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The Forest of Tranquility - Chapter 11: Tranquility

“Just seeing you wearing nothing upon your head makes me feel uncomfortable. You’re as cold as ice.”

The taller one looked in Shion’s deep purple and lovingly smoothed down the brown fabric. This boy fitted so well with the winter forest. He looked like an ice sculpture with his pale skin and white hair. Nezumi couldn’t help but imagine him naked in the middle of the frozen lake, merging perfectly with his surroundings and the snow falling from the white sky. The only contrasts are the vibrant, red scar meandering around his body and his deep purple eyes. Beautiful.

“Your head is also uncovered, Nezumi,” Shion said, startling the other boy a bit. He chuckled slightly and wrapped Nezumi’s superfiber cloth carefully around the grey-haired. Nezumi leaned over while encircling his arms around the boy’s shoulders and kissed those cold, bluish lips gently. Shion breathed out of his nose and pressed his body against the warmer, other one tightly, kissing him back even though his lips hurt a bit.

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