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do you think you could make ur mitch audition thing an audio post? its cool if you don't want to or can't btw

Mmm ;3; I am a little nervous but if you really do want to hear it, I could! I am allowed to share it, if I wanted to!

Like this ask if you’d want me to post it and if it gets enough maybe I will!

Mitch Mueller is a character from the awesome webcomic Long Exposure by  @smokeplanet​ !!

please give it a read!!


Here take a shitty bass cover of Novocaine by Fall Out Boy

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Something's Gotta Give // All Time Low // Guitar Cover w/ Tabs
Something's Gotta Give written and performed by All Time Low Guitar Tab...

I did a thing…

There are many Pisces and Virgo couples, testament to the fact that opposites attract. They are directly opposite each other on the Zodiacal wheel, but both are mutable, able to ‘go with the flow.’

What draws these two seemingly different lovers together? Perhaps it’s a case of “You complete me.” Virgo is the sign of practical or natural magic, and Pisces has the supernatural covered.

Virgo has its feet on the ground, and Pisces has his or her head in the clouds.

They find in the other, the compliment to their nature, and this is appealing. They grow into each other, in a love blend that merges sensuality and subtle feeling.

Pisces likes to wax poetic, or dreamily let their imagination take the lead. Virgo has two feet firmly in this world, but is constantly refining their body, routine, skills, etc. Virgo likes to be precise and can be detached. Pisces self-expression is looser and filtered through sensitive emotions. When there is understanding, they stand to benefit from the other’s balancing perspective.

Virgo in Love likes to keep to a schedule, is tidy and thoughtful.

Pisces in Love is impressionale, romantic and sometimes plays the victim.


What they share is a sensitivity to the environment, and a love of quiet pleasures. They thrive when home is a serene spot to retreat to, and process all the vibes picked up during the day.

The industrious Virgo can be an anchoring presence for Pisces, who often has a hard time with discipline. Pisces helps Virgo soften emotionally, and put trials in a spiritual perspective.

Both Virgo and Pisces are easily jostled by the ups and downs of life. Virgo finds its center when there’s a worthy outlet for the desire to realize natural talents, do good deeds, and be productive.

Pisces finds strength when it uses creative gifts to engage with all the subtle levels of life experience.

These two understand the pursuit of the other, and when devoted, this is a loving, fruitful match. They are two signs referred to as more apparently 'karmic,’ with spiritual residue from past lives clinging on in this one. Perhaps at a deeper level, there’s an understanding of what the other faces, and a desire to support the other in the journey.


In relationship, Virgo helps Pisces see things from the realist’s point of view. Often Pisces vision is clouded by emotion – Virgo’s analyzing clarity can lift them out of the fog.

And yet, Pisces has emotional awareness that helps Virgo digest their experiences. Patience and love grow over time, as they show up and commit to being present for whatever life has in store.

Virgo can also help Pisces lay out plans step-by-step. Pisces nature is more fluid, and has a soothing effect on the Virgoan nerves. When Virgo is stuck in the mundane, the Piscean flights of fancy color their world. Both are mutable, which means they are creatures of change. They’re different ways of experiencing life help them help each other make the best choices, in the infinity of choice available.

Pisces has a knowing that comes from being clued into the collective sea. Sharing this with Virgo can help lighten their load, and bring these earthdwellers closer to the mystery. And yet, Virgo startles at times with their prescient sense of how things are, and what’s to come. Virgo is a magical sign in its own right.

Both signs are able to accept the full range of human experience. When Virgo gets stuck in criticism or analysis paralysis, Pisces shows them the escape hatch – forgiveness, self-acceptance, expressing discontent through an art.

In times of change, they move with the currents, and gain the wisdom to steer with confidence. Both have high standards for themselves, and a kind outlook, wanting the best for those around them. With a lot of love and understanding, this match is a convergence of heaven and earth.

The Virgo Man and Pisces Woman keep the faith, as long as the criticism stays constructive.  They find communion in sensual pleasure, and this becomes a love ritual beyond the everyday.

Upside: devoted; refined with feelings; shared sensitivity to environment; synergistic intuition; adaptable; receptive; purity loving; both need solitude.

Downside: insecurity; overwhelm; nervous and/or overwrought; sensitive to stress; separate lives.

I just realized I never explained what the gems are for.

Okay well, to shorten it: the gems represent a dragons soul. Its why its typically on or above the shoulders. Neck and forehead is the most common place for them to be.

If those gems crack or break it basically means the dragon doesn’t have long to try and fix it or they will stop existing and their magic returns to the earth until time where they are brought back as an egg when the earth feels its time.

So scarves, Armour, straps- those are good for covering them up and essential for flight.Since Morality,Anxiety, logic or prince can’t fly yet, they don’t gotta worry about that for a while.

Deployment Playlist (Spotify link included)

Soldier’s Wife by American Young
When You’re Gone by Avril Lavigne
Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne
Wish You Were Here by Avril Lavigne
God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton
Wherever You Will Go by The Calling
You Should Be Here by Cole Swindell
I’ll Be Home Soon by Craig Morgan
Thinkin’ Bout You by Daniela Andrade (its a cover)
You Had Me At Hello by ADTR
If It Means a Lot to You by ADTR
Travelin’ Soldier by Dixie Chicks
Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding
Far From Home by 5FDP
Where’d You Go by Fort Minor
Ass Back Home by Gym Class Heroes
Wanted by Hunter Hayes
I Want Crazy by Hunter Hayes
I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz
Letters From Home by John Michael Montgomery
Forever by John Michael Montgomery
Hey Pretty Girl by Kip Moore
All I Want by Kodaline
You and I by Lady Gaga
I Drive Your Truck by Lee Brice
From Where You Are by Lifehouse
Daylight by Maroon 5
Everywhere by Michelle Branch
I Will Wait by Momford & Sons
Proof by Paramore
Carolina by Parmalee
Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips
Sleeping With The Telephone by Reba McEntire
Your Call by Secondhand Serenade
From This Moment On by Shania Twain
Sound Of Your Heart by Shawn Hook
Jet Lag - Simple Plan
Set The Fire To The Third Bar - Snow Patrol
Wait For Me - Theory of a Deadman
If You’re reading This by Tim McGraw
I Just Love You by Tim McGraw
American Soldier by Toby Keith
Semper Fi by Trace Adkins
Doubt by Twenty One Pilots
Miles Apart by Yellowcard


[Although there are dozens of artist’s interpretations of the sirrush/ mušḫuššu out there, I had to go with the one, the only, the Ishtar Gate]

This dragon is a chimeric blend of animal parts—its forelegs end in leonine paws, its hind-legs in bird’s talons and its tail is tipped with a tuft of fur. A single horn rises from the center of its forehead, and several additional horns curve upwards from the back of its skull. It is covered from head to toe in gleaming scales of brass and bronze.

Sirrushes are strange draconic creatures with an affinity for cities. There are few places a sirrush prefers to be than amid the heart of a large city. In such surroundings sirrushes spend almost all of their lives in statue form, content to remain a passive voyeur, but if a strong external threat presents a danger to their community of choice, they will animate into a force of elemental fury. Few sirrushes care much for good or evil; a sirrush will as gladly protect the city of a tyrant as they will a utopia. In either case, sirrushes generally expect some manner of tribute for their services. Sirrushes are as fond of treasure as any other dragon, except that their riches are as likely to be found in a bank vault as in a cave or sinkhole.

When not serving as the guardians of cities, sirrushes live in grassland conditions—perhaps the usefulness of these surroundings as agricultural hubs first brought these beasts into contact with humanity. Sirrushes are strongly communal creatures, living in roaming prides of family members. Omnivores, sirrushes eat a combination of meat, tubers and fruits, but they have a taste for processed foods such as bread, cheese and wine.

In combat, sirrushes are capable of scattering entire armies. Their opening salvo is likely to shape the battlefield, using fear, wall of stone or stone shape. Against a single target, they are immensely powerful, crashing into their foe with their unicorn-like horn and then grabbing and tearing apart their victim. After a successful battle, a sirrush will often use its spell-like abilities to repair any damage it may have caused to buildings or roads.

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For my honors English class we had to make parodies with other people. I was gone for most of the creative process. They did an overly feminist point of view cover of Riptide. I know its kids poking fun but it just makes me think of "Ain't no Rest for the Triggered"

oh boy

“He could have anyone….why would he want me?”

“So…my moms coming….you know how to cook right?”

“They love her already….its time you settled down lin-manuel…”

“I’m not anything special, i’m not pippa or jazzy or renee…i’m…normal”

“But…you’re you…thats what makes you special…”

{Oh heeeyyyy its the movie poster/book cover of my all time favorite fanfiction… ‘But You’re You’ by the beautiful @secretschuylersister i have a whole story as to why its my all time fav but i’ll save that for another time}

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