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Remember Vampire Weekend, like where the fuck are they???

bl/ind and trans ppl

i figure that BLI is pretty tolerant when it comes to binary trans people. the issue comes up when someone doesn’t want to identify as either male or female. it has nothing to do with religion, of course, nor with ““biology””– chromosomes or genitals or whatever– it’s just that BLI believes that it’s too confusing for citizens to have more than two set genders floating around. bad for productivity. BLI already divides everything into a binary, all black-and-white, so gender has to be as well. 

gender EXPRESSION isn’t really policed or anything, if you’re dmab and you wanna wear a dress BLI doesn’t care. they only get involved once it’s a question of gender IDENTITY, of pronouns and legal names and markers on documents.

if you get cleared by your BLI physician, the company is more than happy to provide you with hormone therapy through their Gender Reassignment Program. it’s just another set of pills, after all. any surgeries are optional, but still covered if wanted. but to get access to any of these, you have to identify as either male or female, and you have to exhibit “strong enough” dysphoria (evaluated by an appointed professional). 

anyone trying to assert that they don’t want either of the two gender markers to be used is obviously misguided. that’s a problem. that’s inconvenient. they get assessed, and if they are found to exhibit dysphoria, then they are prescribed a mandatory transition to the opposite gender. if they are not found to exhibit enough dysphoria, then they are sent away and continue to be marked as their assigned gender. 

in contrast, gender’s seen as a lot more fluid once you get out of BLI’s clutches. some joys get out there knowing they’re trans, but some, it never occurs to them until they’ve spent some time in the desert. they’re able to explore themselves more once they’re out of that cage, and settle on what they think suits them best. overall, though, labels and such aren’t so important. lots of joys don’t settle things any further than a set of pronouns.

you ever talk to someone for the first time and you just click? you get along nicely and it’s just an overall wholesome conversation

it’s been so long since ive had this and now im probably not gonna talk to him again 😭seriously though, it was good conversation and not draining at all like most socialising is for me lately!!

High School Sweetheart

Word Count: 1, 489

Request: hey! could you do one where y/n is a high school student who lives in the u.s and she’s rich so she travels a lot, and whenever she and shawn are in the same town they hook up? kinda like they have real feelings for each other but don’t want to be in a ldr so they just settle for being a “couple” whenever they’re in the same place, but no one besides their families know about it. then one week he drunk dials her so a few days later she flies out to surprise him on tour

A/N: Ok so this is kinda shit so I truly apologize. Also, it took me like 20 minutes to come up w a title so I just kinda gave up I am so sorry to whoever requested this asjkands

The bell signaling class was over rang through the building. Almost as if it was instinct, you grabbed your bag, walking out of the classroom into the crowded hallways. Kids around you pushed and shoved each other, each one trying to be the first to get out of the building and get home. You made your way out the building and to the parking lot where your car had been sitting all day. 

Once you pulled yourself into the driver’s seat, you pulled out your phone to check it. You scrolled down your lock screen taking a peak at the different messages and Snapchat notifications that had come through while you were in class. But one certain notification made your hand stop scrolling and your heart skip a beat. You saw you had seven text messages, two missed calls, and a voicemail from Shawn.

You and Shawn had known each other for a little while now. You had met him while he was on tour in your city and immediately took a liking for you. You would hook up every time you were fortunate enough to be in the same city, and eventually, it became something a little more. Soon the heated make out sessions and late night hook ups turned into gentle touches and staying up all night doing nothing but talking. Both of you agreed, it was better just to keep things how they were instead of making an official relationship, because of both the distance and how no one but your families knew what was going on. But this didn’t stop you from having an aching feeling in your heart every time you saw his name on your phone because of how much you missed him. Currently, he was on the other side of the world, while you were still stuck in high school, which limited the communication even more than normal.

You unlocked your phone to view the messages and voicemail, only to see a few messages of jumbled words. You stared at the screen laughing, because the only words you could make out were your name and “pretty” somewhere in the mix. You switched to your voicemail, anxious to hear Shawn’s voice.

“(Y/N), it feels like its been like…. 10 years since I saw you. I miss your face. Your face is so pretty. You are soooooo pretty. I miss you. I wanna see you,” You heard his slurred voice through the speaker of your phone. You heard a vibrating beat of music as well as a mix of voices through the background, telling you he was probably at a party.

You giggled from the cuteness of the message, which quickly led to a frown. You didn’t realize how much you missed him until this message. It felt like ages since you had heard his voice, so something about hearing it now made your heart drop. You wanted to see him. You didn’t care if you had to miss a week of school, you wanted to see Shawn.

You quickly drove home and didn’t even give your mom a second to breathe before you asked the question.

“Can I go fly out and see Shawn?” you blurted out, watching your mom’s eyes grow wide. 

“Hello to you, too, sweetheart,” she giggled, taking a seat like she knew this would be a long conversation.

“I’m serious. Can I? I know I’ll miss school, but I’ll make it all up. I’ll even ask for some of the work so I can take it with me. Please I-” you rambled, quickly running out of breath. Your mom stopped you before you could get another word out.

“(Y/N), if I say yes will you calm down?” She interrupted, to which you quickly nodded your head. 

After about an hour of planning, you had a ticket to Australia for the next day and a suitcase already packed. 

The next morning, you headed out early to catch your flight. Although it was nearly a 15 hour flight, it felt short due to your long nap you took almost the whole time. But as soon as you landed, your leg shook with anticipation. You had never surprised Shawn before. What if he didn’t want to be surprised? What if those drunk calls meant nothing?

You scrambled to get off the plane and grab your luggage, making your way out to the street to catch a taxi. Your entire body shook, making you think this was not a great idea. You pulled out your phone, and quickly became disheartened when you saw there was not one text from Shawn. 

The trip to the arena where Shawn was playing drug on slowly, only making you more nervous. You wanted to turn back around and take another nap. You didn’t want to have to face the embarrassment that came along with this.

The taxi pulled up next to the arena and you collected your bags, thanked and paid the driver, then began heading to the back of the arena. Before you even made it back, a few of Shawn’s friends walked by, quickly recognizing you.

“Hey! I didn’t know you were coming!” One of them said excitedly before embracing you in a short hug.

“That’s because Shawn doesn’t know…” You said awkwardly, your weight shifting from foot to foot. Both of them suddenly became ecstatic at your words, their faces lighting up.

“Holy shit, he’s going to be so excited. He’s been going on and on about you. He won’t shut up,” He rambled while grabbing your bag and helping you inside.

They led you backstage and to the side stage, where Shawn was sound checking. They both urged you to go on and surprise him, and you obliged nervously.

You stepped out into the empty arena, slowly making your way across the stage. You stood behind Shawn for a couple minutes, not sure what to do now. You didn’t want to scare him or make him angry. Eventually, you built up the courage and raised your hand to poke him on the back. He abruptly stopped the song from going any further and reluctantly turned around.

The minute he saw you his face went from confused to the happiest you had ever seen him. His eyes grew wide, his cheeks flushed red, his rosy lips were spread to his cheeks. Just by the look of happiness from him, you felt your lips grow in a reciprocating smile. Without another moment passing, Shawn leaned forward, scooping you into his arms. His face was buried in your neck while he spun you around, your legs dangling off the ground. His face lifted off your neck to leave quick, gentle kisses all along your cheek and neck, making you let out a giggle in return. 

Even after he let you back down, his arms didn’t budge, keeping you locked against his chest. Your arms were looped around his waist, holding him tighter to you, not wanting to let him go again. You wanted to stay like this for as long as you could.

Suddenly, Shawn separated from you slightly, just enough to get a good look at your face, almost as if he was checking to make sure it was actually you.

“What are you- How are you- Oh my god I missed you so much,” He stumbled over his words from excitement before pushing you against his body once again. You smiled as you buried your face in his chest, taking in his sweet scent.

“I uh… I saw your messages… And I missed you… So I came to see you…” you mumbled shyly, your burning cheeks pressed against him. You felt him kiss the top of your head multiple times, before barely letting you go once again.

“What about school?” He asked, worry clear on his face.

“I’ll make it up, I just needed to see you,” You explained, feeling your cheeks heat up even more by your words. The smile on his face returned as he leaned his forehead to press against yours.

“I need to see you, too. I think we should see each other more often, actually,” He suggested, his soft eyes looking into yours. A hand came up to gently caress your cheek, his soft skin lightly touching yours.

“What do you mean?” Your heart beat fast, hoping he was saying what you thought he was. Your entire body felt shaky again, nerves running through your veins.

“I think we should make this official,” He whispered, his lips sweeping against yours. Your breath hitched in your throat at his words, not being able to give a proper answer. Your breathing was fast and you thought for sure he could sense how nervous you were. After a couple seconds, you were able to calm down, the smile returning to your face.

“I’d like that,” you whispered, before feeling his lips press against yours fully in a gentle, sweet kiss. 


It snowed a lot lately so…just felt like doing a little Killugon thing 
╮( ̄ω ̄)╭

Modern AU where they’re roomates (or they’re acting like they are), something like that ??

Basically from right to left

To be continued (probably~~)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
Pit Stop (Peter Quill)

A/N: Idek what this is XD I rewatched Guardians of the Galaxy and got inspired and wrote this in the very early hours of the morning so it’s super random lol. Also never written Peter Quill before, so there’s that.

Originally posted by cptnbucky

    “You have got to be kidding me, Peter,” you said, easing back the lever that controlled the power being channeled to the Milano’s engine as Peter slid into his seat. A swarm of small and vaguely humanoid forms was scampering down the street toward you, and even through the thick windshield of the ship, you could hear their keen battle cries.

    “What?” he asked innocently, flicking the shield switch.

    “Doesn’t work anymore,” you reminded him as the creatures ahead of you opened fire, their ammunition exploding in tiny puffs of flame across the nose of the ship.. “We sold the power core, remember?”

    “Oh…” he said. “Right.”

    “So, in what way was this, ‘just making a pit stop?’ I thought that consisted of like… getting some candy and going to the bathroom.”

    “Well, that was the plan, but you know, stuff can go wrong. That was why I left you with the ship,” he explained, pressing the button that activated the thrusters and pulling back a lever, shooting the craft into the air. He winked at you. “Just in case.”

    You rolled your eyes, taking a look out the window as you felt a smile spreading across your lips of its own accord. You couldn’t let him see that. “You’re so reckless. You’re probably going to die before the age of forty.”

    “Yeah, well…” he trailed off, pulling something out of his jacket and tossing it to you.

    You examined the flask in your hands. “Peter, you know I don’t really drink.”

    “Just try it,” he said. “You’ll like it.”

    “What is it?”

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My First Time Breeding How I Got Started.

I was 17 at the time living at home my mums friend Kate (34 I think) was staying with us she was going through a divorce. It was a weekend my mum was going out with her girlfriends but Kate didn’t want to go out she’d been working all week and given the divorce she’d rather stay in and drink. My mum asked if id just keep an eye on her I said sure I was just chilling at home watching t.v. I knew mum going out meant she would either be home late early hrs the next morning or not at all and crash at her friends, more time for me to watch the films I missed. A few hours later I hear Kate in the kitchen “hey babe you want a drink?” “no  I’m fine thanks I got one” she came in to the living room “that’s just coke right?” “yeah” I replied “you’re the man of the house you should be drinking a real drink” “I do kate but im cool for now” “Fine!! More for me” she took a big gulp for the rum she had in her hand and walked off, I remember thinking “someones getting drunk nice ass tho” and I carried on watching my film. Not long later she came back in “right you I’m not drinking alone help me out” she sat on my lap and poured rum into my coke “on 3 down it 3!” she said I downed it “wow you can drink, another?” only if you do one with me" I said. “Fine this girl knows how to have a great time” she yelled she poured out two drinks “on 3 3!"  we downed them "yay now just rum no coke, show me how much of a man you are” she gulped from the bottle “your turn big boy” I grabbed the bottle took a big swig “yay you are a man!” she said as she looked me in the eyes “I told you I was” i said “now why couldn’t I of married a guy like you? You’re strong, smart, handsome I bet you got lots of girls after you” “thanks, its ok Kate you’ll find someone better” I didn’t know what else to say.

“I bet you’ve even got a big boy in them jeans too” she looked dead into my eyes and lent forward, “oh is that your….you’re hard?” she looked surprised “yes i am you wanna I’m a…..” “shhhhh” she put her finger on my lips she stood up took her legging and underwear off I could see her shaved smooth pussy. She kissed me as she undid my zip and pulled my jeans and boxers down “hmmmm you are a big boy” she smiled at me “I don’t have a rubber” “its ok real men like you don’t need them” “fine with me” (I’m 17 liked I’d say no) as I said it I could feel my cock start throbbing “fuck for play I want you inside me” she jumped on top her pussy was so wet as it slid down my BBC throbbing shaft I gabbed her hips as she started riding me “God your cock feels amazing, so much bigger than my ex” “keep riding don’t stop you feel amazing Kate” I could feel her ass slapping up and down as she rode me faster and faster. “I bet none of your little girls ride you this good?” “oh God no” “Oh I’m gonna cum big boy yes! Oh my god yes!” she dug her nails into my chest “fuck yay!! I’m cumin on your dick ahhhh” I felt her pussy clamp down on my BBC as her juices ran down my shaft she stopped and just lay on top of me her pussy still contracting on my cock “my turn Kate” I grabbed her hips locked her in place and started jackhammer from underneath her “oh my God!! Im Gonna CUM!! Don’t you stop!! Show me the Man You Are!!” “oh I plan to"  I kept going my BBC thrusting in and out of her dripping wet pussy "Ahhhhh I’m cumn again don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop” I felt her pussy clamp down again on my cock as her juices ran down over my balls.

“Right I’m in charge now” I picked her up put her on her back legs up in the air and started pounding her my big heavy pussy juice dripping balls slapping against her ass “oh fuck yes don’t stop, cum for me I don’t care if im not safe just do it” “I cum loads” “do it you’re in charge big boy” I pick up the pace pounding her faster and faster I can feel my balls twitching getting ready to blow “ah I’m gonna cum!” “fuck do it, cum with me make me cum again” I’m pound her hard as I can my balls smash against her ass like I’m trying to break her. “Fuck I’m cumin again cum for me my big boy, ahhhhh!” “fuck yeah ahhhh!” I feel her pussy clamp down on my BBC one more time it pushes me over the edge my BBC thicken and enlarges as I pump my load inside her I push as deep as I can, she digger her nail in my back like a cat “oh fuck I feel you cumin inside me, Fuck you’re throbbing like mad!” “oh fuck yeah your pussy is so tight is making me cum more” she stops cumin and relaxes a bit “fuck you’re flooding me, you’re still cumn?” I push deeper “don’t move” “fuck I won’t” I finally stop cumin, I flop on top of her my cock still deep inside her “wow I’ve never felt a man cum like that in my life, you are the man of the house” out of breath I say “I told you I cum loads” “I know but wow, I’m probably carrying triplets right now, but its ok you did great”

About a week or so later she told me she was pregnant we didn’t stop fucking every chance we got in the mornings when mum left for work as soon as I got in from college before mum got home even at night she’d sneak in to my room and we’d fuck for ages never used a rubber id just fill her pussy over and over again she’s the reason I cum multiple times now, over the months she got bigger and bigger I loved it seeing my seed take hold making her body change her belly swell and grow her tits fill with milk (that i used to drink from to) we didn’t stop until the moment her waters broke just before we was going for another all day session I went hospital with her watched her give birth it was then when I realised what I was going to do keep  breeding woman getting them pregnant. She moved abroad not long after but we keep fucking until she moved.

And that’s my first time breeding nothing major excited but that’s how I got into breeding. Hope you enjoyed reading it?

If you need breeding you or your girlfriends, or your girlfriend, wife, mother sister, daughter etc… drop me a message here or kik @ fullblackballs x

Good Enough (4)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; part nineteen; part twenty; part twenty one; part twenty two; part twenty three; part twenty four; epilogue.

bonus scenes: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

“There you go,” you said smugly, showing Sehun the picture from the ultrasound. “That little tadpole shape in the middle is your baby.”

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I don't like kakasaku but how is it pedophilia if they're both adults by the time they go out?

thank you for not trying to kill me on sight anon anyways in naruto shes 12 and kakashi is 26 which means there is a 14 year difference between them. by the end of shippuden she is 17 which means kakashi is 31. a lot of kakasaku posts depict sakura either at the end of shippuden or in the epilogue. if in shippuden, yeah thats pedophilia. however, a pedophile is defined as liking children and children are defined as being under 18. that doesnt mean its a chance to jump on someone the minute they turn 18. sakuras still a child, still wildly immature and not suited to someone nearly twice her age. its creepy as fuck that kakasaku shippers use that as their trump card that shes 18 so TECHNICALLY its not pedophilia. its still not okay, age gaps are problems for a reason. a 10+ year age difference is bad and if i have to explain that then idk what to tell u man. people are very very different when theyre 18 or a young adult in general than when they are in their 30s or whatever age it may be. i have saw one instance where kakasaku shippers wrote something abt a 26 year old sakura and a 40 year old kakashi and telling CHILDREN by word of iruka that it was okay because theyre both legally adults. a 40 year old is NOT suited to someone in their 20s. if youre not sure why an age gap like this is bad, you might consider looking it up but i can explain further if you need.

this was written by moon fox 22 i believe. its still a large age gap and the fact that someone felt they had to write a fic about teaching children about how large age gaps are okay is . alarming to say the least. so technically, no, its not pedophilia. but that doesnt mean its okay either, because sakuras still a young adult and all that. im probably not explaining this well, but in my perspective it is not okay. does anyone else have something to add im not good with words @yondaiime @temarisgf @lesbianneji @franruto if yall want me to not tag u then let me kno. 


I haven’t posted any drawings in a while, I think… so here are a few sketches of my two fave Dragon Age OCs, Faralee and Kreyas.

Fara is an orphan and bard from Lothering and flees to Redcliffe during the blight, where she meets Kreyas, a “runaway” Dalish who basically fell in love with the bard’s songs and stories.

Both of them are probably two of my most adorable and nicest OCs :’D

Michel ~again ;)

Because sketching -and studying a new face- gives me a sense freedom I haven’t felt in too long. Thanks, Michel <3

in which queerness is discussed between friends
  • friend: how did it ever take me so long to realise I am attracted to women and want more tv shows with women kissing and having like complicated relationships with assassins and stuff?
  • me: because we see so few of them that it's hard to recognise a preference
  • friend: yep.
  • friend: I mean. Okay, this is probably oversharing? But. I was so... I dunno, repressed? Uncertain? SOMETHING... that I think I felt actually lust - I mean looking at someone and having a frisson of pantsfeelings - maybe twice between the age of fifteen and twenty-five. it's sort of no wonder I thought I was mostly asexual.
  • me: *hugs*
  • me: dude, I totally get it. even now, I still constantly wonder if I'm *really* bisexual, because internalised bullshit
  • friend: *hugs*
  • me: it's like... we're taught that Being Queer is this thing you are *constantly*, like queerness is a constant obvious unmistakable performance, like we're constantly gonna be walking around thinking LOOK AT HOW FUCKING QUEER I AM, right? and okay, yeah, there are days and moments where that's true, but sometimes you're just existing, you aren't thinking about your sexuality at all, and precisely *because* you're not thinking about it, this bullshit voice pipes up with "well maybe you're not REALLY queer if it's not consciously dominating your EVERY WAKING MOMENT", because that's what straight homophobes and relentlessly heteronormative stereotyping has taught us that queerness IS
  • friend: yeah
  • me: as though straight people ever look up from the middle of a fucking soy latte and think, 'gosh, it's been HOURS since I had a sexual thought about a member of the opposite sex - does that mean I'm really gay?' BAH
  • friend: yes. it's a thing.

I don’t have the energy for a full length story, so have a one shot. Based on this doodle page.

Warning: contains talk of abortion and a graphic birth scene and near death. 

Sans stared at himself in the mirror. Dark circles under his eye sockets betrayed his lack of sleep. Scars in his bones told stories of narrow scrapes with death, not uncommon in this world. A palpable, pale red torso containing a single glowing souling nestled between his ribcage and pelvis, and it made Sans sick.

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Can you write a katrielle Layton x Ernest fanfiction ?

Why, of course! It’s below!

A/N: What if the final kiss scene hadn’t been messed up? What if it stayed in the film? Welp, here it is! Idk if its any good but yaknow! Its probably really cliche too… XP. This is in Ernest’s POV.

//The Saveloy Theatre 🎭//REQUESTED BY ANON

Rating: All Ages (Maybe? There’s only a kiss scene)

Pairing: Katrielle Layton/Ernest Greeves

Fandom: Professor Layton

Game/Book/Movie: Layton’s Mystery Journey

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I know you probably hear this all the time but I still felt like I should say it (for my sake) I love your art SO much,, it alone has inspired me to try again at art, I was in a huge rut, frustrated and ready to give up art entirely, (whiny I know..)but I saw your bubble tea flipnote and it was the best thing I had seen in ages (tl;dr I cried) I just, I've fallen in love with your art :'') its a style I dream of,,, Sorry for this being so long,,


When I say Season 2 was disappointing....

The thing is…I was 13 when YJ aired. That means I was 13 at the same time Dick was. And because of when his birthday falls, when he would have presumably turned 14 I was turning 14.

I connected to the show because my favorite character was my age. I felt like I was growing up with the character I’ve admired (and obsessed over) since I was five. So when I say season 2 was kind of disappointing, I don’t mean it was bad or that I didn’t enjoy watching (because I still ran for the TV every week to see my favorite show), I just mean I feel a little robbed. That time jump took away one of the biggest reason why my heart clung so hard to the show.

I still love YJ and you can bet your ass I will be watching season three religiously, and Dick Grayson is still my all time favorite DC character and that will never change, I just wish we’d gotten another season of the original team….

(I don’t feel any sort of anger at the writers. With the show being canceled they kind of had to speed things up. I blame the jackass sexists who said they didn’t want so many girls watching and canned the show.)

i saw a 17 yr old “newbie radfem” last night and it really saddened me like, more than i could explain probably. to see someone my age whos learning to hate a certain part of the lesbian community for something so nonsensical as phenotypes. like i stopped and stared at her icon and her url and just… felt so sad for her.

how that group can content itself with hating and harming our community “in the name of love” is… beyond me. i cant imagine such a loatheful depth of humanity. its just too fucking sad.

and i wonder if i should go find her and talk to her? but. i know id just make it worse because i genuinely feel rage and shame and a sort of odd betrayal and thats not conducive to teaching at all, plus, im not directly affected by it in any case so its none my busynezz.

its just… so fucking sad, though.

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Please tell us how each of the Mysme characters are problematic because I agree that each character has their own problems with their personalities. And the fact that I'm always a slut for character analyses.

Okay this is going to be short and this is my opinion :) 


  • The death of his cousin fucked him over so bad that he is willing to accept anyone that has any form of similarity to his cousin, Rika. When you first entered the chatroom, and if you pick his route, you can see the mental damage he has acquired because he compares his dead cousin to you. 
  • If you didnt stop him from thinking so, you will get the bad ending which he is full of lust and he sees you physically that you aren’t Rika but in his mind, you still are her. 
  • Problematic: Severe depression 
  • Symptoms: Excessive online gaming, ignoring school and real life friends focuses on his “distorted reality” which is his gaming because he can control what will happen. He couldn’t control the death of his cousin. 


  • This poor guy has been emotionally abused by his family. The scar him by giving negative impacts on his looks and they didnt follow what he wanted to do in his life. He was forced to be put into a box by making him follow the expectations that his family had on him.
  • what fucked him up the most is that he was basically being compared to his brother. That he must follow the path and be good like his brother. Have a good career like his brother.  Hyun expected his own blood, his own brother to defend him with his dreams but his brother didnt. That drew the line for Hyun and he killed his old self and called himself Zen. 
  • Problematic: Suffering from Insecurities and Emotional Abuse 
  • Symptoms: he finally learned how to love himself but he took it a step further by becoming his own personal hype man. He felt alone, even though he had a shit ton of fans, he always boost himself up because he probably gets flashbacks of how he was treated like shit. An obvious one is his interactions with Jumin Han. 


  • I think we all know how problematic Seven and Saeran is so I’m not going to touch the subject because its hella long. 

Jumin Fucking Han aka me 

  • This poor fucking man understand the concept of family but he doesn’t understand the emotions behind it because his family at a young age was a shit storm. His father is a easy to manipulate man whore that preferred woman over his own son probably. With the absence of his mother, this kid had to face the world emotionally on his own. He didnt have fucking no now she he picked up his pants and was ready to face the world alone. Obviously he had V and his father but it didnt fill the hole he had in his heart. 
  • He mistaken Rikas love with him actually needed love and nurture. Rika was giving him what he needed, someone to talk to, someone to just listen. Yeah he had that with V because it wasn’t the same sense. Women give more a nurture vibe but Rika had that WITH HER MANIPULATING FUCKING ASS AND SHE KNEW JUMIN WAS WEAK IN THAT SENSE AND SHE TOOK ADVANTAGE OF HIS POOR FUCKING MAN. 
  • Elizabeth 3rd 

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fox when and why did you leave bandom? i'm sorry i haven't been on tumblr in ages

like. this week basically. and i left because i felt bad… idk just didnt feel nice anymore so i left! im just curious if ive been losing followers bc of that yknow lmao. idk i just. i wasnt happy in bandom so! i decided to try smth else. apparently ppl dont like that tho bc ive been losing a handful of followers a day. (also hey its chill taking a break from this site wld probably do all of us some good)