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not really an ask nut i wanted to say your jaxter posts give me life and your artwork is amazing

omg i hope you don’t mind me posting this but this LITERALLY means the world to me…. i fucking love jaxter so much and i have it to thank for meeting my wife too so it’s like ogmdfogdfkjg when other people like my own stuff it makes me really happy!!!!!

thank you so so so so so much omg!!!!! have a little jaxter doodle i sketched last night

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

King Regis speaking with the others before the journey
  • King Regis: Gladiolus, I trust you to be my sons shield on this journey, and I trust you to keep him in line
  • Gladiolus: I shall
  • King Regis: Prompto, I trust you to help Noctis stay grounded, that you'll help him balance his duty and humanity
  • Prompto: I promise!
  • King Regis: Ignis, you are needed most of all, for I had an omen most disheartening
  • Ignis: Yes, your highness?
  • King Regis: I saw Noctis trying to cook. He died, Ignis, he died trying to make toast with a fire spell. There was an explosion. Everything but the bread was toast. I trust you to cook because he can't cook to save his life. Literally
  • Ignis: I shall ensure he doesn't starve or try to cook
  • Gladiolus and Prompto: Thank God

i cant believe her name is hekapoo but i love her already

happy or angry? 


I’m so proud of tsukki from the last episode so i drew him



cant decide on a bg so just. heres the transparent version so you can slap it on whatever. preferably smthing warm bc its hecking cold over here jfc 

some doodle-y warmups of @cat-pun‘s Ophelia (drawn with minimal reference forgive me)


Chanyeol’s Birthday Countdown: The ABCs of Chanyeol
➥ Day 6 - U for Untouchable man