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Delicious desserts from Amorette’s Patisserie located in Disney Springs.



in an non-surprising turn of events I’m making the impulsive decision to go to Nashville in May to see the WYATR podcast with Paget like… yolo.

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So what's this thing about sending a selfie with cereal?

So in a time long long ago I had problems with crazies on this website. So to ensure you or anyone else isn’t one of the crazies, I ask for a picture of you holding up a box of cereal so I know it’s real. I honest to God wanna posts pics all the time because I’ve got a good face and it should be shared but no. So if you send me a pic of you holding a box of cereal (hopefully nothing gross like @swan-heda did) I will send you a pic of me as well. Maybe even a couple.

A full color commission completed yesterday! Like what you see? Want one for yourself or a pal? See below!


Sketches (Single Character):  $20

Inks (Single Character):  $50

Colors (Single Character):  $100

Send me a note, or an e-mail! All transactions should be made via Paypal. Once payment has been received work will begin!

If you are unable to snatch up a spot please be kind enough reblog so it can reach more faces!

Thanks everyone!

Customer Reviews/Nice Things:

-“No, thank you! Zhareen looks absolutely adorable. Both me and my boyfriend couldn’t be happier. ^.^ “

-“OMG. That’s perfect. I approve”

-”AH ITS THE BIG GUY! So happy with this.”

-”Super dig this dudes art. Wonderfully adorably cartoony with so much heart. Hit him up for a piece. I intend to.”

-“I have two Hellboy pieces done by Matt in my living room and they’re two of my favorite pieces of art in the whole apartment. Matt is a cool dude and great to work with, get you some quality arts!!“

-“Commissioned Matt in the past. Excellent work, would recommend!“

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Have you ever loved another?

I have been fortunate enough to have experienced love in every one of its glories as well as its pitfalls, in its pain and reverie, its perfections as well as shortcomings. So yes, I’ve been in love, if that’s what you’re asking. I consider myself fortunate enough to have recognized love when I did, to have felt it as I did, and to continue to feel it as I do. Some of us love well beyond the presence of the person we felt that love for, even in absentia. Find you someone who allows you to recognize your own vulnerabilities and allows you to feel boundlessly.

like u know that coco chanel line about how after you get dressed you should take one thing off before u leave the house???? that should apply to leotard design. if ur designing a leotard and u think it looks great, take away one (1) thing and then its perfect. bc some of these leos are SO SO SO PRETTY but they have just one thing that ruins it or distracts from the overall beauty of the design. sometimes less really is more…..

very important

my best friend in the whole world, @deathshands (dahlia obvs) turns twenty today. TWENTY??? jeezus how did we get this old and also ur age is in my url. i remem(e)ber when you were sixteen and someone i looked up to (well i still look up to you lmao). not only were you rocking the cool black + red emo hair and piercings (YEAH I CALLED U EMO U BURNT BROCCOLI WATCHA GON DO?), you were the nicest person on this website, in fact the nicest person i had ever come across, ever. and will ever. you put so much of your energy into helping people, even when you yourself were struggling. i went on your page and thought to myself, and i remember my exact thoughts; “what thE HELL man hOW IS THIS GIRL SO FRICKIN KIND AND GORGEOUS AND FUNNY AND TALENTED ????? IS SHE REAL ???? THIS MAKES ME MAD ITS NOT FAIR SHE GETS TO BE SO PERFECT” unfortunately, i learned early in our friendship, you will never, ever, ever quite comprehend how beautiful and amazing and kind and intelligent and funny and just in general perfect you are because you’re too rough on yourself. anyways, back to when i first went to ur page, i thought; “OK OK IM RLY FRICKIN SCARED BUT I KINDA RLY WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH HER” so i sent some nice anon mssgs bc if anyone deserves those it’s you. then i think one day i sent you a message about how i liked your hair off anon and you followed me and of c i freaked out. but then one day i remember i sent you a fanmail (which was the private message back in our day lmao) and we got talking and you were so so nice and we got along so nicely and “SWAGGOTSHIRE” and “#INTERNATIONALPENIS” happened and then we kik’d for a good while and then imessage and I DONT KNOW WHY IM TELLING THE HISTORY OF OUR FRIENDSHIP BC U ALREADY KNOW IT BUT I GUESS ITS BC ITS SO VERY IMPORTANT TEO ME (YES THAT WAS INTENTIONAL) AND I LOVE HOW WE TALK IN ALL CAPS 80% OF THE TIME BC WE’RE “INTENSE PPL” AND THEN we can still be super serious and support each other. i value our friendship and all our little inside jokes and everything so much but most of all i value YOU and everything you say and all your little quirks and how you can always cheer me up 100% of the time but you trust me enough to tell me your struggles when you need to and i really really value that friend i really really do ok ok and you are honestly THE strongest person i know i mean really you’ve been through sooo much and the fact you can just bounce back like you do is inconceivable and i know you still struggle yet you still help so many others including me it’s just wow man idk what to say!! and i just love how funny and honest and kind and you are and how you always stick to your values and it makes me so sad that you’ll never know how amazing and beautiful you are you are the most beautiful person ever friend ok ok and btw sidenote im listening to shake it by metro station rn and im telling u that just so you’ll go “dammit mg” somewhere across the globe and idk man i just love you so so much i love ALL of you and i love us and our friendship and our FIRE EMOJIS (dammit fuck u apple for ruining them) and how you still stuck by my side during both all of my and your hospitalizations. you’re so incredible it BLOWS MY MIND that we’re best friends and honestly that you’re a real person. i love you dahlia, happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!

oh, and one last thing,


🎇 Happy New Year from Draco & Harry 🎇 


EP 12: Yuuri’s Exhibition Gala + the pair skating we all wished for


So if at times I seem overprotective of the system that we’ve built, if I worry that the resentments of others might disrupt it, I have good reason.

#what elementary did with it’s 100th episode was a testament to the kind of show is #to the kind of show #the kind of holmes adaptation - it has tried to be from the start #what they chose to do with their milestone episode is the epitome of all the ways it stands in stark contrast to any other adaptation #any other show not just any other sherlock adaptation but any other crime procedural would have pulled out the big guns #and dealt their lead/s a huge case and packed it full of guest stars or notable minor characters #for sherlock stories specifically no one could begrudge you for assuming moriarty would play a key role #but that has never been what drives elementary #the 100th episode offered all it’s emotional significance to what has always been the core of the show #that sherlock is better because of the people he surrounds himself with #that there is no true reward in playing the lone genius cut off from society/humanity #and his partnership with joan is the finest exemplar of that #yes the bit with marcus in the opening was nice #and gregson’s little speech at the end pulled at my heart strings #both because of it narrative significance and the subtext of it being written for the cast and crew’s dedication to the show bts #but it always comes back to this #one holmes #one watson #the single fact that elementary is fundamentally about sherlock valuing human connections and interpersonal relationships #over solving the puzzle #will forever set it apart from any other sherlock adaptation #and that might be a criticism for some #but it will forever be one of the key reasons that i cherish and adore it