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Hey all, if you’ve been wondering why you haven’t heard much from me, it’s because we’re holding our breath here with Eva’s condition. She started with some severe diharrea a few days ago and it has yet to clear up. We have no idea if its from the cancer progressing or something she got into. There was a lot of blood in her diharrea today (though the vet said that’s probably just from 3 straight days of straining). She started new medicine, so we can only hope that clears it up. She is still eating a lot (bland diet) and drinking…and is perky, though mostly weak and tired. I honestly don’t know what will happen this week, but I’ll keep the blog updated as much as I can. Please keep Eva in your thoughts 🙏

no offense but i wish taylor nation prioritized picking fans for special events that have never met taylor or been picked for events before. with all the complaining the past few days its evident that people who’ve been selected for things in the past are being picked yet again while people who have never had any such opportunity just sit back and wonder why are the same people being picked for these things? of course there’s new people in the mix being selected, but when making the selection it should really consider how recently you’ve met her or seen her live, and taylor nation should be asking that. i’m not saying you only get to meet taylor once or you only get to go to these events once and that’s it. i just want those people who haven’t had these amazing opportunities to be considered and picked before you even think about picking people who’ve met her before or whatever. that’s it.

there’s a place you just can’t reach unless you have a dream too large to bear alone

Okay so if you followed me for the few days before episode 12 was released, by now you’re probably aware that this is not how I wanted the anime to end.

But allow me to stress one thing that changes practically everything about my post-ep 12 feelings: This is not the end.

If this were the end, if this were the only season and there were no promise of another one then boy, I would have been pissed, to put it lightly.

But it isn’t over. That’s the point.

Yes, I wanted both Victor and Yuuri to retire, get married and live happily ever after in Hasetsu or Saint Petersburg or anywhere as long as they’re happy and married (and pair skating ofc). And yeah, I do feel like the anime was building up to both of them retiring and the development of episode 12 was forced and practically felt untrue to the characters, as though the writers were disregarding the past 11 episodes, but I can all but forgive them for such an inconsistent finale because it wasn’t a finale. It was a transition, and a sloppy one at that imho, but the point is that this is not the end.

I think most of us by now agree that they changed the last episode sometime in the last few weeks after realizing how popular the anime is and that having a decisive conclusion right now would kill the chances of a second season and when something’s popular and does well with the audience then killing the chances of a second season is a terrible idea.

So they basically did the opposite. They bet everything on the promise of a second season, going as far as delivering a final episode that tried to please everyone and ended up sort of annoying a good portion of the fans.

But you know what I say? Fair enough.

Because I also wanted more backstories and more domestic moments and more character interactions and just more. More than 12 episodes could cover. So that’s exactly what we’ll get. We’ll have more.

And I’m sure there are people out there who say that “I’d rather have one wholesome, perfect season than two, especially if the first one ended so poorly.” And yeah, I get those sentiments but I’d rather give Kubo and the team the benefit of the doubt and trust them to make an equally (or more) amazing second season, rather than write it off as trash just because it was somewhat inconsistent with season one. They have months to work on that story and I’m sure they can come up with something good in this period of time.

The finale to season one of YOI has left me unsatisfied.

But am I disappointed? Do I feel betrayed? Did it ruin the anime for me or make me love it any less?


Because if for the price of a lesser finale to episode 12, we can get another season of twelve episodes that could potentially even top this one then that’s a price I am willing to pay.

Victor and Yuuri can retire and get married at any point in time in their career. So long as they’re together, I believe everything will be fine.

And if I can get an extra 12 episodes and my perfect happy ending then not even a weak finale to one season can kill the joy in me.


Bestiary - Harts (1/3)

Red Hart 

Sure-footed, calm, and with regal bearing, the red hart is admired throughout Thedas. To glimpse one in the wild is considered good fortune; to hunt one for sport is considered extreme folly. Though it is rare to find one in a stable, there have been a few cases where the red hart has been used as a mount. It is said that a red hart will only permit one person as its rider and the bond between rider and animal is unparalleled. 

A great hart of impeccable health and ability. Such mounts are a triumph of breeding and careful training. 

Honored to see one up close without meeting it points-first. The pride of the stable. Of any stable. Even the Dalish I’ve had occasion to ask have said it’s rare to glimpse them at a distance. The few who have mastered one - and it truly is very few - say there is no animal more sure of foot, more attuned to its rider, more inspirational to simply gaze upon. You want to match the majesty of this creature? Grow some bloody wings. —A Horsemaster’s Notes On Mounts


Sabine’s only ever sung around Chopper when she’s working or painting. 

It was by chance Ezra walked past and heard her amazing voice. 

Meeting Esker

“Good work today, everyone.”

Shiro stood on the bridge, arms folded as he watched Allura power up the ship’s crystal and the stars melt away when they entered the wormhole. It had been seven days of fighting, rallying the slaves against the Galra and retaking the small moon for its original inhabitants. Like so many, however, it had been mined dry, doomed to collapse. They had only just transported the last of the survivors to Arus for recuperation. It was time to take a few days for themselves.

The rest of the crew was scattered around the bridge, lounging with drinks or gulping down food goo. Shiro scanned them all, satisfied to see their tired grins and hear some relaxed banter.

The calm was interrupted when Coran emitted an undignified screech.
“Don’t sneak up like that!” He chided, his mustache bristling. Shiro turned his attention to Coran’s assailant and was met with the sight of a young woman. A Kellan, like Rolo. He had seen very few of their kind. He stepped forward, and she tensed at his approach.

She was wiry, thin, and battered from her time enslaved in Lotor’s mining colony, but she held herself confidently. Spirit sparked in her eyes. Anger too, though Shiro was unsure where it was directed.

“Why are you still here?” Shiro asked as the other paladins gathered around him.

“My name is Esker.” The Kellan spat proudly. “I want to stay on your ship. I’ll be of use to you. I’m a skilled fighter. I can teach you how to really use those bits of metal you call bayards.” She had obviously rehearsed this, fists clenched at her sides. “I wouldn’t be satisfied sitting by while other people fight my battles for me. I know Lotor. Too well. I want to be a part of destroying him.”

Lance put his hands on his hips, flashing one of his cocky grins at the stowaway. “We’re the pilots of Voltron. I think we can handle one creepy Galran prince. Right guys?”

Before anyone could say Yelmore, Esker had pounced on the lanky boy, deftly twisting his arm behind his back. Lance squeaked in surprise.
“Ow ow ow ow ow ow!”

Esker looked around at the paladins, mouth pressed into a thin, determined line. “You’re going to need an edge to take down Lotor. It’s easy to overpower your enemies with magical robotic beasts and weapons. But what happens when your bayards are taken from you? When your lions are damaged or unresponsive? You’re leaning on them like a crutch. I can teach you to be sharp on your own. Let me stay.”

The paladins looked around at one another thoughtfully, but it was Keith who was first to speak.

Shiro rubbed the back of his neck, throwing a look at Allura and Coran, but they only shrugged.
“It’s too late to go back now.” Allura said. “We’ll discuss it further tomorrow. For now, Esker, why don’t you get cleaned up?”
Esker let Lance go, standing up straight.

“You won’t regret it.” Esker breathed a pent up sigh of relief, her body language relaxing now that she was a guest and not a fugitive. “I promise.”


She does end up in one of Lance’s Earth shirts.
Esker’s tie in to the Voltron team~ I hope you enjoy!

I can’t wait to make Lance the slow learner who eventually surpasses everyone in physical fighting prowess. Can you imagine Lance beating Keith in a spar? He’d be a total peacock after that, but the boy deserves a real boost to his ego, not just himself telling himself he’s cool, even though it’s 100% true.


House Stark of Winterfell is one of the Great Houses of Westeros and the principal noble house of the north. In days of old they ruled as Kings of Winter, but since Aegon’s Conquest they have been Wardens of the North and ruled as Lords of Winterfell. Their seat, Winterfell, is an ancient castle renowned for its strength. Their sigil is a grey direwolf racing across a field of white. Their words are “Winter is Coming”, one of only a few house mottoes to be a warning rather than a boast.

Its really pissing me off that I’m not seeing a lot about Aleppo in social media today. Like i know its just social media but.. when a massacre happens in a western country, everyone is changing their statuses and icons and saying “PRAY FOR _____” and holding vigils and crying for days. Yet i have never seen anything for Syria. They have been going through far worse than any western country in these past few years. All these celebs only care about western countries and they’re the ones with the biggest social media platform who can actually spread things. When it comes to places like Syria everyone ignores it. When it comes to places like Syria its “all lives matter” and not “pray for syria” specifically. If all lives matter then fuckin say something or do something. It takes YEARS of constant attacks in these countries and a photo of a young boy covered in blood and ruins for y'all to say anything. Why is this not the #1 thing being talked about in the world. Why is no one doing anything. Why does no one want to stand up against a mass genocide. There are thousands of people over there right now crying out for help but the world is collectively ignoring them and letting it happen. 

Final Fantasy XV - Aftermath Thoughts Part 4 (spoilers) ~

Funny enough, the four main characters were the only thing I was actually worried about when going into this game. The boy band thing wasn’t really a problem, but they looked so damn stereotyped that I was legitimately scared it was all they were. And holy shit, not only did the game prove me wrong, it fuckin shattered me.

So, I’m gonna tell you something: I’ve been fuckin dreading to write this part. The part about the main characters. For the sole reason that I’m actually convinced that I won’t find the right words for it. I was so emotionally damaged by the ending that I couldn’t watch FFXV or listen to its OST for an entire day. But since I’m not a pussy I’m gonna try writing it down anyway, so here it comes.

A few months ago I watched one of the roughtly bijillion trailers for the game, in which Cid says to Noctis: “They are not just your bodyguards, they are your brothers”. Back then I rolled my eyes, turned to my better half and was like: “Geez this is gonna be SO over the top.” I remembered this quote literally within the first two or three minutes of the opening.

And fuckin chocked on my own words.

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!!!!!!!!!BIG FREAKING DEAL ALERT!!!!!!!!!! Im a little down, and think to myself, why not go to your fave store from your skinny days. Old Navy. I havent been able to shop there in YEARS. Years people!!

So i walk in, grab a few jeans and tops, fully expecting this to be a “well this will just motivate you to come back in a month after doing more work” kinda thing. UM..THAT SHIT FIT GUYS. Not only that, but some of the tops were actually too big. Pretty fuckin sure the people next to me heard me squeal.
See this a pic, yes its horrible, yes im still at the high end of the size chart, but DAMNIT. i can just waltz into a store like a normal person and pick something out.
Those plus size sections full of cobwebs, flowered moo-moos and horrible high waisted pants are slowly creeping away.
Hell yes, today is a damn good day!!
And yes, I..who hates shopping, and equally, spending money bought 2 pants and a top. BOOM.
Omg I cant even.

Alright, Serious Talk.

So I’ve been talking to this fellow for 3 days now, asking him to stop reposting my art and remove it. He’s been stalling and ignoring my request, trying to slip in a few excuses to try and continue posting my works. (Not to mention he posted other works of mine that we never agreed on when he asked me to post my art with credit given)

The reason I have asked him now to remove it is because I’ve grown VERY uncomfortable with him posting my art. (not to mention he doesn’t seem to want to correct anyone who claims the art to be his which is one of the reasons why I’ve become uncomfortable with it.)

I don’t understand why it has taken three days for him to just accept that I no longer give him permission to post my art, but I’ve finally had it and am now FURIOUS to no ends.

My friend helped me come to the conclusion that it is now THEFT. I no longer give him permission, yet he still stalls with me wanting to keep the art that ISN’T HIS on his account. 

So I will be reporting and blocking him on this site and DA. 

I am rather fed up with this type of stuff: It isn’t your art, it isn’t your blog, IT ISN’T YOUR AU. What gave you the right to think that you can ignore me like that and try and direct me to do what you want me to do?! 

I’m done. Really. I’m done letting people push me around like this. I am a kind and very, VERY patient person. I really am. But I have a line AND I AM PISSED. I am still a person. I have FEELINGS. I work my ass off making those drawings and making this AU. I’ve spent WEEKS thinking up plot and designs. This right here has pushed me over and I’m FED UP.

I’m not a door mat for you to walk on. I’m not a robot who will do everything you ask. Treat me with respect and I will do the same. 

Not your Fault

Hey guys! Here’s the first of my New Years’ Writing Binge, and my first request for Avatar. Enjoy!

Warnings: Angsty Zuko, cheesy as all hell, and very ‘wish fulfillment.’ (come on, who didn’t want to tell Zuko this stuff as a kid?) Also this one’s a little short.

Outside your tent, the fire had burned down low and sullen, and its quiet crackle was the only sound you could hear in the Gaang’s camp. You didn’t know how many of the others were actually asleep, though. In just a few days, you’d go your separate ways for the invasion of the Fire Nation and Aang’s (hopefully) defeat of Fire Lord Ozai. As a non-bender, you’d be going with Sokka’s team - but you weren’t worrying about that. You’d been in plenty of battles leading up to this. No, it wasn’t the fighting keeping you up. A lump formed in your throat.

You’d have to leave Zuko alone to fight Azula. 

You rolled over and sighed, just a little too loud. From one of the other tents, Sokka grumbled. “Go to sleep!”

You giggled for a second, then stopped. Someone was getting up. You listened carefully. Was it Aang? There was a crashing sound, a very loud curse. Not Aang, then. Then, the whoosh of fire-bending. Zuko.

You rolled to your feet and scrambled outside. “Zuko?” you hissed. “You okay?”

He muttered something under his breath, but when he turned to you, his face was calm, if a little sullen. “Fine. Go back to sleep, Y/N.”

“Ha! That’s likely,” you murmured, and came to sit beside him. He’d restarted the fire, and was sitting dejectedly on one of the earth-benches that Toph had shaped earlier. “What’s up, Zuko?”

He didn’t answer for a while, just poked at the fire and watched the sparks burst into the sky. “It’ll never be enough,” 

You waited, listening to the sounds of night, for him to elaborate, but he didn’t. “Okay…what won’t be enough?” you prompted.

“Me,” he said miserably. “I’m not. I wasn’t enough for my father and no matter how much I do to help the Avatar, it’ll never repair the harm I did as his enemy.”

You said nothing for a bit, your heart sinking. Oh, no. While you might be known among the Gaang as the one who gave the best advice, it never seemed to help with Zuko. Still, that didn’t mean you couldn’t try - you’d gotten his story in bits and pieces, tiny scraps of his past revealed in moments like these. You shifted on the bench to face him better.

“Oh, Zu,” you said sadly, taking his hand. “Okay, yeah, you did some bad stuff. Who hasn’t? You’re not perfect, but you’re trying. That’s all anyone can do, their best.”

He swallowed so hard you could see the movement in this throat. “It doesn’t matter what you say.” His voice was rough, harsher than he meant it to be. “You don’t know how hard this is for me. I betrayed my uncle, and my father -”

“Your father’s a lousy sack of dead fish,” you interrupted. Usually you tried not to do that, but it always made you so angry when he talked about the Firelord. All that talk about wanting to regain his honor - all he wanted was his father’s love, and that horrible cretin couldn’t even give him that. “No offense, but he challenged his own son to a duel. He burned you, Zu. A good father doesn’t do that.”

Zuko made a strangled sound in his throat; he was starting to learn that, but new knowledge hurt sometimes. His shoulders hunched inward, and your heart bled for him. You reached out a hand to his shoulder. “You’re not a bad person, Zuko. You’re not a perfect angel, but nobody else is either. And what happened with your dad? That is not your fault.”

He jerked away, muscles tensing. “Not my fault? I should’ve -”

“It wasn’t your fault,” you said firmly. “Not in a million years.”

He squeezed his eyes shut, but then let his shoulders slump down. “I -” He choked off, and ran a hand through his silky black hair. “I know that. In my head, I mean. I’m trying to really know it, but it hasn’t exactly sunk in.”

“And that’s okay,” you told him. “I know what you mean, but if you keep telling yourself what you know in your head, eventually your heart will catch up.”

He dropped his head in his hands and sighed. “Thanks, Y/N.”

You grinned. “No problem, Zu. That’s what I’m here for.”

He glanced at you out the corner of one scarred eye. “You’re really good at this, y’know that?”

You shrugged. “Thanks. It’s kinda my thing.” You paused, and one lone thought flitted across your mind: now would be the perfect time to kiss him.

No! You couldn’t do that to him, so soon before the battle. And what if he didn’t even like you back? Your stomach twisted in knots, staring at the firelight flickering over his beautiful face. 

“Well,” you said finally, standing off the bench, “big day tomorrow. I guess I better…” you trailed off, heartbeat speeding up. He’d grabbed your wrist, and his golden eyes were looking up right into yours.

“Don’t leave,” he whispered. “Please.”

“Zuko…” You swallowed and blinked. “I -”

He stood slowly, never taking his eyes from yours, and came closer, closer, closer to you. He gave you all the time in the world to move away.

You didn’t. Softly, hesitatingly, he brushed his lips against yours with a tiny thrill like honey and sparks in your chest. And then he broke away, and didn’t say a thing. His eyes met yours once again, asking their wordless question. When he spoke, his voice was husky. “If we win?”

When we win,” you said fiercely. And even though everything in you was telling you to stay, to be close to him, you stood and turned your back, and went back to your tent.

Soon, you told yourself. Soon.