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Hello everyone! Since I didn’t do any follow forever last year I decided that it would be better to do a follow spree because I follow only 100 blogs and most are still disabled. I’ld like you to help me find more people so please, reblog or like this post so I can verify each one! And also I’ld like when you reblog put on the tag which of the following things is currently being constant in your blog. 
Now I’ll put here what I’ld like to find in a blog so I can follow:


  • D GRAY MAN (you need it ofc)
  • Pandora Hearts
  • Hunter x Hunter
  • Gintama

Anime Genre

  • Historical
  • Seinen
  • Shounen

Colors of posts:

  • I appreciate more vibrant colors and monochrome (and some pastel + dark) 

BONUS (its necessary ok bc i’ll probably take this as a base for the follow):

  • Aesthetic / Photography / Typography / Fanarts (not repost only original tumblr maker)
  • Kpop/ Kdrama
  • Tv Show / Movies / Animations
  • Gfx and Gif maker
  • Following me

Thanks for everyone who read and gave me attention and also another special comment: I’m very happy and truly thankful for those one who put me on their FOLLOW FOREVER its was really nice I felt very honored! Oh, and ofc all my followers are specials for me and to my mutuals/friends (THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT AND ALWAYS BEING SO NICE WITH ME)

april 17,2017 // track #vivs900 to see if they’re still open

this isnt supposed to be sappy at all but words cannot express how absolutely stunned i am about hitting 900 so quickly. just about one month ago i hit 200 and 900 came so unexpectedly i needed to celebrate. its just a big number to me??? my private school has less people wtf?? in those 900 followers i have met so many amazing people i now call friends and i am just so grateful. thank you so so much to everyone who got me here to simply supports and passes by my blog, it means a lot.


  • mbf this luna trash
  • reblog this post
  • send an ask with what you want + youre favorite blog(s) for me to check out (optional)
  • feel free to ask for all of them!!
  •  🌟 for a blog rate
  •  🌸 for a compliment
  •  🌊 for advice
  • that’s it!! keep in mind that i am fairly busy!! i will be hella slow as usual probably!!


note: feel free to tag me in your creations as long as they’re sfw. i will reblog and support you even if its not hp (jess). i track #lunalovey but everyone knows tumblr is the worst so msg me (maybe) to make sure i see it!! <3

formats under the cut // please read the end part

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I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you!! to everyone who has helped and supported me during this uncertain time. You guys are amazing! :) and you guys also saved the fucking day!! :> It truly means the world to me, thank you so very very much!! SO I made a tiny game for you all its called DOTs and I hope you all enjoy it!! Its only available for windows atm but will be available for mac as well soon  (if you know what wine is you can probably get it to run with that :)) <3 click the “H” Icon for controls and general help. Ill be posting some gif gifs! Starting tomorrow! 

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Is there a part 4 to sweet salty spicy sweet???? Sorry I'm excited???? I love how you write Kim!!!! You make me want to draw trimberly for you omfg?

it’s nowhere near being finished, unfortunately, but i’m workin’ on it, my friend! i’m really glad you enjoyed it, and i’d be pretty stoked for some trimberly art??

Probelms with incest in anime

I’d like to let know that for all those people who are like

“Omg you support incest in anime?! I hate you!!”

First of all its an ANIME so its NOT REAL.
Second of all, all these people who make fanart and talk about it in anime probably don’t support it in real life (like me).

I’d like to say this because I’ve seen lots of people on tumblr like this.

You’re allowed to have your opinions on tumblr but, if you start threatening someone, then you’ve crossed the line.

i’m  !!!!  so  hyped  for  the  new  doctor   !!!!!  it’s  all  over  tumblr  so y’all  probably  know  b u t

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Avengers, Ant-Man, Bucky, Spider-Man!

first of all thank u so much

  • Avengers: okay I would love invisibility but tbh id probably use it for bad things like stealing so much fucking food 
  • Ant-Man: 5′3 so try not to step on me :(((
  • Bucky: I honestly don’t have one true best friend, but I have a lovely group of irl friends who are the best and then an amazing group of Tumblr friends and its the best support system ever jhsdfkdjsbhjdfns (ID LOVE TO MAKE MORE FRIENDS BTW)
  • Spider-man: my favorite subject is anything math related, although I’m super excited to take psychology this year!!

send me Marvel asks!!


Okay, So we have officially crossed the 9,000 mark and are 1,000 away from 10,000 followers, my official goal when I first started the Fandom Crossover College series.

It feels incredible, when I first started tumblr, I never imagined my blog to end up where it has today. I want to know that I would be nothing without you guys, and I mean that literally XD This blog would probably never of gotten off its first imagine if you guys hadn’t supported me like you did and helped me grow with your requests and suggestions.

It does appear that most people want me to post a Q&A video, which I am down with XD If you guys have any questions for me, then feel free to send them or leave them as answers to this post. You can even message me with the new tumblr instant messenger is you want. 

I am also up to doing any dares if you guys have them for me, I will try my best to fulfil them XD

Once I have enough questions, preferably between 10 - 15 so it’s not a completely boring Q&A then I will post the video :P



The only way for smaller blogs to create ACTUAL POPULAR ORIGINAL CONTENT is for them to start drawing a shit ton of fanart, or get recognized by someone famous; get like a shoutout from them, and that’s pretty much it.

People want original content but no one fucking supports it on smaller blogs; Their art might even be the great and all but original content from a SMALL BLOG? Oh it’ll probably gain like fucking 5 notes or less! Its just so hard to look at a piece you worked on so hard and it gets like 5 or 6 notes!

Nothing here said is a lie, its so true! If you’re an art blog and you want to get some people to start viewing your original art and appreciating it, then you either draw fanart or get someone famous to give you a shoutout, in Tumblr, that’s how things basically work.
And that’s so fucked up because there’s a point where you just feel so discouraged and don’t want to draw anymore if no one gives a damn about your drawings.

People are more likely to like/reblog something that has lots and lots of notes, its insane.

This has all been said before and im so damn sure many artists can understand how i feel.

Please, all that crap about reblogging is so true, it helps the artist get recognition for their artwork!
Please help smaller blogs too, we work just as hard as the other blogs.

Me, Starveil, Viktor, Eon and the rest of the gang wanted to thank you all for the support you have given us for the past 15(?) months of my presence in dA and over a month here in Tumblr. As of today, I have 992 watchers in dA and 100 followers here.Yay!

Decided to draw Starveil and her 3rd and probably final version of her electric bass Thundering Brilliance. Its likeness is of a Steinberger bass, only without the tuning, distorter, frets and all electric components. It can only be played with her magic. Since I couldn’t obtain a Steinberger, might as well draw for her. So imagine her playing a Nightwish soundtrack :D

Thank you very much for the support and stay cool! :)


You heard the bird!

In the next few months, I plan on adding more comic content to this blog: character bios, hints and plot points, concept art, ect.

 My rough schedule is to have the first act scripted out and the entire story roughed out by the end of summer.

And to make sure I don’t leave anyone hanging for 5+ years, I hope to have the entire first chapter drawn and ready to be published on its TBA launch date.  Probably a little overly ambitious, but better to have some plans then none!

Thank you for all the fans of G:LOL who have followed and supported me these years. You guys…you rock..and have been so very patient and supportive, and I really hope you like where the story will go. 

Also, please follow the offical tumblr @twytykcomic and my art tumblr @kastiasketches for comic related artworks.

…okay I lied, one more. Can’t decide if Big Mac should be human or a robot; I tried him both ways, went “eh”, and then kinda drew him as both. Maybe he can stay that way, ain’t no rule says you can’t have mechanically-enhanced cyborg pony men.

wrt making this an actual askblog: I do want to do more in this AU, especially with a chance to sleep on it (this was all somehow made up on the spot this evening what happened how did this become a thing). I’m gonna hold off on making it an askblog, though, because 1) I still have Slice to procrastinate on, and 2) it’s hard to tell at this point if it’ll last or if I’ll drop it in a week for the next new shiny thing! If I end up doing a lot more on it I’ll probably shunt it off to its own sideblog just to keep from spamming my main, but I don’t want to throw myself into it before I make sure it’s not gonna be Appleman 2.0. (RIP Appleman, too good for this world ;_;7)

Thanks for the support though! It’s always nice to hear that you guys actually appreciate me flooding your dashes with scribbly pony people (and for those of you who don’t, all of these have been tagged ’#accomplished steampunk scientist twilight’, so you can blacklist that tag and browse tumblr in peace). Goodnight for real now!

Hey Guys its Susie!

I’m not to happy to say this but I’m going to be taking a couple of days (probably a week or so) off of Tumblr and social media in general. I’m just tired and traumatized and angry. This isn’t good for my depression and anxiety. I’m a full time student and I have a job, bills, etc (that we all have).

I’ll be back when I’m mentally healed. Saturday, the 24th will be the day of my leave. I’m queuing up some posts for the time I’ll be gone though :) I love you and thank you for the continued support on this blog! WoW!

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omg its aLways so cool if my videos actually successfully embed onto tumblr but anyways this is probably my shortest video ever so give it a quick watch if u have a spare 3 mins and 33 seconds!!! please subscribe to my channel and like this video it’s free and helps me out a lot! :~) thank u for all ur support as always!!

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Okay, so you probably get messages like this all the time. I'm not actually on tumblr, but I have been quietly following you since 2013 and watching you blossom with success and good fortune. It's wonderful to see you doing so well! :D Your confidence and strength as a woman, designer, and media mogul has helped me realize what I am capable of creating. Keep on dreaming, lovely <3

Gosh, thank you so much! Without such loving and supportive people like you, DisneyBound certainly wouldn’t be what it is today. <3

the worst part of this situation is that troye probably can’t see all the support he has here on tumblr, but on twitter it is so much easier to see mentions and indirects and its ALL hate (yes, there are a few accounts defending him but theyre being drowned out by the negativity and are feeling pressured to keep their opinions to themselves in order to not get shaded by everyone). it has been about 8 hours and people are still calling him a dick. its reached a point where nic and emma (troyes friend and manager) have stepped in and indirectly defended him. i just wish he’d see the positivity on tumblr, and see that not all of us are too immature to be able to understand his POV and realize that he, like every other human, has emotions and the right to defend himself

Honestly, I’m really surprised that Tumblr isn’t going more crazy over Galavant. Like, it’s a musical comedy that never gets offensive, great songs, a smoking hot lead actor, and tons of diversity (a hilarious black Jewish man, a strongwilled princess played by an actress of Indian and Chinese descent, and a badass/probably aromantic queen). It’s like everything this website asks for on a regular basis, all in a four week miniseries.

Basically, what I’m saying is go watch it on demand if possible and support Galavant Season 2.

Submitted by anonymous: someone made this edit. and I saw it I felt so happy and nostalgic. (sorry its probably screwed up due to tumblr dimensions and i dont have the link ot the original editor)

I love ot12 but I also support their solo careers. All 3 of them are living their life the way they want and look very happy. 

But every time i see a new EXO teaser, new MV i keep wondering if they stayed

What clothes would they wear? 

What color would their be for this concept? What hair style?

Which parts would the sing?

Would some of the other members were different clothes cuz theirs suit krishantao better?

How would be answer the interview questions?

what would they write in the photobook messages. 

TO be honest, these fanedits make me feel a lot better. A lot of new ones are entering the fandom and  a lot them ask ‘who is tao?’ ‘who is luhan?’ ‘who is kris?’ and I momentarily become anxious cuz I fear people might for get abt OT12 as less and less people answer them. But i'am glad someone always answers them and they rush to check out old exo songs.

 I hope they know about krishantao and our fandom keeps on making these edits till the end of time. I hope i see a krishantao version even when exo are releasing teasers for their 10th album and even after that. I hope we never forget OT12.

Im sorry for this. Im just an exo l with a lot of feelings and I swear I go here :P

omg no I think that too, like I love how happy krishantao are and I support them 100%, but I always ponder about this tbh. I always try to imagine them in the concepts and comeback and it makes me so nostalgic and it really makes me value how much life can take many unexpected turns :’)))). 

And it is really sad tbh, but then I always remember that they are much happier on their current path, so it’s kinda bittersweet I guess. Ot12 will forever be in our hearts, and it’s really nice to see edits such as these for feelings of those good old days :’))

Don’t be sorry anonnie, like I feel the same. I wasn’t a fan when there were 12, but when there were 11, but honestly ot12 makes me so happy and nostalgic :’). Thank you anonnie for this, I’m sorry I didn’t really write too much, like you honestly wrote all my feelings out tbh, and it was so beautiful to read that i didn’t want to spoil it with my words or anything :’). Ot12 forever tbh~

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i cant help but feel like people only started caring about nico because he was gay. and not because they support him or really even lgbtq representation, but because they really really love gay shipping. after it was revealed half the fandom started shipping perico and then solangelo, and i cant help but feel like its only because they, like so much of tumblr, fetishize gay relationships.... :(

Fair point.  Nico definitely saw a huge growth in his fanbase after his sexuality was revealed.  Personally, I’ve always loved Nico’s character, and I don’t think my level of ‘caring’ for him changed too much, but of course, you have a very valid point.  I’m probably guilty of being a little too intense with solangelo, but I don’t think I’ve fetishized it or anything.

That being said, I get where you’re coming from.  I think it’s just because, unfortunately, popular media, especially in children/YA books, still lacks that lgbtq+ representation, so maybe we took what we got and went into great depth with it.