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As a green witch, this is the information I’ve put together about basil to go in my book of shadows. I’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to ~ enjoy and feel free to use!

Common name: Basil

Latin name: Ocimum basilicum [pronounced ochy-moom bassil-ih-coom]

Ocimum is the Greek word for fragrant.

Basilicum has a double meaning: it could come from the Greek word ‘basilium’ which means king - in the sense that the smell of basil is fit for a king. However, it could also be derived from the Latin word ‘basilisicum’ which translates as ‘Basilisk’ - a creature that is known to cause madness and death.

Other names: Albahaca, American Dittany, Our Herb, St Joseph’s Wort and Witches Herb.

Gender: Masculine

Planet correspondence: Mars

Element: Fire

Links to other religions: 

Basil known a ‘holy basil’ or Tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum) is very sacred in Hinduism. Its leaves are mandatory in the ritualistic worship of the god Vishnu. Basil is a Hindu symbol of love fidelity, eternal life, purification and protection. 


For hundreds of years, basil has been associated with creepy crawlies such as snakes and lice - but especially scorpions. In the 1500s, doctors thought that smelling basil would conjure ‘scorpions of the mind.’ This meant that they thought scorpions would grow inside the brain!

This theory can be traced to an English physician who ‘observed’ while he was in Italy that is you placed a basil leaf under a stone in a moist place, then within 2 days a scorpion would be produced. There’s also another story of an English physician who had a patient with a scorpion infestation in his brain - though to be caused by frequently smelling basil!

In the Tudor times, pots of basil were given as parting gifts - use basil in your travelling and safe journey spells. 

in Elizabethan times, sweet basil was used as snuff to clear the brain, and ease colds and headaches. 

The ancient Romans used basil to curse their enemies. they would curse them as they planted the seeds, and to ensure good growth they believed that mistreating the plants and praying to the gods that it wouldn’t grow would actually help it grow faster. They associated basil with poverty, hate and misfortune. 

It’s also common folklore that witches drank basil juice before flying on their brooms!

Main beliefs about basil: 

- Carrying a leaf in your pocket or wallet can attract wealth, and if you’re a shop owner place it above the till or door to ensure the money comes rolling in.

- If a basil plant is given to a member of the opposite sex (these were the days before basic human rights and equality huh), they will fall deeply in love with the giver and be forever faithful.

-  In some countries it’s seen as something ‘real men’ don’t eat because it’s associated with the teas used to relieve menstrual cramps.

- It can both ward against and attract insanity. The beliefs vary from place to place, but this myth stems from the fact that ‘basil’ may be derived from the Latin for ‘Basilisk,’ a creature known to drive people insane. 

- After an argument, drinking basil tea can help you calm down and put you in the right frame of mind to peacefully settle the dispute. After a family falling out, cooking meals heavily laced with basil (this one’s for all you kitchen witches) can help reconcile emotions and bring harmony once again.

Modern uses and symbolism: 

Steadies the mind, happiness, love, peace, wealth, protects against insanity

Medical Properties:

Basil contains cinnamanic acid which enhances circulation, stabilises blood sugar and improves breathing. It’s rich in vitamin A, C and K. It also has copper, calcium, iron, magnesium and omega-3 fats in it.

Natural cures and remedies:

- For colds, chew a few basil leaves twice a day until you’re cured

- To soothe coughs, add 8 basil leaves and 5 cloves to a cup of boiling water and drink. For a sore throat due to coughing, boil water with basil leaves and gargle with it. 

- To eliminate stress, chew 10 basil leaves twice a day

- To combat acne, try making basil juice and applying it to the area once a day

- For stomach, pains swallow 1tsp of basil juice mixed with 1tsp of ginger juice

- For insect bites and stings, rub basil leaves on the wound

- Chew some basil leaves to get rid of mouth infections and ulcers

- Basil can also be rubbed on the skin to repel mosquitoes


Dean Winchester has such a uniform kink

All the way back to the pilot, he doesn’t seem at all upset to be pushed around by this cop after giving him a flirty retort about his boobs being real.

Look at how cute he is flirting with the cops taking his mug shot:

Two words: Doctor Sexy!

Nothing like checking out the forensics guy while paying almost zero attention to the job at hand:

Hmmm… should I check out the pretty girl with the umbrella or the cute 1940′s soldier? Uniform for the win!

Drunk Dean letting his uniform kink flag fly!

And bonus!

JFC, still can’t believe this is the take they chose to air:

And the granddaddy of Dean’s uniform fetish is of course one wayward angel. I mean, technically, it isn’t a uniform, but Cas dons that trench coat like its mandatory and Dean has the boner-head-nod reaction so, yeah, I’m including it in this ever growing list of Dean’s uniform thing.

I think Dean’s uniform kink is the cutest!

Hey everyone! With Liam’s album coming soon I decided I wanted to create a network of Liam blogs who support his solo work! Thus the Payno Network was born! This is just an opportunity to have a list of blogs in the community together all in one place. We’ll share art and edits or anything else you all come up with!

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You can always count on Ninjago City to have the best disaster preparedness plans

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Punk!Percy Icons

Art: x

Credit artist if using!

Dream Girl

Darry :  his dream girl is someone that is brunette and has hazel eyes. She’s hardworking and very family oriented. He wants to have atleast a few kids. He wants some girls and plans to name one of them after his mom. 

Soda : His dream girl is someone who is tall, and has nice long legs. He likes girls with blonde or dirty blonde hair. He loves it when a girl is nice and tan and he absolutely loVEs blue eyes. 

Pony : his dream girl is brunette and has dark eyes. Its not “mandatory” but he loves it when he sees girls in glasses. He thinks it makes them look intelligent and sexy. He prefers if a girl is shorter than him because he likes to bend down and kiss the top of her head

Johnny : His dream girl is pale and has dark hair, he thinks the dark hair makes them look more pale. He also loves blueeee eyes. It doesnt matter to him the height she is, as long as there’s chemistry. He wants kids, but he will be okay if he doesnt end up having any. 

Dally : Okay Dally thinks its so hot when girls have unnatural hair colors. His favorite is blue / and like a dark purple. He digs girls with brown eyes. He’s always been scared of having kids because of the whole commitment thing, but when he’s ready, he thinks he can handle a kid. He wants a boy bc he doesnt want his daughter to get around and get knocked up.

Steve : His dream lady is tan and brunette, he also lovEs when girls have highlights, and sometimes when it’s ombre. He loves long legs, but doesnt like it when girls are taller than him. His dream girl has to know how to cook, he thinks it’s so sexy watching a girl do her thing at the stove {No one better try coming at me like “wahh girls in the kitchen!!} He doesnt really want kids when he’s older tbh

Twobit : He is into redheads or dark brunettes. He is very attracted to green eyes. His favorite color on a girl is red. Especially if she’s wearing red lipstick, it really turns him on. He would buy his girl red lingerie. He wants a big family with a lot of kids, he would make such a great dad. 

A/N : Disclaimer* this was requested so I don’t want anyone to think this is like very hetero?? if you want a ‘Dream Boy’ version you could request 

spaceboy-advance  asked:

not trying to get soppy or anything but i guess its mandatory to tell you that binge watching kh over and over helped me through spme pretty dark times why i dont know why but it did thanks if i had money I'd give you some so for the time being please accept my thought of me giving you a small loan of one million dollars

did u just give me an IOU for a loan