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TERF Tips #265

For some reason we have this thing where we just make fun of people’s interests when it’s literally not hurting anyone? Oh you’re a homestuck? You watch anime? You draw any kind of cartoon? You watch a specific show? Well our movement is just as outdated as our insults and if you do any of that shit then your opinion doesn’t matter!

i think one of the reasons that i like cal so much is that he has ambitions and goals and dreams outside of mare


I’d say they get along decently…they’re not extremely close or anything but they’re pals at the very least! If one were in trouble, the other would not hesitate to help them out ^_^

on literally any website i go onto i always feel so awkward and out of place. like anytime i make a post on here that’s just me talking i feel like a kid that walks into the wrong classroom at school and everyone’s just starin at me like “lmao this bitch is dumb”

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I just, really miss pre 2015 before any of this shit was thrown at us. I don't even remember when it really started. Like was it 2015? It feels like its always been this way, it really feels like a blur. Its nice to really see the community outside tumblr is still sane and safe for aspec peeps but I just really miss the good 5-6years I've had in the lgbt community where my validity was not challenged at every turn. Factor in my trans-ness and it's like "wow maybe I just don't exist"

2015 seems to be when at least tumblr had the first real waves of acephobia. This isn’t to way that it didn’t exist before that but 2015 was also when the tumblr ace community and it’s allies did this. 

I was taking a break from drawing one other thing and
my hand REALLY SLIPPED this time
for two hours

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wait when and what did namjoon say abt other genders omg!!

Interviewer: […]Why is love such an important message for this era?
Namjoon: You know I think… we feel like there’s so many, you know, like, bad things going on in this, like, all [over] the world- not just in Korea or in America. So, I think love, you know, not just between the men and women, or, you know, or [other] genders- the love for, you know, just for others […]

It was just something small, nothing too exciting, but it meant a lot! You can see the AMAs interview here. [x]

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hi, srry if this is rlly sad and depressing but could i get a hug from eremes (either battle tree or dandelion puff) bc ive been feeling rlly horrible ever since school started but there's no reason for me to be??? idk, i constantly don't want to exist anymore and almost always think everything is pointless....

hey anon,

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This is norther Finland today… help me 😂😂😂