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Akira Kirin 

yes baseball feels, let the game start

  1. Akira can mean “bright” “light” “shining” in Japanese, also one letter from the IRL persons name 明 , using it as his nick name (full name is 吳明捷 Wú Míng Jié )
  2. Kirin : was a nicknamed made by Japanese reporters when describing his pitching ball move  “unpredictable like a mischievous Kirin”
  3. theme color is Yellow, a combine of Kirins primary color is yellow(in the 4 beast theory if the center is added in), and with the name being bright, this oc goes by bright yellow
  4. He is a Hawk/Eagle faunus(trait- arms as eagle talons) : based on how Japanese Reporters describe his Pitching pose “like a eagle spreading its wind wide” - the style/pose was later called as “the over hand throw”
  5. look at this gorgeous IRL pic of him, and the doodle of japanese news paper
  6. WEAPON IS A DUST  BASEBALL GLOVEE- the dust on the wrist channels to the gloves palm, creating hardened dust? energy balls, yes, he will throw it at anything he needs to DESTROY
  7. His pitching hand does not have any protection. over throwing does causes pain even to worse bleedings, but he insists on never wearing gloves, or he cannot feel the ball to throw
    1. this is a reference to the defeat of KANO at the final, he threw non stop 4 day 4 games in a row, his hand was bleeding but kept on pitching therefore resulting KANOs defeat in the end

wow so many feeling on this , I’ll take good care of this oc UMU


“okay, for reconguista in G, let’s go with really unique and memorable mobile suit designs”

“how about one without any feet that fights by spreading its legs, goatse-ing, and shooting missiles out of its asshole?”

“perfect, i’ll get in touch with the designers right away”


My dears!

I think it’s time for my positivity to spread out its feeling about the latest episode of The Blacklist!

Lizzington in the beginning - OH MY GAWD!!! Their “hey”, their looks, their smiles, sharing personal infos, sitting together and playing it all in the smoothest of mutual ordinariness. That is what we are asking for, TPTB. Was it so hard?! DO IT AGAIN! Definitely a new favorite Lizzington Moment!

Also she kept the couch! Yikes!! I also think it is a great thing that Liz said Red and Tom/Jacob/WTF have something in common with their opinion. She sets them equal meaning she values the statement of Red as the same as of her “love” - so, yeah, I think that’s good!

The one in the midde of the episode where they are in this hall… boah dude! Red and Liz staying close and staring at each others lips and Red immediately answering one of her questions! He knew she needed that. She was surely grateful for his sincerity.


Yeah the Blacklister as uninteresting as usual…

Liz was in some good mood! I loved how she was playing classical music and reading stories to her child!

Baz was da burner!

And Red was awesome! Showing his good side again. Fighting against the bad side. How can’t you love him?!

The only bad thing: GIna is soooo cool but what is wrong with her shooting guys?? They killed the whole group in the van but what about Tom/Jacob/WTF?!  Ah, I forgot he is immortal…

To put it in a nutshell: great episode! Lizzington overflew <3!

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the cute little cat in that video wiggles like that because he doesn't wanna be held, my cat does the same thing when I hold him for a bit too long

Yeah, i guess every cat has their own version of doing it lmao My cat in particular stretches his legs out really far and his toes spread out its the stupidest thing ever imo


‘Hang on a moment,’ said Ron sharply. 'We’ve forgotten someone!' 'Who?’ asked Hermione.
'The house-elves, they’ll all be down in the kitchen, won’t they?' 'You mean we ought to get them fighting?’ asked Harry. 'No’ said Ron seriously, 'I mean we should tell them to get out. We dont want anymore Dobbys, do we? We can’t order them to die for us -’
There was a clatter as the basilisk fangs cascaded out of Hermione’s arms. Running at Ron, she flung them around his neck and kissed him full on the mouth. Ron threw away the fangs and broomstick he was holding and responded with such enthusiasm that he lifted Hermione off her feet.


I’m not saying that Danny Zuko is bisexual, submissive, and attracted to every single other character in the show except that’s exactly what I’m saying

I’m doing a short film on Lexa’s vision of Clarke and of course, love. I’ll be whispering original poetry about them and how deep in love they are, or could be.

Here’s a little preview.

It’d be amazing if you guys could reblog it to help me spread it, i’d be forever thankful <3

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How do you deal with people spreading rumors about you on youtube? How does it make you feel Jack?

I tell people straight out that it’s not true and nip it in the bud. When a rumour starts, its very easy to spread it and if I say nothing about it then it’s easier for people to believe it. 

Shutting those kinds of things down before they have a chance to spread is very important to me. That way everyone stays happy and we can get back to having fun. 

Hello everyone! Mrs O allowed us to host one party, so I decided, let’s throw a valentines day party! Hosted and organized by team ONG, of course!

Everyone in any team is allowed to come, on one condition: Dress up nicely!

Here’s whatcha have to do to get a ticket: Reblog this post, and tag “attending”, if you’re coming and want to be noted down on the guest list. If you’re just spreading the news, tag: “spreading”.

Also, tag either “single” or “paired:name” to show me who’s dating who! If your partner doesn’t wanna come, that’s fine, it just shows you’re not available for romantic cupids who want to take you.

((for example lizzy would tag: #attending, #paired:ong-femspy))

The feeling of dissapointment when

It’s not Bradley James and Colin Morgan playing Arthur and Merlin respectively in Once Upon A Time

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