonna remember for the rest of your life.  Tonight is gonna be full of those moments… I can feel it.”  Riley explained.

“Me too.” Smackle nodded in agreement, as she took a seat on the other side of Riley.

“Me three.” Maya threw in, feeling oddly optimistic about prom.

“Then let’s make a prom promise right now to embrace those moments and make the most of tonight.”  Riley commanded, clasping her friends’ hands with each of her own.

“And make the most of what’s left of our senior year together.”  Smackle added, moving her free hand over top of Riley’s and giving it a tight squeeze.

“And make the most of our last real summer together.”  Maya tossed in, mimicking Smackle’s hand motion.

“I promise.” Riley affirmed with a curt nod.

“I promise.” Maya and Smackle repeated in unison, nodding towards their friend.

Riley beamed and threw her arms around her best friends.

“I love you, guys!”  She half-shouted, pulling them into a hug.  They just smiled as they hugged back, forming a cute little group hug.

A moment later, there was a knock at the door and Auggie poked his head into the bedroom, eyes closed.

“Everyone decent?” He called across the room.

“Yes, Auggie.” Riley chuckled with a shake of her head.

He slowly peeked his eyes open, saw everyone was dressed and ready, then let out a small breath. “I am supposed to tell you girls to come to the living room.  Your dates should be here any minute.”

“Okay, we’re coming.” Riley said, then all three of them stood up to smooth out their dresses and fix their hair one last time.

“whatdaya think, Augs?”  Maya questioned.  "How do we look?“

"Perfect.” He said with a roll of his eyes.  "Now come on already!“

The three just laughed at Auggie’s annoyance as they picked up their clutches and followed him out the bedroom door.

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Thanksgiving Night in The Bunker

SPN FanFic (Drabble)

~Dean eats too much and passes out~

Dean x Reader, Sam

850 Words Exactly

Warnings: FWP. Fluff Without Plot. I’m sorry. It’s fluffy crap.

A/N: For Steph @torn-and-frayed who didn’t get any pumpkin pie, and @inmysparetime0 and @myfand0msandm0re who are itching for sleepy Dean. I warned you.

Originally posted by self-loathing-hunter

“That was amazing Y/N. Thank you.” Dean sat back in his seat at the little kitchen table and rubbed his belly. Somewhere after the eight pounds of turkey but before the entire apple pie, Dean had unbuckled his pants. Sam had rolled his eyes and scolded him, but Y/N took it as a compliment. She was happy they had agreed to a proper Thanksgiving dinner this year; not that she would have stopped if they had said no.

“I’m glad you liked it,” Y/N laughed and stood up to start clearing the table. Dean licked his lips and smiled contentedly, not moving to help. Sam sighed and stood up, carrying their dishes to the sink.

“I think I ate too much,” Dean said with a chuckle. “But it was worth it.”

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