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The Blue Room (missing 02x08 moment)

She weighed next to nothing in his arms. So fragile yet strong at the same time. They were breathing each other so deeply… The heat of the fire in their room had nothing on them. It was about comfort, it was about healing and it turned into so much more so fast. They were the extension of the fire at that moment.

“Let’s go bed.”


Jamie slowly walked the distance between where they stood and the bed, like he was walking on clouds. His hands running from her backside to her thighs and just holding her up as he did, had left a trail of tingling sensation that Claire was still reeling from. She needed his big hands on her again, lighting up her every nerve. There was a time not long ago that she wasn’t sure she’d ever feel it, or wanted to feel it, or that she could. But only those hands, made for her, given to him for her, like he had once said, could heal her.

She was running her smooth delicate fingers on his nape and upper back, drawing patterns and words they could not utter, since breathing was turning into a hardship at this point. Claire needed out of her stays, she felt restrained. All she wanted was his weight on her, his burning hot skin against her. She wanted to feel his muscles and scars, to kiss them, to lick his perfect worked stomach. Tonight she was hungry for him in a way that only love filled with lust could explain. And he is mine.

How is this woman mine? Jamie asked himself that question many times and caging Claire with his toned arms atop the bed just reminded him yet again of the wonder of her love for him. That flushed beauty, her mouth semi-open for his kisses, her teasing eyes… He ran his nose along her neck and caught her lips. She tugged on his hair for dear life and her tongue came out to dance with his, to claim him. Like any person else could compare… If he could, he would be claimed like this every single day of his life.

And the flames went higher…

Jamie held himself up on his elbows, close to the precipice of losing balance altogether, as Claire started running her foot up his calf, lifting the kilt ever so slightly. Biting him gently on the lower lip, she released the auburn curls and sat on the mattress. Like on their wedding night, he helped her untie the restraining stays, and exactly like on their wedding night their gazes didn’t leave one another. Only difference was, the desire was stronger, the air was heavier.

After removing the stays, Claire unbuckled the kilt’s belt and maddeningly teasing, slowly removed the plaid in all his glorious folds aside. He was intensely ready himself. It overwhelmed all her senses like always. If it weren’t Jamie, this lack of control would have left Claire nervous, but it could never happen with Jamie… “Jamie.” She breathed.

“I’m here, Sorcha.”

He lifted her shift over her head, the sudden gush of cool air caused by the movement of it making her nipples stiffen. That and the dark blue gaze that didn’t fail to shake her to her core. She was still in her stockings, one loose and one still fastened with a flimsy pink tie. She made a move to take them off but he didn’t let her, holding her hands, he placed them around his neck again, while he ran his hands up her glorious round arse and held her tight around the waist, closer to him. Not one inch of room left to breathe anything else but the sweet scent of each other, enhanced by the flames that only went higher.

He started kissing and sucking on her neck, tasting her herbal sweetness, moving one hand to comb her curls away. The only sound in Jamie’s ears were Claire’s exquisite soft moans. Those sounds that made him go mad, also made him relinquish all his senses to her incredibly smooth skin. Moving to her lips again, the intense and slow kiss held a promise of contained words. Words that were not enough to describe the chemistry that happened between them in these moments. He wanted to watch her lose herself.

Feeling Jamie peeling his beautiful mouth away from her, Claire whimpered. He replied by putting his forehead against hers and swayed for a bit holding her in place. One hand tucked her hair behind her ear and a cheeky smirk came upon his face as he dragged his hands over her arms and laid down. She knew what he wanted. And she wanted to give it to him.

That bed and its magic blue quilt was their sanctuary, a place that held many whispers and sweet nothings, said in the dark of the night and in the fresh light of the dawn.

Jamie lay down and placed a hand on his wife, his goddess, guiding her to climb on top of him. The sensations was overwhelmingly satisfying, it was a lightning coursing through them, echoes of thunder reverberating through their limbs. Smiling at her, he put both hands on her shoulders as she started to rock. Slowly, he let his arms run along hers and up again. Their breathing was erratic.

She was supporting herself on him, the marble of his torso feeling like an anchor in a sea of blue quilt. “You feel so good, Jamie.”

“Mo nighean donn”, he said in a whisper like sob. “Don’t stop, Claire…” Moaning, their hearts and bodies rode each other. Jamie placed his hand in the center of Claire’s chest, feeling the frantic rhythm of her heart, slowly reaching for her ivory breasts, kneading and teasing her.

He loved watching her - her head dropping backwards as she started to lose herself in the moment - trying to remain “bodily sober” enough to see her face change a thousand beautifully different ways with their lovemaking, but he too was about to lose it as well.

Claire leaned forward gifting her breasts to him and Jamie thought heaven was upon him. Taking one nipple in his mouth, he sucked and softly bit and felt Claire shiver under her hands. She held his head with some force and if Jamie were to die for lack of air, he would have died one happy man.

“You’re so beautiful, Claire. Please don’t stop mo nighean donn, more.”  

“Oh Jamie, my love.”

Claire was starting to lose herself entirely, holding onto Jamie’s neck and shoulders wanting to kiss him, but not wanting him to take his mouth from where it was. Jamie groaned and sat up completely. She kissed him urging for his tongue to meet hers, trying to get into him and he was getting into her. So deep, so passionate, so so so much, but never enough.

Claire caressed his face, marveling at his furrowing brow, smoothing it, kissing it. They were still riding thunder as Jamie brought one hand down to touch the place, hot enough as to make metal melt, as to turn coal into diamond. Then, he buried his face in her neck, she burying her nails in his back, and ecstasy ensued. Together, they became one. Jamie kept his face on her neck, Claire was overdone with one long sob leaving her lips as the aftershocks came through. She couldn’t let go, she couldn’t breathe and neither could he.

After the lingering effects washed over them, Jamie held his well rested wife against him. She propped herself on her elbow, kissed and caressed his pecs and whispered, smiling, “Tha gaol agam ort, mo Seaumais”.

“‘Till our life should be done, my Claire.”

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okay so usually thoughts i get at night dont tend to turn into any sort of urge but ive waited long enough

why has no one

I MEAN????







If you should be the last autumn leaf hanging from the tree

I’ll still be here, waiting on the breeze, to bring you down to me.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

Friendly Competition

Nino stops dead in his tracks as his eyes land on their kitchen table.

“Adrien. You know I love you, but there are some things I can’t handle.”  Nino shakes his head as he walks past the table where there are playing mats and two decks of brown cards set before his boyfriend and empty chair opposite him. Nino heads to the fridge instead. Adrien lets out a huff as he pushes himself to turn to face him.

“But! But you said that you’d never played duel monsters before! The only reasonable course of action was to—”

“Adrien. We’ve been over this. Just because I haven’t done something before doesn’t mean that you have to blow a lot of money just to make it happen.”

“But this is an important step of your childhood that you missed out on! Besides you bought me the whole discography of Zedd when I said that I’d never heard of him before. You have no room to talk.”

The refrigerator door slams. A can of soda in his hand, Nino sends Adrien a glare. “That man is a musical genius and I’m still insulted that you didn’t know who he was. Besides that was only two CDs. I can guarantee that they cost me less than those cards and fancy mats cost you.”

“I’ll have you know that this cost me absolutely nothing. I bought them when I was younger.” Adrien crosses his arms over his chest and matches Nino’s gaze head on. They square off for at least a few seconds before Nino heaves a sigh and slumps his shoulders in exaggerated defeat.

“Fine.” Adrien lets out a cheer as Nino collapses in the empty chair across from his boyfriend.

“This is going to be so much fun Nino! I swear to you on all of my nine lives that you will never regret this.”

“I’m pretty sure that you’re down to five at this point, but I guess there’s no reason to split hairs over it.” Nino lets out a laugh as he pops open the can and takes a sip. Setting the can down he chuckles. “You know that you’re a major dork right?”

Adrien laughs as he goes to scratch at the back of his neck. “Yeah.” He pauses to look down at the table. Nino frowns as nearly visible clouds cast a shadow of doubt on Adrien’s previously sunny face.

Nino knows that this side of Adrien is still new and vulnerable. That it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that he even admitted to liking things that weren’t considered ‘normal’ by society’s so-called standards. Things that Gabriel Agreste would certainly never have approved of if Adrien had ever been open about them.

But, no matter how Nino jokes about it, he loves this side of his boyfriend. Everything about Adrien seems to amplify when he talks about things that he loves. His hands move in grander motions. His smile widens so far that there are times that Nino wonders if his face could break. And the light in his eyes…

Nino would do anything to make it glimmer as brightly as it does in those moments.

“But, I suppose that’s why I love you.” Nino reaches across the table to ruffle blonde locks. Adrien lets out a startled yelp as he hurries to rearrange the disarray left behind by Nino’s hand.

“Love you, too,” Adrien mumbles. He attempts to act disgruntled, but the smile is far too goofy to be convincing.

And, just like that, the clouds have disappeared and it’s as if the sun as returned full force yet again. Nino’s breath is stolen a beat later. It takes almost a full minute for him to find it again, and when he does he has to clear his throat before he can speak again.

“I hope you realize that, just because I’m a beginner, it doesn’t mean that I’ll go easy on you.”

Adrien’s laugh fills the room and Nino swears that it’s the most beautiful melody that he’s ever heard. 

an deireadh seachtaine | alfie solomons

anon wanted more sleepy alfie

You scrunched your brow as you felt something start to nip at your fingers, arm trailed across the edge of the bed.


Your question was met with a scrunchy little bark and you turned your palm to scratch against the dog’s chin.


He gave no response so you rolled yourself over, arm dropping to slap his back lazily.



“Dog needs letting out”

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It Doesn’t Look Good

Request: Could I please request a Jealous raphael x reader if you have time? Maybe where reader helps another vampire by giving them her blood and doesn’t realise how intimate/personal it is for vampires or why Raphael is so jealous.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Warning:None!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Note: I already wrote a similar imagine to this,so I hope that you’re going to like it..and if you do let me know..:)) Sorry if its short.                                                                                                                                                  I was woken up by a loud noise coming from the main room in this hotel..I spread my arm to wake up Rapahel but he wasn’t there..Confused I got up from bed and walked out..I came closer to the main room and walking in sleepy I saw Raphael standing there upset and one of his guys was hurted badly..’Rapahel?” He turned around and instantly walked toward me kissing me on the forhead..’Everything is fine amor,go back to sleep.’ But I didn’t listened to him instead I looked at the guy confused..’Why is he not healing.’ Knowing that I won’t leave this out so easily he let out a sigh..’He need a fresh human blood,not from the bags and taking mundanes is against the rules..’ I looked to all of them and then back at Rapahel when I came to an idea..’Maybe you don’t have to.’ He looked at me ‘Y/n what ar-’He stopped when he realized what I was talking about..’Oh no,no way in hell I’m letting you do that.’               ‘Do you want to save him or not?’ He looked irritated ‘Yes but without risking your life.’ I turned around and started walking toward the guy who was lying down..’You’re not risking it,I want to help.’ And with that I leaned my wrist on his mouth and instantly I felt sharp pain.                                                                                                                                                                                                 After everything was done and the guy was feeling fine I came back to the bedroom and saw Raphael sitting on a window sit..Even if I walked quietely I knew he hard heard me..’You wanna talk to me?’ He looked at me and then back to the window..I let out I sigh ‘Seriously Santiago,what’s the problem?’ He looked back at me annoyed   ‘What’s the problem?You did it Y/n even if I told you not to.’I looked at him ‘I did it to save his life,for you.’ He walked past ‘Yeah well you have no idea how it looked to the others.’ And it hit me’Oh my God Raphael honey are you jealous?’He turned around ‘What?No,of course not.’I walked closer to him smiling..’I don’t get it Y/n what’s so funny?’ I put my hands on his shoulders…’You ARE jealous.’ He let out a sigh ‘Fine you got me,satisfied?’I smiled and nodded my head,then I kissed him..When we pulled away a put a hand on his cheek..’Honey you  have no reason to be jealous,I love you and only you..And I don’t care what others think I did it because I know how every single on of them mean to you.’He just nodded..’Thank you amor..I love you too so much.’ I spread my arms ‘Come here.’He hugged me and I didn’t want to let go of him not now not ever.                        

♫ “I lie awake
I drive myself crazy
Drive myself crazy
Thinking of you
Made a mistake
When I let you go, baby-” ♫

Ed: “Oswald! Do you mind? I’m trying to get some sleep here.”

Hallucination Oswald: “Hey, you’re the one who’s keeping me in your bed with you, Ed. (smirks) Would you like to discuss why that is?”

Ed: (turns away and digs head into his pillow, tightly shutting his eyes) “No! Just stop singing that, please.”

Hallucination Oswald: “Alright, I will.”

Hallucination Oswald: ♫ “You could be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare…” ♫ 

Ed: (groans, muttering to himself): “Definitely a nightmare…”

♫ “Either way I don’t wanna wake up from you...” ♫ 

2016 is such a dramatic year✨👏🏻👏🏻 Here we have a third season of volleyball anime that consists TEN episodes of a school playing against another school, a korean dating sim app game that contains 4 guys and a girl that friendzones u and contains such a tearjerking plot behind the truth(DONT FORGET THE RESET THEORY) and an ice-skating anime that should be similar to every other out there but turns out the amount of gayness in there can literally kick out Free! and Haikyuu!! because its so gay that rainbows are ready to burst out at any minute and im betting my money that they’re going to sleep on the same bed by the end of the last episode :“’)

every time your love by little mix comes up in my playlist i can’t help but imagine he tian and guan shan having a quiet night at home, just being domestic and bantering like they usually do, until he tian drags guan shan in the middle of the apartment to slow dance with him, which at one point turns into kissing, and then they are stumbling towards the bed, taking off their clothes as they go, and their hands intertwine as they have sex, slow and deep, the city lights coming from the windows washing over their naked bodies……..

….and i don’t even know why because it’s not like the lyrics particularly reminds me of them, it’s just the– general vibe of the music, i guess?? (don’t ever let me tell you guys that im not a fucking romantic sap because i totally am)

So I just showed my little 12 year old brother Voltron and we got up to the ninth episode before we decided to go bed. At the end of our binge watch, I asked him who his favorite character was because he seemed to be really getting into the show. Now, I was expecting him to say maybe Lance or Keith or even Allura but then he turned to me said something I was kinda surprised at. 

“My favorite character is Hunk,” he said. 

If you know my brother, you’d understand why I was so shocked. He usually goes for either the super funny ones with flashy personalities (like Lance) or the somewhat brooding ones with kinda standoffish personalities (like Keith). I was kinda floored that he liked Hunk, who was typically funny, but didn’t really have any of the other traits his other favorite characters had. So I asked him about it.

“He’s a big guy, like me,” my brother said with a shrug. “He’s a badass, but he’s also chubby.”

And that’s when it hit me. My brother and Hunk practically have the same body type (save for my brother being younger). He liked Hunk because he saw someone who was bigger like him, but who was also a super cool ass-kicking space hero. And, honestly, I couldn’t be more happier that my little bro found a character he can look up to and relate to. 

Red Hot

PAIRING- reader x Bucky Barnes 


WARNINGS: SMUT, UNPROTECTED SEX (keep it wrapped guys) and Swearing (are you surprised by now through?)

Request from Anon -Can I request a Bucky Barnes imagine? The reader & Natasha having to go undercover? & the reader has to wear something revealing making Bucky overprotective? Smut or dirty talk? ❤️ (Reader & Bucky date)

So I went in with the intention of writing only light smut (just oral) but then somewhere along there it turned into full on Smut, soooooo what can ya do *shrugs* but its my first Bucky Smut yay! Enjoy x 


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“Ok what about this one?”

You stepped out of your walk in wardrobe pulling at the dress until it was sitting comfortable on your body. Natasha was sitting on your bed an array of dresses sat around her as she looked up from the magazine she was flicking through. She tilted her head as you walked over barefoot to your full-length mirror.

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ok so in a zombie movie its always like “you get bit->you turn into a zombie” but usually it’s also like “you don’t actually turn into a zombie until you die”. now usually the specifics of that step are kind of irrelevant bc bite victims tend to die of blood loss or infection within a day or two at the absolute most.

But, if a bite victim were to get proper medical care, could they potentially avoid this? Is the zombie virus itself fatal? Or is it just that it tends to be transferred through fatal wounds? With proper care, could a bite victim live a full life, and then eventually die of natural causes? Can the zombie virus lie dormant? If a bite victim survived a Shaun of the Dead scenario could there be another outbreak decades later as original victims begin to die of old age? Could a dormant zombie virus be hereditary? Would it present in fetuses or infants immediately? Or could it remain dormant in them too, until their eventual deaths? Through breeding (and probable minor outbreaks), could it eventually become a thing that most - if not all - humans become zombies when they die, regardless of whether or not they’ve ever come in contact with a zombie?


💌With access to my mom’s scrap booking supplies this weekend, I made letters!
💌So, the first two are the front and the inside of a letter I wrote to my cousin. Really liking the border designs there.
💌Both of the ones of the far right, top and bottom, are the first two I made. I like them because I actually tried to make them. I think my later ones turned out better.
💌The first two on the bottom row - I love the paper that I used, suns and roses adorned on them, so I left that side alone except for adding some red sparklies. The inside I also like because I tried some new banner-esque drawings.

Don’t Tell Tony - One-shot (Steve x Reader)

Summary: Reader tries to keep her relationship with Steve a secret from her brother Tony.

Anonymous: Do u still take requests? I just recently got into the fandom and I love capsicle so much. Could u do a x reader where stark is the reader’s older brother and he’s the only one who doesn’t know about steve and the reader’s relationship because the reader was kind of scared/shy about tony knowing

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No more pain

WARNINGS- angst 

 "C'mon Y/N, you have to eat! It’s not good for your health going so long without nutrition" my mom yells, forcing a plate of toast and fruit into my lap.

 I shake my head without saying a word. Ever since the affair, the move, and everything else, depression has taken its tole on my life. Doing the most mundane things can seem like a drastic task. Getting up out of my bed that has acted as my sanctuary is difficult enough, let alone working up any trace of an appetite. Mom huffs and rubs her temples in frustration. I turn my head to avoid eye contact owing to the fact that her deep eyes can make my soul shiver if she stares long enough. 

 "Okay, if I leave this in here will you at least try to eat some of it?“ She asks, a mixture of frustration and worry evident in her tired voice.

 I shrug but then nod so she will leave me alone to continue my sulking. She grabs a full plate of food sitting on my nightstand, from when she previously tried to make me eat, and left my room, shutting the door behind her. I sigh and rest my head on my hand, resuming my state of depression.

 "You know she’s right” a voice says, making me jump at the sudden noise filling the silence.

 I look up to see Tate hovering over my foot board, nervously tracing the engraved patterns on it. 

 "If you don’t eat you’ll starve, you don’t want to die, do you?“ He says, knitting his eyebrows together. 

 "But I hate it here Tate!” I yell, causing him to whip his head up in shock. “I hate having to sit day after day wishing I had a better life. I hate going to bed every night, remembering what I saw at that house. I hate having to go to bed, hoping and praying I don’t wake up! So dying seems to be the epitome of bliss right now!” I practically scream. 

 He looks at me in utter shock. Did those words really come out of your mouth? The Y/N he knew would never actually say that and mean it, would she? He inhales sharply and opens his mouth to speak, but is at a loss for words. He then leaves the room and disappears for a good 10 minutes. I really don’t notice his absence until he comes back carrying a bowl with a spoon. He nervously sits down next to me, keeping a reasonable distance. 

 "I know this is your favorite, you can’t turn it down" he says, handing me a bowl of soup from my favorite brand.

 I smile gently at his offer and take a bite, too guilty to turn his caring gesture down. I eat about 4 spoonfuls before handing him the bowl. He grins lightly and takes it, his face falling immediately into a grimace. I then begin to feel sick, extremely sick. I cough rapidly, not able to catch my breath enough to breathe. He looks at me struggling and tenses as he sees my state of being. White foam begins spilling out of my mouth and my entire body collapses onto the hard floor. I begin seizing uncontrollably until my system completely goes numb. 

 "I’m sorry Y/N, you’re not in pain anymore. You can be with me forever, now.“

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Morning. I went to bed late and slept like I was being beaten. Something I had late evening did not agree with me sleepwise.

At least around noon its going to be perfect biking weather again, so that is what my next goal is. Now though I think a nap is in order because my eyes feel like I never slept, and my dreams were wierd so I need some nap action.

And I only made it through the first ep of Supernatural last night before zonking out and tossing and turning all night. Im sure if I look at my security footage I’ll see a lot of tossing and turning. I do however have the stuff to make a delicious lunch later so that’s a bonus.

Today I need to call the Harley shop to see what to do about my baby to get her running. I know my scooter needs to go get serviced but I’m looking at $500-1000 of work on a $3500+$2500 scooter (scooter plus new motor I put in) worth $1500 working right now. So I have to decide if I need it running or it can just go in the corner and get worked on by me over the next few years or if I just clean it up and sell it for whatever I can get. Which would be $200-500 right now. I was told one motorcycle dealership would give me $500. Honestly, that’s a huge insult and yet, its what I’d get if I sold it. I could however pull the P200 motor out and sell it by itself for $1500. And maybe get $250-$500 for the motorless body. Ironic right?

Anyways, it’s Saturday and you all know what that means. My microwave is wiretapping me. I’d bet money there’s a camera in it and its watching me. Real money. Because Mary Bo Peep Conman said its true.

♡♡There's Something about Mary♡♡

Chapter 29 : Burn baby burn!!!

Negan and Mary ( Rick’s daughter ) slowburn.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Mary was half asleep her eyes were puffed up and her head sores! She cried a lot, tissues were all over the place, on her bed and on the ground. She sniffled looking at the moon , its light spread through the window across the room. She heard a slight sound of door creaking, someone entered her room , at this time of the night, Mary figured it would be her dad came to check on her, as usual, the matress dipped down behind her and a raspy voice gently whispered.
Mary quickly turned around, she saw Negan laying behind her, smiling at her.
“Oh my God! Negan, how..”
“Rick! He let me go! I’m a free fucking man now!!”
Mary became speechless, it was her dad after all, Rick Grimes in person, most person who ever hated Negan, who let her husband, his bitter enemy, walk away free.
Mary’s tears flowed, she pulled Negan closer into a kiss.
“ Unbelievable, I can’t just believe it!”
“Yeah baby !”
Negan nibbled at her neck and positioned himself on top of her, his hands tracing all over her body.
That night Mary and Negan made love twice.


The word had spread that Rick freed Negan, the latter tried to merge with the rest of the Alexandrians but it was a hard thing to achieve. Negan wasn’t used to being just a citizen, not to mention that he had to walk around without his favorite weapon, Lucille. He didn’t care what others thought of him, or if they accept him or not, nothing and nobody mattered to him except for his Mary. However, he had to try because he promised Rick .
Even though Rick made it real clear that Negan is a ‘friend’ now, but people avoided him, they were just scarred to life after what they had witnessed, the day of Spencer’s murder, some of them admitted he deserved it though.
Maggie avoided Negan as well , she accepted and respected the fact that Negan and Mary are now a happy couple and they’re expecting a baby but she never forgot what happened to Glenn neither could she forgive him for that!
She did help Mary to be reunited with Negan once but that never meant that she considers him one of them.
Mary assumed that with time, Maggie would forgive him and people would forget about his horrible past, even though she heard his side of story, there were no excuses for what he did before.

There were many vacant houses in Alexandria , and Rick gave Negan and Mary one. Mary kept her pregnancy under check every week, and the doctor couldn’t be any more satisfied with the results, the fetus is steadily growing, its sex was still unclear. Mary is healthy and strong and any previous worries are now under control .
Negan, in the other hand, opted to go out in supply runs with Aaron, so he can avoid the poisonous looks that some of the Alexandrians shoot at his direction. Although he wasn’t supposed to walk around with Lucille but he took her with him outside.
Aaron sometimes can’t just stop telling stories about his ‘adventures’ with Negan, how he was scared shitless in their first run. Eric always told him he’d be jealous if Negan didn’t already belong to Mary.

Mary always waits for him to come back from his runs, she was always worried he’d never come back, but he assures her he’ll be fine, and he make it up to her eventually by having sex. Sometimes they just fight, and Negan complies and stays at Alexandria when he sees her crying, he always hated seeing her crying.
Negan also informed his loyal Saviors that he won’t be back to The Sanctuary, unless for a quick visit, he trusted Simon and Arat with the leadership but they told him that they’ll always be at his service and he’s more than welcome if he ever considered being their leader again!

Everything was peachy for Negan and Mary, they were over the clouds, till one day a guy called Brandon got on Negan’s last nerve.
When Rick , Mary and their friends first arrived to Alexandria, this guy Brandon had a crush on Mary, he was a sexy cute guy in his thirties , but Mary always shut all his advances down.
Now , he didn’t want to back off even though Mary is pregnant and married, he didn’t mind trying to woo her again since that Negan isn’t ‘scary’ anymore, or that’s what he thought!
Brandon flirted with Mary while Negan is away, but she always shot him warning looks, it didn’t stop him though. One day he thought he could flirt again, Mary was outside enjoying the sunlight peacefully, trying to get vitamin D, she was already 3 months pregnant , when Brandon approached her.
“Hi there Mary!”
Mary rolled her eyes in annoyance.
“Brandon get the hell off my property, NOW!” . She huffed

“Oh come on Mary I was just trying to be nice! There’s no harm in having some company! ” He winked at her.
“You know, Negan is being patient and nice! He promised my dad!!! The other day though, he asked me why you were hovering and I just told him you’re just a friend, which you’re NOT! I don’t want you to ever talk to me ever again ! For your own sake!”

Mary got up heading to her house when he placed an arm around her waist.
“Don’t be like this Mary! I know you want me! When girls want a man but they don’t wanna admit it they just play hard to get!“
Mary scoffed and snapped his arm away.
“Want you? There’s nothing I want less than you Brandon, STAY AWAY FROM ME!”
Mary pushed at his chest but he grabbed her arm.

It was Negan, shouting , he just arrived from a supply run when he accidentally heard Mary and Brandon ’ s last part of their conversation.
Mary’s eyes widened in panic, after all she knows her husband very well and she knows what he’s capable of but Brandon gave him a cocky look.
“Or you’ll do what asshole? ”
That’s all it took. Negan stormed towards him , he swang his beloved Lucille away! He didn’t aim for Brandon ’s head though, he just hit one of his sides, a couple of ribs cracked. Brandon fell to the ground, aching and weeping like a little bitch , asking for help, and Mary tried to stop Negan but he was just too blinded by anger and jealousy. Negan kept hitting Brandon over and over again, unleashing hell of blows on his body.
Lucille turned out to be a real vampire bat , her barbed wire left gashes on the guy’s skin, till she just suddenly broke, into two peices!!! That’s what stopped Negan, when he heard the sound of a crack, he thought that was just Brandon’s body! But it was Lucille, Negan held one peice and the other one hanged from the barbed wire!
Brandon blacked out, bleeding. Mary took a step back , she gasped horrified for many reasons,. First if a tough baseball bat like Lucille was cracked just like that , it means the blows were really hard, and there’s a high possibility that Brandon is already dead, that means Rick will definitely get pissed because Negan didn’t keep his word about being nice and keeping his ‘OLD Negan ’ under the surface . And second because Lucille meant a lot to Negan, and her being broken in two, would make him really devastated. He just froze there , and the look on his eyes scared the hell out of Mary!

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