and it's only 9:30am


Children of Gods

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warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

I’m so proud of tsukki from the last episode so i drew him

r0wlets  asked:

A Pyukumuku in a salmon suit? o:

Im gonna show my best friend pyukumuku to everyone in town…. wearing a salmon suit!

((i….i honestly cant believe you made me draw this with my own two hands))

friendly reminder that keith, the second shortest of the team has to bend down to look at pidge


03-12-16 ∴ I run.

  • Caraphernelia
  • Pierce the Veil
  • Selfish Machines

30 Day Song ChallengeDay Three - A song that brings back memories
    ↳ Caraphernelia - Pierce the Veil - Selfish Machines

what if i can't forget you? i'll burn your name into my throat, i'll be the fire that'll catch you. what's so good about picking up the pieces? what if i don't even want to?