and it's the Same color as my dress


My name is Jean Taylor. I am eighteen years old. Until today, orange has been my favorite color my entire life. It’s so bold and bright. It’s a joyful color. It just always seems happy no matter what shade. Today I decided my favorite color is blue. Not just any blue; sky blue. Not the same blue you might see in the sky above, but the blue on the mountains. When it’s partially cloudy, but there is a break on the horizon that shows off the mountain tops. Like a break in the lining that proclaims “look at this majesty that sits so bold”. The reflection of the sky portraying its beauty and color on the mountains so that they match with it. Like a man wears a tie to match his lady’s dress. The white snow on the mountains, the same as the clouds. Like one in the same. Almost as if there are mountain shaped clouds. That blue so light and calming. Its tenderness is enough to soothe any hardened soul. Its true beauty can’t be captured with a photo. It must be seen with the naked eye. Trusted by your heart to be real. 

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How does one have a good Tumblr blog ?? I genuine don't understand this site or how to make a nice blog. Do I need to reblog stuff about the same thing or in the same color scheme or what pls help me

hmmm im not really sure actually like i kind of fail everytime i try to keep up an ~aesthetic~ blog and end up reblogging a bunch of memes so my blog ends up being a mishmash of pictures of sunsets and pretty dresses with star wars and walk the moon and anything else that catches my attention

i think the biggest thing about tumblr tho is to just make it your own. you dont have to reblog stuff a certain way to have a “good” blog. however, if its your thing, you can have a blog based on colors. i follow blogs that follow a rly rigid theme where they only reblog photos in black and white and dark grey and others where its all in greens and whites or peaches and reds and theyre all so very nice. and you dont have to stick to just one topic, though many do and have separate sideblogs for each interest. i find it easier to just keep it all in one blog and have seperate tags. i guess the easiest way to get ur blog started would just be to find something you like or enjoy (whether it be a book or movie or show or band or hobby) and go on the tumblr tag and reblog things you think are aesthetically pretty and follow blogs the post things similar to what you want on your own blog and build up from there.

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How exciting *I hum, enjoying the hot water, wondering what hes planning on picking out for me. While Im in there I expholiate and moisturize with in shower stuff as I know he likes my skin soft, taking a little extra time to have it nice for him*

*your hubby lays out an olive dress, a brown ribbon around the top, lace with the same olive green color as its background for the sleeve. The dress has strings in the back to tie it a lite tighter otherwise its flowy and stops just above the knee. He hangs it on the three panel stand up mirror, getting dressed himself. A dark blue shirt and almost black jeans, lays on the bed waiting for you. The spot he lays has a perfect view of the bathroom door and the mirror*


As anyone who has spent any time living in New York City can tell you, if you live in the city long enough, you are at risk of amassing a closet full of clothes best described as 50 Shades of Black. And why not? Black is flattering; it hides the grime that comes with a city commute; it lends an air of sophistication to nearly any outfit. Yet while I would not argue against any of these qualities, I’ve come to appreciate the black in my wardrobe for another reason: its ability to act as a foil or backdrop for showcasing color. Said another way, black makes color pop.

I’m back to a jersey dress today. This one embellished with metallic studded beads and a brown & mustard print. I decided to take a bit of a risk, pairing it with mustard tights and boots of the same color but slightly deeper shade. It was not lost on my that I risked looking like Big Bird in a dress since I added a yellow ruffled sweater on top. But when you are trying to wear everything in your wardrobe over the course of the year, you are faced with some risky decisions.

I am happy to report that I received several compliments as well as appreciative remarks about the bit of brightness the outfit brought to the day. (of course, I have no idea how many snarky comments may or may not have been made behind my back!). I was even stopped in the hallway to discuss the merits of colored tights and whether or not they were “on trend.”

The dress is several years old now, so I can’t definitively prove the price I paid, but given the type of dress I’m confident it was in the $20-$30 range. The tights were $5 from Target and the boots netted out to $20 if you take into account I purchased them at the same time as the identical pink ones at $40 each but on BOGO (buy one get one free). The sweater, like the dress, goes back a bit, but given that it is a very specific/unique (okay, admittedly non-versatile) color, I know I would only have purchased it if I found it on a screaming deal - likely in the $15-$25 range. So the outfit may have come in under $100, but most certainly makes it if the $150 “boot rule” is in play.

Either way, a small price to pay to spread a little winter sunshine.