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Top 5 Thor: Ragnarok moments? ;)

I had *such* a rough day, and this is the best Ask I have ever received. Bless. <3

In reverse order:

5. The Play ™

I know The Dark World has its faults, but I love it to bits. How could I not; it’s the movie that made me a Loki fan. (I’m a sucker for redemption stories, and this is the film that starts Loki down that path.) The scene with Loki, Thor, Jane, and Malekith (& company) in Svartalfheim is my favorite in that film. So I was slightly surprised to find myself enjoying Loki’s play in Ragnarok as much as I did, considering that it flat-out makes fun of the whole thing.

Maybe it’s because I realize that the pay-off of mocking Loki’s faux-heroic-sacrifice is that any teasing and depowering of Loki pushes the character further down the path of redemption and humanization. 

Or maybe I just really love Matt Damon. Man, that was fantastic.

4. Loki and Thor in NYC

If the entire movie had just been Loki and Thor wandering around New York in their street clothes, I would’ve been delighted. In the first three films, Loki is, in turn: the Shakespearean-tragedy fallen younger brother, the evil supervillain with flash and a sense of humor, and the sarcasm-shielded walking shoulder chip teetering on the edge of redemption. But Ragnarok’s scene in New York is possibly the first time we see Loki where he is just, y’know, human. Whether he’s trying to react offhandedly to Thor’s upset about Loki’s latest tricks, rolling his eyes at his brother’s fans asking for selfies, or being sincerely affronted by Thor mocking his all-black get-up, Loki is really a person, here. And it’s lovely.

Also I could watch Dr. Strange get the better of him all day.

3. The Death of Odin

For all the humor of Ragnarok, this was a movie with a lot of heart snuck in. I love seeing the three remaining family members together again for the last time. I love that we get to hear Odin tell Loki that he loves him, and I love the way in which you can see these words, and the loss a moment later, affect Loki. (Bless you, Mr. Hiddleston.) I love that it’s just a beautiful scene – the location, the costumes, the visuals of Odin fading into light. I love that Thor and Loki are together to share this sadness. I lost my dad as a teen, and so this scene both resonates with me and is cathartic at the same time.

2. “Your savior is here!”

Hiddleston said it perfectly: Loki may soar in to save the day in the most grandiose, diva way he possibly could – but he still came to join the party. I’ve gotten a bit misty-eyed at this scene; there is something so magnificent about seeing this flawed Trickster decide to be a hero, decide to help, decide to be kind. 

1. Get Help

The elevator scene is quite possibly the best thing in the history of Loki’s character – it starts off with Thor flat-out interventioning Loki, which is exactly what Loki needed to really start to push through the hurdles towards redemption. And then we get a conversation of pure brotherly banter between Loki and Thor, resulting in one of the funniest scenes in the entire film. (”HELP HIM!!” *hurls violently*) It knocks Loki down a peg, humanizes him, emphasizes his relationship with his brother and makes you feel the real family history the two have …

So when Loki comes back, when he returns with his flair and pomp and Inner Diva but still returns all the same, when he puts himself at risk to help save his brother but also, I think mostly, to save his people … and when he’s standing beside Thor and Valkyrie and they’re facing off together against a threat that may very well kill them as they try to protect those people … there is something so funny, so heartwarming, so beautiful about him finding it in him to whistle in the dark and make a joke. “I’m not doing ‘Get Help.’” He might as well have said, “I’m still in this with you.” Except this way, it’s said with a bit of light and humor through the darkness. 


I say this line all the time. <3 <3 <3

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Bee emoji reviews

apple going for the somewhat realistic interpretation, but those wings are just… wrong, and takes away from the rest of the image. 3/5

a friend. the innocent, humble friend that beesshould be portrayed as. i can overlook anatomical errors when it ends up being so damn friendly. 5/5

i appreciate the attempted art direction here, the top-down view is a unique twist, but mamma mia could someone at microsoft hold off from selecting the thickest black border available? 3/5

this bee is curious, inquisitive, and i’m sure they could warm up to being a good friend. 4/5

that’s one fat fucking bee. how does its small wings lift its fat body off the ground? i think this bee’s going to care about what we think is impossible. 2/5

this is a much more preferable interpretation of the top-down bee. reasonable line thickness, doesn’t look nearly as threatening. 4/5

similarly, this is acceptable. focuses more on gradients than flat colors, which i think is an interesting change of pace. 4/5

that’s a wasp. an aggressive, unpleasant wasp. that wasp is not my friend - it is a threat. and we shouldn’t be portraying bees as threats. 2/5

absolute adorable friendliness trumps technical anatomy. this bee is my best friend. 5/5

what the fuck is this shit


you were my future, I was your yesterday

lucky star !!! (10 year anniversary too!)

i just finished watching this series for the 5th time,, 

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Top 5 ushiwaka moments

Hi anon! I’m going to specifically pick moments when he isn’t playing volleyball, because he’s just so damn cool everytime he spikes. Ushiwaka tends to come across as very serious, but I feel that it’s exactly this trait that makes him so adorkable:

1. Anytime he makes his classic deadpan face

like the first time he met kageyama and hinata

or in the training camp arc when tendou suggested hinata and kageyama were monsters HAHA


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2. tbh I live for all his interactions with tendou

Originally posted by randomyelly

look at him clapping for tendou in the back I mean what a pure human being

Originally posted by kageyama-tamiko

3. Rare smiling Ushiwaka who is actually feeling fired up about his match

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4. Farmer ushiwaka

5. Baby ushiwakas


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“You should have come to Shiratorizawa”

spell to dull your feelings for someone

This spell is designed to quell (but not obliterate) romantic feelings you have toward someone. If this person is taking up too much of your heart’s and mind’s energy, this spell is for you. You will need:

♦  Bay leaf (healing, protection, purification and strength)

♦  Cinnamon stick (healing, success, power)

♦  Pink fabric (self-love, calming, personal harmony, matters of love)

♦  Black pen/paint and string or ribbon

1. Cut a small square of pink fabric and lay it on your workspace.

2. Write your name on one side of the bay leaf in large letters, and your chosen’s name on the other side in smaller letters. When finished, whisper to the leaf: “May my heart loosen its grasp on (name) and promote healthy feelings.”

3. Lie the bay leaf in the center of the fabric, and pick up the cinnamon stick. Whisper to it, “may your magic heal my heart and allow health in love.”

4. Place the cinnamon on top of the bay leaf and gently fold the fabric over it into a little envelope. Hold it in your hands for a moment; visualize you and your chosen holding hands, and then let go of their hand. Feel contentment in this thought.

5. Wrap the ribbon/thread around the envelope and hide it in a drawer.


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top 5 epic hinata moments???

Is there a thing Hinata does that’s not epic? Quite frankly the answer is no. There are so many moments and I’m sure I’m gonna end up leaving out so many of them, but these are my favorites:

1. “I’m Hinata Shōyō, and I sprouted from the concrete. I’m going to beat you and go to the nationals”. My son literally takes no shit, especially from Ushijima Wakatoshi. I clapped SO HARD. (plus Kageyama reaction here is everything)

Originally posted by laloarreola9

2. The match point against Aoba Johsai. Simply the most iconic point ever scored, I think not even the last point against Shiratorizawa has been that intense. Not to mention Hinata’s face right after, he wasn’t even incredulous, he was just…proud. :’)

Originally posted by nagisa-as

3. The feint. The epicness of this moment is painted on everyone’s face, even on Bokuto who was actually the one who taught him that move. I just ADORE it with my whole self. 

4. Spiderman Hinata. Who…actually…does….something like this??? and acts like nothing happened??? like he didn’t just jump off a wall like that??? WHAT THE HELL HINATA

Originally posted by lets-haikyuu

5. When he intentionally spiked at Oikawa. The fact that he didn’t even looked at the ball once while doing it its probably even more epic than the spike itself and than the fact that he purposefully smashed the ball right beside him…literally the fist time he met him. That definitely set up the mood…

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I just…love my little birb, he’s so good (ಥ﹏ಥ)

Thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

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You've probably been asked this before, but do you have any fics that have a lot of hits/views? Or some of your favourite fics? I'd prefer it to be fluff, or angst, but if it's the tiniest bit of smut then it's fine. Your blog is lovely btw xx 💕

Hey! Thanks for asking! If you’re looking for what I recommend, here is my top 5 fics (for far), some of my favourite lesser-known fics, and some of my fave long fics (over 40k words).

Note: I am just listing these by the number of hits each fic as gotten, not by my personal recommendation, although some of these you may have seen on my fic rec lists! Fics with *** have an archive warning (ex. graphic depictions of violence). I did not include one fic because of extreme graphic violence, but you can easily find it on ao3 if you want to read it! Please read at your discretion.

Without further ado, here is a list of the 26 most popular YOI fics on ao3!

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26 Most Popular YOI Fics on AO3

  1. Quad Lutz by iamalivenow, Explicit, 47k (WIP)
  2. You Can’t Plan for Everything by RivDeV, Explicit, 118k (WIP)
  3. Unwritten by kaizuka, Teen, 34k
  4. Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya, Explicit, 166k (WIP)
  5. like your french girls by ebenroot, Teen, 102k
  6. On My Love by RikoJasmine, Teen, 48k (WIP)
  7. starstruck by shizuoh, Teen, 52k (WIP)
  8. Praise Please by surveycorpsjean, Explicit, 5.2k
  9. solo and pair by calciseptine, Teen, 22k (WIP)
  10. Always My Soulmate*** by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Explicit, 53k (WIP)
  11. Winter Song by proantagonist, Explicit, 80k (WIP)
  12. Fever by MilkTeaMiku, Explicit, 15k
  13. Yutopia by AnimeFanime, Explicit, 39k (WIP)
  14. Melodies Unheard, but Felt All the Same by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Mature, 76k
  15. From The Moon by ButterBeerBitch, Mature, 4.8k
  16. Blue Roses by Fauks, Gen, 40k
  17. Distance by surveycorpsjean, Explicit, 5.1k
  18. all the world’s a stage by braveten, Explicit, 112k
  19. Expomise by thankyouforexisting, Teen, 71k (WIP)
  20. Switched by GhostsOnSaturn, Teen, 23k (WIP)
  21. i’m not upset by bixgchan, Teen, 2.4k
  22. SkateSquad™ groupchat by stxmph, Teen, 47k (WIP)
  23. i know my madness by astoryaboutwar, Explicit, 14k
  24. Different is Good by dia_dove, Explicit, 2.1k
  25. Signs of Love by dia_dove, Explicit, 86k (WIP)
  26. Masquerade*** by Ashida, Explicit, 46k (WIP)
No one asked for this.

Television: Netflix coming in hot.

⬆ One reason why we’re mentioning 13 Reasons Why: it’s No. 1.
The Get Down (No. 11) comes back up for a second season.

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Movies: “My name?” “No, Your Name.”

Your Name debuts at No. 12 after its US release.
⬇︎ Spider-Man: Homecoming makes a dramatic fall, slipping thirteen spots to No. 16.

Music: Seriously, though. No way.

Halsey makes a strong return at No. 3 after the release of Now or Never.
☆ No way. Gerard Way turned 40. Tumblr celebrated and he landed at No. 12.

Celebrities: Anyone know how PepsiCo, Inc stock is doing?

Kendall Jenner tops the list, proving it’s not always good news that gets you to No. 1.
Heath Ledger debuts at No. 14 in anticipation for his biographical documentary.

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Games: Persona 5: grata.

Persona 5 takes an eleven spot leap and ends up at No. 2.
⬇︎ Final Fantasy XV falls IV to No. 6.

Web stuff: Uhhh. Okay. Okay. Um.

☆ Uh. A.I. Kizuna, a virtual anime YouTuber girl created with Miku Miku Dance, debuts at No. 17?
⬇︎ My Brother, My Brother and Me falls one to No. 12, but at least they still have each other.


Bktd Week Day 5: Hiking

A compilation of comics for a bakutodo hiking trip to Echo Mountain, an awesome hiking spot in California with a demolished (burnt down) hotel at the top

Favorite OTP #1: Mutsumi x Kae

Despite this being my newest ship, it really won the number one spot in my heart with how adorably pure they are with each other~ Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

my top 10 kdramas (must watch)

1. Goblin

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2. The Lover

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3. It’s Okay That’s Love

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4. Remember 

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5. Heartless City

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6. Chicago Typewriter

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7. Bad Guys

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8. Kill me Heal me

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9. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

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10. Beautiful Mind

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