and it's synchronized

blood sweat & tears is such a high quality fucking song not only just bc of the song itself and the fact that they all sound amazing and the song was arranged perfectly but also bc of the fact that the styling was flawless they all looked fucking gorgeous and expensive.. the choreography fit the music so perfectly and it is executed seamlessly and synchronously by all of them and the music video was beautiful it was luxurious and sexy and elaborate and it just..,, it was so different but it was still bts and i could listen to it on repeat for the rest of my miserable life


30-Day Kill la Kill Challenge
Day 14: Favorite Fight Scene - Ryuko and Nui’s Third Encounter

Synchronicity of our thoughts

After I write, I notice others’ reflected words.
Those I’ve also used, thoughts unabused.
our imagination and adventure drifting,
Are we all on the same cosmic path?

Your dancing words whisper in my ear,
Like butterflies that tickle without infamy.
I catch a glimmer of your poetic sparks,
Raw and unshaven words devoured maddingly.

As I seek serenity in knowing I’m not alone,
I embrace your illuminated vessels of prose
Each mesmerizing thought lingers like glitter
As we heart and reblog each other, protecting our sanity.

Borrowed a word from each of you…..(I stopped at 22 blogs…so many more great minds)
“It’s a small world”
I always notice how we often write similar themed ideas, yet vastly differing in poetic meaning.
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BTS dance line dance styles:

Jimin: smooth like a like a snake 🐍 

Hoseok: what’s poppin’ girl 💥

Jungkook: chop chop chop 🔪

  • *At the Christmas Party at the Potters*
  • Albus: How come your Dad is such a skilled wizard, I mean, he was always second after my aunt, he mastered Occlumency and he has no problem with non-verbal spells at all, so how come he can't cast a Patronus?
  • Scorpius: (surprised) Who said he can't?
  • Hermoine: (joining the conversation) So he can? What's his Patronus?
  • Scorpius: Ah, actually it's quite astonishing. When I was younger, he let me ride it sometimes. It's ...
  • (Draco rushes over and places his palm over Scorpius' mouth)
  • Draco: Scorpius! I explicitly told you not to tell anyone! Remember the fuss your mother used to make, whenever she saw it?
  • (Hermione whispers in Scorpius' ear, who nods, his father's hand still on his mouth, Draco sighs and releases him)
  • Hermione: No way! I want to see it!
  • Ginny: What is it? (Hermione whispers in Ginny's ear) Really?? I have to see it! Please Draco, please!
  • Draco: (to Scorpius) See son, the damage is already done!
  • Ron: Oh come on Malfoy! Don't be a git, show us your bloody Patronus.
  • Harry: I doubt anyone will be scared by your dragon or whatsoever.
  • (Draco swings his wand lightly and out of its tip bursts an almost blinding, dazzling silver unicorn)
  • Hermione, Ginny, Rose, and Lily: (synchronously) It's so beautiful!

Make a conlang with some noun classes:

  • a class for liquids, like water 
  • a class for solid objects like the earth - people could also be in this class too (compare humus > humanus)
  • perhaps even a class for dangerous things à la Dyirbal, like fire
  • a class for abstract concepts and gases, like air

Then perhaps a grammatical shift can be introduced in which most air-class nouns start getting reanalyzed as fire-class nouns, except for one air-class noun, which could be anything, like /æŋ/ - perhaps this noun may preserve its marking due to a special circumstance such as a religious meaning, such as “an incarnation of a deity”. Perhaps due to its synchronic irregularity, speakers become confused as to which noun class it’s in, so in addition to taking air-class marking it can also be treated like a water-class noun, an earth-class noun, or even a fire-class noun.


You’re Supergirl’s hero. And I don’t want her to see you as anything other than that.

It’s not easy being let down by our idols. Having someone who embodies our heroic ideals helps us believe that we can be heroes, too.