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Crazy the difference makeup and 12 years in Azkaban can make, huh? ;) My makeup on the left was done by the amazing @aegiskitty ; I did the Sirius cosplay makeup on the right. I’m actually more familiar with fx makeup than the regular stuff, so I definitely needed some pointers. Pointer one: we nixed the beard on the left.

Tools for Painting Props

Even an expert painter would have trouble leaving a smooth coat if their brushes were garbage. You need to make sure you have the proper gear before you begin painting your prop! Here are some of the basic tools that you’ll need:


For Glue (low-quality)

You’ll go through these fast, so don’t spend a lot of money on them. 

●     A thin-tipped brush

●     A medium-tipped brush

●     A fat-tipped brush

For Sealant (low to moderate quality)

Since sealants harden, these brushes will also need to be replaced at some point. Don’t overspend.

●     A thin-tipped brush

●     A medium-tipped brush

●     A fat-tipped brush

For Paint (high-quality)

●     A thin-tipped brush

●     A medium-tipped brush


Everything Else


This is 100%, irrefutably, totally, non-negotiably crucial to painting. You don’t use primer, your project looks bad. End of story.

Sand paper

You’ll need this for sanding out bumps in the primer.


It doesn’t have to be fancy. Anything that won’t disintegrate and taint your colors will do.


Smock/Apron/Old Clothes

Protective Covers for Your Work Area

Waterproof Sealant

If you don’t use this, than you paint job will bleed, run, and look generally gross.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that there aren’t any specific tools listed here. That’s because there are as many kinds of paints as their are materials for construction! This is a checklist to follow when you start painting any kind of project, whether it’s in wood, fabric, Wonderflex, paper mache…you get the idea.


okay so I was tagged by @flower-taemin to do this bias x selfie tag and I tried to be fake cool so here you go. Too bad the only clothes I own are black so..and I only had a dead flower… #low budget

anyways I will tag @choiminoh @leejinklies @blingjonghyun @tofnew @sataeminism @silverznight and.. anybody else who wants to do this c: of course no obligation!!

december prompts- cookies

hux worked so hard on them, he will not waste them on ren’s filthy mouth.


so I may have wasted at least ten hours of my life and made a fully themed original coaster in Planet Coaster

It has triggers! And over 7 excitement! And a Yeats quote hanging in the station!

I’m gonna keep poking at it and upload it to the Steam workshop shortly and then I’m gonna go take a long hard look at my life and my priorities

over 3000 hand-placed individual pieces o h m y g o d

anonymous asked:

Forgive me, but I beg for your wisdom. I am a smol unfashionable child of the jeans-and-tshirts-no-makeup-hair-braided flavor, BUT I recently got a Great haircut and went shopping and got some Excellent clothes!!! But how do you get the motivation to put together a Look every day, when jeans-and-tshirts are so easy? Like??? Is there a secret to it? Do you just have to go for it and wear the fancy dress even tho its just a normal Tuesday? What if it looks weird??? I beg your kind and wise advice.

well your question is actually about two different things, as I see it.

1) can I be fancy on a normal Tuesday and will I look weird if I do? 

don’t overthink this, if you feel like wearing something dramatic and fancy, wear it. people may be surprised at how polished you look, but that’s not a bad thing. as our gay patron saint oscar wilde said, you can never be overdressed, and he wore capes everywhere, so he knew what he was talking about.

2) how do I find the motivation to put together a Look every day?

you don’t. that’s just a fact. I probably put together a Look four days out of seven, and the rest of the time I’m going to be comfortable. the key is to own fashionable things which are comfortable, and no one will be able to tell the difference. you’re living in, to borrow a phrase, the best of all possible worlds when it comes to the comfy/fashionable flashpoint, because current trends are all about oversized silhouettes and dressing up loungewear. sneakers are in. block heels are in. dresses with balloon sleeves made of sweatpants material are in. jumpsuits, slouchy coordinates, baggy culottes, big sweaters, this is your time. add metallic accents, fishnet, a bright lipstick, and you’re done. check out brands like ASOS White and Monki for your Pajamas On The Street needs, and use those pieces to fill in the blanks on the days you’d really rather not get off the couch. we all have those moments, even exceedingly extra people like me. you just have to make sure you have the arsenal for them.

Sf9 As Burgers/Sandwiches

Inseong: A croissant sandwich with lettuce cheese bacon ham and tomatoes that tries to look fancy but at the end of the day it’s just a croissant being extra. Mostly likely from Starbucks.

Jaeyoon: Grilled Cheese sandwich with extra extra extra cheese. But the fancy kinds you get at nice cafes but also could just be a homemade grilled cheese you make at home that you sometimes put other things inside like ham or spam because you were so hungry and its so GOOD.

Youngbin: A nice burger with a huge thick patty with loads of generous toppings in it. And when you bite into it, cheese goo and etc spills out but it’s sooo bomb/tasty. (Why do I feel so weird typing that).  Could also be a burger at barbecue during a family get together.

Rowoon: In n Out Burger, really popular. Looks good and taste good. People come from different areas/countries to try the burger because it’s so popular. Double Cheese, Double the Patty.But he could also be a nice breakfast sandwich you get at fancy cafes to drink with your tea/coffee so Idk.

Dawon: Could be Five Guys/Shake Shack Burger but also Any Bacon Cheeseburger from The Most Known Fast Food Chains (McDonald’s, Jack In The Box). But also could be a signature burger from a popular food truck that everyone orders a lot that ends up promoting on the food channel.

Zuho: Burgers at restaurants in the airport or festivals like kcon/convention where it’s either insanely expensive or cheap but SUPER tasty and sometimes looks super extra too like a pork belly candied bacon cheese potato crisp burger or some shit like that thats like hugely STACKED with a stick in the middle to hold its shape.

Taeyang: One of those special limited time pulled pork sandwiches with spicy secret sauce that when you eat, you werent sure at first but then you get hooked and people kept asking for it so much it ends up staying on the menu.

Hwiyoung: Really fancy prepared burger made by a professional chef on their own cooking show on tv. Everything is fresh never frozen and tendered and cared for and made with love to be honest and like the meat and stuff has to be cooked for a certain amount of time or it wont taste the same.

Chani: The burger/sandwich your mom makes that will always remind you of home and it’s so delicious and you love it so much. Even though it doesn’t look too fancy but its one of the best burgers you’ve ever had.

Ps: Yes ik this reaction is super extra but yall requested this LMAO ❤️

We have to be better than them, Laura.

(New X-Men #34, Childhood’s End Vol. 4, “Mercury Falling”)


“He threw me out the window!”
“You’re already dead!”

happy holidays pahtrohclus!! im so so so sorry i’ve been the shittiest trc secret santa :( so here’s a little gift to apologize, hope you like it!!

How To Flirt/Get With The Signs:
  • Aries: Compliment them often, go along with their plans, don't keep your opinion's to yourself when discussing personal interests.
  • Taurus: Don't rush anything, amuse/entertain them often, take them to a nice restaurant/cook a nice meal.
  • Gemini: Talk often with them, and make sure to actually know what you're talking about, speak your mind, be loyal and honest.
  • Cancer: Be direct and let your feelings be known, be straight with them, build up lots of trust, ask for advice from them (but not too much), don't force them into anything.
  • Leo: Admire them, compliment them often, even if it's fake, entertain them with humor and fancy lush things.
  • Virgo: Always have a few facts and details to tell them, don't discuss topics that go nowhere, don't try to probe inside their emotions, let them take the lead.
  • Libra: Admire and flatter them, ask them about themselves, have light friendly debates, keep your place tidy and neat.
  • Scorpio: Never be fake, don't ever try to tease them or hide something, be frank and speak your mind, never shoot them down/tell them they're wrong.
  • Sagittarius: Ask them about themselves, share interesting and funny stories, keep your emotional distance, take them out on a date somewhere outside.
  • Capricorn: Humor them often, don't pry into their emotions, gain trust, be patient.
  • Aquarius: Simulate their minds with friendly arguments, give them plenty of brain exercise with your conversations, have variety, never complain or be a nagger.
  • Pisces: Talk about things that are out of this world, like the occult or astrology, don't allow them to take on all of your problems, adventure with them and tell them odd jokes.

The wing footed boy.