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Sorry if I'm bothering you but can you share why you think avatar is bad?

hoo boy man ur asking for a lot bc that show is a complete and utter M E S S. first, heres the main phrase my tibetan ass wants u to think about: its a show using asian/indigenous ppl and their devastating histories made by ignorant weeaboo white men. I want to write about it in detail bc i’ve always wanted to say something about this but never rly got around to doing it. maybe ill send this in letter format to the writers lol. anyways im going to split this up into parts. I’ll put a readmore bc its kinda long

@bryankonietzko take a nice long look if u still use tumblr lmao

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[Well not anymore since we’re approaching 200 somehow, but you get the drill.
Anyways, thanks for 100 followers! Here’s some Paladin centric HCs for you guys!]

★ Keith convinced Pidge to try on Allura’s crown while she wasn’t paying attention

  • It got stuck on her head and they panicked and tried to cut it off with Keith’s sword

★ The “””Bonding Moment””” is a meme forever engrained in paladin history

★ Pidge voice: According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a lion should be able to fly

  • Lance, sliding across a table towards Keith: So, ya like jazz?

★ Everyone has seen high school musical so whenever they form Voltron, they scream the chant

★ Lance convinced everyone to do facemasks as a bonding exercise

★ Alteans never grow hair anywhere besides their head and face

  • Lance remembered all the time he’s spent shaving and cried

★ It’s an ongoing joke to lean towards Keith at random times to see if he’s turning purple yet

★ Shiro found a space Sephora in another space mall and broke down in tears while Keith just patted his back awkwardly

  • “Listen, I know it’s been a while, but people are staring. Shiro, get up, you’re the black paladin omg”

★ It’s a regular thing for Hunk to just carry another paladin around

Hunk voice: It’s a castle, it’s a ship, it’s a castle ship!

★ Pidge, Coran and Hunk upgraded the Gladiators to be more challenging and unpredictable, but in the end almost ended up killing everyone

  • Allura and Lance ended up taking them out

★ They all changed outfits once out of boredom

★ Shiro found a group chat setting in the lions, and just sent a shit ton of lenny faces

★ Shiro knows for a fact that Keith has been pining over Lance since before all this Voltron Nonsense, and proceeds to be the annoying brother Keith wished he never had

  • Shiro, thirsty for gossip and enjoys making his brother suffer: So what’d say to him once you saw him for the first time since the Garrison
  • Keith, already planning ways he can kill himself: I pretended i didn’t know him
  • Shiro, spitting out his nunvil: yoU DID W H A T

★ Coran’s mustache got cut off once, and everyone was horrified.

  • It??? Grew back in a day though????

★ Pidge climbs onto the nearest person when she gets scared

Lance voice: We are Voltron bum ba dum bum bum bum bum

★ Coran is the one to insist he doesn’t have a favorite, but everyone knows it’s Lance

★ The paladins tried to find out if Shiro wore eyeliner or not

  • They camped out in the rafters, courtesy of Pidge, with motion detectors in Shiro’s room and cameras in every bathroom
  • They didn’t get their answer, and Keith fell out the rafters

★ Hunk: Gee, it sure seems like updog in here

  • Lance: Hunk no
  • Coran: What??
  • Hunk: Y’now updog
  • Allura: What??? Is updog???
  • Hunk is too busy screaming to answer, and Lance is done

★ Kaltnecker is still around and scares the crap out of the paladins

  • Lance, jumping five feet into the air: hOLY COW
  • Hunk, Pidge and Keith: ( ° ʖ °)
  • Lance: NO

★ Everyone has a group chat where the scream about Klance

★ Coran and Shiro scream the most since Keith and Lance respectively go to them more often

★ They quietly whisper right hand man whenever Allura shows up in her battlesuit

★ Alteans can glow and nobody finds out until the castle has a blackout and the paladins are shook

  • Coran: Worry not paladins! We’ve got the situation under control
  • **Allura and Coran begin glowing**
  • Pidge, quietly underneath her breath: yo wtf

★ The paladins find out they can have elemental powers and proceed to freak the fuck out

  • Pidge: I am the Lorax i speak for the trees
  • Hunk: I can be friends with the Balmera!
  • Shiro: I can finally fly away from all my problems

★ They all unlock them in different ways

  • Keithy-boi accidentally lights his pillow on fire because he was thinking about Lance
  • Somebody makes the mistake of pissing off Hunk and a rock goes flying towards them
  • Shiro was finally chilling until Lance started screaming that he was floating
  • Pidge got really frustrated about an invention while they were on another planet and a bunch of trees surrounded her
  • Last but not least, Lance got super homesick at one point and all the sudden all the waters on the planet started rising

Allura, sitting at a table, eyebrows pinched in thought: What the quiznak is a peanut?

Paladins, pouring nunvil into tiny cups: SHOTS SHOTS SHOT SHOTS

★ Hunk has blackmail on everyone, but will only use it if he deems it completely necessary

★ Nobody ever lets Pidge curse and she is Tired™

★ On several occasions have the Green and Yellow lion had to save their paladins from doing something stupid in the name of science

★ Everyone tried to make lightsabers

  • They were in space so why not??
  • They cut off Coran’s mustache again

★ They went to a planet and drank something?? They next thing they knew is that they were in the castle, Hunk suddenly had longer hair, Pidge’s glasses were gone and that Keith and Lance had strangely similar rings

★ Lance made everyone matching letterman jackets

  • Coran and Shiro teared up

★ Pidge and Hunk made Lance a camera and he screamed

★ Existential crises become a normal thing

  • Shiro, suddenly pausing his training: We’re just fucking power rangers
  • Hunk, dropping Pidge who he was carrying: Oh my god—to Allura and Coran we are the aliens
  • Keith, stopping in the middle of an argument: My entire life, i wondered if aliens were real while i was an alien

★ Everyone assumes its Hunk who doesn’t curse, but it’s actually Lance

★ “How many episodes of Steven Universe have we missed oh my god”

Allura, who just found this out about balloons from Shiro: Ah, Pidge! how exactly does one get square balloons?

  • Pidge, finally seizing her chance: You blow square breaths
  • Allura, holding one finger up: (ό‿ὸ)ノ w h a t

★ Hunk remembered they disappeared before he got to see Moana and just laid down on the floor for several hours

  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is basically his dad meaning Hunk missed his dad’s disney movie.

★ They accidentally stole a Yupper that was owned by Prince Lotor

Shortly after forming Voltron: What in formation?

★ Hunk has made a mental note of how many times he’s been right about people not being trustworthy

  • It’s 157

Shiro at one point: jeez we need an adult

  • Shiro, this time horrified: wait i am the adult

★ “It’s not gay if it’s in space.” “Actually the moon is a lesbian, so it is gay. check and mate, Lance.”


★ They programmed the castle to play the wii music, and Shiro nearly went on a rampage

★ Lance actually ended up knitting all the arusians sweaters

★ “We are beauty, we are grace, we are just gays lost in space” “Shiro liKES MEMES?”

★ Aliens are lowkey terrified of humans now

  • “The black paladin got his arm ripped off and managed to escape the galra? Count me out

★ “Wait, Voltron is just five lions stacked on top of each other omg this is wild”

★ The castle is actually haunted somewhat

  • Nobody knows by who, but they know weird shit is always going on

★ “Who you gonna call?” “VOLTRON”

★ They’re so confused on why Allura and Coran have british accents

  • We’re in space???this makes no sense????

★ Hunk tells Coran he’s helping him cook but really he’s making sure everything is safe for human consumption

★ Lance broke his arm once and Allura passed out

★ Lance and Hunk are the only ones with normal sleeping schedules

  • Coran is always awake?? Nobody knows if he actually goes to sleep, they’re afraid for him

★ Coran taught Pidge every way through the vents and she now uses it to her advantage

★ Hunk is always getting marriage proposals from aliens

★ Pidge has almost been adopted on several occasions

★ They start a service that kinda works like fan mail and are surprised by how many kids want to be them

  • “Why do all these kids want to be dead inside???”

★ The tag yourself meme becomes a usual thing

  • “Tag urself, im that king that keith accidently set on fire”
  • “I’m Shiro screaming hysterically”
  • “I’m that guy who just doesn’t give any shits”

★ Allura is forever deemed Space Beyoncé

★ Coran has a special cup to protect his mustache from getting tea in it

Lance, waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat: Does liking Keith make me a furry?

★ Voltron malfunctioned somehow and threw them all onto the planet they were saving and no one has recovered

  • Voltron somehow beat it on it’s own???
  • Everyone is salty bc it did a better job than they ever did

★ “It’s okay if you’re a furry and a texan, we still love you.” “i alREADY HAD TO DEAL WITH YOUR BROTHER BUT NOW T H I S”

★ Slav hangs around and drags everyone into the Multiverse theory

★ “gO GO POWER RANGERS” **bad sound effects**

★ They argue over what sound the particle barrier makes

  • “Guys, no. it makes that sound when you hear a window opening, y’know?”
  • “No, Lance, it’s more like the sound you hear when you’re on a swing”
  • “Both of you are wrong, it makes that sound you hear when you drop out of the sky”
  • “WE ARE STILL FIGHTING THE GALRA. But it actually makes a noise kinda like Shwooop.”

★ “How are you supposed to protect your shit from criminals??”

  • “Hire Voltron”
  • “Everyone started hiring Voltron”
  • “Rich important people hired Voltron. Poor people who could not afford to hire Voltron did not hire Voltron”

★ **The Galra start attacking the ship** “Knock knock, it’s the Galra. With huge ships. With guns. Gunships.”

★ Shiro voice: Think about it, everyday we get one day closer to getting nachos

  • Hunk voice: that’s actually really nice
  • Pidge voice: what if i die tomorrow and don’t get nachos?
  • Keith voice: then tomorrow is nacho lucky day
  • Lance voice: nO

★ Lance is always the last to find things out without fail

★ Once something was inside the castle that basically put people into a coma when the went to sleep, so everyone had to stay up for at least 2 weeks straight

  • Keith was so sleep deprived that he told Lance bad space pick-up lines for two hours while they cuddled

★ They have a board that reads “The last time we did something gay”

  • The longest they’ve gone is 4 days

★ Everyone always forgets what number they are

  • Coran: Come on, number 3, I have something to show you!
  • The Paladins:  **Caveman spongebob meme**


★ They have Bonding Sessions where they talk about their families and what they hope they’re doing

★ Everyone thinks it’s Keith or Pidge who talk about punching Iverson, but nope, it’s Hunk

  • He told everyone that Matt, Professor Holt and Shiro were dead and is probably telling his family the same thing
  • He’s not letting that shit slide

★ They visit Balmera regularly so Hunk can see his rock girlfriend

  • BALLmera is life amirite?”

★ Everyone has so many questions over Allura’s hair

  • “Is her hair made out of clouds, or am i dreaming?”
  • “How did she get all of that into a bun? i can barely put my hair into a ponytail wtf”

★ “I’m paladin” “I hate this fucking family”

★ No one can count how many times they’ve seen Keith staring at Lance while he wasn’t looking

Coran, obviously frustrated shortly after Pidge goes missing at some point: HOW DO YOU LOSE A WOMAN?

  • Hunk, quietly, but with a lot of feeling: You forget to cherish her
Still Remembering - Smut

Originally posted by stilesstilinskiandlydiamartin

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 1,917
AN: So this was a song fic request that @writing-obrien​ got but she wasn’t familiar with the band. Since I am pop punk trash, I love me some As It Is (Patty Walters can fucking get it, let me tell you) so I was really excited about it and I asked her if I could write it instead. Please be aware it’s super angsty and sad and then kinda fluffy and idk what I was doing. And I know the song is kind of a goodbye but I couldn’t leave Stiles like that lol.

Based on the song Still Remembering by As It Is. Listen HERE.

Thunder boomed loudly outside, shaking the window panes, the sharp sound of rain pelting on the roof doing nothing to comfort me. I sighed, burying my face in my pillow, my arms limply at my sides. I couldn’t stop thinking of her, even though she’d left me. She’d gone one day without a word, a note left in her place, explaining that she needed time, that she was afraid. She loved me too much, needed me too much, wanted to find herself on her own. I was pretty sure it was bullshit, an excuse to make herself feel better about leaving me alone.

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Jughead x Reader | Texts

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This has been requested by this lovely anon: 

I absolutely adore this imagine!


Plot: You and Jughead are texting, they live next to each other but can LITERALLY just go to the others house, but it’s late at night and the two of you are bored. Just a short lil fluff I guess

based on show

Warnings: None

“Ugh I can’t believe it finishes like that!” You shouted to yourself. You just finished an amazing movie which had the worst ending in the entire world of movies. You grabbed your remote and switched the TV off. You sighed and scrolled around on Netflix looking for something better to watch. You put on an old episode of your favourite show and sat chilling for a while. Just eating Cheez-Its and trying to stay awake. You were determined to have a good Thursday night.

You got up from your bed to grab your laptop from your desk which faced your window. You looked outside and up at the moon. A full moon, it spooked you out a little as you thought about Jason Blossom death and how his killer is still out there. You shivered and looked up at your neighbour’s window Jughead Jones, the ‘boy next door’. Well… More like ‘the weird spooky boy next door’. You’d known him since grade school and have been friends with him ever since you defended him against a bully.

What you didn’t ever mention is that you liked him a whole lot. He was always there after a breakup, you confide every emotion in him and basically share everything. A lot of your stuff is at his and a lot of his is at yours.

Oh god you’re wearing one of his shirts right now…

Your parents would constantly ask ‘when are you two settling down?’ or ‘shall I send out a Save The Date?’ obviously they were mostly jokes but sometimes you found yourself imagining living with Jughead and waking up next to him in the morning and-

But they were silly daydreams, you knew he had an interest in someone else. Betty Cooper, the actual ‘girl next door’ she was so lovely to everyone and especially you, you were close. Her and Jughead worked on The Blue and Gold. You could sense there was something going on in his head. But you wished it was you. You grabbed your phone from your bed and sent a text to Jughead.

You: You up?

The ‘seen’ message came up almost instantly, he was probably bored too.

Jughead: Yup… Stuck on homework… You?

You smiled and typed away.

You: Bad movie… Hey I can see you!

You walked up to your window and saw Jughead walking round his room looking down at his phone. He looked up, pissed off

Jughead: Creep

You: Pervert

You laughed and kept your eyes on him and saw him texting.

Jughead: I’m a pervert? Wouldn’t a pervert rather see someone undressed?

You smirked and noticed Jughead looking up at you. You mimicked taking your shirt off but stopped before Jughead shielded his eyes.

Jughead: That came out wrong, and you’re immature

You: You’re annoying

Jughead: Why don’t you just come over instead of awkwardly standing in front of your window?

You: Cause it’s almost midnight, I have a curfew. Plus I need my beauty sleep for the Pep rally tomorrow

You almost forgot you made it on the cheer squad. You tried out with Betty and Veronica, the three of you got in. You looked over at your very cute uniform and smiled.

Jughead: Oh yeah… I didn’t think cheerleading was your thing

You: It became my thing once I found out I looked so good in uniform!!

You noticed Jughead smiling and you put your hand up before ducking away from the window. You quickly changed into your cheerleading uniform and walked back up to the window. Jughead chuckled and looked down.

Jughead: Give us a twirl Y/N

As he said, you did a little spin and a few poses. He watched you, a little mesmerised and smiled a whole lot more. He leaned on the window frame.

You: Like what you see Juggy? ;)

You smirked at the text and put your hand on your hips.

Jughead: You’re so annoying.

Jughead: Yeah you look okay

Jughead: I guess

You blushed, he rubbed the back of his neck. You couldn’t see but he was blushing too.

You: You look good too

Jughead: I said okay…

You: Yeah but I knew you meant The Most Amazing Person On This Planet.

You saw Jughead chuckle.

You: I’ll be mad if that’s not my new contact name.

Jughead: Go to sleep!

You: Make me ;)

Jughead sighed and you shut your curtains to change into your pyjamas.

Jughead: Where did you go?

You: I’m changing, wanna see?

Jughead: Not this again…

You opened your curtains, to reveal you just in your pyjamas. And Jughead shook his head smiling. You also opened your window. Jughead did the same.

Goodnight Jughead.” You said

“Goodnight Y/N.” He said. You closed your window and walked over to your bed. You got under your duvet and shut your eyes. Until you heard another phone notification. You picked up your phone and read the text.

Jughead: You’re really pretty

Jughead: I’m sorry for that

Jughead: Do you wanna get a burger and milkshake tomorrow?

You blushed furiously and smiled.

You: I would love to Jug <3

You smiled to yourself adding a cute heart emoji at the end. You put your phone away and went to bed.

Jughead was in his room smiling down at his phone. Blushing furiously.

(Hope you liked it!!)

boyfriend!jackson au

Request: hi! can you please do a boyfriend!jackson au? thank you so much! (:

Thank you for requesting an au, I had fun writing this one bc Jackson is so !!cute!! and I love writing like this omg it’s so fun and I don’t have to be as serious with it.

I have maybe two more requests after this one, but I don’t know when I’ll get around to writing them because I still have a project or two, a book report, and a singing thing for extra credit in english AH

again thank u to whoever sent me this au suggestion its cU te bc jackSIN

Originally posted by weebits

  • he first saw you at hollys coffee
  • you were sitting alone at one of the window tables and he thought you looked lonely and sad
  • so he came to you like
  • HEY swETIE u look kinda lonely (he does an internal haha) mind if i sit with u???
  • you were like?? okay sure buddy whatever
  • immediately, and i mean immediately did you two become friends
  • BEST FRIENDS AT THAT (jackson is just such a sweet man how can you not love him)
  • you two were so noisy in the coffee shop when you first met that you two got kicked out
  • its not your fault jackson made you laugh so hard?? so hard that u nearly hit your face on the tabL E
  • okay fast forward one year
  • jackson is completely wrapped around your finger (he has been ever since he first met you but he doesnt need u to know that)
  • he won’t ever leave your side because he feels lonely when he’s not stuck to your side
  • he teases you about your height OFTEN how rude
  • he ruffles your hair and makes smooching sounds so that you don’t get huffy with him though
  • and when you do get huffy and upset with him, he holds you as tight as he can and tells you that your height is perfectly fine, you are perfect the way you are and he tells you with so so much sincerity
  • this is still when you’re friends mind you
  • you both hang out a lot outside because you like the fresh air and jackson likes to give you warm clothes even if you’re already wearing three layers
  • you accept his jacket anyways because they always felt more comfier than your own
  • and when you two did chill inside
  • you usually had your legs thrown across his lap
  • scrolling through your social media feed as jackson watched something on the tv
  • sometimes he would drum his fingers against your knee
  • or randomly hug you and snuggle you because he loves u and ur his lil bun you deserve all the cuddles in the world
  • he realizes he has feelings for you when you two are hanging out at your home
  • you had no make up on and you were wearing shorts and a slightly bigger than your size tshirt
  • you were snug against his side as you two watched a romcom, his arm casually slung behind you on the couch
  • there was one part in the movie that seemed to be really funny to you and he witnessed the way you laughed so hard that it was completely silent
  • your eyes were crinkled up and your hand was barely covering your mouth (which was wide open)
  • when the scene got even funnier that same hand that was covering your mouth slapped his chest and he looked at you with wide eyes and thought ?? what the fuck they’re so cute i love them
  • fast forward to like .. three days later
  • jackson confesses to you, holds your hands tightly even though hes sweating like CRaz y and keeps his gaze on yours as his mouth forms each and every word with such eloquence that your breath catches in your throat
  • of course you accept his confession because wtf you like him too
  • so now you two are dating
  • and jackson has gone from aw ill squeeze u and pinch your cheek affectionate to iM GOING TO SMOTHER YOU WITH MY HUGS affectionate
  • he is almost always seen stuck to your side by your friends and his friends
  • if jackson was a glue he’d either be gorilla glue or loctite super glue.
  • he just won’t leave u alone when you two are together
  • it can be a bit too much sometimes if youre feeling cranky, but really, jackson is super sweet and his hugs are the best
  • he gives u so many kisses !! 2 many to count but u love it so who cares!!
  • when he kisses you he frames your face in his hands or he tilts your chin in his direction so he can lightly kiss your lips
  • jackson absolutely loves giving you kisses on the top of your head and he loves holding your hand or your wrist
  • theres always some part of him touching you
  • once you two got together you both stayed in more, but still went outside, just not as much as you two used to
  • the only reason why you didn’t go out that much anymore is because you two would be too busy staring or giggling at the other
  • and a lot of people sometimes gave you annoyed looks because you too were really affectionate in public
  • like one day it was very cold, it was even cold inside the coffee shop you two met in and you both were waiting in a very long line
  • you didn’t wear enough thick layers and jackson scolded you bc “you naughty girl, you’re going to catch a cold if you don’t start wearing warmer clothes ): “
  • and with his hands shoved in his pockets, he opens his trench coat to invite you into his very very warm embrace
  • u know
  • COUGHS this one (creds 2 the owner thank u for this picture)
  • he hooks his chin on the top of your head with a grin and you can’t help but blush once he wraps his arms around your waist with his coat closing in around the both of you
  • v cute
  • he lOVES IT when u rest your head in his lap becaus e youre so pretty and he loves you and he wants to run his fingers through your hair all the time just to see you flutter your eyes closed and fall asleep with his fingers tangled in the strands
  • jackson is so fond of you and he thinks you are a wonderful person, inside and out, he never lets you forget that because he wants to be sure that you absolutely know and understand that you are his sweetheart and he thinks you’re suPER #1 on the planet
  • he tugs at your hand a lot when he wants you to see something he found cool
  • you also pull at the hem of his shirt when you want his attention and he FINDS IT SO ADORABLE YOU’RE SO CUTE
  • he lives for your compliments
  • ur laugh gives him life
  • your kisses healed a boo boo he got on his finger once (he swears it was because of the kisses not the ointment)
  • he gets shy when u touch his chest or bury your face in the crook of his neck aw bean
  • he screams each time he sees you
  • “JAGIYA”
  • all in all jackson is a super sweet man who will treat u right and give u the love you deserve
Heat Haze Days - Stuart Twombly

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Character(s): Stuart Twombly/Reader

Word Count: 2800

Notes: This is like…my first time writing in forever and a day. So be gentle :’) also, tbh, I only thought of this idea because I was listening to Kagerou Days in my car on my way home from work. Kagerou literally is Heat Haze Days. xD

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paralian - Jimin (Spring Day series)

Originally posted by gotjimin

(n.) one who lives by the sea

I have a best friend.

At least I think I did… once.

I used to live in a small town secluded from the cities. It was unimportant to most maps but it was there, idle and unknown to most. The population didn’t go over a hundred and everyone knew each other like old friends.

I remembered getting up early in the morning and biking up the hill a few minutes from the main town. Daeyang was located by the seaside and it was a place where serenity lay and where time seemed to move slowly; unlike in big cities where people always seemed to be rushing after something.

I remembered loving and hating the place. Hate because it was so small, so suffocating sometimes. I dreamt of leaving this town once I graduate and find a job in the city; maybe become a screenplay writer or even better an actress that starred in movies (which I would be writing, of course).

Daeyang was a place detached from that world; a world that excited me, fascinated me. Once a month, my uncle visits us and brings in things like movies and the latest technology that came out like those amazing video games and cellular phone units.

Jimin liked those games a lot.


The train zipped passed and I felt the wheels rumbling beneath my feet as it rolled through the tracks.

The skies were dark outside as I’ve taken a ride in the middle of the night; a shotgun decision I had made right next to snagging the very last chance passenger slot at the airport.

My heart beat in a slow rhythm, a contrast to the whirl of emotions stirring within me.

I watched the darkened fields whipping past; a never ending sea of grass, hills, and earth. I leant my head against the cold glass of the window as the train took me away from the city… far away from what I once thought was everything to me.

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Lost Souls

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Part 1/Part 2/Part 3 

Finding your soulmate isn’t always easy; Zico soulmate!au

Everyone always has this belief that when you find your soulmate, that was it. They became your everything, and it was some fairytale ending. And everyone out there had that soulmate that they were destined to meet. But that couldn’t have been further from the truth. Not even half the people in this world would find their other half. Even if they did, it wasn’t always romantic. Most soulmates were made to go through this life together because they understood each other. So their relationship could be that of siblings or friends. That’s why no one in this world waited. The chances of finding that soulmate and them being “the one” was not likely. 

So there were three types of soulmates, all identifiable by the color your mark would change to. The most common was pink, for friendship. Often these types would find themselves early in life. Often they’d be of the same gender. Next was blue. Indicated a family type of relationship. The age differences could vary wildly. Sometimes it could be a mother/daughter type relationship. Maybe even sibling relationship. And then there was red for a romantic relationship. 

However, most went through life as if soulmates didn’t exist….

You stared out into the river, watching the boats come and go. The gentle breeze causing your hair to be slightly tousled. It was a lovely autumn day, sun shinning with the occasional cloud. It was hard to resist the urge to spend the afternoon out here.

You began bringing your cup of coffee to your lips, but a sharp pain in your wrist made you lose your grip. The cup and its contents spilled all over the ground. But to you it was unimportant. You clutched your wrist to your chest at the pain. What was happening? Slowly the pain began to subside and turn into an odd tingling. You brought out your sleeve, rolling up your sleeve. The first thing you saw was your mark, the mark that all people had to help identify ones soulmate. Yours had changed. The once black mark had become red. Your heart rate began to increase, they were here. Your soulmate, a romantic soulmate.

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Dylan Strome imagine (part 2)

I kinda went a bit over the top with it but i hope it’s okay and that you can’t tell that i wrote this at 2am…

1,4k words

for: @scottish-kid , @astilinski24 , @miserablee–at–best , @langblr-eva & @nhlmcdavid

part 1

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You felt like you were dying. Your head was throbbing and you could barely move.

“Good morning sunshine.”

His voice was too loud and made your head hurt even more, burying your head under your pillow didn’t help either. At least it was Dylan and not some stranger. You saw a pale hand offer you something that looked like painkillers and a bottle of water so you took them and immediately hid under your blanket again. The bed dipped down a bit and your blanket was lifted. A warm body slipped in next to you but at the moment you couldn’t care less and curled towards the warmth. You really hoped you’d fall asleep soon.


When you woke up the throbbing had become bearable but still painful. You didn’t want to open your eyes in case the brightness of the room would hurt your eyes again so you cuddled closer to Dylan with your eyes closed. In the last few months you had snuggled up with Dylan in front of the tv enough to know when he was next to you. His warm arms tightened around you and he sighed.

“You awake?”

You hummed in response, not feeling ready to talk yet.

“Does it still hurt when I talk?”

He whispered and it didn’t hurt so you shook your head a little.

“You really had me worried last night. You didn’t text or call only to come stumbling in at 3 in the morning sucking faces with some random asshole.”

His arms around you tightened some more. Dylan usually only became possessive when he was drunk or the Otters lost a game and he was blaming himself. You secretly prided yourself on the fact that you were the person that gave him comfort. Being roommates with a guy had its perks, but being roommates with a guy you liked… It wasn’t always easy.

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I know that SuperCorp is very unlikely to happen because Sanvers is already a thing, but between us… that’s bullshit.

Tv shows should always aim to reach out for the audience, capturing their interest - on a side trying to represent them and on the other trying to surprising them. We’re getting a hint of representation of the LGBT community (and I’m not saying LGBTQA+, because that part of the community is practically nonexistent according to the media) right now, which is definitely not enough, and what we get is rarely a quality product (for the most part, we’re used to make jokes, which isn’t representation, but more likely cheap comedy). We frequently get little screen-time, poor character development (he’s gay, what else is there to say?) and yes, we often get to DIE too (for the benefit of famous “shock value”… which doesn’t shock anybody, really, since it happens almost all the time). What we don’t get is main roles, good backstories, characters who are not only defined by their sexual orientation and… well, to live, to grow and get to be happy on screen (what an absurd concept, am I right?).

Supergirl has done an incredible job by representing Alex Danvers’ coming out story: it showed its audience how a strong, brave woman like Alex can still be very fragile and struggle with this kind of realization; how she fears to accept herself, to be fully herself and out with the people she cares the most about, and more importantly how things can actually go well. This is damn important, ‘cause it helps a lot of people to think that “Hey, maybe my family won’t take it this badly” or “Maybe my friends will accept me” and “Maybe things will change for the better!”, ‘cause guess what? IT CAN HAPPEN AND IT HAPPENS! But this is not very interesting to show, apparently, ‘cause most of the time it’s all freaking dramatic and it ends in tragedy.

The new generations are already lucky, ‘cause now there is something like this (Supergirl) on Tv, but it’s not enough still, ‘cause they’re portraying a tiny fragment of their audience, of the people around the world, and if you think “But it’s a lot already”, I’m gonna tell you that the straights have every single damn shade from every single damn angle for their representation on screen, while we are barely there and almost never the main character or anything close to that. Yes, there are movies in which we are protagonists, but let’s be real, they’re almost always centered on our sexual orientation, the discovery and the consequences, which is helpful and good to see, but it’s not everything there’s to see and to know. Plus, they really abuse of the dramatic factor of it in order to “send a message”, but that’s a message wasted on the straights, and if they think you’re an abomination already, surely a movie won’t change their minds. Instead, it will just fuel fear in us, which - there’s no really need to say it - it’s bad (we unfortunately have reality for that).

I remember my probably very first approach to the whole “girls liking girls” thing thanks to the media.
I was a kid and I was watching this movie on the Tv. I remember only pieces of it, ‘cause I don’t think I was paying much attention until a certain point. What I still recall, though, stuck in my head for a reason.
There were two girls, one white and the other brown, that grew closer to each other (I seriously don’t remember anything about whatever was the rest of the story). I recall this very specific scene that had me and my sister (who was also watching) like: “Oh, they are helping each other undressing ‘cause they’re friends”. When they started making out we were like “Oh… Okay, so they’re not just friends, apparently”, and that was it. I don’t think we knew about all the hatred towards people of same sex being in love with each other, to us it was just like “Okay, this is a thing that exists: acknowledged”. They seemed to be fine, so there was no issue… right? WRONG!
The white girl’s brother saw them, got angry as shit, took a gun and started shooting at them. They got into a car, trying to get away from him, but he got into another and started chasing them. It was raining, they were scared as shit, he looked insane, I felt the anguish growing inside of me: it was awful (again, I was a kid at the time).
The car slipped, then fell down a bridge into a river/lake and it quickly sank. After a while, only the white girl emerged from the water. The other drowned.
Last scene that I remember was a time jump where the white girl was a now a white granny, and she was probably remembering this terrible thing that happened to her once.

No fucking wonder if growing up I didn’t want to be gay and I pushed down my feelings and thoughts, since this is the kind of message to which I was subjected. And now? Now there are some things that portray the whole “being gay” as normal (as it always should be) and not in a dramatic, catastrophic way, but it’s also true that we get shows like The 1OO, Person of Interest, Orange Is The New Black, Pretty Little Liars, The Walking Dead and many, many, many others where the lesbian freaking dies, where there is no happy ending for us.

It’s simply not okay.

But to finally address the very main reason why I started this post - that no one will read ‘cause it’s too long, and people have time only for thoughts as long as a tweet - is the importance to acknowledge the presence of MORE THAN ONE GAY CHARACTER in a story. In a story AND in a family. Yes, as crazy as it sounds, we are more than two and we indeed can have LGBTQA+ wonderful siblings. Madness, right? Except that it’s not, it’s our reality, which is way more colorful, interesting and beautiful than the arid one-sided representation we witness on daily basis (I’m talking about heteronormative).

So, what really drives me nuts, it’s not the fact that people seem to be scared shitless to insert us in anything (although we’re everywhere), but how little crafty they are. We have proven to be a real force of nature over the whole LGBT Fans Deserve Better initiative, which raised by far $166,547 for the Trevor Project, and we did that after being smacked down once again by showrunners. Can you imagine what we could do if people were fair to us, for a change? We’re loyal, passionate, absurdly creative and talented (have you ever seen our fanArts, read our fanfictions? They’re often better than the original stuff and we don’t get paid a coin for making them), and yet we hardly get anything.

Tv shows should listen to their audience and get smart, because it’s not a pink UFO the thing we’re asking for, it’s not something that won’t fit their story, but simply more good representation. Supergirl scored with Sanvers, but there’s still so much potential that is sadly going to waste, and if they opened their eyes they would see it.

Do you want a great, original idea? Be fair and listen.

All Started With a Song Part 12 // Conor Maynard

Word Count- 1982

Summary- Conor sees your cover and contacts you

A/n- (feel free to change the friends name I was just too lazy to write y/f/n that may times) IT’S HERE! bet ya weren’t ready for that plot twist ;)


The night ended with all six of you heading back to the hotel. It wasn’t until about 2 am that the guys left.

“Wait!” you protested as they stood up. “We all need to switch numbers so we can have group chat after we leave!”

“Ok,” Justin laughed as he grabbed your phone.

“Gimme,” you motioned for Tyler to give you his phone.

After everyone had each other’s number, the boys left.

“Alright, I’m going to bed.” you said as you plopped onto the bed.

“Same,” Alice yawned.

“I’m gonna go call Sean,” Olivia grabbed her phone and headed to the balcony.


You three didn’t wake up until about 11 am. And none of you rushed to get ready.

“Hey, I’m gonna call Anth and see what the plan is,” you said as you walked out to the balcony, leaving the other girls to continue getting ready.

After a few rings, Anth picked up. “Hey, Y/n.”

“Hi. What’s up?” you ask, looking at the city below.

“Nothing, just chilling at home.” He sounded hesitant, but you brushed it off. It was probably nothing.

“Do you still want to go to the Santa Monica Pier?”

“Listen, Y/n…” he trailed off.

You laughed, “You can say no.”

“It’s not that…” he said and you began to worry.

“What’s wrong?”

“Y/n, Conor left.”

“What do you mean he left?” your voice cracked.

“He went back to London last night. He was really upset,” Anth was biting his slip almost to the point of drawing blood. He didn’t want either of his friends to be sad. He just wanted them both to realize that they were in love.

“About what?!?!” you yelled, tears threatening to fall. “What could he possibly be upset about?”

“He saw that you were hanging out with another guy,” Anth explained.

“Oh. My. God.” You sighed. “He’s so fucking childish! Maybe if he actually talked to me then he would know he was just a friend.”

“Y/n, just please try to fix this. You guys are perfect for each other.”

“Obviously we’re not Anth!” you began crying. “He plays me like a fucking game. He treats me like crap and then gets mad when I’m not interested anymore!”

“He likes you a lot,” Anth tried to level with you.

“He has a real shit way of showing it.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault,” you yawned. “Sorry for flipping out on you; you didn’t deserve that.”

“It’s okay,” he chuckled. “You still want to go to Santa Monica Pier?”

“Sure,” you smiled even though he couldn’t see it. “Meet us there in an hour.”


You tried. You tired really hard. But you just couldn’t. Every time you weren’t talking, your mind would flood with him. Whether it be his smile, his hair, his voice or anything else. It was him. Always had been and always will be.

You walked down the pier trying to stay tuned in to the conversation, but you just couldn’t. You wanted to see him, feel him, and be with him. And you couldn’t. And that killed you.

You needed him.

“Y/n? You aright, love?” Alice asked, wrapping an arm around your waist.

“Yeah, just a lil homesick,” you plastered on a fake smile.

“C’mon babes,” Olivia smiled. “We’ll be home soon enough.”

So a few more hours were spent at the pier and then you four went out to lunch.

After lunch, you guys arrived at Anth’s apartment at around 2 o’clock.

“So, you girls are leaving tomorrow…” Anth said as you three entered his apartment.

“Yeah, our flights at noon.” Alice frowned.

“I don’t wanna leave,” Olivia pouted.

“Same, but I couldn’t stay here forever.” You said, sitting on the floor.

“I could, 100%. This place is like paradise,” Alice laughed.

“Have you ever considered moving to London?” Olivia asked Anth.

“Yeah,” he chuckled. “I have actually. But I’m super close with my family and I couldn’t do that to them. Tours are hard enough as it is.”

“That’s understandable,” you give him a small smile.

“So what do you ladies want to do on your last night in LA?”

“Hmmm, movie night?” Alice suggested.

“Yes! Let’s have a Harry Potter marathon!” Olivia squealed.

“Do you have the Harry Potter movies?” you asked.

Anth gasped and put a hand over his heart, “I am truly offended that you even had to ask.”

Anth put in the first of eight and you four spent the rest of the evening making jokes and reciting entire scenes.


As the fourth movie came to a close, you looked at the time.

“Bloody hell, its two in the morning!” you laughed.

“We better get back and pack,” Alice said.

“Since when are you the responsible type?” Liv giggled, earning a glare from the brunette.

“Do you guys need a ride to the airport?” Anth asked.

“Thanks, but we’d hate for you to go out of or way.” You said.

He laughed, “It’s no big deal, I promise.”

“Wanna help us pack too?” Alice said sarcastically.

“No, but I can keep you company if you like.”

“Sure!” Olivia said. “Let’s use the little time we have left to our advantage.”

“We’re not dying, Liv.” You laughed.


“Who knew packing could be so fun?” you laughed as you shoved a pair of shorts into your suitcase.

Anth had decided to show you girls his playlist; which was lit as hell. You all began singing while he watched you three back your bags.

Anth paused the music, “Its 10:30, you girls should probably be at the airport by now.”

“Just a few more things!” Olivia said, cramming a few more souvenirs into her bag.

“Here,” Alice laughed, grabbing one of the bags. “I can put it in my bag.”

“Thanks,” she sighed.

“C’mon, you’re gonna be lateeeeeeeee.” Anth whined, already halfway out the door.


The ride to the airport was also filled with many good songs. Once you got the airport, the goodbye to Anth was sadder than you expected.

“Thank you,” you cried into Anth’s shoulder. “For trying to help us.”

“Of course,” he hugged you tighter.

After you finally let go of your American friend, you three silently walked to your gate. None of you wanted to leave, but you all three wanted nothing more to be home. The flight back home was filled with sleeping. Alice and Olivia slept the entire way, except for small bathroom breaks. But you, you only slept for a little bit. After a tiny power nap, your mind was racing. You thought of all the things you could do when you got off the plane. But only one stuck out.

You had to see Conor.


“Do you guys want to go to my place, and just chill before we get back into our daily routine?” Alice asked as you three waited for your Uber.

“I’m down as long as you have wine and pizza,” Olivia smiled.

“Sure, but I have to go somewhere before that.”


You rolled your eyes sarcastically, “I wonder…”

“Do you want us to go with you?” Olivia gave you a heartfelt smile.

“No, this is something I need to do on my own,” you said. “But thank you.”

“Anytime,” she winked.

The Uber ride to Alice’s was normal. You girls quietly chatted until the car had arrived at her place.

“Alright, I’ll be back soon.” you said to the girls and gave the Uber address Conor’s address. The nerves started to rise in your stomach as you grew closer to the apartment. You had no idea what was to come.


You walked up the stairs to his floor and slowly walked to his door. You knocked, and stepped back, heart beating faster than usual.

The door opened and Jack Maynard stood there, a smile quickly approaching his lips.

“So you’re the girl my brother went to America for,” he chuckled, leaving against the door frame.

“Yeah, uh is he here?”

“Yep,” he said, opening the door and motioning for you to come in.

“Conor!” he shouted. “Someone’s here for you!”

You followed him into the living room where Josh was sat on the couch, controller in hand.

“Who’s this?”


“Oh. My. God. You’re her?”

“Yeah…” you said slowly, who else knows about you two?

Everyone. Literally everyone, you dumbass.

“Who could possibly be here to see me?” Conor laughed from the hallway.

You and Jack turned around, watching his expression change.

It went from comical, to confusion, to sadness but then settled on anger.

“What do you want?” he said coldly.

You were slightly taken aback, “I want to talk.”

“Why?” he crossed his arm.

“I think you know why,” you looked at him, your heart breaking into a million pieces.

“Fine,” he said and led you to the balcony.

“What do you have to say?” he scolded.

“Okay. First of all, you can lose the attitude. And second of all, I want you to explain.”

“Explain what?” he asked.

“I just want to hear your side of the story.”

“I don’t have one,” he said simply.

“So you can’t tell me why you did what you did? Why you flew all the way to bloody America for me, but then left before actually apologizing?”

“No,” he sighed. “I was just confused. I was jealous, but then I relished that I fucked up. But then I saw you with the other dude. And I just got so angry.”

“What other dude? Clayton?” you asked.

“I don’t know how he is. He was on your Instagram, and he was obviously into you. I just felt unwanted.”

“Really?!?! YOU felt unwanted? Are you fucking kidding me???” you yelled at him. “You treated me like actual shit but got pissed off when I wasn’t still hung up on you! You’re literally the epitome of a fuckboy, yet I can’t help being in love with you! You piss me off more than anything in the world yet you were the first person that I wanted to see when I landed! So don’t you dare say that you felt unwanted?”

“You gave me mixed signals! You would seem interested but when you had picture of you kissing a guy! How was I supposed to know if you were interested or not!!”

“What picture of me kissing someone?”

“The one with the balloon where you’re on his back!”

“Oh my god,” you laughed, yet you were far from showing humor. “That’s my fucking brother, which you would know if you bothered to get to know me!”

He stepped towards you, “I tried! You were the one who got short with me!” he poked you in the chest.

Jack opened the door to the balcony, “Mate, back up.”

“Stay out of this Jack!” he yelled, yet his eyes stayed looked with yours. “You said something. Say it again.” His features softened.

“Which part?” you asked.

“The part where you say you love me,” he said, turning his pointed finger into a flat palm, he wanted to feel your heartbeat.

“I am so incredibly in love with you Conor Maynard.”

“I’m in love with you too, Y/n.” he smiled. “Can I kiss you?”

You giggled, “Of course.”


After you two awkwardly went back into his flat and awkwardly said goodbye to Josh and Jack, you headed over to Alice’s.

You were all lounged around her living room, a pointless show playing in the background.

Conor was deep into an awkward fan story when there was a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it,” Olivia said.

“No! Alice should,” you smiled.

“Wow thanks.” She rolled her eyes but got up nonetheless.

Get up you mouthed at Liv who gave you a questioning look. You two and Conor followed the brunette to the door.

She opened the door and froze. Liv did the same, yet you were smiling ear to ear.


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Jamie takes Claire on a whirlwind vacation and at the end he proposes

i had so much fun writing this! i truly hope it satisfies your needs, my dearest! thanks for your prompt. 💛

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coins in a fountain

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Fix You- Time

Note: And now back with the second chapter~ I would also like to thank Ate Donia (hey!hi!hello!) for taking time to beta-read all the chapters for this~ *insert confetti here* seriously, thank you~ :D <3

Pairing: Jaehyun / Y/N / Taeyong

Originally posted by shutupxiumin

“How long have you been crying for him, Y/N?” Ten asked as he accompanied his best friend outside the dancing studio where Taeyong currently was at. It was in a secluded area of their university, away from the prying eyes, providing privacy for those who would use it.

Y/N gave no response as her eyes were glued on Taeyong’s dancing form, not paying Ten some attention, who grew slightly annoyed yet worried for her.

As Ten observed, not even the walls could separate her from him. He realized Y/N would always look for Taeyong.

Seeing Taeyong—with beads of sweat running down his face, chest heaving from exertion—warmed her heart. He was perfecting another dance routine which she knew he had been practicing for weeks, long before they broke up.

Seeing him again saddened her too, as it reminded her of how she won’t be by his side anymore when he finally realizes his dreams as an idol in Korea.

A warm hand touched her cheek, wiping away the tears she didn’t notice were falling again.

“Y/N, are you ever gonna stop?” Ten asked.

When she finally faced her best friend, pity was all she could see in his eyes. She already knew how pathetic she looked. She didn’t need to be reminded of it again and again. But as long as it was for Taeyong, Y/N would gladly be the fool.

“I don’t think I ever will, Ten,” she replied and saw Ten frown at her answer.

He said nothing more, though, and stayed silently by her side until Taeyong finally emerged out of the dancing studio.

Taeyong looked surprised to see the two of them. He gave Ten a brief nod before turning his gaze to Y/N.

As soon as their eyes met, it seemed like time stopped and only the two of them existed in that instance.

Taeyong looked just like Y/N remembered him during their break-up and the time before that. He was still the same straight-out-of-the-magazine perfect kind of guy. Not even the way his hair stuck to the sides of his face from sweat or the way his breaths came out ragged could take away from his handsome looks.

‘Of course, he still would be, silly,’ she thought.

She smiled as she took in his form. Taeyong tried his best to wipe his sweat away. His chest rose and fell, struggling to even out his breathing.

Even so, to her, he looked flawless. She felt tears gather on the corners of her eyes again as the memories of what happened two weeks prior flooded her mind.

‘No.’ Y/N shook her head, composing herself before approaching him.

“Tae!” She put on her best smile to mask the pain she was feeling that moment. On her hands were a bottle of water and homemade sandwich. “Thought you’d be practicing and end late.”

She examined his face and noticed the confused expression. A pang of hurt made its way to her chest, yet she kept her smile on. Cheering herself on so she won’t falter.

“So I brought you this,” Y/N continued, handing him the items.

“Thanks,” Taeyong said, looking a bit unsure. Behind him were his friends who were also part of the dance club. Y/N could tell they were listening in to the conversation.

Taeyong’s eyes roamed around and met Ten’s. Something passed between them before Ten shrugged. The former directed his attention back to her.

“What are you doing here, Y/N?”

She was sure Taeyong didn’t mean to phrase it that way; at least, that was what she liked to think. Yet, the words still hurt. It felt like he was driving her away.

“I-I just wanted…”

Taeyong sighed and shook his head. “You don’t have to, okay, Y/N? I’m fine.”

He smiled at her and even so, she could feel the same pity Ten showed her behind that smile.

“Take care.”

That was what he last said before walking past her, followed by his other friends who only offered her small smiles. Y/N, through hanging around a couple of times in the dancing studio, became friends with a few of them. However, things had changed, and she could not even say a few words or even return their smiles.

Ten clicked his tongue before walking up to her to wipe away the tears that had fallen from her eyes yet again. “Told you so. You really should let him–”

Y/N cut him off with a hug. Ten just sighed. “Just cry on me–”

Someone cleared their throat and both of them looked to see who it was.

Y/N realized it was her ‘ice cream man’ who introduced himself as Jaehyun.

“What are you doing here, ice cream boy?” she asked, a bit annoyed to have her little ’dramatic scene’ interrupted.

Jaehyun only smiled, showing off his deep set of dimples.

‘There it is again,’ Y/N thought. She didn’t want to admit it but Jaehyun’s dimples might have earned a spot in her heart. Those were not enough, however, or as she kept repeating in her head ever since she met him.

“Ice cream boy?” Ten asked. His voice was laced with confusion. “He’s from—“

“What now?” Y/N cut Ten off as she was growing impatient at Jaehyun’s silence.

Yet, instead of a reply, he only held out his palm and said, “Didn’t I say that I’ll try to fix you?”

“Y/N?” Ten’s voice had a note of warning now.

She bit her lower lip as she contemplated what she just heard. Her gaze went from Jaehyun’s outstretched hand to Ten’s look of confusion and worry. Y/N was suddenly gripped with the odd urge to laugh as a result of the funny look on her best friend’s face.

Ten was right. It was time to let Taeyong go. Two weeks had already passed, yet here she was, still crying. There needed to be liberation, and there was Jaehyun who looked eager to provide her just that.

Y/N needed to decide now. All that was left to do was accept Jaehyun’s invitation or the adventure would be forever lost.

Moving away from Ten, she said, “I’m sorry, Ten, but I got to do this.”

“Wait, Y/N!”

She reached out for Jaehyun’s hand.  As soon as their fingers connected, he smiled at her acceptance.

Together, they ran.

The wind felt good even as it whipped her hair in different directions. The sea was calming even as it crashed into the shore. The sun was picturesque even as it set from the sky.

Everything was washed in hues of yellows, oranges, and pinks.

Y/N took a deep breath, filling her lungs with fresh air. It seemed like a lifetime ago since she laid her eyes on the vast sea.

“Feels nice, doesn’t it?” Jaehyun asked as he stood beside her.

She could only nod.

“You know, you could always scream your frustrations out to the sea,” he said. “The waves will listen yet drown it anyway.”

“How cheesy.” Y/N crinkled her nose in disgust, making Jaehyun laugh out loud.

“We aren’t in a romantic movie, Jaehyun.”

“But we are in a romantic setting so it still works.” He then jokingly wiggled his eyebrows in a suggestive way. “Come on, Y/N. I know you like the idea too.”

She only rolled her eyes because she actually did think about doing exactly just that.

Taeyong! I hope you’re happy now seeing me cry now!” Y/N laughed at what she just said because she didn’t mean it. “I hope you achieve your dreams, Tae!

Her words were picking up pace now, all in a breathless stream. “I’ll miss you! But no one’s gonna be there when it rains! Or when I want cuddles! Or when I want to see bubbles! Or especially when there would be cockroaches!

“I’m going to…” Her voice dropped to a whisper. She even forced down a sob she didn’t notice she was holding. “I’ll miss you.”

“Oh, Y/N.” Jaehyun sighed as he moved closer to hug her.

They both didn’t know for how long they stayed like that until Y/N realized how inappropriate it already was. She met the guy just two weeks ago and here she was, hugging him!

Her cheeks felt warm as she broke away from his embrace. She couldn’t even meet his eyes. So she gazed at the sea instead and let the view calm her erratic heart.

“I guess that’s how people are, huh?” Y/N spoke after a while. Her tear-stained eyes, now gone dry, were still trained on the sea, now getting dark as light slowly left the horizon.

Jaehyun didn’t speak up. He waited for Y/N to continue what she had to say.

“They’ll say, ‘I’ll always be there for you.’ And that is true for the most part,” she went on. “But you never know if tomorrow or the day after, they’ll be gone. And suddenly, you’re left alone.”

Once again, her eyes filled with tears which spilled down her cheeks. Jaehyun was quick, however, to wipe them away.

“You’re used to it anyway, right?” Jaehyun teased, in an effort to make her laugh.

The corners of her lips pulled into a smile as Y/N hit his shoulder lightly.

“You’ll never let me have my moment ever, will you?”

Jaehyun laughed before answering, “Never.”

She just rolled her eyes.

“Because I will always choose to see you smile.”

Her eyes grew wide and she snapped her head towards Jaehyun who merely smiled, showing his perfect set of teeth.

When he dropped his smile, however, it was then that Y/N knew the conversation shifted to something more serious.

“But Y/N, they’re them and I’m me,” he said. “And I promise you I’m staying. No matter what. Till the end.”

For a moment, she almost believed his words. Yet, they were too good to be true. So she shook her head.

“No, Jaehyun.”

He brought his eyebrows together in confusion. She stared right through his eyes.

“Don’t tell me that. Because I might get used to you being by my side and I wouldn’t know what to do when you go.”

“You’re not gonna lose me.”

Y/N rolled her eyes, choosing to ignore what Jaehyun just said. Her eyes then widened when she realized something she almost forgot.

Fumbling in her purse, she produced her smartphone and held it out for Jaehyun. “Type in your number so I can call you when I need you.”

Jaehyun deadpanned at her. “What am I? Your slave?”

Nonetheless, a smirk crossed his lips as he typed in his digits. Y/N took her phone back and saved Jaehyun’s number.

“You know, Y/N,” Jaehyun began as Y/N was still busy with her phone. She only hummed in reply. “Once I promised to never leave you till the end, I’ll never leave you.”

Her mouth hung open. Jaehyun winked at her, making her feel flushed at his words of promise.

“Trust me on that.”

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Summary: just a lil one shot based on Perfect by the man Ed himself,from his Divide album. ((plus is still my fav album from him lmao))

pairing: isaac lahey x reader

a/n: i know i said i was gonna try posting more but 2017 hasn’t been too good for me and i’ve been working alot bc yo gurl needs to save for things and yeah life is just hectic af. sorry if it isnt too detailed but i hope this makes up for it and u enjoy this!! feedback is appreciated hehe thenks frands

I found a love for me. Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead

Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet.

Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me.

Cause we were just kids when we fell in love,n

ot knowing what it was.

Isaac never knew that you would be the one that everyone kept talking about. You first knew Isaac from history. You saw him grow. He started out as that shy kid that no one really paid that much attention to. Then suddenly he became this complicated hotstuff,who thought he immediately was superior to others. Before returning back to his old self.

He approached you to help him with his history since you were one of the better students in class. There were the top students,so you had no idea why he picked you to be his tutor.

Countless of study sessions later,it was finally time for the exam. Time to see if all those tutoring sessions was worth it at all.

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Casualties- Chapter 1 (1/?)

A new story is here! Hello to all! I’ve been plotting, writing, re-plotting, editing, and re-writing for the past few weeks, but I finally think that I have a groove going on. This is my first time dabbling into Modern AUs, so I hope that it turns out okay. Some things will be quite different in this story (i.e., I’ve changed up Emma’s background a little bit and whatnot), but I will try my best to make sure that I explain everything clearly so that it will be easy to follow along. I really hope that you all enjoy!

RATED M for LANGUAGE and ANGST and other stuff.


“And the Emmy for best actress in a drama series goes to…” Emma closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to summon her fake smile that she would have to portray when she lost. “Emma Swan in ‘Casualties’!”

A roar of applause echoed around the arena, causing Emma’s heart to fall into her stomach and her eyes to snap wide open. She turned to her side and saw her brother standing up, clapping and cheering her on. “Stand up, Em. You won!”

She turned to the director of the television show that she starred in and waited for confirmation that this was not a dream. Director and Writer, August Booth stood up and cheered loudly. “Go on!”

Emma heard the MC speaking over the applause and she smiled brightly as she finally stood up, covering her gaping mouth with her hand. “This is Emma Swan’s first Emmy nomination, and first Emmy win.”

She quickly pulled her brother, David, into her arms for a quick embrace before walking slowly and carefully to the steps of the stage. She looked up and saw famous actress, Aurora, standing on the stage waiting to present Emma with her award.

After successfully climbing the stairs, she walked over to Aurora and gave her a tight hug.

“I’m so happy for you, Emma. Congratulations!” Aurora said into her ear.

“Thank you.” Emma smiled through her joyful tears as she was handed her Emmy.

After taking another deep breath, she stood in front of the microphone— waiting to give her acceptance speech.

“I want to make this quick because I feel like I might be sick.” She laughed as she tightened her grip on the golden trophy. “Seriously, this is insane. Okay… um first of all, I want to thank my brother. He’s stuck by my side through everything that I have been through, and words cannot describe how much I love and appreciate you. To his wife, Mary Margaret, I love you. Thank you for being the sister that I never had.”

Emma felt her lips quivering and she chuckled and tried to blink away her tears as she continued. “I have to thank my publicist and good friend, Regina. I would be so lost without you. I also want to thank the amazing cast and crew, and my second family— August, Graham, Lance, Mulan, Tink, and Killian. I want to thank the Academy for giving me this opportunity; and lastly, I want to thank all of the incredible fans for not only watching the show, but for loving the show as much as I do. 'Casualties’ means so much to me, you honestly have no idea, and I am so grateful for all of those who have fallen in love with Laiken Halle and her story. Thank you.”

Emma stepped away from the microphone and flashed the audience with one more smile before turning away and walking away, the sound of applause and cheers filling her ears as she disappeared behind the curtains.

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DAY6 Imagines: Once/Twice Series’ Special Chapter (4)

Read: Once is a coincidence. Twice is not. , Once is enough. Twice is too much. and Special chapter (1) , (2) and (3) first before reading this :)

Note: It would be nice if you could play Letting Go later. (You’ll know when to play it. Hehe)

“So have you seen it? Did you watch?” You feel lethargic from crying until you fell asleep last night and now you have to deal with your workmate who won’t just stop bugging you when it comes to their band.


“Really?!” She then proceeded to tell how she felt while watching the music video; how she felt the pain that was conveyed through the song; how she cried because the song was telling a story “And have you heard their other songs from the album?” You shook your head and she made you sit and gave you her phone. She plugged her earphones in your ears and clicked something on her phone before she left you in the dressing room.

You heaved a sigh of surrender as the song started playing. Oh, this one seems a lively song. You were moving your head trying to go with the song’s rhythm as you were listening to the lyrics.

It’s been a while since you left
But even when you weren’t here
I always had you by my side
I put my hand in my pocket so you can always link your arms with mine
Why are you making me like this? (Why did you do that babe)

You arched your forehead as you realized that the message is still sad despite its lively vibe. You bit your lip as you started to feel your chest tighten again. And you thought your heart stopped when you heard him sing the next part

Every day is the same, I’m running around a wheel
I really hope this feeling changes
Not having what you want makes your heart hurt, I’m only human

You squeezed your eyes close as you try not to play a movie of your memories in your head again. I’ve had enough last night. Please.

I guess this is what they call a habit
In an empty room with no one inside
I’m waiting for you to return

But nothing really goes the way you wanted them to be. Not before, not now. Tears started to well up in your eyes. Never in your whole life that you’ve imagined yourself crying because of a song that doesn’t even have a sentimental sound. But the lyrics!

My hand habits that touched you, my hand habits toward you
My mouth habits that called you, my mouth habits for you

You just want to slap yourself from crying again. Aren’t you tired of crying every single time that you are reminded of him? It’s been 5 months, hasn’t it? But it still hurts the same. Why didn’t it go the way you wanted it to be?

I’m calling out to you in the empty air
I’m beckoning to find you
You became my habit
Became my habit

And it’s so hard, knowing that he’s also a habit and habits are hard to give up.

Became my habit

You hurriedly wiped your tears when you heard the door open. And once again, you were attacked by numerous questions. Your workmate even teased you for crying in Habits. “You can relate to the song so much, don’t you?”

As things started to change for them, things stayed the same for you. After another 5 months, you’re still working at the coffee shop; stuck with your workmate who’d always talk about someone you don’t even want to remember. When your working schedule changes, those are the times that you were thankful for. At least your ears would be able to rest from hearing anything about him. But unfortunately, your new shift is being with the said workmate again. You really have nothing against her. It’s just that, you just don’t want to add salt to your wound.

It’s been 10 months since the breakup but you’re still hurting. Even if you want to convince yourself that you’re already numb from feeling the pain and regret, you’re still hurting.

No one’s really numb anyway. People can’t just accept the fact that after all this time; they’re still hurting for the same reason. And you’re not an exception.

Sometimes you’re being eaten up by your jealousy; seeing him being close with a girl and especially if their fans are trying to pair them up. Somehow you’ve learned not to mind the fans who swoon over him but you can’t just deny the fact that when it comes to this girl, Ayeon, you couldn’t restrain yourself from getting jealous. She seems to be close with the band because she’s a friend of Jae. Eventually, fans saw that Brian and her have a chemistry. Who cares about chemistry?

You trusted Brian so much to ask for that break but now you don’t know if you’d be able to still trust his feelings for you since it didn’t really go how you wanted it to be. And when another album was released, your world started to shake and slowly crumble. Is this it?

I got something to say, let’s meet up
Now we sit silent, facing each other
I keep thinking in my head

Should I say this or not

Although I don’t want to

You exhaled softly as Jae started singing. Just as they’re having their comeback, your feelings are having one, too. You felt a familiar sensation enveloped your heart. Oh, yeah. This is what I felt when I was watching their Congratulations MV. Jae still has those eyes full of sentiment.

I’d been holding on to you for so long
But now I must let go

There’s nothing I can do for you

It’s the only way to make you happy

So I let go, let go, let go

Is this a confession of him letting you go? Is this him telling you that he’s finally ready to stop holding on to you?

So you can smile someday
So you can smile

But what if letting you go isn’t the reason for you to be able to smile someday?

I remember our good times
The days of laughter and fun

Memories ever so precious

Fill up inside me

Although I don’t want to

As he started singing, as he was intoning about your memories, a series of them played in your head. And just when you thought you’ve already shed more than enough tears that you’re supposed to, another stream of tears was shed.

If Jae’s eyes were sentimental, Brian’s were intense. As he started rapping, you intently looked at him. He was giving off the same vibe as he did in Congratulations. Eyes were narrow; forehead furrowed; veins on his neck were visible. Although it is about telling you he’ll let you go, he seemed to be livid.

Ah let go, let go,
The bright future we sought together

I know I know we can no longer

Wish for a happy ending

Like the land hardens after the rain

Pain is only temporary, someday you will meet

Someone who can make you happier

That’s the kind of love you deserve

I got to say good bye right now

You wanted to pat your shoulder for making it to work the next morning. But your eyes wouldn’t just let you hide the fact that you cried yourself to sleep last night. You readied yourself to deal with your perky workmate today but she’s awfully quiet. She didn’t bother you about the comeback, the new music video, anything regarding the band but she kept on stealing glances.

“Are you okay?” She asked you in the dressing room when both of your shift ended. You answered with a nod and a small smile.

You examined her as she was standing near you. “You seem hesitant about something. Is there something you want to tell me?”

She avoided gazes and you motioned her to sit beside you. “Actually…” she trailed off as you encouraged her to continue “Young K was here yesterday”

Your eyes widened a bit. Yesterday was your day off but she said she went to the coffee shop to have a coffee with her friend. That’s when he saw Brian entering the place.

“He seemed to be looking around. Like… trying to find someone?” She paused and looked at you for a hint to stop or to continue “Aren’t you friends with them? I think he was looking for you”

“Did you talk? Did you tell him?”

She shook her head. “Can I ask you something?” You nodded “You seemed to be crying a lot since the day I met you, especially when it comes to their songs. And you seem to not like their band to be talked about. I was thinking if you cried again last night when their new music video was released?”

You raised a brow and she cleared her throat. “By any chance… Did you have a past relationship that you’re reminded of every time you listen to their songs?” Your eyes widened in surprise and you were taken aback by her question “Perhaps… Is it Young K?”

Was it that obvious? Or was she just observant and wise? She murmured her apologies for asking and excused herself. But before she could even turn around, you grabbed her wrist as you let out a breath.

You’re just tired; tired of walking away from it; tired of pretending not to care; tired of putting up a mask that you’re okay. So for the first time, you opened the door for her to see and know. You told her everything, letting you cry your heart out and hugged you when you have no words left to say.

“I understand”, she whispered as she wrapped you in her arms, not minding if her shoulder will be soaked by your tears.

That’s all you wanted to hear. All this time, for 10 months, that’s all what you needed. Finally, there’s someone who understands you. If you had known, you might just have opened up to her sooner.

You both fixed yourself after a little while so you can both leave from your workplace. You were thinking about him as you opened the dressing room’s door to leave; wondering if he knows you’re working there. As if on cue, you found him walking toward the entrance as you froze and forgot what move means.

Ok, nothing much in this chapter.. Next special chapter might be d ending. I just cant take it anymore. Ive been feeling extra emotional I never imagined myself crying bc of Day6’s Habits. I used to move my head & body quite a lot but bc of this, it became a sad song for me;-; lol

Thoughts, please? :)

The Friend Zone (Part Two): Alexander Hamilton x Readership

Summary: You had been best friends with John Laurens your whole life, but then you moved to Chicago. Years later, you moved to New York City and got to know him once again, all the while falling in love with his best friend. John doesn’t take that easily.

Word Count: 1733

A/N: I have ideas for other parts to this if requested :)

Part One // Part Two


Two months later, you and Alex were happily dating. That first night was the first of many that Alex spent in your apartment. John had been incredibly cool about the whole thing. You made sure to keep him as involved in your life as possible. He was still your best friend. That wasn’t going to change.

However, you and Alex did your best to keep your private life private for the sake of everyone around you. The five of you were friends first and you didn’t want to ruin that. Any moment you got alone with Alex was a blessing.

The two of you decided to have a movie night. It was Saturday night and it was the first free night that you had in awhile and you were exhausted. Your job at the Times was practically killing you, but it was your dream. You had a great support system to keep you moving forward.

Alex supported you by staying up until two in the morning writing. You slumped against his shoulder with your laptop propped up on your knees while he leaned against the headboard with his legs sprawled out and laptop in his lap. He proofread everything you wrote and you were the person he bounced ideas off of when he got stuck in a case. It was the perfect balance.

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A/N: This will follow the same format as Part 1- flashbacks back and forth. Please ignore the lack of indents, I’ll edit it later. Thank you for all the love! I can’t believe it!


You both exited the car and took off towards the elevator of the parking structure, but not before he grabbed your hand to help keep you two together.  You were thankful that the electricity still worked and that the elevator didn’t stop during the ride. You went through some checkpoints and more lifts and realized that you were somewhere you didn’t think you were legally allowed.

When you got to the designated floor, you realized that Spencer was still holding your hand. You looked down, and he followed your line of sight. He quickly withdrew his hand and stepped out of the elevator with his hand on your lower back, guiding you into a room full of empty desks. You went up a small staircase and into a room full of people you knew.

“Oh good, you made it!” Penelope cried from her spot in the corner. She was sitting in a roller chair with some popcorn in front of her. “I was worried when Pree texted me saying that the weather was stalling her.”

Your eyebrows scrunched, and you sucked in a breath. “Pree didn’t bring me, Spencer did.”

You turned back to Spencer, and your eyes held a silent conversation. You reached for your cell and tried to call your friend. It went to voicemail. There was an unread text from her that was received while you were in the elevator with Spencer that read she’d find you “shortly.”

“Is this where she was taking me,” you asked the genius standing next to you.

“Huh?” He wasn’t paying attention to your words, but his eyes never left you.

“Pree and I were going somewhere safe, is this where she was taking me? Here, at where I assume is the F.B.I.?”

“We called her shortly before Spencer left, which I expect was to pick you up,” Derek spoke up when Spencer still didn’t respond.

“Oh, no no no.” You hit her number and once again was sent to voicemail. “Are you kidding me?!”

“I’m sure she’s alright. You just have to give her some time. It’s rough out there.”
Derek placed a hand on your shoulder, and you walked out of the gentle touch and ran your hand through your hair as you paced.

“I’ll send her a text, and if I don’t receive hide nor hair from her, I’m getting full permission to freak.” You tapped at your screen and slid your phone into your pocket after turning the volume up so you wouldn’t miss her reply.

Two hands softly held your arms and led you to the chair next to Penelope. You sat and watched as Derek placed a bottle of water in front of you. You whispered your thanks.

Emily walked in with some DVD cases, and JJ followed her with bags of potato chips.“What are we watching first?”

There was a small commotion filled with arguments over what to watch. When no one could decide everyone looked to Hotch, who in turned looked at you.

“Y/N, why don’t your decide? What would you pick?”

You didn’t think any decision you’ve ever had to make was as important as the one placed in front of you. “Uh. If those are Disney movies I see, then not those. I don’t want to have to sing through my potato chips. Save those for last. Are any of those action with a dash of comedy?”

Emily looked through the choices and pulled one out of the stack. “Ah ha! Good choice!”

Everyone got settled into a chair, and the lights had been turned off as the movie started. Spencer, who ended up to your left while Penelope was still to your right, passed you the community bag of chips and when you went yo grab it, you accidentally grabbed his hand instead because neither you were paying attention. You froze.

“Uh. Whoops. Sorry, Spence. I’ll just…” You mentally groaned in embarrassment as you took your share of the chips and passed the bag, your eyes never leaving the pull-down screen.

You weren’t sure if it was because it had been so long g since you had any affection, but you suddenly missed the hand that was under yours. You didn’t understand it. You hadn’t thought of Spencer since the dinner until Pree brought him up earlier that day. Well, except for when you saw a picture of someone in a magazine that had hair like his. Their hair wasn’t as beautiful though. And his eyes weren’t as big and bright. Lord, his eyes.

There were some snickers to your right, Derek and Penelope, and you hoped it wasn’t at your expense. A bag of pretzels came around, and you barely touched it. Using your arm to sweep it towards your neighbors. More snickers were heard. Kill me, kill me now.

You made it halfway through the movie before your eyes started to feel heavy and you laid your head on the table, trying to get comfy. You felt eyes on you, but you were too tired to care. You blinked a few times, and the last thing you remembered was watching a helicopter fly over a skyscraper in whatever city the characters were in.

The only thing you heard when you woke up from your accidental nap was the sound of feet. Your eyes opened, and the lights in the room turned back on. Most of the chairs were empty, you noticed. You sat up and looked behind you to see Penelope still sitting at your side. She looked up and smiled at you.

“We’re taking a break, Sugar Plum. The movie ended, and our favorite girl called. She got stuck at a gas station. She was only a mile from her parent’s house, so she went to go bunk there. She called you, but you were dead to everything. We didn’t want to wake you.”

You raked your fingers through your hair and thanked her. “I didn’t really get a good nap between my shift and getting ready for the storm. Wind freaks me out sometimes.”

“I getcha. Don’t worry your pretty little head; we got it figured out.” Penelope stood up and stretched. “I’m going to the little girl’s room. You gotta go too? I can show you where it’s at.”

You stood up and followed her into the facilities. Emily and JJ were around the sink, talking in not-so-hushed tones.

“I was not that bad,” Emily rolled her eyes.

“How drunk were you last night?” Asked JJ.

Emily crossed her arms. “I still had my pants on.”

“Those weren’t your pants.” JJ pulled out her phone, swiped and tapped, then handed it to the other woman. “See that picture? Those red leather things definitely are not the skinny jeans you left your apartment in.”

“How about that…Y/N!” Emily called out to you when she noticed you were listening in on their discussion. “Hey, how you looking up? You looked a little shaken when you came in. Pree made it safely to her parents.”

“That’s what Penelope told me.” You pointed towards her direction.

You turned to where she was and watched as she slowly moved in on your group. Emily and JJ started closing in on you, too, and your spidey senses started going off. You swallowed and felt like a cornered animal.

“So, Y/N. How was the ride? Getting here, I mean.” JJ asked nicely, but you sensed there was a different meaning underlying her question.

“Uh. Well, I got here alive. I’d count that as a nice win.” You took a step back towards the wall.

“Just ‘nice’? Not, oh I don’t know, pleasant?” Penelope asked with narrowed eyes.


JJ faced the other two women. “Hey, guys. Maybe she’s just downplaying it. Maybe she thought was…enjoyable.”

After a few beats, your eyebrows raised. “Pree.”

A conniving smile etched its way onto the other three faces, and Emily spoke up. “Crazy, how Spencer was closest to you. How he ended up being the one to bring you here.”

“Tell us, how were those chips? You didn’t seem too interested in the pretzels.”

“No, Garcia, she seemed pretty interested in something else. Say, Y/N, what were you daydreaming about earlier? Care to share?”

“I agree, JJ,” Emily nodded. “It’s polite to share.”

“There was this guy. He was in a magazine I was looking at a few days ago. He seemed wonderful-NICE! He seemed nice. Is it getting stuffy in here to anyone else? No? I need some air.”

Eventually, you were able to mingle your way through the others and out of the bathroom. You closed your eyes and heaved a giant sigh. You turned to go towards the staircase but bumped into a tall body.

“Oh! I’m so sorry, Spence! I really should have been more careful. I’m just…I’m gonna go towards somewhere that’s not here.” You walked away without making eye contact with him at all.  

“Y/n!” He called after you, but you kept on walking.

You made it to the doorway of the conference room but were stopped by Morgan. He looked a little concerned and eyed something over your shoulder.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay. I think I’m just tired and a little wound up still from the ride here. I’m not a big fan of wind storms.” You whispered the last part.

“You’re safe here, Y/n. We’ll take good care of you. Don’t you worry.”

“It’s not me I’m worried about.” You said, pulling out your phone.

“Pree’s in one of the safest places she can be. She’s with her parents in a part of town that won’t be as affected by the weather.” Spencer affirmed from behind you.

You turned around and didn’t notice how Derek smiled as he walked away. “I get that I do…I just…”

“Can’t help but worry about your closest friend in the new city. We all get it. All of us have been new here before. It’s understandable. Plus, the storms here can be unsettling. Although, I guess you guys have never really had hurricane’s or tropical storms in Michigan, huh?”

“You’re not off the hook with that, by the way. How did you know I’m from Michigan?” You pointed the finger at him when he drew a breath to speak. “Don’t even try giving me a flimsy response. Don’t lie.”

“I uh…I looked it up.” He wouldn’t meet your eyes.

“I’m sorry, what? You looked what up?”

“Your uh…your records.”

“WHAT?!” You screeched, and you knew that everyone heard it. “My records?!”

Spencer looked around nervously, so you decided to lower your voice so no one would be able to eavesdrop.

“You looked me up? What for? To make sure I wasn’t some…some…hardcore convict that moved here to commit detrimental crimes?! I work in a group home!” You threw your hands in the air.

“I know.” He still wouldn’t look at you.

You stepped up closer to him so that there were mere inches between the two of you. You had to crane your neck to look at him, but it didn’t stop you from wanting to give him a piece of your mind. His eyes finally met yours, and when they made contact, it nearly knocked you off your feet. Some other feeling came over you.

“Why’d you do it, Spencer?” You whispered. “Why did you feel the need to dig into my life’s history instead of just asking?”

“I was afraid. I uh…” Spencer swallowed. “I don’t have that much experience with relationships. I just wanted to know what I was getting myself into; I wanted to make sure it was safe.”

You raised an eyebrow. “Make sure what was safe, Spence?”

“I wanted to ask you out.” His words were so faint you could barely hear him.


He watched you as your body went from a defensive position to a more relaxed stance. You tensed arms eased, and you slid your hands into your back pockets, and you blinked. Your body grew languid, and it was almost as if you had been blown away.

Well, crap.

“I’m sorry, Y/n. You weren’t supposed to find out.”

“All your friends seem to think you need help, apparently. Also your friend’s cousin. Things are starting to make sense now.”  You gave a soft smile once you realized that everything was falling into place. “Who found you looking my stuff up?”

“That would be me. But we could already tell how taken Pretty Boy was with you” Garcia infiltrated your conversation. “You guys are super cute, and I’m all for you two crazy kids working out, but you’re in the middle of the doorway, and we have more movies to watch before the power goes out from the storm. So, if you could please make your way into the conference room so that we can put in the next movie…maybe a horror movie, huh? Keep each other safe.”

You both watched as she winked and sashayed into the room and found her seat. She popped some popcorn into her mouth as she held her smirk, looking towards the screen.

Spencer put a hand to your lower back, and you hid a blush. You walked into the room and took your former seat, followed by Spencer doing the same. You had turned your chair to see the screen and ended up facing the back of Spencer’s head. You rested your shoe covered toes on the feet of his chair and relaxed, hoping he wouldn’t move.

Your phone pinged loudly, and you quickly swiped your screen hoping it was Pree.

Did I mention how sorry I was for invading your privacy?- Spencer

You typed a reply saying that you’d discuss it later. The next ping let you know that you should have turned your volume off and that Spencer would want to discuss it sooner rather than later.

Is this really something you want to text about while we’re sitting in a room full of your co-workers and friends while trying to watch a movie? Not to mention with this storm trying to kill everyone…

You were glad you put your phone on silent when the next text was sent.
                                                                                                                            If we don’t discuss it now, then I honestly don’t think I’ll have the nerve to do it later. And we’re safe in here. Morgan already promised you that, and so do I. The storm can’t get to you while you’re in here.

Those are lovely words coming from someone that’s never been in a tornado before.

This is a tropical storm, not a tornado. Besides, how do you know I’ve never been in one?

Have you?

No. I haven’t. Have you? Because someone that has would recognize the difference between the two storms.

After you read his text, you gently kicked his chair in recompense and didn’t send him a reply.

Was that a yes?

There was this awful storm in May of 1998. Straight line winds. It was terrifying. I was young, and I was the only family member that couldn’t sleep through storms. I would get horrible anxiety. Sometimes I would camp out in front of the bathroom during stormy nights just in case I got sick. I hated it.

I’m sorry that you went through that.

I like storms now, but sometimes that anxiety creeps back in, and I don’t know…

And now you’re in a new city and seemingly alone during the middle of your first tropical storm. But you’re not alone. You have Garcia and Morgan, JJ and Emily.


You have me, too.

You didn’t reply to your phone, and the lights outside the room flickered, and the movie skipped a little. It unnerved you, and you tried to count backward like you were instructed back when you were a child.

Spencer must have sensed your distress because he reached his hand behind his chair and you took it. He smoothed his thumb in circles on your hand, and you focused on it. It centered you, and it kept you there for the duration of the movie.

You could finally hear something besides the voices and the buzzing. There was beeping now, and you tried to keep count with it, but you were just so tired. Maybe one more small nap would help you get your thoughts together. You couldn’t help, though, but to think you forgot something. Or someone.

“Y/n?” A voice, almost desperate, called out. “Can you hear me?"You wiggled your fingers again because you had a hard time opening your eyes. You were afraid that when you did, it would hurt. Would it be bright? Or would it be just as dark? You felt the hand squeeze you again, and you never wanted it to let go.

"Y/n, it’s okay. You can get some more rest. You’ll come back to me; I know you will. Get some more rest. I’ll be here when you wake up. I promise.” The familiar voice sounded choked.

A few days after your third date with Spencer, he showed up at your house and surprised you with your favorite chai tea latte with a double shot. You had been getting ready for a three-day class you had to take for work. You woke up extra early to study what you had learned the previous day. The class might have only been three days, but you had ten chapters of information to learn before taking a test that would get you a raise. A raise you so desperately wanted.

You had your study guide and notes in hand when you answered the door. You barely looked up when you told Spencer to come in. He watched you as you made your way back to your couch. The section you were going over was harder than you expected. The statistics you were memorizing were confusing, and you were still so tired. Sleep didn’t come easily to you.

You closed your eyes and forced them to reopen. There was a cup of hot beverage in front of your face, and you smiled at Spencer and took it from his hand. You thanked him and took a relaxing sip while he sneakily pulled your book and notes out of your possession.

“ACES? You seem to be trying to absorb this entire booklet of numbers. There must be a test right away?”

You nodded and sighed. “We ran out of time, There was a small emergency at the community center, and our instructors had to go take care of it. There are not enough employees in mental health. If there were more workers there, the situation wouldn’t have had escalated the way it did, and we would have taken our test when the stuff was fresh in our minds.”

Spencer hummed in agreement. “Want some help? Maybe you know more than you think. In fact, I bet you do.”

“You’re always so sure I know what I’m doing.”

“I believe in you,” Spencer whispered as his eyes never left yours.

A blush flared. You cleared your throat and waved for the genius to start.

“Ok. What are ACEs?”

“Adverse Childhood Experiences. They are traumatic experiences such as neglect, abuse, or family dysfunction.”

“What is ‘trauma’?”

“Trauma is any experience/s or event/s that has an overwhelming effect on the individual and renders them helpless. There are three types of trauma: Acute episodic trauma, betrayal trauma, and secondary trauma. The intent of trauma response is to not re-traumatize the victim. When trying to assist someone going through trauma, the goal is to fulfill the key phrase: In this place and with these people I feel safe.” You looked back up at your friend seeing as you had let your eyes wander away while you answered the questions.

The man sitting next to you didn’t say anything, but his eyes spoke volumes, and the blush spread across your face once again. You looked away and tucked some hair behind your ear. After a moment or two, he still didn’t say anything.

“Spence, you okay, doll?” You waved a hand in front of his eyes, trying to snap him out of his stupor.

He grabbed your wrist and pulled you to him. “I told you that you’d know it.”

Your eyes closed when his lips gently brushed against yours and a smile made it’s way to your face. You couldn’t believe it.

“That was our first kiss.”

Spencer managed to look shy and gave a soft chuckle. “I uh…you were just so confident when you answered the question. You’ve learned a lot from this class, and you’re taking to it. You had said you weren’t sure about your future in this field. You looked like you were really excited about knowing something new. I just…You were so beautiful. I didn’t know how else to respond. Was that inappropriate?”

You laughed a full force laugh and shook your head. “No, Spencer. That wasn’t inappropriate. I’m glad that you’re so supportive of what I’m doing. It’s important to me.”

“That’s what boyfriends do, right? Fully support our girlfriends in the ventures? Of course, I’d support this. I’m insanely proud of you. You were so unsure about this whole thing. You could go far in this field.” Spencer stopped talking and waited for you to say or do anything, but all you did was blink. “Y/n?”


“You okay?”

“And-and girlfriend? Did you just…boyfriend and girlfriend? Us? We?” You pointed back and forth between the two of you over and over. “Boyfriend and girlfriend?”

“Oh, is that not what we are? Is that not our term? I thought…because I like you so much and I just thought, because we had been out on so many dates and enjoyed each others company…Am I wrong?”

You heard the hitch in his voice and lowered your hand. His eyes screamed insecurity that he had misread the whole situation, that you weren’t in a relationship at all. You could see he wanted to be yours as much as you wanted to be his.

You leaned forward and kissed him again. This time though, you took your time. It wasn’t heavy, it wasn’t overly passionate, but there was definitely sparks. Your head spun when you pulled back, and you couldn’t believe it had finally happened.  

“Spencer, I would love to be your girlfriend. I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.”

You could finally feel your body. There was still pain, but it wasn’t as shocking as it had been, you almost welcomed it. The emptiness around you was deafening, and you were glad to regain your senses. You could feel your fingers and toes. That was a good sign. You wiggled them and felt something grasp one of your hands.

“Are you back?” The voice from earlier called.

You opened your eyes to find your boyfriend sitting next to your horizontal form. There were tubes and wires and to your extreme displeasure, IV’s into your skin. You looked around and realized the beeping noises came from machines attached to you and all of a sudden you were grateful for them. They let you know that it wasn’t a dream. You were really there, and so was Spencer.

“Spencer.” You cried, and he leaned in to kiss your temple. “Spencer, what happened?”

He licked his lips and had taken a moment before he answered. “They said you were hit by a car on your way to the bus stop last night. There was a drunk driver, and he swerved to pass cars and came at you instead. They called your boss, your final call on your phone, and she called me. I came down as soon as she told me.”

“Do I still have all my fingers and toes?” You joked.

“Yeah,” your boyfriend softly chuckled. “All your limbs are still attached.”

The door to your room opened, and a doctor walked in. “Hello there, I’m Dr. Sinclair I came to ask how your feeling. ”

Your eyes found his. “Given the circumstance, I feel like a million bucks.”

Dr. Sinclair chuckled and looked at the machines and checked you over. Everything seems to be in tip top shape given the situation. You’re healing just find. I’d like to discuss a few things with you, though, if that’s okay? In privacy.“

You looked at Spencer and shrugged before looking back at the doctor. "Okay. Is it life threatening? Because if that’s the case, I’d like him to stay.”

“You’re doing just fine. I’m not worried about your state at all. It’s just some matters that I’m not sure you’d want to be discussed in front of a non-spouse.” He grabbed a pen and your clipboard.

“Okay.” Your eyes met Spencer’s. “I’ll be fine.”

After a moment’s hesitation, he acquiesced. “I’ll go and get a cup of coffee and let the others know that you’re awake.”

He gave you a kiss on the top of your head and left, closing the door behind him. You looked at the doctor who sat on the spinning stool and rolled himself up to you to check your vitals. When he was done, he inquired about your relationship.

“He’s my significant other. We’ve been together for over a year.” You answered.

“Your information that we received from your regular doctor said that you were aware of pregnancy?”

You gulped and nodded.

“Is it safe to assume that he’s the father? I would have discussed this with the both of you, but I wasn’t sure.”

Another nod.

“Well, we gave you an emergency ultrasound, and we’ve been tracking the heartbeat. Everything seems fine. The baby looks to be healthy. When you get home, take it easy while you heal up. OK? We don’t want you to jostle anything or become high risk.” He gave a sideways smile, and you could have cried.

“So I didn’t…I’m still…Thank the Lord.” You ran your hands over your eyes and took a deep breath. “So nothing was said in front of him, of Spencer?”

“No, ma'am.”

“I should probably tell him, huh?”

“What better time than this?” Dr. Sinclair stood up and put your clipboard back where it was. “If I see him in the hallway, I’ll send him in. Get some more rest, too. That’ll be the best for you and junior.”

You thanked the doctor and watched as he left the room. You laid your hand on your stomach and let the tears fall. Everything’s ok, you thought to yourself. I can still tell Spencer. Thank you, God. Your eyes closed and you let yourself drift off. You could let him know when you woke back up.


Chapter Five “Safe”

SUMMARY: You were held captive by Hydra for years and had only just escaped when the Avengers find you. You’re beyond terrified of everyone and everything around you, but the thing the terrifies you the most is yourself. The things you can do with your “abilities” are beyond what anyone could possibly imagine. 

Chapters: ~ 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 

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“She’s never going to trust us if we keep locking her up!” Bucky exclaimed, banging his metal fist on the wooden table, unable to tear his eyes away from the monitor that showed your small form curled up in the corner of the glass room. Your forehead was pressed against the surface, breath fogging up the glass with every exhale, and the distant and sad look in your eyes tugged at his heartstrings.

“We don’t have a choice! She’s dangerous!” Tony objected.

“She’s scared!”

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22 Horror Movies for Snow Days *all available on Netflix right freakin' now!*

External image

This photo from American Mary is just here for the thumbnail.

  1. American Mary

A promising surgical student drops out of school after a traumatic event and gets caught up in a black market for extreme body modification. Expect wit and gore but not jump scares. This is one of my personal favorites. Watch the trailer here.


2) The Taking of Deborah Logan

Do you like occult films but feel like you’ve seen everything the subgenre has to offer? Try The Taking of Deborah Logan. The film follows a group of students making a thesis documentary about Alzheimer’s. Naturally, things take a dark turn and we find that nothing is as it seems. This made my Best of 2014 list. Watch the trailer here.


3) The Damned

How do you destroy an entity that can’t be destroyed? Watch the trailer here.


4) Stitches

If you’re more into laughs and camp, you might like Stitches. In this slasher horror-comedy, a crude, sloppy clown comes back from the dead to exact revenge on the people who killed him during a freak accident at a children’s party. Watch the trailer here.


5) Cabin in the Woods

A group of friends goes on vacation to a cabin in the woods… AGAIN. Same old slasher movie you’ve seen a million times before? Uh, not quite. Find out who’s behind the scenes making this trip a complete nightmare. Nothing is what it seems at this cabin… and nothing is a coincidence. Another one of my personal favorites- a movie specifically for horror fans who like to poke fun at horror archetypes. Watch the trailer here.


6) Scream

A masked killer stalks and kills the high schoolers of a small town. A group of friends realizes that in order to survive they must follow the rules of typical horror movies.  It might sound generic, but it’s very self-aware and witty. If there is ever a chance for me to recommend Scream, I will. This is one of my favorites of all time (yeah, seriously!) Watch the trailer here.


7) Oculus

A young woman seeks to exonerate her brother after he is released from a mental rehabilitation center, where he had been kept since childhood for allegedly murdering his father. What does she attempt to prove? That a mirror was responsible for the strange events and murders that took place in the homes of its owners, including their own. It’s really great but be warned the it has a non-linear narrative film structure, meaning scenes jump back and forth between present day and flashbacks. This made my Best of 2014 list. Watch the trailer here.


8) You’re Next

Another film that takes the slasher genre and turns it on its head. A well-to-do family comes together for a weekend to celebrate the mother’s and father’s anniversary. What’s supposed to be a fun celebration turns into a nightmare when the family realizes they are being hunted down. Find out why when you check out this unique, surprisingly funny, gory slasher. This made my Best of 2013 list with a tie for first place. Watch the trailer here.


9) The House of the Devil

A babysitter realizes her clients have a strange, dark secret. This is a slow-paced film with a 70s or 80s look. Not everyone will be into that, but it’s really good if you make it through the slow parts. Watch the trailer here.


10) Contracted

A young woman contracts an STD… or so she thinks. Watch the trailer here.


11) The Innkeepers

During a hotel’s final days of being open, two employees seek to reveal its haunted past. Along the way, they experience some strange, creepy events. This film is made by Ti West, the same person who made The House of the Devil. It’s also slow-paced, but it’s good if you make it through the slow parts. This movie is pretty funny, so it makes the slow parts more bearable. Watch the trailer here.


12) All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

A group of high school friends invites the nerd-turned-hottie to a weekend getaway at a summer house. Of course, things go wrong and people end up dead but nothing is as it seems. Watch the trailer here.


13) Witching and Bitching

A group of thieves are trapped in a town full of witches by a coven. This film is hilarious, witty, and tons of fun. It’s in Spanish, but don’t let subtitles scare you away from great movies! This movie made my Best of 2014 list. Watch the trailer here.


14) Dumplings

Women seeking a more youthful look turn to a rather unsavory remedy to do the trick. This movie is foreign, so there will be subtitles. It will creep you out and it will gross you out. Watch the trailer here.


15) We Are What We Are

This slow-paced, gothic-style film follows a family preparing for a secret ritual. The last 5 minutes are worth the build-up. Watch the trailer here.


16) Proxy

If you’re looking for a more cerebral type of movie, give Proxy a try. Essentially, the film follows three parents who have lost children. It’s gory, unique, and definitely keeps you guessing. You’ll think you have it all figured out, but you’ll probably be wrong. This made my Best of 2014 list. Watch the trailer here.


17) The Snowtown Murders

Based on a true story, a teenager falls in with his mother’s new boyfriend and his group of neighborhood watchmen who use murder and torture as a means of protecting their neighborhood. It’s pretty graphic and violent, so it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but Snowtown really is worth the watch. Watch the trailer here.


18) Devil

After The Village and The Happening, did you lose all faith in M. Night Shyamalan? Sit down and watch Devil, a murder mystery that takes place almost completely in a stuck elevator. It’s creepy and fast-paced. Watch the trailer here.


19) Alyce Kills

Alyce accidentally (“accidentally?”) kills her friend and subsequently delves into a world of sex, drugs, and murder. It’s cerebral, it’s badass. Watch the trailer here.

20) Kill List

A former hitman takes on a new job with a promise of a big payoff. It seems like a normal job at first, but things get darker and darker. It builds up suspense, so there aren’t really many jump scares. Watch the trailer here.

21) The Conspiracy

Friends making a documentary about conspiracy theories decide to infiltrate the ritualistic gathering of a secret society. Watch the trailer here

22) The Haunting

This haunted house-themed remake is only on this list because it’s the first horror movie I ever saw in a theater and because I didn’t want to end the list at 21. I have a soft spot in my heart for it. Watch the trailer here.