and it's very interesting so far

i had a dream last night that every strand of my hair was the same size and width of linguine

but that was a very minor detail of the dream…. so like, i dreamt colin morgan was working at some cafe because he didn’t want people to recognize him (idk but i believe he’d do this). and i saw him one day and my older sister was talking to him and then when she saw me, they said goodbye and she came up to me. and i was like, “omg did you tell him about me??” and she was like, “no, i didn’t think to do that.” and i was like - WHAT THE FUCK!! so anyway, i spent the rest of the dream going into the cafe every day try and talk to them but they were always busy so i never got the chance

so basically i dreamt up a coffee shop au of me and colin morgan in which my hair looked like a popular variety of pasta most commonly enjoyed with alfredo sauce

“If a paper plane can whisk my dreams away from here
where I could wake up and find myself in a foreign land
to start a new life as a stranger at all
Oh how wonderful that would be.”

Ray - Detention 返校

Still waiting for more Let’s Play from Manly.
We discussed about some theories yesterday and I was surprised when my friend pointed out many interesting things about the game regarding ghosts’ lore & hidden symbols.
Detention is a very well-crafted game in my opinion so far.

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Oh God I wasn't that interested in A series of unfortunate events but the fact that kronk's voice actor is the narrator just sold it to me!

it’s pretty good! i’m really loving the sets so far LOL 

i love that kind of fakey colorful dramatic world setting like pushing daisies!





Everybody Lives Nobody Dies Continuation!

Slytherin!Harry without the HATE


Real Life Consequences!

different and very interesting POV switches!

Indepth Research, Theories,  and OC characters WITHOUT THE OC CHARACTERIZATION/DEVELOPMENT

USES THE HP BOOKS IN A BRAND NEW AND UNEXPECTED WAY (Ever Heard of The Song of the Lioness Books?)


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AND THEY’VE CREATED 3 BOOKS SO FAR (and currently working on the 4th!) 



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I like that you do your best to reply to every reply and ask! I'm a creator too and I'm so happy when people leave comments and tags on my work, but sometimes I'm so scatterbrained and I lose track of replies easily T_T I applaud you

Thank you so much! ;A; I am incredibly scatterbrained too, and forgetful on top of that, and I have a very tiny social interaction tolerance ;A; But one of my favorite things about Tumblr is that despite its many flaws, it’s the best platform I’ve found so far for interacting with my followers. I read tags/reblogs/replies constantly, I can get asks, and there’s the DM option too. I love interacting with people here (most of the time >.>;), and tbh I wouldn’t create nearly as much or have the motivation to tackle such huge projects if I didn’t know there were others interested as well. For that, I am so, so grateful to my supporters on here, whether they send me asks/replies or simply like and reblog. All of it matters.

(from here down, I’m sorta using your ask as an excuse to explain how I answer, for those people still waiting on replies ;A;)

To show my appreciation, I try very, very hard to reply to as many asks/replies as I can, while at the same time trying to balance how people probably don’t want constant reply spams on their dash. I’ve said this before, but I restrict myself to only posting replies during a few hours every day, all queued at least 10 minutes apart, all tagged for easy blocking, and just pray it doesn’t annoy people too much ^ ^;

But again, tiny social interaction tolerance as pointed out above, and I gotta self-care (very bad at that) and draw and possibly do other things too, so I only spend a few hours responding to replies a day ^ ^;; This means that they inevitably pile up, and some replies, like my reply to yours, end up super late (ten days! ;A; I’m sorry!!).

In terms of how to guarantee a reply (eventually), sending an ask is best bc then it’s just in my ask box, and I’ll work my way up to it. I try to get most replies too, though I occasionally skip one word/very short replies and hope people are okay if I don’t respond to those ^ ^; I didn’t use to be able to do this because it takes SO LONG to scroll down the activity feed, but X-kit has a super handy activity sorting tool that my friend pointed out to me, and it’s made my life INFINITELY easier. I still end up screenshotting the ones that are too far down though ^ ^;

Things I probably won’t reply to unless I happen to see them go down my dash in real time are comments on reblogs, because when I try to sort on my activity feed it shows ALL reblogs and it can be hard to find the ones with comments ;A; I hope people understand >.<;

I am also VERY, VERY, VERY TERRIBLE at replying to DMs. For one, I don’t like Tumblr’s DM system very much, it can be hard to tell who I’ve responded to or not etc. and once it goes down the history, they can become very hard to find >.<;;;; I have gotten so many incredibly sweet messages there and I am so grateful to everyone who sends them, but again given that I spend a few hours daily replying to just asks and replies alone, I sometimes just don’t have the mental or social energy to put into holding multiple full private conversations ;_; So unless we’re actively conversing about something, I am very sorry if I do not respond, I sincerely hope you understand >.<; If you’ve sent me an ask/reply, I am probably working my way up to it, thank you very much for your patience ;A;

(note, if you would like me to reply to an ask in private, which I sometimes do, just put a note in it and I’ll respond in private ^ ^ otherwise I usually post)

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I too am desperate to read about jock gon! I love the idea so much. But I am also curious if you ever had any plans to write a killugon hp au in the future? I would love to see that from you especially after you said what houses youd put gon and killua in.

YAY it makes me so happy to know that you guys are so interested in jock!Gon ^^ And yes I do have plans for a longer Harry Potter AU one-shot. Its been in my WIPs folder since…October? I think? It basically has to do with Gon accidentally drinking Killua’s extra credit love potion and Killua freaking out for the remainder of the story haha

Since it sounds like you guys are curious, here’s a general idea of what I plan to finish writing in the future in no particular order (keep in mind that some of these could be written very far in the future):

  • Big Bang story
  • Jacket au (aka jock!Gon)
  • Harry Potter au
  • More daemon au
  • Multi-chapter gang au fic (I need to come up with an actual plot first though ugh)
  • Two multi-chapter fics on ao3 of all the requests I’ve written for on tumblr bc I need them all in one place- one fic will be for all the alternate universe drabbles, the second will be for all the canon universe drabbles

And here are some fic ideas I want to write but not sure if I will:

But, yeah, that’s about it. Just please remember that all of these fics are tentative and their completion depends a lot on inspiration, my own motivation and how many drabble requests I get! If you want to know more about any of the aus above please don’t hesitate to ask ^-^

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Ohh I absolutely loved the interview with Au! That was so interested, especially to someone who has an interest in spirit work but can't actually work with them (a minor with very religious parents haha). Anyways, so how do you communicate with your spirit companions? Do you just hear their voice in your head or do you hear physically hear it? Also can you see them physically too or is it like an image in your head? Sorry for so many questions I'm just really interested!

Hey there! I communicate with them differently, depending on the spirit. Some flash me images, others I can hear their voices in my heads (& they all sound different too!). I have physically heard voices before too (actually heard one last night) but its very rare and not reliable for me. It often comes as emotions as well too (being an empath) or different energies. As far as seeing them I do not see them physically, but I can visualize them in my head, and I see them when I astral to them as well (and i communicate with them there as well too). & no worries, you didn’t ask many questions at all, its totally ok to be interested!

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wait were anna and her brother connected to some magic or did he just throw up and randomly trap annas soul? (sorry for all the asks btw, its interesting stuff (*´v`)

omg u don’t have to apologize TToTT!! i love getting oc asks, and talking about my very strange children

just for for future reference (in case anyone care’s to know this dirt boy’s name) Anna’s brother’s name is Lane! Was Lane, he’s very dead now? Bye Lane!

His whole deal and whether or not he has any witchery or magic about him is super???? Unclear? the whole deal is purposely super weird, also unintentionally gross? i am so sorry, this is another thing based on a dream i had.

As far as Anna knows, the creepy son of a fuck preformed some kinda weird ritual, literally consumed her gross, very decayed, remains and then vomited her back into the living realm and trapping her in (anna voice) this piece of shit ugly thing, he couldn’t even pick a cute doll, asshole.

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Maybe corruption was huge death flag but why asagiri would hint his death so easily? If he fights and use it I hope Dazai will arrive on time. It wouldn't be BSD without Chuuya. I would probably drop series if that happened. In this series are very likeable characters including Chuuya and I can't magine series without him.

anon-chan you said it yourself 👀 “corruption is a deathflag”

okay lets get real here, not that Im trying to change your mind. I understand what you said and yes you’re right BSD have interesting characters and Chuuya being one of them and he is also a very popular character but that doesnt change the fact that Chuuya isnt the main character (and so is Dazai) because the MC is Atsushi. I would also like to point out that among the abilities introduced in the series, Chuuya got the biggest deathflag among them. How many characters are introduced with ability that is life-threatening to its user? one, and its only Chuuya - so far. Im not saying he’s gonna die,what Im trying to say is no matter how you look at it, started from the introduction of “corruption” and after Dazai stated that it is uncontrollable, a deathflag was raised for him 10x higher than the rest especially if Dazai isnt around.

and we all know Dazai isnt around in the current manga

Im sorry anon! but I also wanted you to know that I do not want Chuuya to die XD funny because I theorize too much of him dying. I ship soukoku so much it will hurt me if he really dies. But I also do not want to get my hopes high so I think its better if we prepare for the worst . Hang on tight its gonna be an emotional rollercoaster.

U know, I wrote a post as a warning that Blaire white has a video including the slur ‘trannies’ in the title

and i went to watch it because “well maybe its just a stupidly insensitive eyecatcher”

nope she’s just…. Up her ass apparently. Really far. I mean very far. I mean far enough that I’m confused if shit comes out her ass or her mouth anymore.

I gave the video a chance, watched it, and basically found yet another “trans ppl that arent like me and that I deem ‘crazy’ are batshit and stupid and im allowed to call them trannies because free speech lmao im not a ‘crazy’ trans person, conservatives like me! :)”

Basically associating outlier cases of people who are actually mentally ill or have been enabled in bad behavior or basically, doing exactly was right-wing ppl and literally half the world says LGBTQ+ ppl in general do, which is: picking stories that fit your narrative and willfully ignoring the actual general norms in favor of making their point.

Soooooo, I’m gonna go back and edit that post really quick because as my freedom of speech allows me to say:

Blaire White is a Mythic Bitch and honestly, I’d rather just link a news story rather than some stuck up youtuber. Yikes lmao

alright guys im gonna talk about a comic called Monstress now because its fucking amazing

right, so its basically steampunk fantasy in an alternate 1900′s Asia, about monsters and humans and gods and morality and shit like that, and if you’re not already interested, I have more:

so basically right off the bat you see a hell of a lot of diversity

it’s a story fully driven by women. its almost astonishing, there are no main characters that are men, and very few side characters. they arent condemned or anything, we just dont have many male characters. its never addressed (as far as ive read so far), so i’m guessing the authors just decided to flip the gender tables and give men the treatment women in fantasy usually get. and its kind of refreshing, honestly.

several characters are missing limbs, including the main character 

and still kicking ass

theres also a mute woman who uses sign language to communicate

(also there are no relationships established yet where i am, but the author is known for including LGBT+ in her writing, so im guessing there will be lesbians)

and for the love of god, LOOK AT THE ART

these arent even covers, they’re just panels from the comic!

and if you’re still not sold, have this panel:

its literally just ten bucks for the huge first volume, please go pick it up its so good!


Exchange your paper currency for my assorted lines and colors TODAY.

So classes started again and the bookstore already has its cold unfeeling education claws wrapped around my wallet. I’ll draw whatever you want IN TECHNICOLOR for 15 bucks a pop but i can only do 3 at a time this round so make sure you get yours quick!!

I’ll accept the payment through PayPal (USD). If you’re interested or have any questions please email me at

Thanks for all the support and for reading this far, reblogs are very much appreciated!!

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They’re full!! Check back in a bit!

lookin up! - berlin
so here I am. 3:30 am on my 4th night in berlin and it’s the first night I’ve not gone out. last night I was out until 11am this morning so I figured I should maybe take a night off and do a little work. (that’s this blog now for those not keeping up!)
so of the cities I’ve heard about and traveled too thus far, berlin is by far the closest to its reputation. it’s seriously lit af over here. Literally nonstop parties. Like, I don’t think there’s actually a time during the day when you cannot find a party somewhere (and quite easily might i add). it’s really crazy. a very interesting culture over here. as worthy of a post that alone is this post is more about the rest of berlin and my steps into this new part of my life really beginning with this trip to this incredible city.
so as I said, this blog and my Instagram and modeling is now my job. i’m investing in myself and testing my creativity and work ethic on a level I’ve never tried before and berlin is such an incredible place to start doing that in. I’m slowly trying to evolve my Instagram from representing my modeling to more of my lifestyle and adventures. doing so has been testing my eye and skill in photography. i definitely have a long way to go before i have a discernable style but berlin is so full of interesting colors and architecture that it’s hard to take a bad picture here. (step one is to probably get an actual camera as these were all taken with an iphone haha) i hope you all enjoy the images i’ve put up here and will bear with me as i continue to grow in this new medium!
lastly, i’d like to just emphasize how important i think traveling is; especially outside of your own country if you can!(i’m looking at you america). putting yourself in the middle of a different culture where the very buildings themselves look different nevermind the language and customs of it’s inhabitants is such a unique experience that opens your mind is such a fascinating way. not only does it help you see yourself in a new light but i personally just find it to be so inspirational. maybe it’s just because i’m getting into photography a bit but since i’ve been traveling i just find myself looking up a lot more. yes, spirits wise but literally i just look up a lot as i’m taking in so much new information. the buildings, their colors, the trees, the bridges. we take for granted the beauty in our own territory because it seems so common place but going to another country really forces you to confront the differences between the cultures and relish the similarities.
anyways, this was a bit of a garbled mess of a post but i wanted to keep you all updated! life is more uncertain than it’s ever been for me in the past but as of right now it’s working really well an i couldn’t be happier. just gonna keep doing my thing and trust that the universe will provide!
thanks for looking everyone and as per usual…
- stay|ragged

Person of interest | I’m so sorry


For @m-oarts

AU where Will is a missionary who was sent over by his king to convince the neighboring Danes to convert to Christianity. Their own king curious about the customs “William” brings but also very interested in Will himself. 

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