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Hello Mr. All Might! I'm sure you get this a lot, but could I get a hug or some comforting words for my upcoming dentist appointment? Things like to go a little wrong when ever I go. While an adult, I'm short and petite/boney. So they tend to use a little too much novocaine and it causes me to start to shake part way through because of that and nerves. Or they don't wait until my gums are numb enough before injecting said pain killer/start working. And that hurts a whole lot.



In the Interest of Justice Headcanon III

Seeing Dragon and Whitebeard trying to passive-aggressively out-dad each other was the most hilarious thing Sabo had ever seen.

It had started when one of their spies had reported Ace apparentely saying that his only father was Whitebeard. Sabo hadn’t thought anything of it at the time. He was well aware of his brother’s issues, after all, and claiming Dragon as a father would be a phenomenally stupid thing to do, that would put both Ace and the Revolution in danger.

He most definetely had not expected Dragon to start sending birthday gifts. Not only to Ace, but to him and Luffy as well (so they wouldn’t become jealous, he suppossed), though Ace’s embarrassed reaction had been a delight to see. Like the good brother he was, Sabo joined in on the fun and started giving gifts as well. He was a bit miffed that Luffy’s always managed to mortify Ace more than his, because he was actively trying to be embarrassing and Luffy was just being his usual oblivious self, but he suppossed that he really shouldn’t be so surprised. It was Luffy, after all.

But the most unexpected (and hilarious) reaction of all came from a whole different quarter: the Marines.

They got wind of the increased communication between the Whitebeards and the Revolutionaries, and panicked. Spectacularly.

Which, yeah, kind of understandable. A possible alliance between the Whitebeards and the Revolutionaries had to be their worst nightmare come true. The unexpected part came when they discovered that their interactions centered around, for lack of a better word, spoiling  Ace. Because they procceeded to panic even worse.

All kinds of crazy (and hilarious) theories started flying around, and Sabo (and he would bet his top hat that Ace as well) almost had a heart attack when he heard the epithet “Pirate Prince” being thrown in there. Thankfully, it seemed that the one who said it was merely referring to Ace possibly being Whitebeard’s heir, and hence the Revolutionaries’ interest on him.

Then someone recognized Ace as one of Kitsune’s “babies” and the crackpot theories kicked it up another notch. 

(And Sabo really shouldn’t let the idea of Kitsune drunkenly gushing about him and his brothers with accompanying “photos” made from her illussory powers make him so damn happy)

Apparentely the majority of the Corps was almost completely convinced that Ace was Dragon and Kitsune’s son (and that idea would give him gross-out shudders for decades to come, because blergh) and that Whitebeard had claimed Dragon as his son (thus making him Ace’s grandfather and an ally to the Revolution) when Garp shattered that misconception with judicious use of the Fist of Righteous Fury. His predictable explosion was followed by an explanation that Dragon was his son, Ace was Kitsune’s baby because she was his aunt, he was Ace’s only grandfather, and Whitebeard was just stealing other people’s family as usual.

Sabo liked to believe that his explanation was followed by an awkward silence after Garp realized that he wasn’t suppossed to have let slip that Dragon was his son.

The theories didn’t stop there, though (shockingly, the Marines seemed to have learned better than to take the Vice Admiral at his word) and Sabo decided to contribute to the chaos himself. It only took a call to his beloved aunt (who was also the only woman he would ever claim as his mother, and the Marines could puzzle on that until their brains fell off as far as Sabo was concerned) and she asked Sengoku, in front of the whole Corps, if he didn’t have anything to say, considering he was also part of the family. The man hummed and hawwed (and quite probably glared at Kitsune for putting him on the spot like that) but didn’t give a definite answer, which made Marineford resemble a pen for headless chickens for weeks.

Sabo smiled with probably way too much unholy glee when he called Whitebeard just as things seemed to be calming down.

He didn’t even do anything that outrageous, in all fairness. He just asked if Whitebeard would be averse to calling Garp “father” the next time he met some Marines (before the pulverizing left them deaf, of course), incidentally “confirming” the current most popular theory, that had Garp as Ace’s great-grandfather, Whitebeard as the grandfather and Dragon as the father with Kitsune as the aunt. He wasn’t sure if he’d do it (the literally earthshaking laughter could be taken either way, really), but he had a good feeling. The Commanders seemed to find the idea agreeable, though Sabo thought that he heard a sound suspiciously like Marco the Phoenix repeatedly thumping his head against the mizzen mast (he’s very familiar with that sound, but the GURARARAs made it difficult to say for certain), but it’d probabaly be fine.

After all, after claiming so much family over the years, being the one who’s claimed should be a pleasant feeling for the man. Or he might just do it to fuck with the Marines’ heads. Most people would probably say that that isn’t on Whitebeard’s character, but Sabo likes to think that he’s good at detecting kindred spirits.

Which is part of the reason why he’s now en route to meet with Law. After all, Sengoku would never disown Law or, as he likes to refer to him, “My only sensible relative - why didn’t you become a Marine - between the two of us we could rein the Monkey Ds in - it’s not a lost cause, really LAWWWWW”.

And considering that Bakainu has been literally fuming since this whole charade started, Sengoku confirming that he’s part of the Monkey D. extended family might just be enough to push him into mutiny. Kitsune has already promised to take pictures of the mutt being curbstomped by Sengoku and Garp if it really does happen.

The most beautiful thing of this whole situation is that Ace’s secret is now under iron-clad wraps, because after it finally blows over the whole Corps would probably mutiny en masse if someone had the temerity of trying to open the Pandora’s Box of Ace’s parentage again.

Not that it’s going to blow over any time soon, of course. Sabo is going to give it a little time for the results of his chat with his sorta-cousin to settle before bringing Luffy into it. Mainly because throwing Luffy into the fray will bring the most insanity by definition, and it’d be cruel and unusual not to let those poor sods get their bearings before facing his incredibly unpredictable little brother.

If they start to relax instead of preparing when the calm before the storm arrives… well, that’d be just silly, now wouldn’t it?

Sabo is determined to ignore the apprehensive looks of his comrades at his maniacal cackling. He might have been more than a little sloshed when he bet Koala that he could bring the Marine Corps to its knees with the power of love and family, but by God is he going to win that bet.

Yes, this is pure, undiluted crack… I like trollishmastermind!Sabo way too much.

Stars in His Eyes- Auston Matthews (by Anon)

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Ok guys so this is another one by the same author who wrote “Our Story” (aka not me) and so she wrote this one and submitted it to me! So Enjoy guys!

Warning: none!


(Auston’s POV)

I entered the club with Willie, Brown, Martin and his girlfriend Sydney. Clubs weren’t really my thing, but I loved hanging out with guys and loosening up a little. 

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No one requested this, but I did it anyway. I just wanted some Kakashi. Why is he so charming?!?!?!

Kakashi & Reader spring cleaning Drabble

After coming home from a week-long mission, all Kakashi wanted to do was to kick off his shoes, pull off his jonin vest, and settle down with you on your grey cozy couch.

However, the sight that awaited him upon his arrival wasn’t one he was expecting. He half wondered if he arrived at the wrong house for it was in utter disarray. Kakashi was close to turning away and backtracking if you hadn’t popped up around the corner.

“Oh you’re back!” you quipped with glee.

“Yea…” Kakashi drew listlessly as he raised a careful eyebrow at the empty storage boxes in your hands.

You continued, heading to the living room as you dumped the boxes along the floor next to your books, figurines, and other usual items. Kakashi spied the newly purchased rugs, curtains, and other homely decor spread throughout the mess of old and new items.

“What’s going on?” Kakashi questioned as he stepped into your shared home, looking around curiously.

“I’m redecorating and doing a bit of spring cleaning! Its dusty in here. You won’t believe how much dog hair I have found,” you spoke conversationally.

“Hm.” Kakashi shoved his hands in his pockets, surveying the partial cleanliness of your guy’s home and the new items that you had acquired.

“Well don’t mind me! You can go settle down, I know how you like to relax after a mission. I was hoping to have this all done by the time you arrive so you wouldn’t have to be bothered by the mess. But it’s okay, I’m glad your home safe. I’ll turn in once I’m done and you’ll be so surprised by the end result,” you chimed at him, rambling off to him.

You had a look of concentration on your face as you stood on a stool by the window pulling down the old drapes.

Kakashi watched for a moment as you struggled to put up the new drapes. His eye wandering down your curves of your body and admiring the way you moved. He had hoped to come home to settle down with you, but your newest endeavor had put a halt to that idea.  However, Kakashi wasn’t known for giving up and he was determined to change your mind.

He soon crossed the room, placing a hand at the small of your back and taking the drapes from you.

Kakashi sandwiched you as he quickly placed the new drapes up on the railing before purposefully drawing the new drape closed across the window.

He stepped off from the stool, giving you space before pulling you down into him.

His masked lips went to your neck, ghosting over your skin taking in your scent. His gloved hands were at your waist drawing you closer, his thumbs rubbing circles at your hips. You gave a breathless sigh, caught off guard by Kakashi’s smooth gesture. Your heart pace quickening at the contact and his proximity to you.

Kakashi hugged your body to his, feeling every bit of you as he gazed upon you affectionately. “How about we save the rest for tomorrow?”

You couldn’t help but smile brightly at the idea as you ran your hands up to cup Kakashi’s masked face. “We?”

Kakashi smiled sweetly before nodding at you. Your thumbs trailed over his mask before bringing it slowly down to uncover his handsome face. You bit your lip in excitement and saw Kakashi’s eyes gleam for you as he tightened his hold around your waist. He leaned in, pressing his lips against yours; the contact sending sparks through your being as you deepened the kiss.

Kakashi followed your lead; the desire for each other building for both of you. Kakashi trailed his mouth down your jaw, his hands grabbing hold of your thighs. He lifted you up and you secured yourself against his waist, wanting as much contact as possible.

Kakashi smirked into his kisses he left along your neck before connecting with your lips once again. Your hands ran through his hair and over his shoulders. He need every bit of you in that instant as he carried you with a steady grip to your shared bedroom to show you how much he wanted you.

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Could you also tell us all the good things there are about living with the skelebrothers?

To be honest, there’s a lot. But I’m gonna focus on the big ones

UT!Sans: He’s got a way of looking out for all of us, in his own way. He always seems to notice things, and whether or not he says anything he’s very plugged in. Little things get taken care of on days when someone isn’t feeling up to the task.

UT!Papyrus: He keeps all of us on track, making sure we eat right and dress for the weather. He also gives the best hugs (don’t tell Blue I said that)

UF!Sans:…….I don’t have time to list all the good things about Red, but he’ll be damned if he lets any of us, even Rasp, go unprotected. He is always the first one on the scene if any of us are in trouble, and he will be the one pulling us out of danger.

UF!Papyrus: A good taskmaster (the bad cop to Papyrus’ good) that can provide the negative reinforcement most of us need. He will always go up to bat for us when we need it, and heaven help the one on the receiving end of that glare.

US!Sans: He’s an optimist, but that doesn’t mean he ignores rough patches. Tale Papyrus tries his best, but in the end its Blue who’s the best listener. He’ll try to come up with a solution if that’s what you need, but if you need it he’s happy to just listen and comfort you

US!Papyrus: No one makes me laugh harder, and for as fast and loose as he plays us all, when the chips are down he’s hot on Red’s heels to help us out.

SF!Sans: Well, like I said, good cleaner. And also….he’s encouraging in his own way. The fact that he tolerates your presence for longer than five minutes seems to mean you’ve passed some kind of test, and now he won’t let anybody but himself speak ill of you

SF!Papyrus: He doesn’t demand much of you, and that can be relaxing. Out of all the skeletons he’s the most comfortable just to be alone in a room with. His silences are accepting and when he talks, its one of the most soothing sounds I’ve ever heard

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Headcanon of Eren, Mikasa, and Armin at a waterpark? Btw I love this account you guys write and portray every character so well it's so satisfying c:

Aw, thank-you so much, anon! That really means a lot. c: I hope you don’t mind that I combined everyone since I’d imagine the trio would go together. (:


  • Eren is all about those t h r i l l rides. You know the ones where you have to climb the set of stairs to a slide that drops down straight? He’s all about those. Armin absolutely hates them and will watch as Mikasa fusses over Eren while they wait in line.

  • On the flip side, Armin enjoys the more relaxed attractions of a waterpark, like the lazy river and the wave pool. He doesn’t mind the more tame rides and even has fun going on them, but he refuses to do any of the more extreme/borderline dangerous ones. 

  • Mikasa doesn’t have a preference either way, but Eren and Armin have to stop every so often by their locker so she can reapply sunscreen or else she’s going to get torched by the sun. 

  • Armin suffers a rather similar fate, but made the intelligent decision to wear a white shirt to avoid getting incredibly sun-burned. Eren, on the other hand, tans well and doesn’t need to reapply, much to the jealously of Armin and Mikasa. 

  • The three of them stay inside of the park for as long as they possibly can to get their money’s worth. They’ll go on all the rides and eat lunch there just to get the full experience. By the time they are ready to go, they are all super tuckered out and probably crash at Eren’s place. 

Seth x imprint!reader

Request: “i just discovered your blog and wooow, you’re v good!! can i make a request? Where imprint!reader moves from spain to la push because she loves nature and the views (she wants to be a photographer, too) and one day the pack and her meet because (+) they catch her making photos of them with her bigass camera (lol this is me) because she finds them so pretty and they match so well w/ nature as a background? (Sorry if its too much detail omg) (+)also reader can be seth’s imprint if it isn’t too much! sorry if i seem like a freak lol i just love photography and the nature of la push!! tysm i luv you a lot have a nice day! take care and good luck on school !!”

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I don't know if you are in many other fandoms but I will ask anyway, this is first fandom I have really been in and my question is are all fandoms this toxic and full of hate? So many "fans" just seem to rip everything apart for no real reason like saying TFA destroyed Star Wars and it's the worst movie ever made. I mean come on grow up I think if Star Wars wouldn't be part of Disney there would be less hate.

Hmm, well to give you a quick rundown of my fandom experiences…

1. Labyrinth - completely chilled, relaxed and drenched with nostalgia, everyone was pretty much cool and calm. There was occasional bitching over Henson Company’s handling of the property, but there was little to no in-fighting or bitchiness among fans (not in my experience, anyway).

2. Jupiter Ascending - a haven of solidarity. This fandom is very much characterised by an ‘us against the world’ mentality because JA got critically trashed and was widely reviled. This resulted in a very close-knit and supportive fandom where people were pretty much exclusively friendly and encouraging.

3. The Force Awakens - a stormy sea of mayhem and drama. You get extreme highs and lows, in my experience. Star Wars is extremely popular, which means this fandom is on another level of exposure to the others I’ve been involved with in the past. You do get incredibly active, passionate and intelligent communities creating art, analysis and edits with a level of frequency unheard of in my previous fandoms, but you also get a proliferation of shipping antis and petty dramas that have a tendency to poison the atmosphere. 

So, the short answer is that it’s definitely not the case in all fandoms. It just so happens that Star Wars fandom is large enough to leave room for the drama, in-fighting and negativity that other, smaller fandoms simply don’t have time for. I love being in Star Wars and specifically TFA fandom, but it can be hard work and I understand why people find it stressful. My view is that it’s worth all of the drama and negativity for all of the wonderful stuff that comes out of it, but I know some people ultimately throw up their hands and decide it isn’t worth their time. 

I’d say the TFA/Disney hate is something I experience less of because that kind of whinging tends to be confined to fanboy heavy circles outside of Tumblr. In short, I remain blissfully detached from that nonsense, and intend to remain so.


Once again its time for Disney Villains into Good Guys. My goal is to change their look without changing who they are as characters, leaving in as much of their original designs while still making adjustments to give them a good guy feel. If you want a detailed description of what changes I made and their new role in their movie feel free to click the Keep Reading.

Disney Villains as Good Guys part 5/??

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The Incuboys and Ice Stating (with a bit of Yuri on Ice)


He is decent at it and thinks the sport is very nice to watch. James tried it before with his brothers and Mika and although he never fell, he wasn’t exactly a natural either. If anything, he would only know the basics and maybe a few tricks, but thats it.

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Erik is a natural pro from the start. It only took him maybe an hour to learn the basics and off he goes, already working on jumps and a bit of choreography. He is like Victor 2.0 because he is very artistic, creative and graceful both on and off the ice. He is also a huge fan of the sport and watches it on tv all the time and in his free time he designs skating outfits. In conclusion, Erik LOVES everything about figure skating.

Originally posted by officialanimejunkie


He is not a huge fan of it. Sure, he can do it and even pull off a few tricks, but its not for him. Sam would rather prefer something like hockey or another competitive sport, but he still respects the sport and anyone who enjoys it. (He also falls a lot on the ice because he either moves too fast or becomes too impatient.)

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Has no skill on the ice what-so-ever. Matthew does try really hard, but he just can’t get the hang of it. When he goes ice skating with either his brothers or Mika, he either grips the wall or Mika. He also falls often, poor boy. A+ for effort. Super impressed by anyone who can figure skate well and he likes watching performances and competitions.

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Damien is not a natural like Erik, but he does learn how to skate well as time passes. He is a natural at expressing himself, so he really shines at the choreography parts, much like Yuri Katsuki. Although, he is a bit afraid to do jumps, so he will rarely attempt them. Regardless, he loves the sport and tries to go skating once a week just because its fun and relaxing for him.

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Just a thought I had but

-Imagine post LOS Jacob and Emma taking a stroll, and Jacob showing her all his favourite places in his hometown.
-He takes her to this cute diner with the best shakes and a park he used to visit when he was a kid
-Then he shows her his favourite record store
-Its seen better days, but its welcoming and inviting, some band he’s never heard of quietly playing in the background
-Jacob hasn’t been here since before Abe died, and its comforting to know that not much has changed
-He holds Emma’s hand, pulling her through rows of old records, taking her to his favourite section
-As he turns the corner, he bumps into someone, someone tall and skinny
-He goes to apologise for walking into them, staring at the floor awkwardly
-That’s when he notices the biker boots
-His eyes slowly travel up, hesitant and nervous, past the ripped jeans and leather jacket
-Jacob bites his lip, his eyes landing on a familiar face, laden with piercings and adorned with vivid green hair
-In all honesty, Jacob has kinda forgotten that Ricky Pickering even exists
-But here he is, standing right in front of him, a handful of old punk records in one hand
-They both have the same expression, shock
-Jacob looks away awkwardly
-Emma, confused, asks him who this person is
-She’s never seen someone with an unnatural hair colour, and it was fascinating
-Ricky stutters, sighs, and holds out a hand
-Jacob shakes Ricky’s hand, the two share a mutual grin
-It was a silent forgiveness, an ‘I miss you’
-The three spend the day together, driving lazily in Ricky’s banged up old car
-It was weird at first, but soon it felt like Jacob had never left, like Ricky had never gotten mad
-Eventually the question of ‘So Emma, how did you and Jake meet?’ Came up, and Emma begins to give Ricky the speech that her and Jacob had prepared for times like this (she’d say she was from out of town, taking a gap year from studying)
-Jacob shushed her from speaking
-He trusts Ricky; he knows Ricky will understand
-So he tells him everything
-Ricky is a little confused at first, but it doesn’t take him long to understand
-Emma shows him her firepower, and Ricky is amazed
-Over time, Ricky starts showing up at Jacob’s house more often
-He meets all the peculiar children, and loves them all so much
-They!! Love!! Him!! Too!!!!
-'Ricky come and play with me!!’
-and he does
-He scoops Claire up in his arms, swinging her around
-He braids Olive’s hair, and holds her hand when they cross the street
-Ricky and Bronwyn become mates, always having some kind of friendly rivalry with each other (whatever it is, Ricky usually loses)
-Emma loves Ricky’s hair, and when she tells the group that she wants her hair to be bright as well, Ricky is the first one to encourage it
-He helps her dye it a bold red, to reflect her fiery personality, and she absolutely loves it
-But no one
-/no one/
-loves Ricky as much as Enoch does
-This cool anarchist with bright green hair is like a new, awesome, older brother
-Ricky gets Enoch into punk music, and Enoch LOVES IT
-They’re planning to go to a concert together in the summer, just the two of them, and Enoch is BUZZING
-Ricky thinks his peculiarity is awesome as well
-He loves all of their peculiarities
-If Hugh and Ricky are in the same room, you’ll often find a couple of bees nestled in Ricky’s hair, buzzing happily
-Ricky and Horace don’t really have much in common, the latter not really understanding why someone would want to look that messy on purpose, but they’re still friends
-Its just a little awkward if they’re left in a room alone together
-Miss Peregrine likes Ricky; he teaches the kids about the modern day, in a way she wouldn’t be able to, and she appreciates that
-she’s also glad that he never hesitates to look after the younger ones, it gives her time to relax
-Jacob is just glad that his non peculiar friend fits in so well with his peculiar friends
-maybe that’s because Ricky’s a little weird himself

I’m going to stop now because this is way too long
tl;dr- Ricky Pickering is a cool older cousin

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Hey, I'm curious to if you believe that Izaya will ever come back to Ikebukoro? Even I am starting to have doubts, but wasn't the purpose of him leaving so that he could get development? So it would make sense that he came back, right?

Of course. 

After all Durarara’s theme is that everything connects in the end. And Izaya has been featured in SH 1-3, in flashbacks or a prologue with his voice. I don’t see why he would be there if he doesn’t come back eventually. And the things he says sound like foreshadowing, and we all know how good the author is at foreshadowing. Also now that Izaya is gone we learn things about him like how he was the hope for girls like Nozomi and he saved Kuon and Nozomi from abusive parents, whatever his reasons were. No point learning things about Izaya if he’s not going to come back.

I think it’s also been said that Izaya isn’t a villain but a man eternally true to his own desires? And the interviews with people like Kadota and Shinra have revealed new things about his character. Kadota especially said Izaya may be a bad guy or villain but he’s still human (and ended his interview with that I think). He also said Izaya is a surprisingly loyal guy if you’re loyal to him first. Sozoro called Izaya a twisted philanthropist (twisted, but still a philanthropist to him). So yeah Izaya’s character is being developed in his novels and like you said it would make sense for him to come back. 

And the point about Izaya not being a villain (if I remember correctly) is interesting because well, if he’s been said to not be a villain but merely a man eternally true to his own desires, then well he’s as human as everyone else. As in, if Izaya is officially not a villain then his story is just another character story like the characters of Durarara. And just as there are characters who have done horrible things (more horrible than Izaya even) like Izumii, Ruri as Hollywood, Vorona, probably Erika and Yumasaki, and even Shizuo with his uncontrollable violence, but can still stay in Ikebukuro, well, it may imply Izaya too deserves to be in Ikebukuro despite his wrong doings, since he’s not a villain. 

I think Narita said somewhere that when Izaya stands up from his wheelchair the Izaya novels will end, so that may be when he goes back to Ikebukuro, or where the novels connect with SH. So he may only go back when he’s emotionally and physically ready to. Since he’s been hiding himself so well from everyone and not even contacting Shinra. Like, I don’t think Izaya will go back when he still needs a wheelchair, not only is that dangerous because he has so many enemies he has too much pride for that.

So yeah just relax and enjoy Orihara Izaya’s character story to the end. 

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Good evening again! I'm the last anon you responded to (I asked about the pronouns) thank you so much for understanding however I don't have an account ^ ^" Otherwise, I would have messaged you directly in the first place. Now, I don't really feel comfortable talking about why sometimes they/them pronouns make me uncomfortable (it's kind of personal) but I would like to request! :-) Asui, Aizawa and Izuku comforting their so when theyre having stress induced migraines bc of work/school :3

Sure thing and of course lovely! I very much hope I could answer your request well enough and that it’s okay that I answered in headcanons. If not, feel free to request this again when the ask box is open =) I also hope you’re going to like it!


- If there are sounds that help relax her partner, she’s making sure they’re gently playing in the background. In the same way, if her love doesn’t want to hear anything, she turns off all the music and makes sure to lower her voice when she speaks.

- She offers water and meds, as well as to cuddle or sit by her partner’s side, if they feel better with her around. She also has their doctor’s number, in case their migraine gets too bad.

- Tsuyu stays quiet unless her partner asks her something, since she knows that having a headache or a migraine makes people more sensitive towards sounds and lights.


- As soon as he notices that his partner has a migraine, he draws the curtains closed and switches off the TV or computer, if it has been running before.

- Aizawa has some hot-water bottles around, as well as some meds and a lot of water and he makes sure his partner knows they only need to gesture for something and he’ll go and get it for them. In the same way, he offers massages or to leave them alone if they prefer to sleep or rest up by themselves.

- Most of all, Aizawa tries to help them avoid the migraines. Is there something he can do to help them feel less stressed? They only need to talk to him or ask and he’s willing to help them out or to go over things with them so they can eliminate potential stressful situations or moments.


- The first time it happens, he looks up a ton of what he can do and asks his partner if there are things that help them relax or if there are ways in which he can help them reduce the stress.

- Midoriya makes sure he knows where they keep their meds, if they use any, or to have water and hot-water bottles around so he can help in any possible way.

- He also looks up pressure points or massages that can help relax the muscles in his partner’s neck and shoulders. If they like it or it helps them, he’ll carefully apply it and makes sure that he doesn’t press down into their tense neck too much.


We are gonna make it, the sound that only we can beat !


Miscellaneous photos of Kyoto :)

Today I met up with a Friend from Nara and somehow we ended up talking a lot about Kyoto :D

The above photos didn’t fit some others photos but were too nice to leave them unpublished so I decided to publish them today :D

The first one is the super famous Kinkaku-Ji which is a bit too kitschy for 
me (^-^;)
I prefer Ginkaku-Ji which looks so much more refined and calm :3
Still it does look nice and is impressive in its surroundings :)

Next is another famous place in Kyoto which is the stone garden in Ryoan-Ji :)
I liked this place a lot although I much prefer places that are not overrun by tourists :D Still it has a calm and relaxing atmosphere that did make me want to sit down and take in the view of the stone garden as well as the details of the building itself and the surrounding nature :3

I like Kyoto :3
It is a very nice place to take a stroll in the evening and explore the various neighbourhoods while enjoying the different lights illuminating the buildings and plants as well as the different subtle smells of the city :3
For me the quiet streets that are a few steps back from the main streets were the nicest :3
They had many nice stores and houses to show which were calm and the staff was always very relaxed and friendly (except for the time I put my foot into a store after hours because I didn’t notice the tiny sign saying it was closed and because they didn’t lock the door (^-^;) but I didn’t mind that I would react the same if a stranger entered my store when I closed it….

I like to daydream and dream of going back to Japan again a lot (o^-^o)

Last week was nice and I got some work done but finished nothing (^-^;)
Sorry for that :|
I’m working on a Kintsugi project :) <=you can see the progress on my Instagram ;)
I started restoring some old chisels too :D
I decided to make Kintsugi because the German customs office damaged a Mizusashi I bought online and I liked it too much to throw out the shards so I decided to start making Kintsugi :)
This is my first attempt and it is a lot of work… So until I’m done with it I’m anxious it won’t work out (^-^;) but to be honest I think this cautious approach is what makes my stuff work out most of the time :)
I took some nice photos of the process though :3
I think I could be finished in about a week :D

I wish everyone a great new week with sweet dreams and the feeling of progress on things you are working on (^-^)/

Did you know?

Spock x Reader

Author: Me (alliwriteistrash)

Length: 1715 words 

Prompt: Could you write a spock one where the reader is new at the enterprise and spock is amazed by her and she falls for him so the crew tries to set them up because the two don’t get it? Thanks for reading my request😊 by the lovely @chani02

Warnings: None

After the incident on Altamid and later on at Yorktown, you were one of the new officers assigned to the Enterprise. Of course you were nervous to work on this famous spaceship, who wouldn’t be? This crew saved uncountable numbers of life forms and now you are part of it. Like a dream come true!

To prepare yourself, you had looked up every information that could possibly help the crew, while repeating every step that you had learned as a medical officer. You wanted nothing more, than to be as useful as you can be.

You work under the supervision of the chief medical officer, Doctor McCoy, who was known for bringing the Captain back to life. Despite the rumours you heard about him, shouting and cursing like a sailor, he was rather kind. Well, as long as you didn’t make any stupid mistakes that could cost the life of a crew member.

After a month traveling through the nebula, the crew discovered an earth like planet. Your records marked it as unknown to the federation.

It was no surprise that the Captain himself wanted to explore this planet, so he assembled an away team that included you.

At first, the planet looked harmless. The team was teleported near a river, but luckily no one fell in it. You were helping the science officers collect samples of the flora, when you heard someone scream.

As you turned around, you saw the reason. An animal was staring at them. It looked a lot like an American crocodile, but way bigger. You would guess around 10 to 13 feet long and its jaw looked terrifying. Paralyzed by your fear you noticed the crocodile moving closer to the officer, when suddenly you had an idea.

“Listen here Weathers, once it is out of water, run away, but in zigzag lines! I’ll do the rest! “, you shouted to her, praying that more than its looks resemble a crocodile.

The moment you told her that, the animal ran out of the stream towards her. Doing as you told her, Weathers bolted once the animal left the water. You were right, it wasn’t agile at all and had problems following her.

Gathering all your courage, you took one of the ropes you had in your backpack and jumped onto the animal and tied its jaw together. And just like an American crocodile, it couldn’t break the ropes, as its jaw is too weak.

Once the away team got beamed up you were greeted by Commander Spock. Thinking that he would tell you how illogical you were, since you couldn’t possibly have known that the animal resembled a crocodile, you looked at him, nervous.

But nothing like that happened. Instead, he gave you an approving nod, before he said “Excellent work, Miss [Y/L/N]”.

Not quite believing what just happened, you headed to the medbay where you got lectured by your extremely angry supervisor, who heard of the story, like the rest of the ship.

This incident lead to you new nickname ‘The crocodile hunter“, after Steve Irwin, a famous wildlife explorer from the 21th century.

On multiple occasions your 'useless’ knowledge proved useful. And every time the first officer praised you in his way. To say that you didn’t enjoyed this would be a lie. Every time you saw him your heart beat faster.

You tried you best to hide this from the Commander, but you just couldn’t conceal your excitement every time he praised you, before you left to continue you work.

What you didn’t know was how painfully obvious your little crush on him was, even if most of them just thought of it as admiration towards him.

After 3 months of you late night studying information that could somehow prove useful and showing off your knowledge every time Spock was near, Uhura couldn’t take it anymore.

She had to do something about it.  

She and Spock broke off, even before the Enterprise continued its mission, but they had stayed friends. Since she knows how to read Spock’s emotions, even without him openly showing them like a human would do, she knew immediately that he had a thing for you. She saw it as her mission to make him happy again, and you were the key for it.

So it was no surprise when Uhura set up a chess game for the both of you, claiming that 'it would increase the crews moral if he taught you how to play’, it was unclear to you how this could work but you didn’t want to pass up some private time with Spock.

Once you dolled yourself up a bit, you made your way over to his room. You were definitely nervous, but all of it didn’t matter when Spock stood in front of you, asking you in.

His room was clean and showed barely any sign of someone living in here.

On a table he set up a teapot with two cups alongside a 3D chess board. The lesson started with him being patience, while explaining everything to you. It took you some time to understand the rules, but after a few minutes passed you got the hang out of it.

“You are doing remarkably well Miss [Y/L/N]”, he praised you, as he made his move, looking as neutral as ever, but you could have sworn that his eyes gleamed a bit.

“Thanks to you, Spock. But call me [Y/N], please. We both are off shift”, you replied, smiling with your cheeks all warmed up, while you thought about your next move. You knew you couldn’t beat him, but you wanted to be a worthy competitor. There were three ways you could move your chess-pieces, but none would help you win.

“If you say so, [Y/N]”, he said, as he waited for your next move. The way he said your name, sent shivers down your spine. It just sounds so right! You made your move,

You enjoyed this evening way too much, talking with him about what came into your mind, even if what you said sounded completely stupid. The relaxed atmosphere carried over to you.

“Did you know that a male peacock has these huge and beautiful feathers to impress the female. But those feathers are actually a handicap for an animal, whose enemies are way faster than itself, which is its way of saying ‘Even with those huge but impractical feathers, I’m still alive’. It’s kind of like this for humans as well. We try really hard to impress the person we like, even if the person doesn’t notice it. Like I do with those late night sessions, where I look information up so I can impress you”, you babbled out, regretting it the moment the words left you mouth.

You expected him to say something, anything, but he just looked at you, his face looking neutral as usual. Of course! What were you thinking! He doesn’t have any feelings for you and now you destroyed the friendship you had with him.

“I’m sorry”, you muttered before you run out of the room, not wanting to embarrass yourself even more.

For days you avoided Spock completely, leaving the room when entered and eating later than usual, so you wouldn’t see him.

Everything went well. Surely you could keep this up for as long as you are stationed on this ship, until the Captain ordered you to the bridge, there has been an accident.

The moment you reached the bridge, you noticed that no one was hurt, it was a trap set by your Captain. Well, except you and your feelings.

The second Spock laid his eyes on you, you felt tears welling up. You did not want to hear him saying that he doesn’t have any feelings for you out loud. This would just break your heart even more.

“Miss [Y/N] I need to talk to you in private”, he stated, leaving no room for protest. You just nodded, following him out of the bridge to an empty room. At least he wasn’t breaking your heart in front of everyone.

For a few seconds no one said anything. You just wanted to say something, when he suddenly walked closer to you.

“[Y/N], it seems like you misunderstood me the last time we were together. I tried to talk to you, but every time I entered a room, you left. So I’m going to explain it now. As a Vulcan I can’t show emotions like you do. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t feel anything. I am, as you know, only a half Vulcan. What I want to let you know is, I do have a certain fondness of you too. To go even further, I would like to begin a courtship with you. It is difficult for me to talk about my emotions, so let me show them to you”, he declared, deadly serious, but you could see something in his eyes. It is affection. You simply nodded, since no word wanted to leave your mouth.

At first you felt his fingers on your face, before your minds melded and finally you understood what he meant. You could feel how much you mean to him and this overwhelmed you so much, that you felt tears running down your cheeks.

Once he took his hand from your face, you noticed how helpless he was. Clearly not knowing what to do now. Seems like you had to do the rest of the work.

“I would love to start a courtship with you too, Spock”, you replied, as he brushed your tears away, before hugging you. At first it was rather awkward, he clearly didn’t know how to hug someone, but that didn’t matter.

“That would be adequate, ashayam. If you would excuse me, I still got work to do”, he said, as he broke the hug to fix his clothes.

“I would find it pleasing to see you after my shift for dinner, perhaps.”, he suggested, and you could have sworn that there was a slight smile on his lips.

“I’d love to. Then you can explain me what you just called me.”, you answered, kissing his cheek, before you left the room to go back to work as well. This time with a huge smile on your face.

anonymous asked:

You honestly give me hope for getting diagnosed one day. I get self dx-ing is ok but getting a professional one would be very validating especially since many people don't thing self dx-ing is valid. I just want to be able to laugh and tell them "I told you so" even though it's really petty. You seem like a wonderful person and your videos and blog are comforting. I hope you get well soon and have a good and relaxing day/night :)

hello! getting my professional diagnosis has honestly benefited me most in the form of validation! im so much more comfortable with myself now (in a way that i wasnt beforehand). and its always so so nice to be able to say ‘see! there were reasons for all these things you mocked and shamed me for!’ and its super reassuring to think back to my childhood and stuff and now be able to think ‘i wasnt a spoilt or lazy or rotten or a wrongly difficult child. i was an undiagnosed and struggling autistic child.’ which has been really good for my self image and self worth.

good luck and dont give up, lovely! self diagnosis is 100% valid and okay, put its also completely alright to want the reassurance of a professional diagnosis. keep strong, i wish you the best!

anonymous asked:

I love your head cannons! I'd really like to request one, but if you've already done it please link me to it? How would the RFA and Saeran be with pregnant MC? Coming from a pregnant mother of two, I think this would be so cute to read! Thank you!

This is so cute anon!! It hasn’t really been done (there was one about MC and RFA having kids (go here to see it ‘cause peony did such a good job on it and it is so cute), but not exactly this ^^) so I’m going for it!!

I am also referencing (most of) their initial reactions from Peony, hehe


  • You revealed it to him in such a cute way honestly. On Christmas you got him a new gaming console and put a ribbon around each remote
  • One said “Yoosung’s remote”, one said “MC’s remote”, and the last said “baby’s remote”
  • He didn’t notice for the longest time?? He only noticed when he was taking the ribbon off. “MC, what’s this?”
  • “It’s for the baby Yoosung”
  • “……….”
  • “…..what? Wait wHAT??!!?”
  • Yes, yes he did almost pass out. Yes it was from joy and shock
  • But he became so excited??
  • He’s constantly worrying over you, “did you eat enough?” “MC don’t push yourself” “be careful, don’t trip on the steps!!”
  • He’s also constantly kissing your tummy, he thinks it’s so cute and precious, he’s constantly talking to it about how you’re the best mom and that the baby’s so lucky to be with you two
  • He pampers you as much as he can, given funds being kind of tight. It’s his inspiration to go back to college and work harder, he wants to be able to support you and the little baby
  • The two of you are constantly fantasizing about what you want for the baby, a month after you revealed it Yoosung was ready to go baby shopping “it’s too early Yoosung” “it’s never too early for our baby”
  • He doesn’t want to leave you at all through the whole thing
  • When the baby’s born, his whole face lights up
  • He knew it before, but this makes him so sure that he wants to be with you for the rest of his life and to raise your start of a family together


  • (Assuming you wanted your own kids instead of adoption, and you chose to be the one to carry ^^)
  • You two made the decision one night. It just kind of happened, “I want kids.”
  • “Let’s do it, then”
  • “I want to carry”
  • She grins and kisses you, “we’ll have the cutest little kid then”
  • Jaehee is really calm and comforting from start to finish
  • She seems be more understanding over the pains of pregnancy, and is constantly there comforting you whenever you get morning sickness
  • But she’s also so loving, constantly there for you and cuddling, always making sure you have a warm cup of cocoa or food
  • She’s constantly kissing your forehead and telling you how wonderful it’s going to be, the baby’s gonna have two loving mothers who will be so supportive
  • As soon as you find out the gender (a little girl), Jaehee and you go shopping. She’s the best shopper ever honestly, you two agree on everything and she finds the most adorable clothes to dress your little girl in
  • You find the cutest stuffed animals though
  • You know the baby will love them when she comes
  • And the two of you already love your little baby girl


  • You decided to reveal it to him at a photoshoot of the two of you. You each had a little chalkboard to write each other a message, and while he wrote something he loved about you, you wrote “guess what, we’re expecting <3″
  •  His face just lit up the moment he saw it, and then he rushed over and picked you up, spinning you in a circle
  • The moment was caught on camera, and as soon as you guys got the pictures, he framed it and hung it in your guys’ room
  • He is so happy oh my goodness
  • Every day he wakes you up kissing you and getting you breakfast full of good food
  • He’s constantly talking to the baby too. He loves singing to the baby, especially the cutie pie song okay actually you request that one all the time cause when he does it he’s so cute
  • Zen doesn’t ever want to leave you alone, he feels torn whenever he has to go to work, but he makes up for it by constantly spending his free time with you, constantly comforting and cuddling and loving you
  • He loves touching your tummy too, he constantly takes pictures as you progress through your pregnancy, and he kisses your tummy so much he might kiss it more than he kisses you on the lips
  • He’s so excited for the baby and is so gentle with you the whole time
  • “Zen we don’t know if the baby is a girl or a boy yet”
  • Whoops


  • Could he be any more in love with you?
  • Yes. Apparently.
  • You revealed it to him at dinner, on his napkin you wrote you + me = 3 
  • When he first saw it he kind of stared at it confused at first, but then it dawned on him
  • And he was so excited. He has you, and you are going to have a family with him, and he’ll have an heir
  • “MC, this will be so perfect. We will be so happy together”
  • He isn’t home often from work, but he’s constantly checking up on you, texting and calling all the time and making sure you’re okay, that you’ve eaten
  • He makes sure you don’t have any way to overexert yourself, he wants you to be totally comfortable
  • He’s so sweet whenever he’s actually with you, talks about what you two want for you baby when they’re born, how you want to raise them, the whole bit
  • He wants to be ready when the baby comes
  • He gets the baby’s room renovated and when you guys learn the baby’s gender you get clothes to dress your little boy
  • You secretly sneak a little dog stuffed animal you had as a kid into the cradle
  • Jumin doesn’t notice before it’s to late
  • The dog is the baby’s favorite stuffed animal


  • He was psyched when he found out, like he was bouncing off the walls with excitement
  • You surprised him with it on your anniversary when you gave him a box with two little shirts in it
  • “Daddy’s little twins”
  • TWINS???
  • He is so excited
  • And he keeps kissing you and your tummy
  • But he freezes for a moment where he seems really vulnerable, and worried, and sad
  • “Seven, are you okay?”
  • “I… I don’t want to end up like my parents”
  • You hug him and promise, “We won’t be anything like them– we will be so much better”
  • “Promise?”
  • “I promise”
  • He lightens up the rest of the time. And he doesn’t stop making jokes about it, all the time
  • Whenever people ask what they will be, Seven always says, “babies, hopefully!”
  • Seven they wanna know the gender
  • He also loves telling stories to the babies about the adventures of Agent Seven O Seven, the defender of justice!
  • Whenever one of the babies kick, he’s ecstatic
  • He is so precious but omg you’re positive that twins are a hassle to carry
  • You love them all though


  • Saeran, when you first tell him, goes into shock
  • But then he goes into super-protective-new-dad mode
  • Just like Peony said, if someone so much as looks at you the wrong way he’s ready to fight them then and there
  • And he acts so tough in public but then at home he’s a worried mess
  • He’s more of a mess than you when you’re acting up
  • He’s so worried he won’t be good enough or that he’ll do something wrong
  • You often both end up curled up on the couch with a bunch of pillows and blankets eating ice cream with chocolate syrup (you with shrimp or something weird) and him curled up whispering to your tummy
  • It comforts him to just curl up like that and its comforting to you to just cuddle and relax with him and know that he loves you and the baby
  • Other times he holds you whenever you feel insecure and crappy from being pregnant and rests his head on yours and you feel so safe and so much better
  • The first time the baby kicks his eyes well up with tears
  • He’s actually gonna have a family
  • And be happy
  • Oh goodness
  • This boy is so happy and he loves you and he loves the baby
  • So so much

~Sunflower (:

Things I’ve learned so far about marriage:

Before getting married I wanted to mentally prepare myself about a few things that I’ve learned from my elders and lectures. Having this kind of mind set has really helped me allot in my marriage so far and pray to Allah (swt) that He allows me to a righteous wife. 

1. No Ego ( especially with your spouse)

Generally, we should aim to have a humble personality always with our elders and our young ones. This really allows us to be more merciful towards Allah’s creations. However, when it comes to your spouse, compressing your ego should be an conscious effort. Frequently remind yourself that, you are both in the SAME team. You have to have each others back. Don’t have this mindset that ‘Oh, I did this for him/her last time now its his/her turn’. This creates conflict in the wrong run and it will hurt you both individually.

2. Expect Less.

Some people take this totally the wrong way ( including me). When I use to listen to lectures, elders or read articles about successful marriages, I always thought ‘expect less’ means expect the worst or expect marriage to be… well not that great.  And this is where many of us go in the marriage thinking ‘oh it wont be that great’ and automatically you becomes less motivated to make your marriage work.

Before I got married, I really worked on this. Yes, in the beginning I had this ‘negative view’ on marriage. But I tried my best to change and I’m glad I did.
You just do your part in serving your partner in any way you can. It doesn’t have to be big things, small acts of kindness can go a long way. Remember, no ego. You both are on the same team. You doing something for him/her will not make you any lower but rather it will put you on a high status in front of your spouse.

Honestly, it really comes a long way. If you just do your part, you will be surprised how rewarding it can be. And when your spouse returns that favor it becomes even more special and it motivates you to do more for them. 

3. Do everything for the sake of Allah(swt)

Every act you do in marriage, do it for the sake of Allah(swt). Subhan’Allah that act has so much barakah and blessing in it. Often, we forget to include Allah(swt) in our every day tasks. Even the smallest act like doing chores for the sake of Allah(swt) has so much blessing in it. :)

4. Be less judgmental

When you’re newly married, we may not know your spouse so well. For me, we did exchange texts and some phone calls but you don’t know the person fully unless you live with them.

Its normal that we do get a bit judgmental when we are with someone new. So lets say you see them do something different or that you dislike. Don’t just make assumptions and make conclusions. At times we make certain conclusion like “ oh man, they do this! Great I’m stuck with this now”. Lol. Remember to relax first. You have to remain calm because if you react, situation can go way worst than it already is.

Someone wise once told me. Time is key. Give things time. You can’t just change that habit of theirs overnight. You need to be careful because it may hurt their feelings or offend them. Be very smooth. Don’t confront the situation directly. Their habit can be anything and there can be different ways to confront the situation. However, the key thing to remember is nothing is permanent. Things change, people change. 

5. Stay Connected with Allah(swt)

It is human nature that we cry for help in time of need. But when everything is going smoothly and you’re happy we tend to forget our Creator who made that possible. It can get difficult and that’s okay its normal. Just remember everything that is happening in your life is because of Allah(swt). Appreciate and be grateful to Him every second. Allahamdulilah.