and it's with a cover

sorry for all the story posts today my pals but if you would like to read part two (the final part!) of how long we were fooled it is now live. i’ll make some other posts about it when i remember how to read and type text again. i love you

Well… I’m going to be in for a good time when these arrive next week XD I will be scanning some of these so do look out for them after I’ve managed to revive myself from looking at these XD And I can’t wait to see his interview with Chiba Walker even though I’ve already read it online LOL! I find it better to have the physical copy.

@aonodreamland I got JUNON and when I looked at the cover and I saw on the front “ 崎山つばさ - クリスマスにプロポーズ♡“ as well as the photo they used… Do you think my heart wouldn’t stop beating SO DAMN LOUD! >///< 

Take a look for yourself:

You were right about what we were talking about earlier… And I think the photos in this JUNON are going to be DEADLY IF THIS IS ON THE COVER! 

i’m glad the abusers in hollywood that have been making headlines are getting what they deserve in forms of being fired and replaced and essentially kicked out by the industry, but i hope we’re all staying aware of the fact that the driving force is not in doing the right thing, the driving force is going with the flow of the public eye because the public eye is finally on these slimy men and their crimes and won’t look away, therefore the industry has no choice but to cast them off. there are plenty of other abusers still getting acclaim and excuses and many many more we don’t even know about so. let’s remember that the industry is just that: an industry, and most of the abusers they have known about and kept hidden for a long time now 💁


For all I know
The best is over and the worst is yet to come
Is it enough?
To keep on hoping when the rest have given up?


shiro: *hears plastic rustling slowly get closer* what…?

keith: *walks in* hey, shiro

shiro: are you…are you covered in bubble wrap?

keith: it was lance’s idea. he said it was for science

shiro: and you agreed??

keith: he’s cute, shiro. what was i supposed to say, no?


You’re the sun and I’m the moon / Stickin’ as one like glue
You’re in pink and I’m in blue / When you’re ‘round, go crazy with you

today was the solar eclipse so i made some sun and moon jaspearl!! 

(the song is Crazy Crazy by Yasutaka Nakata 💕)