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Omg I’m sorry for taking so long to update. Classes started, it’s dificult to focus and I srsly didnt think this chapter was goign to end up being so long. But alas. I hope you all enjoy it!

a little warning: I wrote a little detailed description of food being eaten so if you are uncomfortable with it, you can skip it, it was mostly for laughs than anything.

Thanks to @lunalocura for being an amazing beta!

Summary: Chaos, besides its own natures, has a little order on it. Chaos, without order, leads to destruction itself. When the object holding the chaos of the world is damaged, maybe a little more than order is going to be needed to fix it. Abomination! AU


Chapter 4

When Ladybug dropped her transformation inside her room, it felt like as if another weight had been added to her shoulders. Eyes closed and fist clenched, she could feel the worried looks Tikki sent her, waiting patiently for her to speak, which didn’t help to diminish the bitter sensation in the pit of her stomach.  

Too many questions were forming inside her head, bubbling, boiling, twisting her thoughts and making her imagination run wild, with so many different scenarios and so many ‘hows’ and ‘whys’.

Questions that didn’t stop when she comforted Maya after cleaning the akuma and made her brother apologize to her, who hugged the little girl with tears in his eyes, promise after promise leaving the mouth of the teenage boy.

Questions that continued forming when she, as Marinette, forced a smile to the kids and the clearly angry-and apologetic- Ms. Chamack when they said goodbye to her and her mother, who noticed Marinette’s strange behavior and asked if everything was alright.

Questions that only increased when she left her house once again as her alter ego and searched and searched, cold air hitting her face, the smell of winter starting to cover the streets of Paris, the sound of people going on with their lives like they had learned to do after the first akuma attacks.

Questions that came along with a pair of green eyes that belonged to the person she was looking for.

A pair of green eyes that were sad, confused and scared.

A pair of green eyes that were hurting.

And it was all her fault.

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If you write a story or plot or episode or whatever where Jews are for trump you are being antisemitic and are doing some real old antisemitism too.

Jews overwhelmingly voted aganist trump and have been against trump since he first entered the election.

Please stop this you further hurting Jews with this false retoric.

There was a tv show that had its Jewish character be a trump supporter.

That is antisemitic and ignores the fact that Jews overwhelmingly have not been gor him.

We are a tiny population of the United States population we are only 2% of it yet over half of religiously motivated hate crimes are directed aganist us and that number rose by 9% within weeks of trump winning.

In fact since he has won there has none stop been hate crimes committed against Jews and harrasement towards Jews.

Please stop this false retoric of Jews being for trump when 75% of us voted aganist him.

Please stop using the small amount that support him to throw the rest of us which is the majority of us under the bus.

Thank you and this has been a psa.


So while watching Ninjago its easy to forget that the show actually pretty much has almost all fantasy elements you would find in a typical fantasy movie.

While the show itself doesn’t take place during medieval times, it still has all the things we associate with old and new fantasy. The show is very similar to Harry Potter, where the time is modern society with magical things thrown into it. The key difference is that Ninjago isn’t taking place at a magical school with every magical thing close by, but rather in an ordinary town that gets invaded by magical things. Here are some of the major things that actually makes Ninjago a fantasy show:

  • Magical items: Already in the pilot episodes we see the golden weapons, magical weapons that are all powerful. We also have the realm crystal, which grants whoever holds it access to any of the 16 realms-Yeah they got that too.
  • Super powers: We see this in the pilot episodes too, though it isn’t expanded upon until season 4. Still, these are powers that normal people do not possess that we usually see in fantasy/super hero movies/ TV shows. For now 19 elements exist within Ninjago that are all different and unique in their own way.
  • Dragons: Yes, they exist from the start, and even though we have only seen 4 natural dragons and one black dragon of darkness, it still means that they exist in this world. Of course all those who possesses powers have their own dragons, adding up the total number.
  • Serpentine: Another race than humans exist in Ninjago. Usually in any fantasy there is another race, though its usually elf’s, dwarfs or some other race. Still, this is another intelligent form of life that have their own abilities, history, prophecy and rules for who rules their tribe.
  • Gigantic creatures: Ninjago has more than one big snake in its bag, with 2 giant octopuses, giant fish and a prehistoric dinosaur. The show has shown that there are a lot more terrifying creatures in its world than dragons, which many fantasy novels have.
  • A prophecy: Ah yes, the good old prophecy, wrapped up neatly in an old scroll. Almost every fantasy universe has this, and of course Ninjago has it, along with The Lego Movie (though that one was made up). Cliche perhaps, but still a key trait when one describes the typical fantasy universe.
  • Magic: Of course it wouldn’t be a fantasy with the good old arch nemesis of science. Granted that we only really see someone use it in season 4 and that its only one person, but it still establishes that magic is a thing. Whether someone is born with it or learns it is unknown, but it exists nonetheless.
  • Spells: Kinda following up on magic here, but it is something you associate with fantasy. In season 4 we see a whole book of spells, suggesting that there are many spells that have presumably been written down by those who used magic a long time ago.
  • Ghosts and other realms: Season 5 expanded the Ninjago world a lot, and introduced us to ghosts and other realms. These are also things that you would expect to see in a fictional universe, and Ninjago delivers it.
  • Spinjitzu: Last but not least is the Spinjitzu, an ancient material art that was created by the first Spinjitzu master. This might lean a bit more towards material arts movies such as “Kung Fu Panda”, but it is still something you could expect from a fantasy show. We also see in season 5 that Airjitzu exist, suggesting that there are more jitzu in Ninjago than we know of. This thing is something you could expect from “Dragon ball” where people can unlock power by learning a few sets of moves. So this is defiantly something that adds to the fantasy universe of Ninjago.

So this was a rather long post, but I thought a lot about all the fantasy things in Ninjago, and how the show actually has so much of it. I hope you enjoyed this rather long post, and that if you find more things that I forgot, put them in the tags!


Family goal.

Udah gabisa ngomong apa2 lagi ttg tv show ini like seriously, i spent all the words already when i told Imam about this show.

GOD! I guess this show clicked me perfectly because the love spread on family, those hopeless romantic scene, those parenting skills, those family understanding, and more importantly, those issues within. Its everything i wanted right there. HAAAAH
So much learning only by watching.

A not so perfect parents and 3 understanding triplets. Its not God gift but they fought their way into that, that make it sooooooo touchy.😖

What did i do, ketika pengen bgt nikah (which seems not the option for now) malah accidently nonton series kaya gini (which made me absolutely make me wanna speed up the time)

I literally cried on every episode. And trust me im not lying. Every single one! 😖😖😖😖

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Are Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Punisher also from Disney-Marvel or are they just a Marvel production along with Netflix?

Okay so here’s all the info you probably didn’t care to know about this so I’m sorry in advance lol.

The first and most important piece of information you need to know is how the hierarchy works for the companies involved. All of the Netflix shows – DD, JJ, LC, IF, TD, and TP – are Marvel Television productions that are produced jointly with ABC Studios. Marvel TV (along with its sister branch, Marvel Studios) operates within Marvel Entertainment, which is entirely owned by Disney. Disney also owns ABC (the network) and other ABC subsidiaries, like Freeform (previously ABC Family), and has a partial ownership stake in Hulu. This means that out all of the Marvel shows produced by Marvel TV (that means we’re excluding everything that’s non MCU like Legion and The Gifted), the Netflix shows are the only shows that aren’t on a Disney owned subsidiary or affiliate. 

So when you ask if the shows are Disney/Marvel or if they’re Marvel/Netflix, they’re technically both, because Disney owns Marvel so the former is a bit redundant, but here is the important part – Netflix, as far as I know, has been and is still footing the bill for production of these shows, which means that they likely have a much more significant ownership stake than anyone is actually aware of. And I’m assuming you’re asking this question in the first place because of the rumors flying around regarding the Disney streaming service and whether they’re going to pull the shows from Netflix? Based on what I’ve read and the chatter from more connected journalists on Twitter, the answer points to no. The biggest thing is that Marvel TV can’t shop new shows to anyone who isn’t a Disney subsidiary or affiliate, but Netflix retains the shows they have, as well as any spinoffs that might results from the original shows. 

My personal thinking is that if Disney were going to pull these shows off Netflix, we probably would know by now. So I’m willing to bet that they can’t, not unless Netflix decides to give up those rights, and why would they? Sure, quality of the shows may have varied, but no one can call this a failed experiment. It did what it set out to do, which was to give Marvel TV the credibility they were lacking up until that point and to give Netflix the additional eyeballs and subs they needed. So yeah, I’m pretty sure these shows will remain Marvel Netflix shows for a good long while, unless something drastic happens behind the scenes?

What was I going to say again? //closed rp//

Years had gone by like the fleeting winds. It seemed only yesterday that the triplets were babies and now they were teens. Kenneth was at university as well as the twins with Micheal in his last year of high school. It was all happiness within the Telovushk household but Kira had longed for the old days where she was a bad girl, running from the law and Dex. She didnt want to, but before she knew it, she had found herself with a shady organization that seemed brand new but was well established for its first year. The news had only started reporting on them but from what Kira could remember, they had been around long before.

This afternoon, they were back on the tv and Kira was groaning, “Them again! Show me something new! Maybe my handsome man in Sweden whos the big shot!” she joked and looked to the kitchen where Dex was. “

The Art Within. (Jensen X Reader)

Short Story Description: You’re an art major in college in New York. Jensen stars in a television show your sister drools about. One weekend, you and your family go to a convention. Only who knew that that weekend, started one of the best things in your life.

Characters: Jensen, Jared, Misha, Mark, Reader, Reader’s siter, mother, and niece

Pairings: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Slight angst at the end, not exactly fluff but its cute

Word Count: 1920

A/N: Sooooo here’s 2 for y'all. This is just a story, absolutely no hate to the beautiful family, Daneel and JJ arent used, but i promise not hate whatsoever. I got so much good feedback from the first chapter. Im a bit excited to continue this series ! One shots, requests, and tags are open ! Spam me guys. Its not annoying for me, i promise. Shout out to my best friend @spn-mudkip And i hope you guys like this addition.

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Chapter Two

Art always fascinated you. At this convention, the art was no exception. Piles upon piles of art. Though you didn’t know much about the people on the art, it was still beautiful. There was so many drawings of the main characters, you guessed. The angel with the blue eyes. He had black wings. The way he was drawn was beautiful. The tall one with hazel eyes and long hair. He seemed so hurt. And the one with the green eyes. He caught your attention most but you didn’t know why. He was smaller than the long haired man but something about his eyes. They mesmerized you. You found a small drawing. It was all black and white. But the green eyes is what you loved. You bought it and very nicely, you folded the drawing and placed it into on of your sketchbooks. You kept walking around seeing alot of people. Some seemed to be dressed as what you could only guess as the characters of the show. It made you feel warm and happy inside seeing so many people, so many strangers come together as if they were family.

You could hear the panel your sister went to coming to an end. The doors crept open and all the people inside came out. You saw your sister towards the back and you went with her. “How was it ?”

“Oh ! My ! God ! It was amazing !!! You missed the main actors. They’re so beautiful. ” you couldn’t help but laugh at your sister’s giddiness. It had been a long time sincr you had seen her smile that big. “Well, I didn’t miss much.” You showed her the drawing of the green eyed man to her. “This is beautiful ! That’s Jensen Ackles.”

“Jason who ?”

“No,” she laughed. “Jensen.”

“Jaison ?”

“J-E-N-S-E-N.” It took your sister spelling out his name for you to finally understand it. Jensen. The name repeated itself in your brain. It was different. Very unique. “Ok, so Jensen. Got it.” You smiled. “Is that his name in the show ?” She laughed even more.

“No, in the show, his name’s Dean Winchester.” You nodded in compliance with the new information. “So what about the blue eyed one and the hazel eyed one ?” You sister seemed excited that you seemed to be showing interest.

“Ok, the blue eyes is Misha Collins. In Supernatural, he’s an angel named Castiel. And the hazel eyes is Jared Padalecki. He plays Sam winchester. Dean’s younger brother.” It seemed easier to now be able to put names to the beautiful set of eyes. “We were just at their panel.”

“It’s ok. The art here made up for it.” You walked around with your sister and your mom. You found more art. Your sister found shirts. Your mom liked the food. And little Bella, she found a moose doll that she fell in love with. Of course, being the awesome aunt you are, you bought it for her. There were more panels with other actors and after your sister’s constant begging, you went to them. It was around 5 pm when you were getting a teensy bit tired. You found a nice wall to sit at. Once you sat, you took out your notebook. You saw something beautiful in front of you. You were sitting in front of a line for a photo something you didn’t know. In front of you was a young couple. But they looked so happy and the girl was sporting a beautiful bump. She was pregnant. You sat and started to sketch them out. The beautiful layout in front of you was something you have always wanted.

    •                •                •                •                 •

“Come on, we’re gonna be late for the photo ops.” Jared had to basically drag Jensen to the shot. Jensen couldn’t get that girl off of his mind. She was beautiful. Too beautiful to be real. Once the panel had finished, he was looking everywhere like a lost puppy, hoping to just get, at least, one glance at the girl again.

“Did you see her Jared ?”

“Yes, I saw her. She looks nice. A bit spontaneous I might say.” Jensen looked at him.

“How do you know ?”

“Well, wild guess cause of her hair and choice of clothing.” Jensen chuckled.

“I think that’s what caught my attention.” Jared stopped walking and faced Jensen.

“Im just curious, you seem to really like this girl, and you haven’t even met her yet. Do you want to ?” Jensen stopped walking and looked up at Jared. His question was simple but it seemed to have more depth for Jensen. Your hair and your smile was what really caught his attention. They way he saw you admiring the paintings and the way you really focused on them. The way you smiled when the lady with the paintings talked to you. You just caught his attention. He wanted, no, he needed to meet you. “Yeah, I do man.”

Jared smiled and started walking again. “Ok, wish granted.” Jared stuck his foot in front of Jensen making him trip and fall flat onto his face. What he didn’t count on was the moment he looked up, he’d be merely a few feet away from you.

    •                •                •                •                 •

“Ok, so I have to make her bump look flattering and, they have to really look in love…” When you were really focused on a drawing, you tended to speak to yourself. However, you didn’t count on being snapped out of your thoughts by a yell and a big thump right in front of you. Everyone was laughing but not you. The man seemed to have hurt himself. He started to get up when his eyes locked with yours. His eyes widened and he started to blush, deeply. You recognized his eyes. The green emerald ones you secretly fell in love with. You immediately got up and went to his side to help him up. “It’s ok, I’m fine.”

“By the way you fell, that’s far from ok. Are you alright ? Are you hurt ? Do you need help walking ?” Jensen couldn’t help but grin and gently pat your arm. You had so much care and humbly voice inside of you that took over and you didnt even know each other. “Im alright, sweetheart. Thanks though, appreciate it.” You smiled shyly and patted him back. “No problem.” You extended your arm to him. “(Y/n) (Y/L/n).”

He shyly shook your hand. “Jensen Ackles. It’s a pleasu-” Jensen was cut short by Jared’s constant hollering.

“Jensen ! Were late.”

“Go,” you smiled. “Duty calls.” You sat back down and went straight back to drawing the lovely couple who was now sound asleep on the wall.

• • • • •

“I hate you.”

“You’re welcome.” Jared smirked.

“Dude, I said I wanted to meet her, not embarrass myself in front of her ! How did you even know she was there ?”

“I saw her.” Jared walked into the photo room and started to get ready for the shoot. “So, what’s mystery girl’s name ?” Jensen pretended to be mad.

“I’m not telling you.” He crossed his arms and turned away.

“Dude, you’re so lame.”

“(Y/n). That’s her name.” Jensen was now able to place a beautiful name to your beautiful face.

• • • • •

After what seemed like hours waiting for your sister, she finally rounded the corner and spotted you. You had fallen asleep. Bella got near you and smacked you with her moose which jolted you wide awake. “Sweety, chill.” She giggled. And that’s when the deafining sound of an alarm started to ring. You saw flashing lights and could only think it was the fire alarm of the building. However, instead of being calm and courteous, everyone began to ran out. You were pushed by mountains of people. “My notebook !!” When you were being pushed, you had dropped it in your small spot. Once everyone was outside, you tried to fight you way back in. You had to get your notebook. However, the staff didn’t let you get near the doors. You were screaming and screaming. You needed your notebook. It was everything to you. It was you.

• • • • •

“Hi sweety. You want a hug or do you have a pose planned ?” Jensen and Jared had almost finished the photo ops.

“A hug, plea-” The poor girl was cut off by the high pitched fire alarm. Everyone was escorted out through the back. That’s when he heards cries of pain. He ran out to the hall to see you were being pushed out. All he heard from your yelling was my notebook. He ran to your spot and grabbed you bag. And then he saw it. The brown leather bond notebook. It was worn out completely but almost all the pages seemed full. He rand towards the notebook and grabbed it and ran back to where his security was. They quickly took Jensen and Jared to a small safe spot in the back. Misha and Mark were already there.

“You took long because of a bag ?” Misha had been worried because Jensen and Jared took longer to get outside. “I thought you guys got stuck in there.” Jensen went and bro-hugged Misha.

“We’re ok.”

• • • • •

You were crying. You couldn’t stop. You watched as the bottom of the building was on fire and burn everything inside. And inside was your notebook. It was precious to you. It was everything. After being pushed out and denied entrance to grab it, you ran. You ran anywhere but there. You went to your apartment’s rooftop. It was about 7 blocks from the hotel. You saw everything. You saw the firefighters hosing it down. You saw everyone disperse. You saw that everything turned to ash. You were broken. Your notebook was the only thing keeping you alive. Without it, you would’ve exploded so long ago. Just like you are now. You felt empty.

• • • • •

Jensen stared at your notebook. He wanted to open it, read it. But it felt like an invasion of privacy. He had no idea how he was gonna give it back to you. But he felt good that he grabbed it. Curiosity killing him inside, he placed your notebook inside your bag and he walked to the hotel he was staying at. Once inside, Jensen placed your bag on one of the chairs and he went to his bed and plopped himself on top. It wasn’t long till he knocked out. He dreamt of you.

Waking up the next day, he had a good idea. It involved you and him. And your bag was a great excuse to see you again. To talk to you. At least, he now has something that qualifies as the stupid phrase, I came to return your thing. Giving into his desire to see your book, he grabbed it and sat down in the bed. He slowly opened it to the first page. It had your name, your number, and your art school. And it also had a warning. “If you read my book without consent, I’m coming for you.” It didn’t scare him. He thoight maybe you put it there for humor. He slowly flipped a couple more until he finally got to the first real page. He admired the drawings but it gave him such agony and sadness to see what you had drawn. Jensen started to feel bad for reading your book. He wanted to get to know you. But little did he know, he was not doing the good thing at all. He was actually silently stabbing you and your trust.

with regards to bbc sherlock no longer being shown on public television in poland:

if i remember correctly, all of sherlock up until tab was aired, in addition to the bbc worldwide channel, on one of the main public tv channels in poland, which are not technically controlled by the government (essentially a polish equivalent of the bbc)

in between the airing of s3 and tab, poland underwent an election, with a right-wing party seizing control in the country. this party, prawo i sprawiedliwość (law and justice, lmao), has become increasingly more involved in the programming and has been firing people who were involved with public television and radio for DECADES and installing their own people in their place to monitor their own image in the media and to maintain tight control over the content shown 

this party, in addition to its many other sins, is INCREDIBLY VITRIOLIC TOWARDS THE LGBTIQ COMMUNITY, having publicly condemned everything from same-sex relationships and adoption to trans people as ‘homosexual propaganda’, and getting the catholic church heavily involved in their politics

so, before the government changed and started getting heavily involved with the programming, we got all of s3 with its fake sheri/arty kiss and the aborted love confession on the tarmac shown on a public channel, where literally anyone could watch it; however, since the government change and their involvement in the programming, sherlock mysteriously disappeared from the public channel and s4 will only be shown on a channel called bbc brit, which can only be accessed if you have one of those paid tv packages

so, why the change? surely if there was nothing that pushed the ‘homosexual propaganda’ within the show, they would’ve kept it on the public channel? if the show was good, pure, heterosexual fun, surely they wouldn’t have gotten rid of it since it was bringing in so many viewers?

i’ll leave you to your deductions, but the answer is pretty obvious to me.


“What a piece of work is mare - how noble in reason. How infinite in complexity…”

Everypony is always talking about how wonderful it would be to live in Equestria. While I’m inclined to agree, I suspect my reasoning might differ from other folks. I don’t see it as a world without pain. I see it as a lesson in how joy can triumph over pain.

Take Pinkie Pie. The bounciest pony in the bunch - the one most dedicated to spreading joy to her fellow pony. Laughter is more than just her Element - it’s her lifestyle, philosophy, and mission. Between Party of One, Friend in Deed, and Pinkie Pride, however, we see a certain insecurity - a desperation that suggests that Pinkie not only wants you to Smile, Smile, Smile, she needs you to in order to validate her very existence. The mere title of “Super Duper Party Pony,” for example, is Pinkie’s entire identity, (and her forfeit of it to live up to her promise to Dash is proof not only of her dependence on such labels, but of her profound dedication to the be-smile-ment of the equine race).

Now I am not trying to paint a dark tint to Pinkie Pie. While discussing the pain and insecurity beneath the surface of Pinkie might seem like a bummer, it’s actually that very lack of fluff - the defiance of children’s television stereotypes - the duality of pony that makes the show so compelling in the first place. The brilliance of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is in it’s character development - its explorations of the contradictions within an archetype such as “the clown.” Examining Pinkie Pie’s Ponyacci-esque tendency toward sadness actually illustrates the very beauty of her soul. Every laugh - every smile - every song is a victory march, and one that has potential to inspire us all.

Joy - real joy - comes not from a life free from pain, but from our conquest of that pain. Pinkie Pie rose from a rock farm - gray and dull - and taught her entire family the joy of parties - the meaning of pink!

That’s what My Little Pony celebrates, (whether it’s Fluttershy’s moments of bravery, or Rainbow Dash’s self-actualization beyond the approval of idols such as Daring Do or the Wonderbolts, or Rarity’s rise above the trappings of her own ego) - the little victories that make life worth living.

In the show, we are treated to a series of mostly believable happy endings, not because Equestria is a utopian paradise, but rather because these six beloved characters learn how to conquer their demons. To grow as moral beings - to experience the joy of coming together in support of one another. To know the magic of friendship.

That magic is something we can learn to incorporate into our everyday lives, even if the colors we see when we look out the window don’t always seem quite as bright as they do in Equestria.


Thunder Dance

The sky over Electricopolis is thick with clouds, trapping the sparkle of the top tier and reflecting it, soft and hot, into an ambient glow that seeps into every nook and cranny. The streetlights grow halos that shimmer in a dreamlike fog, and pearls of condensation develop on the windows of the stores.

Rain comes rarely in town, and when it does it is only after a long six, twelve, thirty-six hours of buildup, with the whole of the city holding its breath. Even those who live within the walls, unexposed, pay attention to the weather reports. Now? they whisper. Now.

But what really sets things off is when they hear the crack in the sky. The air becomes heavy, suffused with enough static to make anyone’s hair rise up. That’s the sign that the lightning’s coming, and everyone turns on the television–

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A comiXologist recommends:
Ghost Busters: Get Real #1

by: Dane Cypel

The Real Ghostbusters always seemed out of place- did they really expect me to believe that Egon was blonde, Slimer was good, and the containment unit was big and orange? Even as a child, I was distracted by these changes. Granted, I still watched every episode of the cartoon, and even now I sometimes return to watch a couple- Stay Puft is a great hero- but the cartoon and the films never really meshed.

And then I became aware of Ghostbusters: Get Real #1. Erik Burnham and Dan Schoening do the unthinkable and unite these two universes. Never mind that the first episode of the cartoon takes place immediately after defeating Gozer, or that Ghostbusters II’s only influence on the show was adding Louis Tully; Get Real is something else entirely.

Being the first issue of this arc, things are relatively slow. It begins within the world of the cartoon, which is captured in its mock-1980’s style animated appearance. At first it seemed a bit off, since it was unlike the style of the previous Ghostbusters books, but this homage works well. It went right for those feelings of nostalgia by looking like they were pulled right off the TV screen. Schoening, whose art I have been a fan of since he was brought to property, goes above and beyond.

The story, at this point, is still getting off the ground. While this is only issue number one, seeing the cartoon and the film characters interact created an inescapably giddy feeling. The Egons were weary and erudite, the Winstons couldn’t care less and the Rays were best friends. All those years of watching the cartoon and the film, creating those imaginary scenarios of this exact situation, can finally be experienced.

One can only wait and see how awesome this series will be…

[Read Ghostbusters: Get Real #1 on comiXology]

Dane Cypel is a digital editor at comiXology and freelance illustrator based in Manhattan.  

Just in time for the movie release, check out the latest article from JSTOR Daily, “Choose Your Own Adventure: The Marvel Universe and Our Cultural Values” 

“The Avengers: Age of Ultron premieres this week and is poised to become one of the biggest movies of the year, in addition to occupying a pivotal place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)—the shared universe that comprises the Marvel movies, television shows, DVD shorts, and comic tie-ins.

Age of Ultron is the sequel to The Avengers, the eleventh movie in the Marvel Studios franchise. Its release comes amid a stream of Marvel-related TV news: Netflix just ordered season two of the show Daredevil, and AKA Jessica Jones is currently filming for the online streaming service. ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. recently announced a spin-off, and Marvel’s Agent Carter is primed for a second season renewal.

The continued expansion of the MCU in both TV and movies continues the spirit of the Marvel comics universe, long established as an environment where the reader has control over what stories to read and how to read them. In a 1995 issue of Studies in Popular Culture, Carl Silvio wrote that a founding principle of the Marvel comics universe is the postmodern notion that “contests the idea of center as an organizing and totalizing principle” within a narrative.

For example, each Marvel comic title constitutes its own narrative core, but can be enriched by reading other titles in the universe and participating in crossover events. Expanding this concept to movies and television has been phenomenally successful for Marvel Studios. Viewers can choose to watch only the Iron Man movies, or only stick to the TV shows. Alternatively, a viewer can choose to watch all of the movies and shows, forming a richer understanding of the characters and relationships within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Superheroes in movies and comics are “culturally valuable because they help us better understand our society,” writes Jon Hogan in 2009. Age of Ultron, the latest cinematic addition to the MCU, demonstrates this by continuing to address themes established in 2008 with the release of Iron Man—the intersection of humanity and technology, and how good intentions and technological progress can lead to terrible outcomes. In the new Avengers movie, Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Bruce Banner (The Hulk) create Ultron—a sentient robot who becomes obsessed with destroying the human race—as a global defense system after the alien invasion in The Avengers.

The technology is just as much of a star in Iron Man as the man beneath the armor,” writes Hogan. “It is interesting to note that Stark has no special powers: he is a superhero because he knows how to build things.” Genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist Tony Stark reflects the moral ambiguity that surrounds society’s relationship with modern technology.

The expansion of the MCU with Age of Ultron, as well as its continued focus on technology and humanity, indicate that Marvel is upholding the values established by the comics over the last 40 years, and that our superheroes will continue to reflect those values and concerns back at us from the big and small screens.”

I want to fall mind numbingly, head over heels, obnoxiously in love with my body. I want mirrors to be invitations asking me to feel joy instead of punishments for my crimes. I want hands, my own and his, to run up and down it reveling in its necessity, its strength, its ability to give and feel pleasure, its unique capacity for life. I am shocked at the endless unconscious battle I fight within myself. I find myself in the middle of moments thinking only about my middle section and I want this to be about me. I don’t want falling in love with myself to be about tv shows or magazines or my best friend sitting across from me exclaiming today’s calorie / carb / sugar / sodium / Vitamin B / air count. I want it to be about knowing I can breathe myself through the difficult times and laugh loudly in the good ones. I want to claim the confidence that is constantly assigned to me instead of letting the label float like a foreign body. I do not want my body to be foreign. I do not want it to be confusing or bad. I want to be in love with it, and I don’t want that to be about you.
—  this is about me, n.m.
Behind the “Great Leap Forward” of SKE48

SKE48 took a great leap forward in AKB48′s 41th Single Senbatsu Election, held at Fukuoka Dome on the 6th.  Out of 80 spots, 27 (including Miyazawa Sae, who holds a concurrent position in SNH48) were SKE48 members, despite ace Matsui Rena’s resignation from candidacy and 6 graduated members who ranked last year.  They have surpassed AKB48, who sent 23 people into the 80 spots, as “the Majority Party of the 48G”.  Why is SKE so strong at elections?  We believe the furious anger of SKE fans towards the group’s “unfortunate situation” is at work here.

Sending Matsumura Kaori (13th) and Takayanagi Akane (14th) into senbatsu for the first time, “Nagoya Power” exploded in Hakata.  The sounds of joy coming from the stands is a result of vote-collecting “Election Committee” hard at work.

These committees are voluntary organizations formed by fans.  They rent conference rooms and gather to open CDs or enter voting codes.  With many of these at work, it’s no wonder people say that “among 48G fans, SKE48 fans are extremely passionate.”

But the motivation behind the passion is more complicated that it seems.  According to an SKE fan, “SKE is most vocal when it comes to complaints against the management and taking actions.”  The frustration from SKE’s current situation builds up over time and reaches a critical point at Senbatsu Election.

Despite having “W Matsui” Jurina and Rena and popularity not very far behind AKB, SKE has the least media exposure.  The other two local groups NMB48 and HKT48 both have their own shows on local TV stations, but SKE has none on Nagoya networks.  HKT48 even has regular shows in the Kanto TV network, which makes the contrast more obvious.

There are also many fans that think the lack of local concerts or events outside of theater is a problem.  NMB toured within Osaka and Kinki just 2 years after the formation of the group, and HKT went on a Kyushu tour in their 2nd year.  But SKE, which considers Aichi, Gifu and Mie prefectures as its home, has only sent Team KII to perform in Mie in their 7th year, and has never held a concert in Gifu.  “SKE has very few live shows, so we have nowhere to spend our money other than on elections” said a local fan, sarcastically.

The reason why SKE can’t have individual live events is probably because AKB has a higher priority.  Local groups have to attend AKB’s individual handshakes, and that contributes to the AKB’s record of continuously selling above 1 million copies.  “SKE members have to attend both SKE and AKB handshakes, which take place on weekends and that’s why they have no time for live concerts.”

The lack of media exposure and other outlets (relative to other groups) is what fueled the fire of SKE fans to make the group the Majority Party.  

As a well-known SKE fan, Kato Shinpe, an ex-cycling Grand Prix champion, said that “SKE wotas want to see members rewarded more.  There’s nothing else we can do except to help them rank higher at Senbatsu Election, which commands the attention of the entire nation.  That’s why we spend every penny we have to support them.”  It will be interesting to see if the passion of the fans reach management from here on.



by David Isle

You saw a picture of some guy on the Internet with a thing in his breast pocket. You thought it looked cool. You bought a pocket square. Now you’re staring at it and thinking, “Now what?”

You’ve gotta get the thing in your pocket somehow. Any method that accomplishes this task is called a pocket square “fold.” There’s no precise origami required. In fact, precision is discouraged, for two reasons:

  1. The first rule of pocket square-wearing is that you’re supposed to act like it’s not that big a deal. As if you didn’t just search the Internet for how to wear one. So it should look like you didn’t care too much about the fold. A risky, though plausible, method for accomplishing this is to actually not care too much about the fold.

  2. Whatever fold you settle on in front of the mirror, you will have a completely different fold within 5 minutes of walking out the door.

There are two methods for “folding” squares:

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Met Gala 2016: Start Time, How to Watch, and Everything to Know

The easiest way to explain to someone what the function of the Met Gala is is that it’s fashion’s Super Bowl. So, its famous people in pretty dresses playing football? No, but that would be fun, and someone should invent that! Instead, the Met Gala is an occasion in which celebrities converge in honor of the Costume Institute’s annual fashion exhibit — or because Anna Wintour told them to.

Part–red carpet, part–really fancy dinner party, the Met Gala acts as a fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. Though the celebs on the guest list don’t have to pay to attend, the rest of the attendees have forked over $25,000 each to eat among the stars.

Every year, the stars dress up in accordance with the theme of the exhibit, which in the past have included an Alexander McQueen retrospective, an exploration of Chinese fashion, and how punk style became incorporated into couture fashion.

Below, everything else know before the red carpet to end all red carpets begins tonight.

The Theme:

The Costume Institute’s new exhibit is entitled Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology (sigh), and will explore the blurring line between man- and machine-made fashion. It’s traditional for guests to wear garments that reflect the theme, which means that we can likely expect to see plenty of futuristic (and hopefully plenty of retro-futuristic, too) looks on the red carpet. Keep an eye out for outfits that employ both handmade and technologically produced designs, like embroidery or lasercutting.

As always, however, there’ll be a handful of celebs who completely ignore the theme altogether, and another handful who go completely bonkers with it. That’s part of the fun!

The Hosts:

Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour has been the event’s official chair and host since 1995, but each year, she selects an honorary chair to preside over the event. This year’s choice? Newly bleach blonde Vogue cover girl Taylor Swift.

Her co-hosts for the evening are Idris Elba, and Apple’s chief design officer Jonathan Ive. Honorary chairs include Louis Vuitton designer Nicolas Ghesquière, Karl Lagerfeld, and Miuccia Prada. Apple is also sponsoring the event, fittingly.

The Attendees:

Wintour and the Costume Institute have been oddly secretive about this year’s guest list, but celebrities and designers often come paired up, with designers on the arm of the celebrity they’ve dressed for the evening. Since Anna Wintour and Vogue staffers select each of the 650 to 700 people on the guest list, expect standby A-listers like Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna, and Kim and Kanye to be there.

There’s also always a performer, and it’s always a big one. (For context, last year’s was Rihanna.) Speculation of this year’s is falling squarely on the shoulders of perhaps the only pop star who could top her, Beyoncé, who hasn’t missed a Met Gala in years. Because Taylor Swift is the honorary chair of this year’s event, she will likely not perform.

How to Watch:

In years past, the Met Gala red carpet was not televised, and the only way to see the celebrities was to either be there or find photos of them online. But for the first time ever, E! will cover the event via its special, Live from the Red Carpet, which will be similar to their coverage for awards shows like the Oscars. A red carpet pre-show will air at 7 p.m., followed by red carpet fashion at 7:30 p.m.

In another new development this year, Instagram will also be highlighting the best videos from within the Met Ball via a dedicated video channel. It’ll be accessible on the Explore page until Tuesday at 5 p.m., according to WWD.

The actual gala will not be televised, and guests are forbidden to use social media during the event.

Yesterday I mailed ABCFamily about the possibility of watching Shadowhunters legally when it airs in Januari for non-american fans. This was the responds I got. 

Jun 30, 11:48 AM

Hi ABC viewer,

Thanks for contacting WATCH ABC Customer Care. I see that you are in Europe and you would like to have access to WATCH ABC to view Shadowhunters. I’m happy to help you.

As you know, WATCH ABC is only available if you’re accessing the site from within the U.S. or its territories (including Puerto Rico, Guam, Saipan, American Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands). Unfortunately we do not have information on the possibility of viewing and supporting Shadowhunters in Europe. I think your best bet would be to encourage TV channels in your area to try to get the rights to broadcast the show by calling them or through social media. I would love for you to be able to watch the series but I just don’t have enough information to be able to help you. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.

Please reply to this message if you have additional questions or concerns.

Have a great day!

Looks like for Non-European fans, as of yet, there will be no legal way to see this show, nor to have our views counted with ratings. This means that the success of the show will depend solely on the American fans. (as with most shows, even if they do well aboard)
I have been told that Netflix tends to upload AbcFamily shows once the season is over, but otherwise you have been adviced as mentioned above to ask your own Tv channels to buy this show, which usually means a delay as well, but you would be able to watch it on your own telly, instead of having to pay extra for a netflix account. 
They could still decide to open the show up for non-american fans, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for it. 

I think Yuri on Ice is one of the only TV shows I’ve ever watched where the fandom has complete trust in the creator. Usually when something happens people assume the worst, but instead all I see are posts praising Kubo Mitsurou for staying true to the characters and the plot, for doing the maximum she could within the constraints of censorship issues and just complete trust that she will not screw us over like others have.

I just watched the HIMYM finale. My verdict: Carter Bays and Craig Thomas should refrain from making anything for television for a while. And by a while I mean for indefinitely a very long time.

The ending was horrible, and in many ways extremely insensitive. The whole point of the show was how he meets “the mother,” who had been strategically removed/left out from the series for eight years, only to be introduced and removed again within the same season, and that too so nonchalantly. Okay Bays and Thomas. You got your viewer ratings. Take a break for a while.

I need to learn to forgive myself for wasting these years following a show that couldn’t end more poorly.

The Bite of ‘83 (?)

Head over here for our Bite of ‘87 theory!

One of the most controversial topics in the FNaF community after the release of the fourth installment in the series is of the infamous Bite of ’87. After an Easter Egg has been discovered featuring a television show called “Fredbear and Friends” and the year 1983, it has thrown everybody off as to when the Bite really did occur. We have handfuls of people defending each side in the form of asks or comments, like one big tug of war game. Originally, we had stuck to the theory that the Bite occurred in 1987, but there are definitely inconsistencies with that theory that cannot be ignored.

Firstly, a quick timeline of the establishments would be helpful to sort out. After Fredbear’s Family Diner had closed, Fazbear Entertainment opened the first Pizzeria, in the form of more than one building, as there were said to be a “sister location”. The locations then closed simultaneously in order to open the FNaF 2 location, which had been bigger and better. The FNaF 2 location featured the new Toy animatronics. After the FNaF 2 location closed, only within a few weeks of its reopening, the FNaF 1 location opened.

One of the things to consider is the free-roaming capability of the animatronics and its relation to the Bite. In FNaF 1, we clearly hear the phone guy say that the animatronics were allowed to walk around during the day before the Bite of 87 happened. If the Bite had occurred in the first pizzeria, the Toy animatronics, which had not been introduced at that time, would never have been allowed to roam. Keep in mind, however, that the Easter Egg television show may have been a red herring as a re-run, which happens often on TV.

Additionally, think about the orientation of Fredbear and Spring Bonnie on stage. They were stationary (aside from bouncing). The Bite of ’87 is made out to be an incident with an animatronic that was free-roaming, or else there would be no need to turn off the free-roaming mode of any following animatronics.

One more thing to consider about the phone guy’s calls in FNaF 2 is that he does not speak of the Bite of 87 at all throughout the game. This may mean it hasn’t even happened yet through the course of the game and it had to have happened after the 6th night when Jeremy was going to take the day shift.
The Phone Guy also states that the last establishment was left to rot for a while. A span of over 4 years, between 1983 and 1987, would definitely be considered rotting.

The Bite of ’87 could have very well been not by Fredbear, there could even have been two bites, seeing as Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, by policy, cleans accidents before even reporting them. As stated in the beginning, there are too many inconsistencies to properly and fully support either side. For example, if it was the Bite of ’83, then why does Fredbear/Golden Freddy appear limp and jaw hanging open with a blank stare? Why does he appear once 1/9/8/7 is entered for the custom night in FNaF 1? Both arguments overlap at some points and invalidate one another at others, which is why it is so hard to confirm the truth.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether this information is enough to debunk the Bite of ’87! We found it best to, instead of taking sides, provide you guys with both options to avoid ignoring equally valid points in defense of the Bite of ’83 theory. Again, here’s the link to our earlier Bite of ’87 theory! Let us know if anything we said had changed your mind!

– H & G