and it's seriously awful

i’m wishing a-spec people mental and physical health over the next few months. i know allergy season is upon us and a lot of us are getting ready for graduation or summer jobs so remember these few basic things to help you get through the stress:

- stay safe
- take care of yourself
- practice self-love
- eat your veggies and drink your water
- and for the love of all that is holy please get some sleep

  • Dazai: How are you going to impress me on our first date? ;)
  • Chuuya: How about this: I'll actually show up.
We Were Robbed

I’m not talking about Bellarke or anything in regards to Bellamy Blake for once.

I’m talking about Ricky Whittle as Lincoln and all the wasted potential.

He is a leading man. He’s a hell of an actor and he has a presence and he OWNS roles and I’m so fucking happy he’s Shadow Moon in American Gods because a man with his talent deserves a role like that but damn, I’m gutted thinking of all the things we didn’t get to see him do with Lincoln.

JRoth, not appreciating Ricky Whittle was your biggest mistake. 









For real though, art takes years to improve and develop (even if an artist is not very experienced they still put lots of effort into their work!), artists pour their heart, knowledge and energy into a piece. A character is crafted with thought, emotion and purpose. It carries a very special meaning to it’s creator/owner.

If u steal a person’s art and/or characters you are practically stealing part of their identity.



Awwww my heckness - over 600 hits on ‘Get Rid of the Heartbreak!’ :’D 💔❤

(That’s an huge amount dear goodness i still never thought my story would have gotten so popular :l)

Thank you so much to everyone for reading it!! ❤💛💚💙💜 it really does mean so much to me! :'3

I hope y'all stay tuned the next few weeks for the upcoming chapters! ^¬^ 💖💖

other people’s writing: a love letter to the comma, there are no periods, everything is a comma, and we love it, there is nothing better than a comma

me (who has spent many years editing friend’s papers and fanfics): What the fuck is a comma? Fucking short sentences everywhere. Nothing uses a comma unless I am listing things. And I have a tendency to start sentences with conjunctions.

“You said, ‘You could still do something.’ Your exact words.”
“I meant talk your queen into surrendering, not destroy our navy in its own harbor!” the magus shouted.
—  Megan Whalen Turner, The Queen of Attolia, making me wonder why these books are classified as children’s fiction when this level of intrigue would fit into any adult fantasy
Alright listen...

I’ve seen a lot of realistic styled Keith fanart out there, and I’m in love with all of it, but I was watching The Princess Diaries, and had very eye-opening realization.

Keith here, with his glorified mullet,

would probably look something like Michael Moscovitz in real life:

I mean, just look at the similarities!




I mean…c’mon. He’s cute, but no wonder Lance is appalled by the style. Please get a haircut boys. 

Also now I want a Princess Diaries crossover??? Lance can be Mia, the odd future king of Genovia, Hunk the quirky best friend and freedom fighter Lily etc etc. 

Someone please draw that??

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