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Caught on Tape

Title: Caught on Tape

Author: SomeonexSomeone

Pairing: Ethan Nestor x fem!reader, fem!reader x best friend!Amy and best friend!Kathryn

Word Count: 1570

Summary: Requested. I adore your blog. Can I request an Ethan x reader where the reader is a YouTuber and won’t do the smash or pass challenge bc she has a crush on Ethan so Kathryn and Amy and the reader are having like a sleepover and they do that to the reader and when they mention Ethan she gets all embarrassed and says smash and admits she has a crush on him and Ethan overhears and then fluff happens. Sorry if this is too specific but I love your fics!!

Warnings: Swearing! A little inappropriate! Please watch out, innocent eyes!

A/N: For @all-i-have-is-my-honor ! I hope you like it!

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        If there was one place that was a more accepting environment than anything, it was the youtube community. Despite some hate, there was always people who created a loving place where everyone was invited and could be themselves. This was especially true for small channels, such as your own. And especially when you collaborated with other small channels. 

        This week, yourself and Ethan, from Crankgameplays, were doing a small play through of Would You Rather. It was a silly thing, sitting across from each other reading the questions which prompted more specific thoughts than you imagined. The twist, however, was if you were in the majority of votes, you got to draw whatever you wanted on the other persons face without lifting the pen; and vice versa. However, right at the begging, you had to establish some rules. 

        “Ethan!” You yelped, pulling far away as you smacked his arm. He was practically red in the face as he laughed, the jumbo liner in his hand shaking. “You cannot draw a dick on my face!”

        “This is what you wanted! You practically forced me!”

        “By what? Putting the pen in your hand?!”

        In the end, you forced Ethan to turn the two circles into a heart, one that took up the top half of your face, straight down the middle. As the game continued, the drawings went from goofy to more and more detailed, yourself and Ethan turning into walking canvases. In a particularly detailed drawing, you were drawing gears that looked like they were coming out of his face, you grabbed his face, practically pulling him against your chest so you could get a better angle. Standing over him, concentrating so hard you didn’t notice Ethan’s face progressively getting redder by the second, completely eye level with your throat and collar bones. Or, more importantly, the dip of your shirt. 

        “There!” You sat with a huff, falling back into your chair with a smile. You couldn’t help the fur between your brows as you finally took notice of Ethan’s red face. “Hey, you okay?” Ethan gave you a big smile, nodding slightly.

        “Yeah, just a little warm. Mind turning on that fan for me.” A light blush filled your cheeks as he gave you a genuine smile, stirring the feelings inside your heart. Once the fan was on, the video resumed without a hitch. Turning to the camera, tears practically streaming out of your eyes as you observed the detailed mustache you drew on Ethan, you began to do your outro. 

        “Thank you all so much for being here! I’ll see you in the video. Aaaaaaand….Signing off!” With a single salute, you were about to finish the recording, but Ethan was quick to throw his arm around your shoulder, pulling you into his side. You began laughing as he shook you around, tickling your sides, trying to add another drawing to your face that you just knew would get your flagged. You always loved recording with Ethan; not just because the feeling he gave you deep in the pit of your stomach, but because he could easily distract that feeling with the side splitting laughter that always left you clutching your sides.


        You spent most of the rest of the day editing the video. It wasn’t originally supposed to go up until the following day, but you just couldn’t help it. Filming with Ethan always gave you the best content. You couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face as your picked pieces of the footage to put in the final edit, watching as you goofed around, playfully nudging and joking around. Yet, there was this one part that you couldn’t take your eyes off of. It was when Ethan has suddenly got very warm within your room, his face going red. On the screen, you were out of camera, only your body in the frame. Ethan’s eyes were completely forced forwards, glancing between the curve of your neck, and the dip in your shirt. You felt you cheeks heat up, doubt swirling in your mind. Yet, nothing could hide the truth from playing right in front of you.

        He’s still a young adult, you thought, he’s attracted to every woman in a low cut shirt.

        These thoughts, however, didn’t stop you from watching the clip over and over, analysing every detail of it. In fact, you were so engrossed in it, that you didn’t notice Kathryn sneaking up behind you. With a small jump, she placed both of her hands on your shoulders, nearly making you jump out of your skin.

        “Eep! Kathryn!” You quickly minimized your screen, spinning in your chair so fast you forgot about the huge headphones covering your ears, which caused them to rip right off your head. “You nearly gave me a heart attack!” Kathryn, however, didn’t notice, as she was practically hunched over with laughter. “Jerk.”

        “Come on, don’t be like that. I was just coming to ask if you wanted to watch a movie with Amy and I.” She didn’t have to ask you twice. You needed a break, something to take your mind off the blue haired boy that constantly invaded your thoughts. Nearly sprinting to the living room, Amy was already there, warm sweater wrapped around her, and a blanket draped over her legs. She had a cup of tea in her hands, which she daintily blew on before taking a sip. You swear, you’ve never seen such a soft, swan-like human before meeting Amy. However, her quiet and gentle moment was destroyed by yourself and Kathryn barreling into the room, jumping onto the nearest couches with bowls of popcorn and your own assorted beverages. 

        It wasn’t until half way before the movie before Kathryn spoke of the video she had spotted you studying.

        “So, you and Ethan made a video, huh. Looked pretty interesting.” She lightly snickered to herself, taking another sip of her drink. You blushed bright red, angrily glaring at her. Amy, of course, immediately caught the tone in her friends voice. 

        “Ooooh. What video would this be, hmm? Something for your fandom to latch onto?”

        “It’s nothing like that. Ethan was just watching me draw on his face.” You tried to be nonchalant, you really did. But around your best friends, you couldn’t hold together the lie. “Okay, I caught Ethan on video checking me out. But, before you say anything, I’m a hundred percent sure it’s because he had nowhere else to look. Really, its my fault. I didn’t even give the poor fella a chance.” Amy hit you with her skeptical look, while Kathryn scoffed next to you. “Look, it doesn’t even matter anyway. Even if he did, there’s no way he would ever return my feelings.” Amy and Kathryn were immediately at full attention, both turning their bodies so they could look at you directly. Amy opened her house, ready for questioning, but the voice that came out was not hers.

        “You like me?” All three of you whipped your head around, a very surprised blue boy standing at the archway, a single cup of ice water clinking in his hand. You immediately stood, blanket falling from your lap to a puddle around your feet. “You actually like me?”

        “Ethan! Oh my god. No, wait, you got it all wrong. When I said return my feelings, I meant like feelings of friendship and trust!” With each rushed word you stepped closer, trying so hard to fix your mistake and salvage your beloved friendship. However, Ethan just continued to stare, his eyes trailing your every move. 

        “So, you don’t like me?” Your mouth opened and closed, trying desperately, but you couldn’t make him unhear everything that you had said as he walked past your girls night to the kitchen. With a defeated sigh, you simply hung your head and nodded. There was three beats in the next second. One, a footstep. Two, a clink of glass on glass. Three, your gasp as Ethan forced your head up to place his lips upon yours. You had no hesitation before kissing back, wrapping your arms around him, pulling him closer, closer, closer. By his arms, his shoulders, his hair. He pulled as close to him as possible, kissing the breath right out of your lungs. The shock on your friends faces were completely ignored as you continued to kiss. Finally. Finally, he was yours. 

These Moments Between (These Precious Moments)

Chapter 1: IT Girl 

Felicity Smoak.

That’s the name that keeps popping up during his inquiries.  Along with the words good, very good, talented, amazing, excellent… oh yeah, and did he forget to mention good?

It’s not until he hears the word discreet, though, that he sits up and takes notice.

“She’s like The Computer Whisperer or something,” Clarissa tells him brightly, sliding a stack of papers across the desk towards him.  His mother’s EA, she is scarily efficient.

It baffles him that he still has to sign papers for Queen Consolidated when he doesn’t work there.  (The fact that he has an office of his own on the 38th floor is irrelevant.)  All he wants to do is find out what’s on this god-forsaken laptop– is that really too much to ask for?

Apparently so, since he’s currently being assaulted with paperwork.  Boring paperwork, at that.  What should have been a five-minute hunt for a decent IT person has instead turned into an hour-long circus.  At least Clarissa’s efficient (something worth mentioning twice when dealing with QC) and a total sweetheart.

Not to mention very helpful in her opinion of one Ms. Felicity Smoak.

“I took my laptop to her a few months ago and asked her to look at it– thing was totally fried after…” Clarissa trails off, turns bright red.  Oliver idly wonders what exactly happened to her laptop, then decides he doesn’t want to know.  Anything that causes that kind of reaction can’t be good.  "Anyway.  Everyone kept telling me the data was irretrievable and I was gonna have to toss it.  Felicity, though?  She got all my data onto a new external hard drive in less than 15 minutes!  And she was so discreet about it– never breathed a word to anyone.“

"Really?” Oliver’s tone is casual, but he feels anything but, his muscles tensing under the thin-knit sweater.  Discretion is a valuable commodity, one that he means to have for himself.  "That’s… nice.“

"I’ll say!  She’s a good person to have in your corner.  Well, thanks for the signatures, Mr. Queen– you’re all set!  And don’t forget– it’s Felicity Smoak.  S-m-o-a-k.”


He’s on his way to the elevator when he runs into Dan from Legal.  Fortunately, Dan doesn’t want anything from him except to share elevator space. 

“Oh, you’ll want Felicity,” Dan says immediately when asked about a good IT person.  "Felicity Smoak, though, not Dandridge.  Make sure you specify that– Felicity Dandridge couldn’t code her way out of a paper bag.  Felicity Smoak, on the other hand… she’s a genius with computers.  And discreet.“  Dan clears his throat at the last bit, as if suddenly uncomfortable.

Oliver is intrigued.  This is the second time the word discreet has been used in relation to Felicity Smoak, and Dan’s statement is practically a glowing recommendation– especially coming from a corporate lawyer who’s paid to suspect all and sundry of ulterior motives.  (Although, it does make Oliver wonder what exactly the employees at Queen Consolidated get up to.)  The elevator comes to a halt on the 34th floor and the doors slide open.  "Well, this is me,” Dan says as he steps out.  He gives Oliver a jaunty little wave before making his way down the hallway.  It’s only when the doors are sliding shut again that Dan suddenly reappears, sticking his head in through the closing gap.  "Oh, I forgot to tell you– Mr. Steele’s looking for you.“

"How’d he know you’d run into me?” Oliver asks, curious.

“Oh, he didn’t.  He sent out a building-wide message just now and I got to be the lucky messenger.  Have a good day.”

His day would be better if people didn’t keep ambushing him, but whatever.  He’s dealt with worse.  He briefly toys with the idea of blowing off Walter for Felicity before it occurs to him that Walter is currently the CEO.  Who else would the CEO use for his computer purposes, if not the best?  Besides, if there was one thing he learned on the island, it was trust (or rather, don’t trust) and verify.  The same name cropping up twice could be a coincidence, but three times?  That just might be truth.

He returns Dan’s sentiment and travels back to the 38th floor.


Walter Steele’s executive assistant looks obnoxiously like a caricature of a cartoon villain.  His black hair is slicked back; his thin pencil mustache is waxed and curled at the ends; and his grey vest-and-trouser set is perfectly pressed.  His shirt, a shiny lavender weirdly reminiscent of a glow-in-the-dark light, makes Oliver blink.  With a sniff, he sticks his nose up in the air and waves Oliver inside.

Oliver vaguely wonders if this is Walter’s punishment for doing something Moira dislikes.  The thought, though brief, fills him with absurd amounts of glee.

Okay, so he might still be holding a grudge against Walter for marrying his mother.  Nobody’s perfect.

“You wanted to see me?” he asks, dropping into one of the plush chairs situated in front of Walter’s mahogany desk.  He attempts a smile, but it feels more like a grimace, so he quickly drops it.

“Ah, Oliver.”  Walter removes his glasses, rubs the bridge of his nose tiredly, and gives him a smile of his own.  Unlike Oliver’s strange smile-grimace, Walter’s is genuine, if a little weary.  "Yes.  Thank you for coming by.  I wanted to talk to you about a few things.“

With Walter, ‘a few things’ actually means a few things.  Something for which Oliver is extremely grateful.

It’s in the middle of their discussion that he notices the file laying a few inches from his nose.  The words Felicity Smoak are printed neatly on the tab.  Oliver takes the file, holds it up.

"Do you mind if I move this?”

Walter, in the process of scribbling something on a legal pad, barely even looks at what Oliver’s holding.  "No, not at all.“

Oliver begins to stretch his arm out, then checks himself, as if catching sight of the label on the folder for the first time.  "Felicity Smoak?” he inquires casually.

His step-father puts aside the file they’ve just finished reviewing, looks at Oliver.  "Yes.  I’m currently in need of a computer expert for a project requiring a bit of discretion.  Felicity Smoak was recommended to me– quite highly, I might add.  Supposedly, she’s our very best.  That’s her personnel file.“

"Can I look?  I’m having some computer trouble, thought I’d take it downstairs to the IT department.”

“Of course.”  Walter waves a hand.  "Feel free.“

The file reveals a passport-sized picture along with a stack of quarterly employee evaluations and her résumé, punctuated by post-its scrawled with various notes.  At a quick glance, it seems that Felicity Smoak is a model employee– she is pleasant, highly qualified, ambitious, and punctual.  (Although, the green post-it from her supervisor notes that she tends to be both OCD and stubborn when it comes to computers and their set-up; so far, she's "disagreed professionally” with said supervisor no less than seventeen times.  She also has little patience for the CFO on the 37th floor.)  He takes another look at her picture.

She’s pretty in a sexy librarian kind of way.  Her blonde hair is pulled back from the oval of her face, glasses perched primly on the bridge of her nose.  Surprisingly, her lips are painted a violent shade of pink.  She has a very straight-forward, no-nonsense way of looking at the camera.

Carefully, he closes the file and places it back on the desk before turning back to Walter, polite smile fixed firmly in place.

“You were saying?”


As Oliver leans back in his chair and lets Walter’s crisp British tones wash over him, he reflects on what he’s seen so far.

It’s telling that his step-father has Felicity’s file on hand.  If Walter is keeping it on his desk, within arm’s reach, it is because he means to use it, and quickly.  Felicity Smoak must be even better than he’d dreamed– his step-father may be kind, but he’s no fool, nor does he do things by halves.

The thing is, at the end of the day, Oliver does respect– even love– Walter, despite his current resentment towards him.  His step-father has always been a fixture in his life, first as Robert Queen’s employee, later as a close family friend.  In his mind, Robert and Walter are somehow inextricably linked, like two sides of the same coin.  Perhaps it has something to do with all the time they spent together both in and out of the office.  If Robert let Oliver drink soda in the office, Walter let him play trains under his desk.  If Robert let Oliver run around the building, then Walter brought him back.  And if Robert chastised him, well… Walter was there to provide a stiff upper lip and bracing support.  Walter is warmth and trust and security, and although many things have changed during Oliver’s tenure on Lian Yu, this is not one of them.  Walter Steele is a good man, an honorable man, one that Oliver continues to trust with an instinct born of certainty.

So if Walter Steele is giving Felicity Smoak his endorsement (whether he realizes it or not), Oliver pays attention.  He’s not an idiot.  (Much.)  He knows the signs when he sees them, and the signs are overwhelming.

Looks like he’s found his IT girl after all.

(So… this has been percolating in my head for a while.  After Oliver mentioned that he’d looked into both Diggle and Felicity in 2X09, I started wondering what precise events led to that fateful first meeting between Oliver and Felicity in 1X03.  My fevered brain came up with this.  It’s my first fanfic, though, so I hope you guys like it!)

Note: This story can also be found over at both and AO3 under the name Peppermint and Alihotsy.