and it's really nice outside


I’d say they get along decently…they’re not extremely close or anything but they’re pals at the very least! If one were in trouble, the other would not hesitate to help them out ^_^

Idk how some people can follow me and be like “wow this is so aesthetic and nice” because all I do is scream about wonwoo ramble about how I wanna punch mingyu and cry over how much I love seventeen like guys I’m clickbait wyd

I was taking a break from drawing one other thing and
my hand REALLY SLIPPED this time
for two hours


Today started out pretty crappy but deciding to take a blanket, a pillow, and a book out to the clearing in the middle of the woods and get away from everything was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. 


Haven’t been going out to paint as much as I’d like to, but here are some gouache paintings from the past month or two! It’s so hot in socal lately, which means really nice strong cast shadows… But also its really hot outside, your paints dry up so fast…

Wanna keep working on more deliberate shapes and values, but I think I’m improving with each painting, which feels great. :> stay cool and hydrated for the rest of this summer, ok! :D


1/5/2016 its the first of may which means that people dont have to work! yay! except the library is also closed which sucks since tomorrow is the oral exam and i dont feel nearly as prepared as i would like so i have to study at home which i find really hard 😔 and its so nice outside im really tempted to go for a run but i cant! 😭☀️
(on the up side though: i already cleaned my entire apartment and did some laundry 😌🌸)


Today Bonnie and I graduated our ATCL drama diplomas! Whoohooo! Also a few people have been asking me if I’m still with felix - yes I am. We just had our two year anniversary! Yahtzee! And those are my dorky parents in the third photo. You’re welcome, world

I’m melting, lover, For your scorching heart turns mine into a dark sludge That crawls, leaking from my ribcage. It dribbles down my legs and hardens at my feet. My fingertips still have blisters from the last time we touched, And my lips are bleeding. My heart heard your name and refused to beat slowly, But yours beats for another. I poured my heart into a jar so you could keep it forever, but you poured me out and crushed the glass, Downing a bottle of her. Now I’m drowning in black filth, Because no matter how much you resist me, My heart keeps beating for you. And I hoped that when we kissed I had kissed more than your lips. I was trying to kiss your soul, I apparently didn’t, because All you could taste was her leftover lips. And maybe I’ll never be what you want, But I hope you know that once my heart hardens, I will have so much love to give. And darling, I hope one day you’ll at least know that I tried. 21 May, 2015 -Montana Lorente-