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I’m so tired of Tumblr alienating people into two groups

It’s either you’re an SJW or an anti sjw. Either a PoC or white. Either a feminist or not.

You can never have your own independent thoughts or just be independant individual on yourself, you have to be in a group with the same exact opinions and way of thinking. And once you’re in good luck getting out bitches cuz the chances are you’re going to stay there until you die.

And people will judge you forever on based on what group you side with. It’s almost like its mandatory to have a labels slapped onto your profile.

So few people are daring to even accept people for what side that they choose. And im not even talking about just Sjws and feminists, it’s antifeminists and antisjws too. Theyre all a bunch of pathetic people who want to jump into discourse in hopes of winning a pointless argument.

Then the rumours and accusations come in. Get ready to be stereotyped and swarmed with anon hate. Because all Sjws are a whole bunch of nonbinary, teenage liberals that can’t comprehend society or reality so they have to complain and attack everyone with opposing views. And all anti feminists are people who don’t want equality are a bunch of misnogist men or blind women who want only social inequality.

In conclusion, Tumblr is going to start segregation again by splitting people into two fucking groups. And then dividing those, and on and on until everyone is their own group. Tumblrinas don’t give two shit about your personality or opinions, youre not you’re own person, you’re whatever labels you wear.

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Based off a scene from “Phases of the Weaker Heart” by calrissian18 ( wellhalesbells ). Go read if you haven’t already! Or re-read if you already have - because it’s just that fantastic!

Introducing Yourself to Aphrodite

So you decided it’s time to introduce yourself to the beautiful Aphrodite! Yay! This is cause for celebration, but not for fear. You have no reason to be worried because I promise you that it’s not as scary as it seems. Before we get to the good part I want to make a very important note.

Introducing yourself to Aphrodite does not equal devoting yourself to Aphrodite

What I mean by this is that just because you introduce yourself to Aphrodite doesn’t mean you are automatically devoted to her. This means you don’t have to worry about making a HUGE commitment if you don’t feel like you are ready. By introducing yourself you are simply making Aphrodite aware that you are interested in some sort of relationship. Think of it like any of the relationships in your life whether friendship or romantic. They all started with an introduction which then follows with the getting to know each other period and it’s during that period you figure out what kind of relationship you want with that person if you want one at all. So equate this as simply saying “Hi, my name is______”

Now on to the real reason you’re reading this!

What you will need for the introduction:

  • Representation – This can be anything. And I mean ANYTHING. As long you look at it and think APHRODITE that’s all that matters.  
  • Offering – This doesn’t need to be elaborate. Candle or incense will do just fine

Once you have your representation and offering find a good clean spot to place them and for you to do the introduction. Now you have to decide what you want to say. This is really up to you. You can say as little or as much as you want. Here’s an example of a basic introduction:

Aphrodite, Goddess of love and beauty, my name is ______ and I give you this offering.

And that’s it! Seriously, that’s all there is to it! You can add more if you would like and talk to her longer. You could tell her more about yourself and feel free to compliment her by saying all the things you like about her (she LOVES that), but it isn’t necessary. Just do whatever feels right for you and you will be fine!

Quick note on epithets. Some other devotees would strongly suggest you use epithets especially for an introduction. Using them makes you sound more formal and respectful so you may wish to add one or two. The only reason I’m not saying its absolutely mandatory is because I didn’t use epithets when I did my introduction, so you can make that decision for yourself.

Now go introduce yourself! <3

like for an ICON BASED STARTER  !!  ( those kinds where i do a random number generator & write a starter based on the icon number it gives me. )

Dean Winchester has such a uniform kink

All the way back to the pilot, he doesn’t seem at all upset to be pushed around by this cop after giving him a flirty retort about his boobs being real.

Look at how cute he is flirting with the cops taking his mug shot:

Two words: Doctor Sexy!

Nothing like checking out the forensics guy while paying almost zero attention to the job at hand:

Hmmm… should I check out the pretty girl with the umbrella or the cute 1940′s soldier? Uniform for the win!

Drunk Dean letting his uniform kink flag fly!

And bonus!

JFC, still can’t believe this is the take they chose to air:

And the granddaddy of Dean’s uniform fetish is of course one wayward angel. I mean, technically, it isn’t a uniform, but Cas dons that trench coat like its mandatory and Dean has the boner-head-nod reaction so, yeah, I’m including it in this ever growing list of Dean’s uniform thing.

I think Dean’s uniform kink is the cutest!