and it's not like taking revenge for the murder of his family

Assclass character's mental hangups

Nagisa Shiota; His mother has intense mood swings and lives through her son, and forces him to look like a girl.

Karma Akabane; A teacher he trusted betrayed him and cast him down to E class.

Akari Yukimura; Her sister was ‘murdered’ in front if her, so she is putting up with intense pain and acting her way through life to get revenge.

Yuuma Isogai; His father died, his families poor.

Megu Kataoka; People take advantage of her kindness so she ended up falling into E class.

Ryounosuke Chiba; struggles to communicate his feelings so if often misunderstood.

Rinka Hayami; Struggles to communicate feelings so often misunderstood.

Ryuoma Terasaka; Resentful he isn’t smart and doesn’t have direction.

Tomohito Suigino; Kicked off the baseball team for being in E class.

Sugyouya; Put in E class for being more into art than grades.

Okajima; Massive Perv.

Yukiko Kanzaki; Super strict Dad, went to arcades to escape the pressure, ended up in E class.

Rio Nakamura; Was a genius but acted stupid to fit in, ended up actually becoming stupid and was sent to E class.

Kotaru Takebayashi; Strict parents who overlook him for being the 'failure’ of the family.

Yuuji Norito; His dad’s some kind of pervy celebrity. Smokes pot.

Irina Jelevic; Her parents were killed infront of her, she killed the soldiers who killed them, hid with the bodies, and ended up being raised as a assassin.

Korosensei; Came from a place of complete devastation, ended up becoming a master assassin who only trusts in death, his only apprentice betrays him. He became a hunan test-subject and was put under painful experiments, the woman he loved was killed right in front of him.

God of death 2; His master treated him as a tool and never acknowledged him.

Gakuhou Asano; His first pupil committed suicide and he feels his own teaching methods were to blame.

Gakushuu Asano; His father is a monster who doesn’t treat him like a son expects him to be perfect, strong and best at everything.


Itona; His father’s business went bust. His father left him at his uncle’s place, Itona ended up on the streets, and accepted being experimented on by some creepy dude just to be strong.

Sakura; Is bullied by the other kids.

Manami Okuda; Finds it hard to communicate with others.

Kirara Hazama; Her mother is neurotic and yells when things go wrong

Kimura 'Justice’ Masayoshi; His name is Justice.

@mossandmushroom, no that’s true, but like… The whole Ursula situation was when he was in Neverland, and the Bae situation, too, and both of those showed how his rage lead to desperate, selfish, vicious actions, but they were in context of these nuanced vignettes.

So you got to see how despite all of the loss he’d endured, his first instinct was to defy Poseidon and help Ursula (ha, despite her lack of gold…gold being his motivating factor in this flashback?) only betraying her when he got personally burned. Same with Bae…he wrestles with the concept of a new family v. revenge, but he defies Pan and wants to take Bae in until he feels he’s personally burned.

And the Brennan situation is after Neverland, after this event, and again, context shows that although he was well capable of cold-blooded murder, his first instinct was to help even his fucking bastard father…

I just… Even in his most spirally of moments, he’s only fucked people over if he was personally hurt by them or if they directly stood in the way of his suicide quest. Him just stabbing this random was completely OOC for me, not just for the fact that this person posed zero threat to his person or his quest, but because for all intents and purposes, making off with a royal’s gold and setting the prisoner free seems right up Killian Fuck-The-Man Jones’s alley. Him doing the cruel, dirty work a royal wanted done (at zero benefit to himself) is actually…completely antithetical to his characterisation? Even at his previously established absolute worst?

And we’ve been able to see that previously established characterisation because every time they’ve played this tune, it’s been in a Killian-centric. But this was arguably a David’s Father-centric in the flashbacks. No opportunity to place Killian’s actions in the context of a nuanced story about the moral shiteness of the decision he made, because the story wasn’t about him. He was just there for a gasp-inducing punchline. Or stabline as it were.