and it's the way she says it all

yo what the fuck,,, why are people calling allura racist?? y'all understand that not only did they murder her family but also!!! her entire race. obviously she’s gonna be a little iffy towards the galra because she’s watched them destroy her planet and multiple others. its like saying genocide survivors should just get over it and instantly forgive the people who slaughtered their race. that’s not how it works.

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When Camila was taking to Lena about disappointment in a friendship with somebody. Its about Dinah.... it's sick this IS FUCKING SICK AND ANNOYING why is it always HER. why cant it be the other way around EVEN in all Camren theories u say it's Lauren's fault Lauren family Lauren this or that....i'm so done with y'all coz this is dead ass brine wash. she's not a bad person neither are the girls but most of u are making her an actual "angel" that do nor think wrong.


what she says: im fine
what she means: homestuck is basically one of the most influential pieces of literature of the 21st century and tells an epic story with gods and aliens and space and ghosts all while using relevant down to earth concepts like talking with your friends online and should probably be put up for serious discussion. hussie is a fucking great writer who makes his characters so relatable they seem like real people, its not like they have one set personality trait like “bold” or “nice” they have a basic way they act but sometimes contradict it, sometimes they act like how they want to be seen as but arent like that at all like real people do and even classics like the odyssey have less character depth than this webcomic about teens


Every fucking young masculine female I work with is transitioning. 4/5 did not know the cardiovascular side effects of T. 1 also has autism, 1 “psychosis”. Two introduced themselves as trans but walked that back to NB or Gender fluid upon further conversation but still saw T as the only way to be themselves. All 5 responded to my mention of my partner’s detransition after successfully living as a man for 5+ years by saying “so, she wasn’t really trans?”

4/5 were same sex attracted, partnered to females or other FTMs.

Young women are trying to survive, they see that masculine lesbians are disrespected. Of course they’re going to buy into what one coworker called “cozy, affirmative validation” as men.

Why can’t you be female and masculine?why do females need to damage their body to feel safe and validated? Who decides that it’s safe to give mentally ill young women hormones to become someone new rather than counsel them to find the self that’s already there hiding under years of shame and misogyny?

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency is one of the best shows I've ever seen. It's the perfect mix of humor, sci-fi, and gore, and still remains family friendly. The characters are extremely diverse, several being POC, having mental disorders, or troubled pasts. All of this while still being seen as just as important as everyone else. Not to mention none of the women in this series is sexualised ever, no one is threatened by rape in scenes where it other ways would be expected, and many times the women are the ones who actually get stuff done. The story is amazing and strange and confusing, no one ever knows what's going on, not even the characters, it's just such a wonderful show and the fact that so few people have seen it is unbelievable.

god ok can i just say that i’m so happy abt the way lin talks abt vanessa?? like i think when someone is at the level of fame/popularity lin is, a lot of the attention vanessa’s getting (from fans/press/whatever) is to do with him, ppl asking what she thinks of him and his success and all that. and it probably is pretty easy to get swept up a little bit, being called a genius all the damn time. but he so consistently lights up when he talks abt her, he’s so vocally appreciative and quick to give her credit where it’s due and point out how incredibly brilliant and hardworking and supportive she is, he just shines. i get the impression that they’re very equal and really see each other as a team and i love that. vanessa nadal appreciation society 2k16, tbh.

normalize platonic love

normalize showing your love for platonic friends in romantically-stigmatized ways
kiss your friends
hold hands with your friends
say “I love you”
look out for each other

you dont have to be romantically interested in someone to show that you love them

Over the years, Hawks had developed a refined understanding of how romantic comedy works. The audience must be convinced that the central couple are made for each other; a screwball comedy’s own particular cleverness lies in keeping the lovers apart for as long and in as crazily creative a way as possible. Remarriage plots are the most grown-up variation, because these are the movies that say two people can be perfectly suited and still louse it up. Matching (or, if you will, marrying) this device to The Front Page, so famous for its bite and cynicism, resulted in the most bracingly adult screwball comedy (and romance) of them all. Hawks and Lederer found a fresh spin on the remarriage comedy, making the question not how the wandering spouse will find her way home but how she’ll get back to work.

HIS GIRL FRIDAY: The Perfect Remarriage

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rfa + saeran and v's reaction to MC owning 3 cats xxx


  • pleased about MC having pets 
  • will mildly mention the cat hair though 
  • he has nicknames for all three 
  • he likes them well enough 


  • probably sits and stares at the cats for an hour 
  • most likely to just scoop one up and then sit with it in his arms 
  • for a while 
  • he probably very loudly complains about the cat hair 


  • more cat s
  • this is heaven for him
  • he will love these cats and MC to death 
  • and he will most certainly pamper them and MC
  • not to mention Elizabeth the 3rd has more friends now 
  • until they end up with a litter of kittens


  • she will tolerate them 
  • did you say carrying one of those rollers around everywhere?
  • she has maybe 3 in her purse 
  • the cats are cute though so she lets them off the hook 
  • probably thinks its super cute when the cats and MC are all cuddled together 


  • YES 
  • he ends up loving all of them and drags MC to go buy them cute things 
  • he is probably way too happy when he finds out 
  • he nicknames ALL of them 


  • the poor boy will be cleaning up the cat hair day and night 
  • secretly calls Jumin and Jaehee to ask how they took care of the other cats 
  • because MC already explained this like 5 times and he’s still confused 
  • in the end he thinks theyre alright and it’s kind of cute 


  • “NO”
  • “NOT CATS”
  • is sneezing everywhere
  • crying tall man in the corner of shame because his face is so puffy
  • hesecretlythinksthey’reokaybuthisallergiesokay
Love Drunk (Bucky x Reader)

It was in the way that the sunlight caught his smile when he laughed. The way that the sides of his eyes crinkled when he smiled.

The way that he always knew what to say to make her cheeks burn and a flustered smile spread onto her face. The way that he would hold her in the mornings and through the nights, whether he was holding her pieces together just embracing her it didn’t matter.

The way his voice sounded when he first awoke, its warm raspiness finding its way into her ears sending shivers down her spine when it brushed the back of her neck.

All of these ways had dragged her down deeper and deeper into a love that she had no hopes of leaving. No plans of leaving either. She was completely enraptured in it.

(y/n) sat atop Buck’s lap, her legs wrapped around his waist and their hands wonderfully intertwined.

“What’s our plan for today?” she inquired in a low voice, pressing her forehead against his and staring into his eyes, “Any ideas?”

he released her hands in favor of her hips, brushing and rubbing his hands up and down them as he tucked his lip between his teeth, “I’ve got a few…” he muttered, a cocky smirk now on his lips.

(y/n) chuckled and sighed, “My hips still hurt from last night, Buck, I think we outta take a break from that for today.” she said, a warning tone in her voice. “Let’s…watch some movies instead, yeah?”

He rolled his eyes at her response, “You seem to have an obsession with those things, doll,” he said, letting her off of his lap.

(y/n) scoffed as she sauntered off to the cabinet beside the television, “Of course I do Buck. They’re what formed most of my childhood. And they’re pretty damn magical if you ask me.” she answered, bending down to pick a couple out of their cases. “How could you not have an obsession with them?”

“I’m not a child trapped in an adult’s body, that’s why,” he answered, a chuckle weaving itself through his sentence as he nonchalantly swung his arm over the back of the plush couch that he resided on. “You and I both know we’re too old to watch this stuff.”

(y/n) just rolled her eyes as she placed one in the player beneath the television, “Whatever, James.” she said, returning back to the couch and snuggling into his warm side.

“If it bothers you that much you can go into the kitchen. I’ll watch them myself,” she suggested slightly loosening her arms from around him, a knowing smile slipping onto her lips as she let her offer sink in.

Buck just chuckled at her response, “You know I wouldn’t pass up quality time with you for the world, (y/n).” he said soothingly, softly rubbing his hand up and down her side once more. “Even if it involves cheesy kids movies.”

(y/n) snuggled back into his side, “That’s what I wanna hear…” she settled as the movie began, a triumphant smile now adorning her face.

Buck was always helpless against her will. He couldn’t put his finger on it was just something about this girl that he could not get enough of. And he adored it.

He admired every dip and curve of her face and body. Every tone and detail in her voice that held so much humor and personality in it, it was unforgettable. How her jovial laugh seemed to resonate through a room and make others laugh harder than they were before.

He admired all of her ‘imperfections” as well. Like how she would wake up in the morning at times with sleep crusted by her eye and droll dried on her face, and how her snoring was nearly as loud as her laughs were.

He loved every inch of her, so deeply that he could feel it thread into his soul. He had it bad, and he was not looking for a cure anytime soon.

They were both enraptured in the other in an equal and satisfying way that had the both of them drunk on love, and showing no signs of sobering up in the future.

Before you get angry with her...

Remember that first time you met and you saw her perfect smile.
Remember the first time you got the courage to kiss her
Remember what it feels like to hold her at night
Remember the way you grab her hand when things get stressful and she rubs your thumb with hers
Remember how she reminds you that everything will be okay when you get overwhelmed
Remember all those times you thought no one could help, but when she came along she did.
Remember those late nights you stayed up talking
Remember the things you laughed at for hours together
Remember the way her eyes shine when she talks about things she loves
Remember how her voice sounds when she wakes up

Remember all of these things before you let your anger win and you can’t take back what you said (mean them or not). Eventually “I’m sorry” loses meaning and she will say goodbye. So remember all of these things before its too late and she’s gone.

One of the girls in my small group said something tonight that kinda got me thinking.

I won’t get into the context ‘cause it’s not really relevant, but she said “you wouldn’t hold hands with a guy you weren’t dating, you know?”

I verbally agreed with her, but on the inside I was just kinda like “??Yes??? I would?? Because hand holding can be platonic, despite what you say??”

It sorta made me think about the fact that physical affection is so romanticized and sexualized in western culture. (Yeah I know I’ve ranted about this before, but I’m gonna do it again.)

I think that for most of my childhood it was impressed upon me that any expressions of physical affection were inherently sexual, and therefore bad. Now, as someone who’s extremely physically affectionate, and just generally has a lot of affection for people, that made it really hard to express my affection toward my friends as a kid. I am and always have been bad at verbally expressing my feelings, so that didn’t leave me with any good outlet for that overflow of affection.

Which, thinking about it, is pretty much why I hit and scratched people so much when I was a kid. It was never to hurt them; it was me trying to find an outlet for my affection and, failing to find a healthy one, turning to methods that were harmful. The hitting and scratching was a way for little me to feel physically close to someone, because I was blocked from physical closeness by society’s view of it. My physical affection was soured by society’s sexualization of it, and turned into something very harmful because I didn’t know how to deal with it.

There’s a webcomic that I enjoy called Love Not Found. It’s set in a future time, when mankind has expanded past Earth, past the Milky Way, deep into the reaches of space. Yet, for all its successes, mankind has lost the ability to truly love. All physical contact is considered taboo, kinky, even perverted. But at one point in the comic, one of the characters uses physical contact to calm a man who’s gone crazy with planet shock. It’s shown that physical contact is not only okay, but beneficial, despite it being seen as disgusting.

I realize this is sorta an Ad Absurdum example, but it’s a really poignant one. Words would have done nothing for this man. He wouldn’t have heard them over the sound of his own fear. But as soon as a stranger comes and gives him physical contact, he calms down almost instantly.

So I’m just wondering. What if all the violent kids we label as “problems” or “troubled” are just starved for physical affection like I was? What if we found a way to let kids express physical affection in a healthy, constructive way? How many people would that help? How many kids would that save?

I'm Falling Apart, I'm Barely Breathing (Barely Holding on to You)

Rated: T

Pairing: Barry/Iris, Westallen

Words: 2,775

Summary: 3x10 speculation. A continuation of what I want to see in the scene where Barry tells Iris about seeing her murdered in the future. Angst. 

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I saw Savitar murder you.

He’s leaning against the wall and she notes the way his voice slightly trembles and she can tell he’s trying to be strong for her. And God, this wasn’t at all what she was expecting when she thought he was hiding something from her. She glances down at the ground, away from him; she doesn’t want to see the guilt and pain in his eyes because all she can hear is the word murder.

Murder. Murder. Murder.

I saw Savitar murder you.

The words go round and round in her head and she still can’t quite make sense of them. Why - how? It’s impossible. They got rid of Savitar, they defeated the bad guy, she had said so to Barry during their small Christmas party. And she thinks of the way he had seemed out of it and she realizes he knew then, he knew and that’s why he was acting the way he was.

She wants to tell him that he’s crazy, that there’s no way in hell what he saw was real. That they are safe. That’s she’s safe. But one look at his face tells her that he’s telling the truth, that he’s absolutely serious. Of course he is. Barry wouldn’t lie to her about something like this. There’s helplessness and heartbreak in his eyes and she knows this is real.

Oh god.

I’m going to die.

And that’s when the tears fill her eyes and she tries desperately not to let them escape. At her sides she can feel her hands shaking and she clasps them together tightly in front of her in attempt to hide it from Barry. She doesn’t know why she’s trying to hold it together right now, she knows she doesn’t have to be strong she knows Barry won’t mind. And it’s not that, really, it’s that she’s afraid to fall apart. She’s afraid that if she does, if she lets the first tear go she won’t be able to stop, that she won’t recover. And she has to. She has to get past this and think about the future. And that’s fucking difficult when all she can think about is the fact that she dies she doesn’t even know-

“Iris,” his voice breaks through her thoughts and she raises her eyes to his. He steps forward towards her away from the wall. And she realizes that she’s been silent for a while and he’s waiting for her to say something, anything.


His green eyes are begging her not to ask any more questions, begging her not to make him say it. But she needs to know. Needs to know how long she has before she- no, not going there yet. She doesn’t even want to think it.

“Iris,” he tries again, this time pleading with her.

“Barry, please,” her voice cracks in desperation. “How long until it happens?” she can’t keep the tears out of her voice, but she at least manages not to stutter, to sound a little stronger than she’s feeling. She doesn’t want to be affected by this, but she is. She’s fucking terrified. And the words are out before she can stop them, because he never told her when. Just that Savitar murders her. Maybe not knowing would be better that way she wouldn’t have an expiration date looming over her.

His eyes cut to hers again in one last attempt to see if she’ll take it back. But she won’t.

“Five months.”

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when john meets rose for the first time (grimdark babbling aside), he has a good laugh because he and dave had decided long ago that there is no way rose speaks like this in real life, she’s gotta have a thesaurus website open beside pesterchum as she types

and then he meets again, as her normal self, and she speaks exactly as she types and she doesn’t even seem to need to think about what she’s saying at all, and he can almost see the perfect punctuation with the way she enunciates her words

Christine, I Love You (Raoul and Phantom Comparison)
  • Christine, I Love You (Raoul and Phantom Comparison)
  • Hadley Fraser and Ramin Karimloo

I love the difference between Hadley and Ramin’s interpretation of these simple lyrics. Each performance is so dynamic in its own way.

Raoul sounds like he’s saying the words for the first time. Realizing that saying them allows joy and happiness to flow from him. His words are sincere, but as he’s saying them for the first time, they sound sudden. As if he had been waiting for the moment to say them all his life. Raoul’s love brings freedom. A future. And vulnerability.

Phantom interprets the words differently. As much as he wants the lyrics to liberate him from his mental prison, the words enslave him more. He knows at this point he’s lost her. She’s gone and he’s left with 4 simple words. Words that remind him how much he’s had to let go. Nevertheless, his words are just as sincere as Raoul. The difference is that Phantom has imagined how the words will sound over and over in his head. He’s practiced it until he’s perfected the art of expressing his love - a love he was never shown. A love he’s had to learn because of Christine. 

I applaud both actors for taking 4 words and turning them into a love story that will never be matched. I could go on and on about this as these are my favorite lyrics from the musical. I love how something so simple can be analyzed so deeply. I love how something so ordinary can become so profound through music.

This is why I love Phantom of the Opera.

eight days a week

in case you cant read my horrible hand writing:

both her parents are deaf so she never really had music growing up
i can’t even imagine that, i always had music as a kid
but she takes pride in it, actually
she didn’t have anyone to show her music
she discovered it all on her own
she says, “i think i did pretty good”
in her music taste she means
i think she’s said that to me twice now
and i never know what to say
i just smile and think she’s done “pretty good” in every way


Request:   Hi! Can you do a christmas request for Cisco Ramon of Flash? Like maybe the reader was too busy working at Jitters to have time to decorate her house with Christmas decorations? She has not done it, and it is already Christmas morning. She gives up the idea, and in evening when she goes home. She got a surprise. Cisco had access to her house, and decorated the whole house with Christmas stuff for her. They celebrate Christmas together and its all fluff. Thank You!

Upon reflection, you should have realised just how insanely busy today would be, yet somehow, some slither of hope had made its way into your mind, convincing you that maybe, just maybe, the day would be easy. After having covered more Christmas shifts this season than any other, it was safe to say you were rather used to the consistent stream of tired, agitated shoppers in desperate need of caffeine. But that didn’t mean you expected it to be the same today, of all days. No, surely customers would be few and far between, spending time with their family or friends. Of course, said hopes were dashed almost instantly when, the second you had opened the doors to Jitters, the customers came flooding in.

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I sent an email in response to the prof’s dismissal of the issue of racism at this school, and its impact on me and other students of colour. I explained racial trauma, and how mental health and social conditions are deeply connected in ways that might not be apparent from an outside perspective.

and lord, I’m fucking terrified. I have to see her tomorrow in class and for all I know she’s going to hate me for asking her to recognize the psychological impact of racism, and to see how this isn’t about experiencing “embarrassment” at your school being racist. my email was polite and I made sure to say lots of nice stuff about her but I’m so fucking scared. this is the class where I had to get the prof to mark my paper on racism and the panopticon after the TA marked me unfairly, so I have no recourse if she turns on me for this. 

this is the fucking shit that you go through if you’re a student of colour with all white profs. you have to educate them while praying to god they don’t get offended and fuck your whole life up. you have to teach someone who has you completely at their mercy. and you try your best to be an ass-kissing, gentle thing, but if they take offense in spite of that, what the fuck can you do? and fuck, last year I had to explain to a white prof for two hours why she can’t use the n-word. I have to explain things that should be fucking fundamentally obvious to these people who have had years in which to access this education. I have to do it while fearing what will happen to me if they don’t like the way I educate them. if I seem uppity. if I speak out of turn. and if they don’t react badly, they think they’re doing something fucking amazing by listening and learning, as if it’s a favour to me that they’re willing to be educated by a damn coloured girl. as if I want to be their educator to begin with. I don’t. I don’t want to do that. 

I just spent an hour of my time explaining in detail the psychological harm that the racism of this school’s students and administration is causing me. I had to recount pain that I’m still enduring for the benefit of her understanding, when I’m in a place where I can’t work on my assignments or do readings. I shouldn’t have to do that. I shouldn’t have to explain why this is painful and destructive. I shouldn’t have to justify why it is dismissive to give a week long extension on a previous paper based on my depression, while giving two days for this. I shouldn’t have to explain why her feeling “totally embarrassed” that the school is racist is not equivalent to me experiencing depression, paranoia, burn-out, and actual physical symptoms like nausea and loss of appetite. I asked for an extension because I have been struggling with the psychological weight of being outright dismissed by the administration, and degraded by my peers. instead of giving me the time I needed, she put me in a position where I had to sacrifice even more emotional energy to explain my pain to her. if she listens, I still lost my time and went through even more shit in recounting my experiences and educating her. there isn’t a way in this for me to win. people of colour having to perform emotional and psychological labour educating white people so that we can get the basic things we need is just another function of racism.