and it's only within this tv show

If you write a story or plot or episode or whatever where Jews are for trump you are being antisemitic and are doing some real old antisemitism too.

Jews overwhelmingly voted aganist trump and have been against trump since he first entered the election.

Please stop this you further hurting Jews with this false retoric.

There was a tv show that had its Jewish character be a trump supporter.

That is antisemitic and ignores the fact that Jews overwhelmingly have not been gor him.

We are a tiny population of the United States population we are only 2% of it yet over half of religiously motivated hate crimes are directed aganist us and that number rose by 9% within weeks of trump winning.

In fact since he has won there has none stop been hate crimes committed against Jews and harrasement towards Jews.

Please stop this false retoric of Jews being for trump when 75% of us voted aganist him.

Please stop using the small amount that support him to throw the rest of us which is the majority of us under the bus.

Thank you and this has been a psa.

I think Yuri on Ice is one of the only TV shows I’ve ever watched where the fandom has complete trust in the creator. Usually when something happens people assume the worst, but instead all I see are posts praising Kubo Mitsurou for staying true to the characters and the plot, for doing the maximum she could within the constraints of censorship issues and just complete trust that she will not screw us over like others have.

  • people in 1970: star trek is over. the evil is defeated. all you nerds can shut up and go home now.
  • people in 2016, awaiting a new star trek movie and TV show to be released within less than a year of each other: what?
Thunder Dance

The sky over Electricopolis is thick with clouds, trapping the sparkle of the top tier and reflecting it, soft and hot, into an ambient glow that seeps into every nook and cranny. The streetlights grow halos that shimmer in a dreamlike fog, and pearls of condensation develop on the windows of the stores.

Rain comes rarely in town, and when it does it is only after a long six, twelve, thirty-six hours of buildup, with the whole of the city holding its breath. Even those who live within the walls, unexposed, pay attention to the weather reports. Now? they whisper. Now.

But what really sets things off is when they hear the crack in the sky. The air becomes heavy, suffused with enough static to make anyone’s hair rise up. That’s the sign that the lightning’s coming, and everyone turns on the television–

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Yesterday I mailed ABCFamily about the possibility of watching Shadowhunters legally when it airs in Januari for non-american fans. This was the responds I got. 

Jun 30, 11:48 AM

Hi ABC viewer,

Thanks for contacting WATCH ABC Customer Care. I see that you are in Europe and you would like to have access to WATCH ABC to view Shadowhunters. I’m happy to help you.

As you know, WATCH ABC is only available if you’re accessing the site from within the U.S. or its territories (including Puerto Rico, Guam, Saipan, American Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands). Unfortunately we do not have information on the possibility of viewing and supporting Shadowhunters in Europe. I think your best bet would be to encourage TV channels in your area to try to get the rights to broadcast the show by calling them or through social media. I would love for you to be able to watch the series but I just don’t have enough information to be able to help you. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.

Please reply to this message if you have additional questions or concerns.

Have a great day!

Looks like for Non-European fans, as of yet, there will be no legal way to see this show, nor to have our views counted with ratings. This means that the success of the show will depend solely on the American fans. (as with most shows, even if they do well aboard)
I have been told that Netflix tends to upload AbcFamily shows once the season is over, but otherwise you have been adviced as mentioned above to ask your own Tv channels to buy this show, which usually means a delay as well, but you would be able to watch it on your own telly, instead of having to pay extra for a netflix account. 
They could still decide to open the show up for non-american fans, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for it.