and it's sentient

isabel’s grandfather is abusive


random idea: the red dwarf crew crashlands on Risa (the “pleasure planet” from tng) and then they stay there for a vacation and rimmer still can’t have fun bc he’s rimmer :’D

ah what am I saying the Pearl favoritism has a LOT to do with colorism and I should probably bring that up more often

because remember “Maximum Capacity”? I wasn’t too deep in the fandom then but I remember seeing lots of posts about how Amethyst’s behavior wasn’t okay, brainweird or not. which is true, I don’t dispute it, what she did to Greg was shitty!

but where is that level of outrage about Pearl’s actions? where are the posts saying “it doesn’t matter if she’s autistic, she still hurt people and needs to apologize”? where is the “I don’t trust Pearl anymore, that was pretty abusive”?

sure it’s all over my dashboard right now but I’m following the right people, a quick dive into the tag reveals so much “omg Pearl noooo!! my problematic fave I love you so much ;_;” and “when she called him Rose </3″

when are people gonna recognize that Pearl’s actions are not okay no matter how much of a tragic backstory she has? why won’t you subject a light-skinned character to the same level of scrutiny as a dark-skinned character?

okay but

  • autistic Steven who gets super happy and enthusiastic about everything and loves it whenever he can make everyone else’s day brighter too
  • autistic Connie with a special interest in The Spirit Morph Saga, who can read and infodump about that series for hours on end
  • autistic Amethyst having her own way of organizing things and it looks messy to everyone else but she gets it just fine
  • autistic Garnet liking Steven’s birthday suit because of the pressure on her shoulders, who enjoys pressure stimming in general I mean those shoulder pads gotta be heavy
  • autistic Rose Quartz with empathy issues, who doesn’t understand humans but never quite understood anyone in general but was no less a great leader for it
  • autistic Lapis who has absolutely no idea how social cues or small talk work but communicates through echolalia no problem
  • autistic Peridot whose knowledge of Homeworld technology goes way beyond her job description - broken Communications Hub? no problem!

by all means feel free to add more but what I’m trying to get at is that all the Steven Universe characters are autistic. yes I make the rules C:


She is old
and tired
- a myth

She understands why they choose to sleep
But it’s never been an option for her

But the Force
Comes to her
One last time

So once again she takes up the role of fixing things
Fighting and loving and breaking until the galaxy’s at peace

It has been aeons
Her phone died
Two millennia ago

But the first thing she sees upon her waking in the Force
Is his smile, and then she is embraced by her soulmates

(They never stopped waiting
She’s never been happier
And now she’s at peace)






Guys, my father is a Brotherhood sympathizer and I’ve never felt so betrayed ;-;

He said that Nick Valentine wasn’t a person TO MY FACE! EVEN THOUGH NICK’S HIS FAVORITE COMPANION!

Can I disown myself from my family?


Inspired by this tweet suggesting that the TRAPPIST-1 planets be named for the Eeveelutions, I decided to create a fictional solar system where each planet has something in common with one of them! Here is your very own travel guide to the Eevee System:

  • Eevee: This pale yellow star is orbited by eight planets, six rocky or icy and two gas. The star and its planets have all been named by its single native sentient species, the Espeon, who evolved on the system’s fourth planet, which they call by the same name.
  • Flareon: Like Venus in the Earth System, Flareon is a hot and inhospitable world. Beneath its crushing atmosphere, the surface is hot enough to melt lead and dotted with volcanoes. 
  • Vaporeon: Only 10% of Vaporeon’s surface is land– the rest is ocean or polar sea ice. Visitors will enjoy exploring this world by ship and submarine, meeting its many aquatic creatures, and relaxing on the beaches of its scattered islands and atolls. 
  • Leafeon: A gentle and Earthlike/Espeonlike world, Leafeon has a variety of landscapes but is best known for its forests, jungles, and rolling meadows. Leafeon is home to many nonsentient animal species and a few Espeon colonists. 
  • Espeon: Home to the only sentient species in the Eevee System, Espeon is a vibrant world with amazing art and architecture. Explore the beautiful violet-tinged Espeon cities or relax in a countryside much like Leafeon or Earth. At the spaceports, you’ll find daily departures for tours of the system’s other worlds.
  • Sylveon: From its pastel-hued clouds to its magnificent ring system and flock of moons, the gas planet Sylveon is one of the most beautiful in the Eevee system. While Sylveon lacks a solid surface, travelers can visit floating Espeon settlements within the clouds and explore by airship.
  • Jolteon: The largest planet in the Eevee System, Jolteon is a stormy gas giant. Winds blowing nearly as fast as sound and superbolts of lightning make it hazardous to visit, and most visitors instead settle for observing its ever-changing atmosphere from the surface of one of its many moons.
  • Glaceon: If Glaceon were closer to Eevee, it would likely be a water world like Vaporeon. Instead, its distance from the star has given it a frozen surface crossed by ridges and cracks. Internal volcanic activity keeps the lower layers of Glaceon liquid, however, and the dark ocean below its surface is filled with strange creatures that require no sunlight. That same volcanic activity drives the mega-geysers that shoot up from Vaporeon’s surface into space.
  • Umbreon: Shrouded in methane clouds, Umbreon’s surface is hazy both by day and night. Along the shores of the liquid hydrocarbon seas and rivers, Espeon colonists have built enclosed cities whose lights are easily visible from orbit. 

Grindcore breathes the life of others

So for some reason, before we got to see what Grindcore is in the comics, this is what I pictured it being right after hearing its name: A artificially sentient machine, serving as a base and prison for the Decepticons, that survives on Autobots and Decepticon traitors being hooked up to its outer walls and draining the energy from them, not enough to kill them though, so it can grow and engulf its victims, which means Grindcore itself is made of people slowly being turned into walls and machinery and becoming a huge living battery.
I don’t know why this immediately came to my head, but when I heard “Grindcore”, my first thought was “Grindcore is a machine powered by prisoners’ bodies”. 

FUCK i jsust remembered….. does the cotton candy monster in Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed count as a person??? i mean its technically a sentient being,, shaggy and scooby vored him to Death i take back what i said 

Worst of all for Pact forces, Mordremoth has an inexhaustible supply of all three Mordrem Guard commanders; when one falls in battle, the jungle dragon simply creates a new one with the same look, same name, and same deadly abilities as the one it replaced.

“The Mordrem Guard” article on GW2

We all know that yes this mostly is because we need a reason for the same mob to lead an army but.

But if this is something they’re going to include in their lore, that the Mordrem Guard we fight are actually duplicates of the previous even in name… could that potentially be a way that Mordrem Guard and Mordremoth try and turn sylvari repressing the call?

Could we see Mordrem Guard promising their sylvan brethren a form of immortality that goes beyond even the Dream? Dreamers, after all, are taught that sylvari live on within the Dream through their emotions, memories and experiences. Could Mordrem Guard tempt sylvari with something more tangible than living on in the Dream of somebody else? But getting to come back, in name and face and skill, endlessly as long as the dragon lives?

Because honestly I have some sylvari that would be ridiculously tempted by that ideal.