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Lin-Manuel Miranda discusses hip-hop song forms in Hamilton

I studied musicals a lot, but I also, you know, as you can tell I’m a huge hip-hop fan. So I love hip-hop that tells stories, but I also like lots of different kinds of hip-hop (x)


Post apocalyptic Yuuri + Victor from my Inferno: Yuri No Ice AU.

AU Intro/synopsis HERE

Played with some frames from the Program:01 comic with the Portra app ^ ^


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okay so usually thoughts i get at night dont tend to turn into any sort of urge but ive waited long enough

why has no one

I MEAN????







so uh here comes a thought is really good

butterfly-less version under the thing!


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The Signs First Thought in the Morning
  • Aries: Where's my phone?
  • Libra: Who am I?
  • Capricorn: 5 mins more..yeah 5 mi--Zzzz
  • Scorpio: Oh its 3pm already? ok imma sleep more
  • Cancer: i hate life
  • Leo: omg I can't get up!
  • Gemini: why I am here?
  • Taurus: What am I going to eat? hmm
  • Sagittarius: I need to turn the wifi on and lay in my bed again for the next 6 hours
  • Aquarius: I need to deal with people again *sighs*
  • Pisces: I'm hungry
  • Virgo: Ohhh am I awake already? or am I dreaming?!
Childrens game...

Avengers x Reader - Bucky x Reader 
Its not REALLY smut, but it smells a little smutty. 
Words: 2000 - Nice round number, eh? 

A relaxing evening at the Avengers Tower turns playful… Someone might go to bed with a completely new view of y/n. 

It’s not because I’m shy or in any way scared of interacting with people, I’m just more of an observer.

I watch, I observe. I take in people around me, the way they talk, the way they act and behave. It’s part of who I am a part of my gift and my abilities. 

I read people, it’s the reason why I joined the Avengers. Why Tony and Steve tracked me down and talked me into becoming one of them and the reason why, I am now on a couch in the Avengers tower on a Saturday evening, with all of them surrounding me.

It is also the reason why people think I’m shy and insecure.

Oh but how wrong they all are… So very wrong. 

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*screeches into the goddamn void* FINALLY ITS DONE! MY BRAND NEW REDRAW OF UNIVERSE FALLS’S COVER!!!!! Seriously this took me months to do, but alas, tis finally complete and I couldn’t be happier with it! I honestly think this whole thing turned out so beautifully! Like all the colors, the characters… everything is just wow (to toot my own horn because yes, I am quite proud of this lil masterpiece seeing as how I put a FUCK ton of effort into it!) But yeah seeing as how I’m tired as hell I’m going to bed rn but expect a rather in depth compare/contrast post between this one and the old one at some point tomorrow. Anyway, enjoy!

start anew | ksj

summary: it’s been five years since you left your hometown, vowing never to return, but a simple invitation to a christmas party and a yearning to know whether or not you’re truly over the heartbreak you left behind has you wondering if, maybe, the christmas spirit and promise of a new beginning can change your mind.

{christmas!au, exes!au}

pairing: kim seokjin x female reader
word count: 11k
genre: soft angst and fluff (everything is just melancholy, alright?)
warnings: alcohol consumption
a/n: for @sonnenfuchs, from your secret santa!! here it is luce, i tried to make it as not angsty as possible but it looks like i didn’t try hard enough. this does have a happy ending though, if that’s any consolation!! merry (late) christmas and happy new year!! i wish u and the rest of the gc all the best ♡

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Lullabies, Ashton Irwin

Pairing: Ashton & Y/N

Summary: It’s easier to sleep when Ashton sings to her.

Warnings: Fluff tw

803 words (sorry it’s so short, I’m tired and couldn’t think of anything bc it’s bad)

A/N: This has been a scenario that has been in my head since I joined the 5sos fam so I figured I should finally write it down. Beware, it’s literally all just fluff.

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Red Hot

PAIRING- reader x Bucky Barnes 


WARNINGS: SMUT, UNPROTECTED SEX (keep it wrapped guys) and Swearing (are you surprised by now through?)

Request from Anon -Can I request a Bucky Barnes imagine? The reader & Natasha having to go undercover? & the reader has to wear something revealing making Bucky overprotective? Smut or dirty talk? ❤️ (Reader & Bucky date)

So I went in with the intention of writing only light smut (just oral) but then somewhere along there it turned into full on Smut, soooooo what can ya do *shrugs* but its my first Bucky Smut yay! Enjoy x 


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“Ok what about this one?”

You stepped out of your walk in wardrobe pulling at the dress until it was sitting comfortable on your body. Natasha was sitting on your bed an array of dresses sat around her as she looked up from the magazine she was flicking through. She tilted her head as you walked over barefoot to your full-length mirror.

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If you should be the last autumn leaf hanging from the tree

I’ll still be here, waiting on the breeze, to bring you down to me.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

Ok so funny story

I was just discussing this with my family and I thought tumblr might find it amusing.
So ok picture this I’m like 15? my sister’s lipsticksandliquors like 13 my parents are out and my sister’s in her bedroom I’m just doing something in the bathroom when we hear mens’ voices outside. Usually whatever, we live in a semi detached house, our neighbours might have visitors or whatever. But there’s noises and (what sounded like) banging on windows and the voices of several men and me and my sister go into our parents’ room to see what’s going on by looking out the window out to the front of the house. We’re very discreetly trying to look out without being seen and there’s this strange group of guys we don’t know. They look like they have tools of some kind. Clearly our minds bypass the logical right into panic mode and we stand there thinking we’re about to be burgled or something, we don’t know what to do. Suddenly the top of a ladder is propped against the window we’re looking out of with a bang, startling us. I now go into full blown HOLY SHIT HE’S GOT A LADDER HE’S GOING TO CLIMB IN THE WINDOW panic mode. I stress I was NOT thinking at all logically, in fact I don’t even know what was going through my head in retrospect. So I do the only thing I can think of to do in what, to me, looks like an imminent breaking and entering. Do we run out of the room in question to hide?
No, of course not!
As my sister crouches between the wall and my parents’ bed, I vividly remember literally THROWING myself spread-eagled onto my parents’ bed, in full view of the window as if that would have helped, pressing myself to the bed flat and screeching in my most panicked war cry,
“STAY LOW!!!!!”
Fucking. Stay low. STAY LOW. Like I was in some fucking action movie and a bomb was about to go off or something.
My sister briefly brings up the possibility of going to look for the cat but I go FUCK NO STAY WHERE YOU ARE. ITS EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF AT THIS POINT. so there we are, my sister on the floor, me flat on the fucking bed like an idiot in a useless hiding position, figuring well fuck, we made our choice and now we have to stick to it damn it, when we hear someone start to climb up the ladder. This is it, no turning back. I press my face into the bed. We tense. We wait for our impending doom. Then the guy gets to the top, pulls out a sponge and starts wiping the window down.
In this moment, my sister and I, in our positions looking like fucking idiots, turn to look at each other. We look at each other for a long moment.
IT WAS THE WINDOW CLEANERS. IT WAS THE FUCKING WINDOW CLEANERS WITH LADDERS AND BUCKETS AND SPONGES, WHO COME EVERY FUCKING WEEK. clearly this did not cross my mind when I formulated this stupid STAY LOW plan. Our windows get cleaned like every fucking week and not ONCE did it cross my mind that it could possibly be the window cleaner. We burst out into hysterical laughter and we didn’t stop for about ten minutes. I was crying.
It was the fucking window cleaner.


Blue Eyed Beauty (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Blue Eyed Beauty (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Requested: yes

Oh me me 🙌. I’ve got one. Um okay so can i request a dad!seb x reader where they’re having a bbq with their family and friends an their 3 yr old is being grumpy and clingy. Just some fluff. (Its just a cute imagine that came across my mind) it’s all up to you. Like wheather you wanna write it or nah. Thank you.❤ (Psst your blog is adorable) 💋💋

“Babe where’s my white shirt?” You could hear Sebastian yell from upstairs as you were cooking in the kitchen. You couldn’t help but role your eyes once you heard his question.

“Which one? You own about 500 of them.” You respond with a small chuckle at the end.

You were making a pasta salad, corn, and marinating the meat for the BBQ that you guys were having. It was a nice way for everyone to connect again, especially since Sebastian’s filming schedule has been hectic lately. With the new Avengers movie coming up and his press for I,Tonya, today was a rare day to actually spend time with your husband.

“I think I found it.” You heard him come down the stairs, and into the kitchen. When you took your eyes off the pot, you turned around to see the sweetest thing in the world. Sebastian was holding your child, who was swimming in dad’s shirt. Their arms were around his neck and they couldn’t stop laughing. “I’m gonna need that shirt back you little munchkin.” He joked and tickled their sides.

“NEVER!” They screamed back. You couldn’t help but snort at the response that your child made. You reached over and took the shirt off and handed it to your husband. You grabbed the toddler and kissed them on the cheek. “Mummy I’m hungry.” You sighed and looked at the time. People would be over in 30 minutes, and things were not even close to being ready.

“I’ll get you a snack for now okay honey? And you, go put the shirt on people will be over soon.” You pushed Sebastian towards the stairs so that he could put clothes on. He grabbed her arm that she pushed him with and pulled you closer to him. He leaned in and gave you a sweet, tender kiss. Only pulling back slightly both of you smile.

“I love you, now get ready before I kill you.” You threaten while you give your child back to him so that he can dress them up when they go up stairs.

“Yes m’am.” You heard Sebastian say as he disappeared up the stairs. You sighed and looked at the mess that surrounded you. Spices everywhere, different cookbooks and cutlery were the only things that were seen on your counter top. You threw your hair up in a bun and continued the dinner.


You opened the sliding door that lead to the backyard and could see everyone chatting and having a good time. Chris Evans was beside your husband and brought his girlfriend Jenny along. Your kid was running around with Jeremy’s daughter while the other kids sat and stuffed their face with some chips and dip. Everyone came right on time, as you were about the yell at Seb to come downstairs and start the barbecue you heard the doorbell ring. When you opened it it was Scarlett, Elizabeth with Chris Hemsworth and his wife and Tom Hiddleston. You let everyone in and lead them to the backyard.

“Honey sit down and take a break! Everything is fine, have some wine.” You heard a voice say behind you. You turn around and see Scarlett handing you a glass of wine. You chuckle and gladly take it. You guys move over to the side and discuss on stuff that has happened for the past six months. As you laughed at an event that happened to Scarlett you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist. You squealed a bit as it took you by surprise but relaxed since you knew it was your husband.

“We should probably put Y/C/N down soon, its past 9pm” Sebastian mentioned as he looked at his watch. The party was still alive and people weren’t going home anytime soon. You nodded your head at his comment and made your way towards your child. You knelt down and informed your child that it was bed time but all you got in return was a shriek and a fake cry. You knew this would be a challenge, especially since everyone was still over. She spent most of her day with Evans and her dad, wanting to spend all her time with them since she missed both of them so much.

You can’t help cringe once you hear the noise and know what would follow next. Its been harder, and harder to do this by yourself and not have Sebastian there. You still sat there when your child ran over to uncle Chris and daddy. You sighed and followed along.

“Daddy play with me, I’m not ready for bed.” You child whined as they tugged on Sebastian’s jeans. Sebastian chuckled and picked them up giving them a simple kiss on their forehead.

“I’m sorry my love but it is bed time, we need to get you ready.” Your husband explained while turning around to go into the house. You wanted to grab your child out of instinct since you were used to the routine that you created, but you forgot that Sebastian was just as capable of doing this as well. You were about to follow them but then you felt a hand bring you back.

“He’s got this Y/N, don’t worry about it.” You heard Chris say and you smiled as a response.

You knew putting your child to bed can be a task, your little blue eyed munchkin can be a handful. So you got a bit worried and decided to make your way upstairs to make sure everything was going okay. You tiptoed towards your child bedroom and slowly opened the door. Once you peaked your head in you saw the most adorable sight in front of you. Your child was asleep and Sebastian was reading to them. Once he was done reading the page, he looked down and saw that his beautiful blue eyed beauty was finally asleep. He closed the book and set it down on the nightstand that was beside the bed, he gave a gentle kiss on their cheek and proceeded to turn off the light. He made his way towards the door and saw you standing there.

“What? Coming to check up on me?” He joked.

“Just making sure everything was okay.” You commented and closed the door behind Sebastian once he was out of the room.

“I’ve got it doll, don’t worry about it.” He said as he placed his hands on your waist.

“What would I do without you.”

I was supposed to post this in August, but first semester of University was a bitch and I was literally not in the mood to write at all :( But it is finally here! I’m so sorry anon that you had to wait for like 4 months! 


“dont do it,

its so cliche”

i whisper to myself as i’ve already begun drawing

Christmas Morning - A John Shelby Imagine

Requested: yes

Pairings: John Shelby x reader

Warnings: Character name change

( Gif from @markshade )

Originally posted by markshade

{Festive Prompt 30: “wake up! It’s Christmas!!” ‘No love, its five am, go back to sleep’, Festive Prompt 25: “uh they’re your kids too mate” - John}

So I will continue to post the rest of the Christmas imagines until New Years, but I will try to be as quick as I can! xx 💕

You were asleep in John’s arms, his bare chest warm against your back whilst you dreamt, when suddenly you were forced into the world of consciousness.

You blinked, forcing your eyes open, sleep still glazing your vision and throwing your world into a blur.

“wake up! It’s Christmas!!” Your kids were screaming at you, eyes wide with excitement as their voices cut through what was left of your slumber.

You groaned turning and burying your head into John’s chest, the action combined with his screaming children, causing him to startle awake.

He opened one of his eyes, looking over all of his kids. Once he realised there was nothing wrong, that they were just being annoying, he wrapped his arms tighter around you and attempted to re enter the world of sleep.

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Made this gif/photoset using videos made by @sentimentaltomboy (thank you so much again for coming with me to the concert 💕 ). Those were just some videos made so that we have something to take home with us, to watch and remember this incredible evening. No hq fancams and close-ups, just the concert from our point of view somewhere in the front of stage area haha

THE SHOW WAS AMAZING. The stage, the dancers, the band, Kwon Jiyong of course. All the songs were so much fun to see performed live and from what I heard and saw, the audience was in such a good mood too. My throat still hurts from singing along lol. And the SCREAMS were deafening when GD took over the stage. But my FAVE by far were the parts when Jiyong was talking to us, just this lil man (he said it himself, with the most adorable embarrassed laugh, he’s a man now, not a boy anymore lol aw) all alone on stage. Gosh he was so cute, he felt so.. real and sincere in those moments. He even spoke some words in German, hallo and ich liebe dich/euch.

The fanproject was a success and Jiyong seemed to love it. Sadly I didn’t see well enough during Untitled, 2014 (but for the rest of the concert I had a nice view, didn’t even need to look at the screens much) but people were saying he was teary eyed in the end so I think our message reached and touched him. The feeling was unbelievable, all those people holding up the banners. The venue was huge and not sold out, but you couldn’t see that at all. Also can’t forget to mention the fanchants. We all did amazing 💪

What made this day so special for me were also all these wonderful people I got to meet at the venue. I met up with ​ @uncledaesungfish, @ohseunghyuns, @thechoi-choi and many more. Ily all 💕

I’m not going to get into tiring details about the mess that was the numbering system, just let me say that I wished it all went according to plan it would’ve saved us all from a lot of stress I think aha.
Also gonna stop talking at this point lol, I’m not someone who is good at it anyway haha. And there are lots of good fancams around which I’m gonna watch now b/c I already miss him ;v; (Missing you is also the song stuck in my head since yesterday ahh)

anonymous asked:

Oh boy a new FFXV blog!! So excited to read the headcanons and stories you write! Request: The bros are fighting against a daemon and just before they are able to kill it, it emits a toxin, hitting their crush. This toxin puts said crush into a kind of "sleeping death" state and the bros actually think they're dead. How would they react a.) when it happened, and b.) when the toxin wears off some time later? Fluff and confessions abound!! Good luck with your new blog!! ^_^

Hello! i hope you like them im trying to get them done faster, but it takes a day or two to write them ;w; and this was a hard request to do in trying not to have them so similar, but lets see how this goes!

Note after making this: HOLY SHIT THIS TOOK A WHOLE DAY, 9am - 3:06am holy shit this was hard, please love it.. im sorry if its bad ;w; i tried so hard to get this done, im done go night i need my bed, my Arthritis is flaring up so bad in my back, legs and hands ahh this hurts. please do enjoy!

Word count: 4583

They were not ready for the deamon that game up from the ground right under them. Camp wasn’t to far as the sun was already down. Startled and in a small daze you didn’t summon your weapon fast enough turning away ready to be crushed under the blade of the deamon, but it never came. No death no pain but the loud cry from Noctis as he blocked the attack taking you from the ground getting you on your feet.

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One Night

In which you find yourself in bed with Harry Styles, and you’ve got a bit of a secret.

A/N: Could it be? Sydney finished the virginity oneshot?! YES MY FRIENDS: IT IS TRUE! I’m hoping this doesn’t disappoint because its probably not quite what everyone was expecting… but nevertheless I had fun writing it because it seems that this is a dream for a lot of fans.  So enjoy. ;)

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Friendly Reminder (Domhnall Gleeson x Reader)

domhnall notices that you’ve missed some doeses of your meds. he’s concerned about it and wants to support you.


My hands are shaky as I finishing making my tomato soup. The act of eating sounds repulsive to me, but I felt sick, and I needed to eat.

I sit down at the table, the heat hits my face and fogs up my glasses. I take small sips of my soup, not minding the temperature. I scroll through some apps, not really looking or caring about the content.

I hear Domhnall come into the room. I don’t pay attention to him as he makes a bowl of soup for himself and sits by me. “You alright, love?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, why?” I ask, throwing on a cheery face.

“I feel like you’re distancing yourself from me, from your friends. Is something going on that you need to talk about?” He pauses to look at me, but I shrug and give no answer. “You’ve been having rather dramatic mood swings, and you often get this way when you haven’t been taking your meds.”

“I have been taking them Domhnall!” I interject. I didn’t want to have this conversation. the truth is I haven’t taken them the past 2 weeks, and I feel like if he knows he’ll get mad. I get into,this cycle every once in a while.

When I’m constant with my meds, I either feel like I’m less productive, and I have no focus, on anything. I just want to sleep and just cry all the time. I feel so numb.

“Okay,” he whispered. We eat our soup in silence. He finishes before me and takes my bowl to the sink and rinses it out.

I leave the kitchen. I was worried now. If he was concerned about my pills, he will probably be aware the bottles, therefore he might check to see if I have actually been taking them, and then- fuck.

I begin to panic. I sprint down the hall, into my shared room with Dom, and slip into the bathroom. I open up the mirrored cabinet and grab my pill bottles. I checked the refill dates. It had actually been 3 and a half weeks since I had taken them last. I open up one bottle and frantically try to count how many there was so I could figure out how much to throw away.

I separate one bottle and throw the extra away in the trash can nearby. Moving onto the next bottle, I hear Dom’s voice. “Y/N? You okay?”

My hands keep working on the task in front of me, but my mind started racing. He’s going to find out and he’ll be so angry. He’s going to think I’m pathetic. We are going to lose the trust we’ve worked so hard on.

“Uh, Y-yeah, I’m fine.” I seperate the 2nd bottle and again threw the pills in the trash can, and tried to hide it.

“Where are you?”

“I’m in the bathroom! J-just hang on!” I screw the lids back on both bottles and put them back on the shelves and close the cabinet.

I turn on the water and wash my hands. Domhnall’s steps could be heard on the soft carpet as he came in. “Hey, Y/N, come on, what’s wrong?”

My heart was pounding in my ears as I dried my hands off on a towel. I shake my head. “Nothing, I’m fine Dom.”

He leans against the door frame, and folds his arms. “Y/N, I know you haven’t been taking your meds.”

I say nothing and just stare at the ground.

“You going to say anything?” His voice was soft but it was firm. I did nothing.

Domhnall sighs and slides by me to the cabinet above the sink, and takes the two bottles out and looks at them. He unscrew the caps and looks in both of them.

“These are too low.”

“Well, I don’t know what to tell you Dom, I’ve been taking them everyday. Just stop worrying about it okay?”

Dom sighs and rubs his eyes. “Y/N come on…” I don’t make eye contact with him, but I notice his attention go to the the trash can that I tried to tuck into a corner.


He scoots it out with his feet and sees the pills. I feel tears start to well up.

“I’m sorry, Dom, I’m so sorry!” I cover my face, and try to silence my sobs with my hands.

“Shh, hey, c'mere.” He wraps his toned arms around me and pulls me into his chest. I don’t hug back.

“I don’t know why I keep doing this. I don’t know why I’m such a fuck up!”

“ ‘Ey, ‘ey, don’t say that. You are not a fuck up. Don’t you dare think that.” He kisses my head. “I know why you do it. You don’t want to feel numb.”

I nod into his chest. “I’m so sick of feeling like nothing changes. I don’t feel like I’m getting better, but I dont feel like I’m getting worse!”

“I know, I know. But Y/N, Y/N, hey look at me, look at me.” I pull away slightly and look at his blue-green eyes. “We can make changes. Thats why we talk to your therapist, and your doctors. If you want to get off them, we can do that. But we have to be slow, if-if you just stop taking them you’ll get sick.”

He wipes the tears off my cheeks and kisses my forehead. He runs his fingers through the sides of my hair. “You deserve to feel good. You deserve to feel like you have control. I’m going to help you through this. Every step of the way, yeah?”

I take a deep breath, and nod, upon hearing his words. “Can we-” I sniff. “Do you think we can make an appointment with my therapist soon?”

Dom smiles. “Of course, love. Lets just focus on getting better.” He takes my hands with his and sits me down on the bed. “I’m going to get a towel for ya, hang on.” He walks into the bathroom and I hear the sink turn. He rings the towel out and walks over.

“Thank you, Dom.” I whisper. His soft hands wipe my forehead with the warm damp towel, my cheek,and my neck, getting rid of the tears.

“I love you Y/N. Its all going to work out, I know it doesn’t feel like it, but it can’t stay like this forever. Let’s take a nap, and then we’ll call your therapist okay?”

“Okay.” I lean against him as he gets us situated under the comforter. He place my hand on his chest and my head under his neck, I feel the light stubble on his neck.

He rubs my back and I start to drift off. I feel myself calm as I am in the arms of my biggest support and my greatest love.“

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Christmas Morning

Happy Holidays to everyone! Here’s some holiday-related Stevetony fluff for everyone! Please enjoy (and reblog if you like)! :D

Tony slowly opened his eyes and blinked into the soft morning light. It was still early and quiet, but there was a strange sense of expectation in the air.

Oh, right, he remembered; Christmas morning.

He turned around and pulled the pillow over his head. The bed was soft and perfectly inviting in its warmth, making it all too easy to doze off again.

Christmas was officially work-free, and he wasn’t even on the emergency roster this year, so there was really absolutely no reason to separate from his fluffy comforter just yet. In fact, fusing with it seemed like the idea to go with.

He mentally congratulated himself. Stroke of genius, that one. Get your sleep while no megalomaniac super-villains threaten to destroy the earth. Or business rivals try to take over your company. Or some obsessed stalker tries to get to him. Or-

Whatever. He snuggled deeper into his comforter, letting go of his thoughts in favor of sleep.

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