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The 2nd Act Breakup, or Why it Makes Sense for Keith to be Away from Lance in S4

I’ve seen a bunch of people freak out about Keith and Lance having very few moments in S4, what with Keith leaving for the Blade of Marmora, and so I wanted to maybe help ease some people’s anxiety, by writing a meta on why Keith leaving makes perfect sense for klance, because honestly? That is the conclusion I walked away from S4 with.

We know Keith and Lance are each other’s romantic interests, and as this post says, in the very first episode Lance was introduced as the main character, and Keith as his love interest. Why does this matter? Well, because every good story establishes its themes and growing conflicts right off the bat, so the audience will know what they’re getting into and what problems should be resolved, as well as the different characters involved. Putting something like this in your first episode? it’s a big deal. It’s saying: here’s a pair of characters, this is their current dynamic, now watch it change over the course of our show. This is highly common for a romance arc, which is defined by TV Tropes as “the journey of two characters from strangers to lovers.”

And while Keith and Lance aren’t complete strangers when they meet in E1, they didn’t really know each other before the first episode. Which still fits (TV tropes also mentions how this trope “comes in a myriad forms and flavors”).

So how does any of this relate to Keith leaving in S4, you ask? The answer lies in the Three Act Structure.

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Wags and Kisses (A DogPark!Brittana One Shot in 3 Parts)

Part Three! The Conclusion (Read the whole thing on if you like)

The dog park was pretty empty when Santana arrived. There was an elderly couple with a schnauzer that looked as old as they did. Santana sat on a bench and Dolly lay at her feet, gazing up every so often with a forlorn look in her eye.

Santana leaned down to pet her. “Missing your friend, huh? Me too, girl.”

The minutes stretched on and before long the sun that had been sitting already low in the sky settled under the horizon, and the streetlights announced the hour had grown late. The elderly couple had long since made their retreat, and the only thing keeping Santana and Dolly company were the sounds of the wind blowing gently through the trees, and the distant sound of kids laughing and roughhousing as they made their way home.

Santana stood, stretching for a bit, and looked around sadly.

“I guess we missed her this time. “

Dolly gave a little grunt in return, but was on her feet quickly and headed towards the gate. Santana followed a bit more reluctantly, and they were a few blocks away when her phone rang. Santana pulled it out of her pocket, grimacing slightly at the Unknown Number that flashed back at her.


There was a moment of silence and Santana wasn’t sure if anyone was going to answer, but then there was a voice on the other side.


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“I listen to a wide variety of music actually, and I have quite a lot of music on my iPod that people would be like, “Taylor Swift, the Country artist, listens to THAT?!” I’m really into Rap at the moment, Nicki Minaj, Diddy Dirty Money, T-Pain, 2-Pac, but I do like a lot of other musicians like The Civil Wars, American Hi-Fi, Neon Trees, Jessie J… I’ve always said that I’ll listen to any music, regardless of who its by or what genre, as long as I think it is good music. I don’t think you should limit yourself by deciding you aren’t going to listen to country music because you like pop, or you aren’t going to listen to pop music because you like rap music, you know, I think you should keep an open mind when it comes to music, and just because it’s different doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad.”

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I actually want louis to stay in London and not to step feet in LA

He’s working both in London and LA I think so he must go back and forth (also his family is here and its good that he has mia time so he can fly and stay with them too i imagine), Louis doesn’t live in LA because of stunts, stunts happen in LA (or London) but when Louis is MIA and not stunting he just lives his life in LA like Harry does or Niall and Liam, any international artist often works in more than one place especially since LA is base of producers, labels etc just like London. PLUS, Harry is there at the moment and he just finished his US leg of the tour, they have a few days in which i hope they can also relax together before they have to go back to work in the next months. 

Welp at least in the end Will can have one of those movie moments where it’s like “the whole time I was looking for love/whatever… And it turned it it was by my side the whole time 💕”, but instead it’s more like; “this whole time I was (desperately) looking for my dead loved ones and best friend… And it turned out this gaping cuntasorus is an amalgamation of all those things and I person I killed and its all my fault 💕💖💕💕!!!!”

I’ve heard some people saying that Keith’s decision to sacrifice himself was out of character but honestly? Have you met this boy?

Take this moment for example, in season one Keith was already attacking Zarkon face on, despite multiple warnings from Coran and the others that he was going to be killed. And he just dives in like the impulsive emo boy he is.

Then there’s his insistence to keep hunting down Lotor in s3 . He’ll stop at nothing to end the empire??? He just wants to stop the galra. Although stopping the galra clearly wasn’t the only reason he wanted to sacrifice himself. He also wanted to save Voltron.

Over the course of the season’s we’ve seen so far we see Keith getting closer and attached to the team(which may have been part of his reason to leave and train with the BOM in the first place but that’s a whole nother story) I think the part that really shows that is the group hug in the first episode.

And Keith is very protective of what he cares about. It isn’t just the sake of the mission that Keith is willing to die for, but the members too. And that isn’t out of character. Keith cares for the team and loves them all. he put them all before himself. 

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my mum's reaction to me coming out to her a month or two ago was making me promise i wouldnt have bottom surgery bc its dangerous and shes scared for me. and im not planning on it, not really, but im still kinda uncomfy with the fact i agreed to that bc i might change my mind in the future. any help...?

Hi anon! Don’t worry, she most likely said it out of panic and in the moment. If both of you do research and learn about it, I’m sure it would be absolutely fine! Doctors appointments, if you do decide you’d like to have bottom surgery, will clear any misconceptions and worries up for you!
Don’t worry! People panic and say things, especially when they don’t understand the details of it. You’ll be alright if you change your mind!

- Claude

In defense of preparation. . .

The sky seemed exceptionally grey that afternoon.

It wasn’t how she’d have liked to see her brother. When she pictured this moment in her head the sky was blue and the sun was warm. Instead the only bits of color she got were autumn dappled leaves on a line of trees atop the hill. In this weather they seemed less vibrant, as if the world had been zapped of its saturation. Lafey could just barely see the tops of Yahni’a’s broad shoulders as leaves crunched beneath her boots and she made her way up the steep incline.

He heard her before he saw her, dark ear twisting back to catch her footfalls. He turned only as she made it to the top and flashed her a smile that was just a little shy. Yahni’a had a boyish quality to him. His face wasn’t exceptionally round, his jaw strong and square, but when he smiled he looked years younger than twenty one. It was a little crooked, eschewing towards the left, and his eyes squinted to gold slits when his cheeks lifted.

For a moment they stood there in silence, looking at one another like bookends.

It’s at the same time they both become discomfited with the silence. When they speak their words overlap into nonsense. It causes them both to dissolve into an anxious chuckle.

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Ohoho they banned ffnet? They OBVIOUSLY have not heard of Archive of Our Own, which is definitely less sehat

But unlike AO3, ffn isn’t designed for explicit porn. Which is why it doesn’t have proper filters like AO3. Also the moment any Concerned Parent With Strong Moral Values™ hears about AO3 consider Derp has disappeared from earth ok.

-An Indonesian Who Is Concerned With Local Fandom Life Because Some People Do Not Read Terms And Service In FFN™

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Ok so I have to find out if I’m the only person who feels this way. I like that Maddie has someone like Sia who’s helping her maintain popularity outside of DM. But every time she and Sia release something I get a moment of excitement and then immediate disappointment when I realize I’m about to watch another 3 mins of Maddie making big eyes, funny faces, and weird hand gestures. I honestly feel like its become so gimmicky that its lost the appeal of the public and its just so repetitive.

you are definitely not the only one

Ok bare with me for a moment..

So im still trying to figure out this.. someone signal boosts for asks..but when i send in an ask like i dont get responded back to.. yes i understand people have lives outside of Tumblr and so do i..but why are you signal boosting if your not going to respond? Yeah there’s a possibility that the ask got eating up.. yeah sure.. idk i geuss where im getting at is.. If im annoying you please tell me.. its ok and i know that i can be annoying at times.. if you dont want to answer my asks thats ok too.. its your blog and you do what you want.. sorry i just feel most of the god damn bloody time im annoying and a bother.. and im sorry if i come off that way.. i dont mean to..well im done ranting.. dont waist your time reading this i just needed to get this off my chest.. sorry..

Painted a hurt Fenris and Hawke sneaked in there to kiss him better - went from pure angst to 100% fluff, I do not regret.

you know what, shout out to autistic people who can’t manage their emotions for shit

autistics who have meltdowns once or multiple times daily from emotional overload

“overly sensitive” autistics

autistics who try to control their response to things that upset them but can’t

autistics who are greatly upset by seemingly small things

autistics who get told that it’s “not a big deal” and that they’re “overreacting”

autistics who are mocked for being upset

you’re freaking wonderful and i hope that you have a good day with minimal upsetting events. you deserve to feel okay and your emotions are always valid and real, don’t let anybody try to tell you otherwise.