and it's not even that he's teasing


stupid sexy draco malfoy 

taking place after harry’s bi awakening

what do i love about this clip????? thanks for asking,

  • isak and even being affectionate and talking like they’ve been dating for a while!! which is so cute!!! just soft little kisses and talking about stuff
  • isaks little smiles in reaction to that even makes him so happy its so gross
  • laying down together in the bed and chatting about life can they get more domestic
  • “i just like to see you laugh” bITCH WTF SAME
  • isak’s wearing his snapbacks again <3 <3 <3
  • heart eyes!!!! look at their heart eyes they love each other so much!!!!
  • even teasing linn gAVE ME LIFE guys he’s so charming
  • “im the fucking master of lying!” YES ALL THE BANTER GIVE IT TO ME I LOVE THE TEASING
  • giggles!! laughing!! smiling!! supporting each other!!! kisses!! does it get any better??

the very first time isak called even evy…what made him do it? was even being particularly adorable? was he acting soft and gentle and sweet and during a moment of silence isak simply looked at him and used that nickname? was there a small shift in his isak’s heart and he suddenly felt so incredibly fond of even and the word escaped his mouth without him having to think about it? was he trying to tease even, was he kidding around, but then the look on even’s face as he said it (the little smile, both on his lips and in his eyes) made his stomach feel all warm and he simply wanted to say it again. and again. to be able to see that look again. and again? was this how he called him now when they were alone? while all the other people in his life kept calling him even, was evy meant to be how isak, and isak alone, called even? was that how he wanted to call him sometimes, because after all even was simply a name but evy felt like a word with love hidden between each letter?


• Him teasing you constantly
• for example Him pulling your hair
• him slapping your ass
• then acting like nothing happened
• Playing with his hair
• its long enough to make pigtails
• he makes you feel better by wearing them for a day
• Him winking at you when you’re across the room
• “you wanna fight me, cupcake? Huh? Is that what you want?”
• then he attacks your lips with his
• him calling you his “kitten”
• Greenwood getting annoyed by all the PDA
• “it’d be nice to not see you guys suck each other’s faces off”
• everyone teases him bc they think you’re too pretty for him
• “how’d you even land a piece of ass like (name)?”
• “shut up, Greenwood”
• kinky sex
• he’s dominating
• and absolutely loves your submissiveness
• “sit on my lap, cupcake.”
• flirting constantly
• it makes everyone uncomfortable tbh
• make out sessions at random times and places
• jerome is very territorial over you
• its really not healthy at all
• he has a really terrible temper
• he takes it out on you sometimes
• he’s never hit you but he has pushed you and choked you
• a small part of you is terrified of him or at least what he’s capable of
• when he does that you leave but eventually come back after all his pleas and begging
• its a vicious cycle honestly
• but your in love with him
• he brought you a diamond necklace with a j charm
• he always is trying to get your attention
• in a way you’re his anchor
• he likes to think he somewhat has a tiny bit of humanity bc he has you

@gotham-lights ||

okay but what if jungkook used to tease jimin by not calling him ‘hyung’ because he wants Jimin to see him as someone equal as him not as the youngest member in the group, because he don’t want jimin to love him as a baby brother he don’t want jimin to love him because he is cute and because he is the youngest among them, because he wants jimin to see him as a man that he could love and could love him back too so thats why he always making fun of Jimin also thats why jungkook works out a lot because kids are not supposed to have muscles right? kids are not supposed to look sexy right? that way maybe his jimin hyung will look at him as a man

Genji - He loves the dragon snuggie a lot, more than he’s willing to admit. He would wear it all the time, teasing his s/o about unleashing the dragon as he just flops on their lap while wearing it.

Hanzo - Hanzo Shimada would not wear it but he would keep it at least. He’s a tad bit too embarrassed by the dragon snuggie to even look at it, just locking it in the closet. (He would wear it though if his s/o really wanted him too)

Junkrat - This man would wear anything his s/o gives him with great joy, he even tries to keep it ‘clean’ even though it’s still covered in gun powder and other things.

Lucio - The man loves frogs, alright. Give him a frog snuggie and he adores it and his s/o half to death. Wears it anytime he can with no shame.

Mccree - He gets a kick out of it and enjoys it plenty but whenever he does wear it, it usually means that he was too lazy to put on pants that day.

Reaper - He’s not wearing it, no matter how much his s/o begs him to. The face of death itself is too embarrassed by the damn thing.

Reinhardt -  He’s surprised that his s/o could find one in his size more than anything. Reinhardt wears it on his days off even when he has company over.

Roadhog - Roadhog treasures it a lot, not wearing it but just keeping it all nice and clean because his s/o got it for him and that means a lot.

Soldier 76 - He thinks it’s a joke because he’s an old man, no he is not going to wear this…well. he might wear it when it gets cold but he keeps his mask on as well to hide his blush.

baker151910  asked:

"It's not funny Baker!"

Her infectious, teasing giggle travels across the room like the sunlight being cast in through the floor to ceiling windows, engulfing everything in its light, including their daughter, who was loudly howling with laughter too, not even sure what was funny.

Gnny’s laughing so much, she’s bent over, grabbing her side, gasping for breath, eyes tightly shut, two seconds away from stomping her foot, a full body chuckle that had over taken her.

Kaia comes running up to her, tugging on her arm, bringing their heads together, matching dimples on full display, as he stood by the bed, fighting a grin off his face.

“It’s a….little…funny,” Ginny makes out before reining it in, only the remnants of a smile left in its place, as she gives her daughter an eskimo kiss.  

“Come on, that is so inaccurate, I can’t…that is not what I look like,” he argues.

That catches the attention of the little girl, and she buries her head in her mom’s chest.  A small, muffled, “He doesn’t like it” can be heard, and Ginny immediately snaps her head up to Mike, whose eyes immediately take on guilt.

Ginny’s hand comes to rest on the back of Kaia’s head, running it comfortingly over her curls.

“No, no, no,” Mike pleads, making his way over, and bending down with a wince, to get eye level with his little girl.  “Daddy loves it.  We’re gonna hang it on the fridge, and everyone can admire what a great job you did.”

She peeks out at him through long lashes, her hand still clinging to her mother’s shirt, before she launches herself into Mike’s arms, squeezing him tightly to her with her little hands, but a strength he knows she got from Ginny.

He gives her a kiss on the forehead.

“You better like it, it took me like…three years to make,” she says with such an attitude, it has Ginny snickering again.

“Three years, huh?  That’s more than half your life, little girl,” he says with a poke to her stomach.

“Well it took me forever,” she says with a flourish of her hands.  And he can’t help the smile that overtakes him at that moment.

“I think it is strikingly accurate, Kaia bean,” Ginny praises her, and she beams up at her mom.  “Why don’t you go get your glove, and I bet Daddy’ll play catch with you before dinner.”

She runs out of the room with a screech of excitement, never at a loss for energy.  And Mike moves to stand back up.

“Need some help, old man?” Ginny teases, offering her hand to him to get him upright.

“That picture does not look like me,” he says with a whisper, not wanting Kaia to hear him, as he grabs the crayon drawing from where he’d placed it on the bed.  “I look like…”

“A cousin from Duck Dynasty?  Or Cousin It?  Take your pick,” she peers at it behind him, over his shoulder, resting her chin on him. 

“It touches the floor.  She made my beard touch the floor.”

“See, all those years I told you the beard was bad, and it takes your daughter to point it out for you to finally see the light,” she teases, tugging on it for good measure.

He turns his head to look at her, “You love the beard.”

“Oh yes, I love the beard,” she sarcastically spits out.

“Yeah, that’s exactly what you said last night,” he says with a wink, before he’s loudly interrupted.

“Daddy, I’m ready, come on!”

“The artist has beckoned,” she motions out the door for him.

“Thank God her throw is better than her art skills,” he says with a bemused grin, heading out to his curly haired little girl, bouncing up and down to play with him.

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Being Newts little sis headcannons

Im already fangirling and i haven’t even written anything lol. okay ALLONS-Y!!

•Being a a couple years younger then Newt but he treats you like you’re 5.
-Its only because he cares so much.
•Both of you dealing with being in your older brothers shadow and Bonding over being the forgotten children.
•Him noticing when youre stressed at school and him trying to get you to relax by playing you in Wizard Chess
-He knows hes pretty horrible but when you become more relaxed it makes being destroyed by you in wizard chess much more bearable.
•You teasing him when he gushes over what you think is a girl but later discover its a Bowtruckle.
•Him letting you cry on his shoulder after every fight you had with a friend or anyone who broke your heart
-mysteriously, whoever broke your heart woke up with all their homework eaten and little tiny footprints spelling out “Screw you”
•When Newt gets expelled you begin to resent him because you get made fun of being the sister of the “Hogwarts Failure”
•You still defending Newt because hes your big brother and end up getting detention for punching a Ravenclaw in the face for talking bad about him.
•When you graduate he’s the first one to congratulate you through Owl post but when you go home to visit he stays in the back of the room because he thinks you hate him.
-Confronting him about it and you two catch up for the rest of the evening
•Finding out hes going to travel around the world and begging to come with him but him refusing because you could get hurt and you retaliate by sneaking into his case anyway
•Him scolding you harshly when he discovers you but lets you join him.
•Being the overprotective brother and making sure your okay every single day. It can get pretty annoying but you love him for still being there for you.
•You and him sending letters to your mom with him talking about his animals and you talking about how Newt keeps almost dying.
-Newt receiving a Howler every other week from your mom because he keeps endangering himself and you laughing in the back while it screams at him.
•You always doing the talking with the breeders because Newt isnt great at human interaction.
•One time you had to pretend to be a couple and it weirded you guys out so much that you decided just to Stupefy the guy instead. Which of course Newt yelled at for.
-“The guy was a poacher we saved the animal everything’s fine Newt”
-“FINE?! We got chased by 10 very angry wizards and almost got killed you call that FINE?!”
•Patching up his wound whenever he got injured and gave him the “Be more Careful Speech”
• Taking the cutest brother/sister christmas card picture
• Both of you knowing that you will always be there for eachother

Punish Me [a James March smut]

Request: Can u please make a James March imagine where he’s married to the reader & someone flirts with her & she goes along with it to tease him & he takes her back to their room & “punishes” her for seducing other men ? (You’re the best page on tumblr ILY.)

a/n: ok so i did smut, first time writing it so tell me if its good or nah and i might do more REQUEST CLOSED


Recently your sex life with James has been nonexistent. He’s been too busy mentoring John to even have a nice dinner with you. Tonight is the last straw. He hasn’t shown up yet and you can’t take anymore. You grab your ruby red shawl, draping it around your shoulders while you descend down the golden staircase to the lobby. A handsome man stares at you, smiling, and begins to walk towards you.

He hands you a shot glass, which you gladly accept. “I saw you from across the room and I just had to come talk to you.” He flashes his sparkling teeth, sitting down next to you. His jawline isn’t as sharp as James’, nor is his eyes the same, instead a mix between blue and green. “What’s your name, gorgeous?” He asks, putting his hand on top of yours.

“Y/N. And you, handsome?” You flirt back, moving your hand out of his and taking a chug of your shot. Your hand rests on his wrist as he tells you his name, slowly inching up his gray suit sleeve; his eyes follow your every move, watching with a smirk. “What would you say about going to your room to get to know each other?” You wink. He’s not your husband but you can’t help it, you need some release.

Before the man can answer, your husband towers over the two of you. His face is bright red and his brown eyes are a shade darker, appearing black. “I would highly appreciate if I could speak to MY wife in private.” He fumes, ripping your hand from the man’s suit and dragging you to the elevator. Teasingly, you wave your fingers over your shoulder; James rolls his eyes, shoving you in the small space. “When the doors open, I want you in our room, do you understand, dearest?” He purrs in your ear; you nod, sashaying out of the doors.

As you strut down the hallway, you make sure to sway your hips, smirking when you get in the room. Not even a minute later, the tan door slams behind James. His dress shoes pad on the carpet and he looks at you like an animal about to attack his prey. You cross your legs, sitting on the plush bed.

He peers down, pushing you back on the mattress forcefully. “Now, Mrs. March, what have I told you about seducing other men?” He grunts, running his big hands up your body; you gasp when his fingers plunge in between your breasts, ripping your black dress. A smirk tickles his lips, seeing you fully naked.

Whimpering while his nimble fingers hover above your breasts, you arch your back, aching for contact. “Not to.” You breath, raking your hands down his brown vest, popping the gold buttons.  “James, please, I need-” You gasp, feeling one of his long fingers dig into your sex.

Smacking your hand away, he tsks you, puckering his lips. The finger curls in a ‘come here’ motion and you cry out, balling the satin sheets in your fists. “You have been a very, very naughty girl. Disobeying my orders, flirting with other men in my presence… Tonight you will not touch me unless told otherwise,  or I will tie you to the bed and leave you, understood?” He snarls, biting your neck hard enough to draw blood; you scream, nodding. “Use your words, darling.”

“Yes, Mr. March!” You moan as he smacks your thigh. He smirks; loving the way his name drips from your lips. Ducking his head, he removes his fingers, popping them into his mouth and sucking your juices. After they’re clean, they latch onto your hips tight enough to create bruises. His tongue soon collides with your pussy, licking a long stripe up the center.

Out of habit, your hand flies to his hair, tugging on the short black curls. His tongue retracts in his mouth and he peers up at you through his thick lashes. “Darling, you disobeyed me again tonight.” He sighs, standing up on his knees; you shake your head. “Ah, what a shame;  I was enjoying myself…” He grunts, undoing his ascot from his neck and grabbing your wrist. You struggle, pulling away from the bedpost. “Alas, I warned you, did I not?” He groans, slamming your wrist to the wood and tying it.

You pout, other hand cupping his groin, making his breath hitch. Palming him, he grows aroused, leaning on the bedpost. “Am I being naughty to Mr. March? Is he going to punish me? Hmm?” You smirk, batting your eyelashes as you unzip his trousers. He glares at you, watching you pull his pants down, letting his cock spring free; hard as fuck. “It looks like he wants me just as bad as I want him, does he not?” You mock, wrapping your hand around his dick and pumping it once.

James moans, letting your wrist go. He lines up with your core, ramming into you at a fast pace, not giving any time to adjust to his size. A scream escapes from your lips and you tear his white dress shirt off, so you can drag your nails down his muscular back, surely leaving bright red marks. Sweat forms on his forehead with each thrust, slowly becoming sloppy. “You-are-mine!” He grunts, out of breath.

Whimpers leave your mouth while he empties inside you; his fluid mixing with yours. “James!” You shout; he thrusts into you one last time before pulling out. You both lay beside each other, gazing at the ceiling. “Mrs. March needed you to sex her up.” You pant as your husband smirks. Score one for James Patrick March.

Shepard loves that Kaidan almost always falls asleep before her. He bitches and moans and asserts that he’s going to stay up until she falls asleep, threatening to fight off her nightmares with his bare hands if he has to, and determined to make sure she’s gotten off to sleep herself. But it hardly ever works…

His speech begins to slur and he starts failing to keep his eyes open, mumbling nonsense in response, and slowly curling himself into her body. He pulls the blankets around himself, and when she teases, he asserts its just to keep warm. But then, moments later, she hears his breathing grow heavy and muscles relax. Sometimes, even a soft snoring.

She moves her hands up to his hair, and weaves her fingers between his still stiff curls, slowly pulling them loose. It’s one of the only times she can play with his hair, and she takes in each moment. Occasionally, he’ll softly moan and snuggle into her chest more. 

She presses a soft kiss to his forehead, slow and long, her lips lingering on his skin for a few moments longer so she can breathe in the smell of his clean hair and soft skin. She likes these defenseless moments where she can just purely love him, without him blushing, telling her she’s being ridiculous. 

For all he offers to fight off her nightmares, help her through the worst memories of the war, he has no idea that by just being here, he’s sending her off to sleep completely safe and sound.


Favourite ‘Agatha Christie’s Poirot’ episodes [3/10]: Lord Edgware Dies

Lady Edgware asks Poirot for help getting a divorce from her husband. That evening thirteen guests are seated at a dinner table, which is supposed to bring bad luck for the first guest to rise. Next morning Lord Edgware is dead.

Enoch being mean because he actually likes you

(Author’s Note: this is really flirty and it’s not the best but enjoy reading anyway//requests are always open//)

Your POV

Enoch drove the needle through the pieces of sack, stuffing it with sand afterwards to form a head. He brought the newly sewn head to its body, settling it next to a rat’s heart.

“When did you start sewing?”, I teased, sitting across his desk, my eyes lingering over the scattered metal pieces, needles and clay and even little stains and splotches of blood. “I’m not some old, mad freak who plays with clay and stuffs little hearts in them, Y/N. I work in perfection.”, he stated, making me snort. “Hand me that jar of sand.”, he held out his hand, his other hand checking the rat’s heart. “Please.”, I added sternly, slightly slamming the jar on his hand. He received it with a firm grip.

“When did ‘please’ ever help you in life?”, he shook his head, positioning the heart in his doll. “Perhaps you would know it if you try it out, Enoch.”, I squinted at him. He smirked looking at me, as if I were stupid. In seconds, the doll stood up and balanced on its feet, as if it was dizzy. I looked at it boringly. He raised his eyebrows at me.

“Unimpressed?”, he smirked, making the doll walk up to me. I looked at it. “I’ve basically been your judge since bird knows when, Enoch. Impress me.”, I joked, shaking my head. “Sounds tempting. It’ll scare you. Who would want to scare innocent, little Y/N?”, he pouted, making my forehead throb. I never stopped to wonder why he always messed with me. “Oh, kiss ass.”, I rolled my eyes. “Impress me.”, I repeated. He shrugged.

“As you say.”

He let the doll crawl in a shelf and it came back up, holding a flower. It settled it in front of me. At that moment, I hoped I hadn’t blushed.

“Why should I take a flower from you?”, I challenged. But he shrugged again. This time, it opened the sand jar. It began sprinkling the sand on the desk. I figured he was making a tiny deathbed for the flower. Typical Enoch. But as I leaned in, the last thing the doll did before stopping was form a letter E.

The sand spelled, 'PLEASE’.

My eyes widened in shock. I sort of felt a fluttering inside me. Good move, Enoch. I instantly hid my impressed face.

“Too soon, Y/N, I saw that look in your eyes.”, he said as if ordering me to stand down. He won my pride. “Fine.”, I smiled, heat rising up to my cheeks. I took the flower and held it awkwardly.

He seemed to look at me with a glint in his eyes. His eyes transfixed from the flower to my face, a small smile curling his lips. I looked back at him, wearing a smug but soft smile. “What?”, I smiled at him. He shook his head and chuckled sweetly. “Nothing. I’ve just been extra rude to a beautiful lass.”, he chuckled at himself. The temperature in my cheeks and my temples rose and I could have been melting. Beautiful?

“That’s because you are extra rude to everyone.”, I laughed at him and for a while, he looked stubborn. “Ah, stop being pretentious, Y/N. I’m not that rude. Or perhaps you like me being rude?”, he smirked. There was an odd tension between us. That was true. “Perhaps I do.”, I smirked back. “Nailed it.”, he laughed at me this time and I giggled along.

“It’s late, love. Come around tomorrow.”, he smiled as we straightened up. I gave him a hug and sneaked a kiss on his cheek.

“Perhaps you like me being nice to you, too.”, I giggled, walking out his cellar where all his dolls and clay toys were stowed. His cheeks were flustered and he looked me up and down as I exited.

Yoosung x 707 headcanons

- introducing Korea’s new favourite power couple

- fuckin wreck all the LOLOL leaderboards, but Yoosung gets mad at Seven if he hacks into the game I’m any way

- ‘seevveeenn that’s cheeaattiinggg !! We’re supposed to be the best naturallyyyyy !’

- Seven is an innuendo machine but they all go straight over Yoosungs head :“) it makes Seven tear up a bit at his boyfriend’s innocence

- have they kissed yet ??? Have they not ???? Are they even dating ???? Is there any homo ?? Who the fuck knows man these two confused everyone

- their first kiss ends up being during an argument between them, Seven is trying to tease Yoosung but he isn’t having any of it and stands pouting up at Seven until Seven leans down n kisses him and its a bit like

Y: what what was that
7: oh god I have no idea sorry man it just came over me
Y: no man….. No I think it’s fine bro….. Let’s try it again
7: yes definitely lets

- they switch being the big spoon n little spoon equally

- they probably (definitely) need mama Jaehee to look after both of them, as they’re both lazy slobs lmao


- Yoosungs mum fuckin loves Luciel to death omg,, the first time they met Seven was all like 'oh Yoosung, you never told me you had a sister ;)’ an mama Yoosung gave her instant approval

isak and even being cute + domestic bc that’s all i rlly want in life ( @josteninski)

  • they have to cook for vilde’s group so sometimes even comes over and forces isak to help him bake
  • isak never helps
  • he mostly just sits on the counterand watches and makes bad puns
  • but this is after they’ve made up but before they’ve had the “what are we” talk so they’re definitely a thing but not Dating. not Going Steady
  • and this is the first time they’ve really hung out since the Fight and its v light and casual
  • even always laughs but sometimes he’ll mock getting offended like “you’re useless!! why don’t you ever help me?”
  • and he’ll put one hand on either side of isak and lean in and he’s tall enough that they’re nearly at eye-level even tho isak is on the counter
  • and lean in and tease a little bit more and isak will kiss him to shut him up
  • and at this precise moment eskild chooses to walk in
  • he makes fun of them ofc but he’s so happy that His Boy is in a loving relationship
  • and he makes the obligatory “isak is so lazy” comment and even is a little shit so he agrees with him and they jab isak together and isak acts SO OFFENDED
  • he’s like “i cannot believe….the people i trusted….would treat me this way….”
  • at one point eskild’s like “you’re lucky he’s your boyfriend, isak. you guys are cute together’
  • and walks out
  • and even’s like ”“did u hear that??! we’re cute together! do u think we’re cute?? am i ur boyfriend?? im ur boyfriend right??”
  • isak is like END MY LIFE NOW PLS AND THANK U
  • they’re cute n i love them

Okay but after R and Enj get married R totally can’t stop calling himself Mr. Enjolras-Grantaire
- He doodles it on every possible available surface in all sorts of fonts. He doesn’t even notice it half the time. He was working on this one commission and he realized after about like ten minutes there were ten different “Mr. Enjolras-Grantaire” doodles scattered all throughout the canvas. When he covered them up sometimes he just. stared at the letters and put the paintbrush down and literally could not stop smiling because now he’s Mr. Enjolras-Grantaire????? How cool is that?????
- He made it his new email username, and everyone teases him over it. Except Enj. He thinks its the most adorable thing ever and honestly he didnt even know his husband could get even cuter but he did and fuck he just loves him so much
- Whenever he gets coffee, he absolutely insists on having the barista write down “Mr. Enjolras-Grantaire”. One time he completely forgot to drink his coffee because he took one look at the name on the cup and just started smiling uncontrollably to himself about it for like. an hour
- Always freaks out a little inside when other people call him it?????? One time Courf called him that and R thanked him and went on like a fifteen minute spiel on how awesome and amazing his husband was and now Courf has to freak out to Ferre because they’re so cute and he fucking knew they would always get together
- Enj calls him Mr. Enjolras-Grantaire all the time. R gets so excited and he starts blushing and he looks so beautiful when he smiles like that and he should keep smiling like that forever and honestly his husband is so perfect how can he not do whatever he can to make him keep smiling like that?????
- just. R being a nerd + Mr. Enjolras-Grantaire


On the first date with Harry and you’re a bit nervous. Because you’ve been good friends for a while and there’s a lot of pressure on tonight. Even though Harry does everything he can to take it off the both of you, making cheeky remarks and throwing his arm over your shoulders while you watch the concert from the dark corners of some hidden balcony. And it does calm your nerves, to see that you can still act like yourself with him and enjoy the music you both love. You can tease, and poke, and prod each other like mates until it’s not like that at all.

Because when the purple light hits your cheeks just perfectly Harry remembers that this isn’t just a night out with his mate, it’s you. You who he’s harbored real feelings for for years it seems. You who feels the same and is looking at him now like he might just hold the world in his pocket. So with hands that suddenly feel shaky he takes the beer from yours, cutting off your jeering protest with a soft kiss that makes your head spin. That makes you see stars from the way his hands cup your cheeks so possessively, the way that his lips mold with yours in increasingly desperate passes.

And then it’s not just two mates at a concert, it’s two people on the precipice of something you both feel growing in your chests even though it’s too early to tell. Your hands fist in his worn jacket and curl in his ever growing locks. It’s breathless gasps for air between kisses that seem to last for days. It’s smarmy smiles with noses touching. It’s the way he says your name in a tone you’ve never heard before but you’d die to hear again and again. It’s desperate hands and “Can’t love, wanna do this right,” when you’re in the taxi home.

Harry usually comes up for a night cap or even to sleep off a few too many drinks but he can’t tonight. Because even though his desire for you has been burning under his skin for far longer than even he’d like to admit, knowing that it’s even a fraction reciprocated is too much and he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from acting on it now. So it’s only a pert kiss that you get at your doorstep, or at least that’s what he intends. But instead it’s more like long burning passionate dancing of mouths and hands that grip tightly to hips until the taxi driver honks for Harry to get on with it.

And he can’t stop himself from being at least a bit cheeky when you turn to unlock the door to your flat, just a low toned “I forgot to tell you, I really like those jeans,” right against your ear that makes the hairs stand on your neck. A shiver and a promise of what’s to come. He’s still your mate though so you whack his chest, hiding your pleased grin and your flushed cheeks. It’s one last kiss on said cheek and an “I’ll call yeh tomorrow,” a phrase he’s so often uttered to you but now seems to hold the promise of something much more than just that. 

I can’t believe Kubo pulled a Kishi on us… Why, WHY did he tease IchiRuki so much (one of the many examples being this HONEYMOON spread) if he makes it IchiHime in the end.

I don’t hate IchiHime, its shippers or anything, everyone can ship and like what they want. It’s just that it hurts SO MUCH to be betrayed by an author when he has given you lots and lots of legit hints pointing towards this really special relationship and then everything takes a complete 180 in the last chapters, the characters that used to share this special bond don’t even talk again, turn around, fcuk someone else, have babies and start acting completely OOC.

IchiRuki and/or NaruSaku shippers, we were not wrong. We just got teased, given false hope and betrayed by the authors of the mangas we loved. And it hurts. But we were and are NOT wrong or delusional to believe in these pairings.

Thanks for lots of wasted time believing you were actually capable authors, scumbags.