and it's so corny

Star Wars is so reflective of our real world. You got creepy evil nazis, fascism, science, and Jyn plagiarizing Cassian like she’s Melania and it’s debate season


“You guys make me feel so alive!” 

It’s never too late to celebrate, yohohoho! Also, thank you to Usopp’s makeup/artist skills.

I really need there to be Trucy and Maya interaction please.

Raph Imagine

Imagine having a crush on Raph and staying over at the lair because you didn’t want to stay in an empty living space. You and Mikey get into a playful argument using only memes and he fires off the good old “Go home sweetcheeks, you’re drunk” meme. You hatch the plan that could ruin you forever but you knew it would end the play fight right quick, and you knew you would only come up with the perfect response in an hour or ten. So you put this really stupid plan into action, you get off of whatever seat you were on and forcibly place yourself in Raph’s lap. Ignoring the shell shocked turtle beneath you, you flash Mikey a $1,000 grin.

“Okay, I’m home. Now what?”


5x11 // 5x12 is he practicing for something?

Support; reidxreader

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Anon requested: Can you please do a Reid x Reader where the Reader becomes Reid’s assistant and she has a support dog (for anxiety and panic attacks) and Reid is totally chill with it and he loves the dog and doesn’t make a huge deal out of it knowing that the reader has a huge mental illness and doesn’t want to cause her to have a panic attack. Then could you like time skip to when the Reader has a panic attack and Reid helps her through it and it’s just nice and fluffy XXX

A/N this is so corny omg i apologize but I hope its okay. I tried to base the readers anxiety on my own so that it was realistic, and tried my best w the support dog. i changed the request a lil bit too.

Today was the same as every other day when you didn’t have to work. You woke up around 10 AM, got ready for the day, then took your dog, Bailey, for a walk.

Bailey was a yellow lab who three years old, and she had the biggest heart ever. She was your support dog who was trained to help you through your anxiety and panic attacks. Bailey was really your best friend, and she made every day easier.

You walked her down the same street you always did. It was pretty quiet, but there were people walking here and there. You noticed a man walking towards you who you’d never seen before. He was cute, his hair was curly and a little longer.. messy, but it suited him. 

You hadn’t realized you were staring until Bailey made you stop walking because she had to pee. The man walked closer, looking down at his watch. He was about to pass you, but stopped to pet Bailey (who had, thankfully, stopped peeing). She wagged her tail happily, licking his hand as he held it out for her to smell. He smiled as he pet her, but then looked up at you. 

You immediately felt your face get hot, the eye contact freaking you out a little bit. “Oh,” He said, continuing to pet Bailey’s head absentmindedly. “Hi, I’m Spencer Reid.”

Spencer didn’t hold out his hand for a handshake which you thought was odd. But you somehow mustered up the courage to say, “I’m Y/N Y/L/N.”

Three Years Later

After you had met Spencer that one day while walking Bailey, you’d slowly but surely gotten to know each other. Spencer worked for the FBI in the Behavioral Analysis Unit, which made it a little easier for you to eventually tell him that Bailey was mainly your support for anxiety, because he was already 99% sure. He had profiled you without even meaning to.

Spencer was extremely smart. He was the smartest person you knew, and you became good friends. But soon enough you fell in love with him, as did he with you.

Currently, you were laying in bed watching tv when the news came on. The reporter on your screen said something about an FBI headquarters on lockdown– the building that Spencer worked in. You felt the tears prick at your eyes as you attempted to dial his number with blurry vision. You wanted to calm down because you didn’t know if it was even something to worry about, but you couldn’t calm down. It only worsened when he didn’t pick up the phone and you were greeted with his recorded message response.

You began to panic. What the hell was it on lockdown for? Was he there? Why wasn’t he answering his phone? A billion questions occupied your mind as you sat on the edge of the bed, hoping that Bailey would come in to help you.

You breathed heavily and felt your throat tighten, making your sobs sound strangled. Within seconds, Bailey was at your side, nudging your arm away from your face and licking you as a distraction. She picked up your phone with her mouth and dropped it in your lap so that you could make a call.

But then the bedroom door opened all the way, and you saw Spencer standing there.

He ran over to you, frantically asking questions and trying to figure out what was wrong, but you couldn’t form a coherent sentence. You pointed at the tv, the news still on but focusing on a different story now. 

“The lockdown,” he muttered to himself, smoothing your hair away from your sweaty forehead. “Sweetheart, I’m so sorry, it turns out the lockdown was a false alarm. I had already left anyway though, I was going to call but my phone died,” he rambled, trying to calm you down.

You nodded to show him you understood while trying to control your breathing. “Head between your knees,” he instructed, gently pushing you to do so. You did. He told you to breathe with him as he took deep breaths in and out steadily. You still felt shaky, but you were overall happy that he and everyone else was safe.

Spencer smiled sadly at you when you sat up straight, then brought you into his arms, hugging you loosely and kissing your head. “I love you. I’m not going anywhere, you’re safe, and I’m safe.” 

You leaned your forehead against his, “I love you too. Thank you.”

That night, while you were falling asleep, Spencer smiled at your sleeping body and admired your face as it looked relaxed for the first time all day. He was so lucky to have someone who cared for him so much, but he wished you didn’t worry as much as you did. Spencer kissed you and then rolled over, happy that you were both safe and sound at home.