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Similarly Spiteful, Chapter 1

((@disneyphantomlover: Hope you don’t mind me posting this here. I couldn’t help but picture this and wanted to write it.))

One of these days, Wally Franks was going to walk into work and find it on fire. Or filled to the gills with ink. He had no doubt in his mind about that. Technically he had walked in to find the studio’s main characters alive and walking around. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it had been a shock at the time! And the weird things he got to see at work only got stranger and stranger, thanks to the odd “hobbies” that his boss had.

At least he could say it was never a dull day at work.

He walked into work, tugging off his jacket. Okay. There were no obviously giant puddles that he could see, so that was a plus. It was….Oh. Ugh. It was Tuesday. He had to clean up the whole Music Department floor.

He was NOT looking forward to this. Mainly because he did NOT want to deal with Mr. Sammy-stick up his ass-Lawrence. The man had a short fuse and seemed ready to bark or yell at the slightest thing. So Wally did what he had to: annoy the ever loving shit out of the man to knock him down a peg or two. It was certainly more fun than rolling over or just dealing with whatever upset Sammy that particular day. He was not the only one who shared the sentiment; Sammy was constantly the receiving end of ink pranks by Bendy.

So he had a sinking suspicion that the lack of puddles was going to change by the time he made it to Sammy’s office.

He was not disappointed.

He grimaced seeing ink leaking right above the desk. It had made a nice puddle underneath the desk, and Wally couldn’t help a groan. He’d acknowledged the man that was passed out on the desk, already assuming that Sammy had come in before he had. It wasn’t uncommon for the Music Director to sneak in early, especially to re-write a piece before the 10 o'clock deadline. He threw the pump control switch, waited two seconds, and heard the familiar groan from the desk. “Wakie wakie, Lawrence. You’re getting drenched.”

“…Wha?” There was some shuffling as the chair was pushed back, and Wally was just ready to walk out the door before he heard Sammy grumbling. “God… DAMN it….I fuckin’ told Joey this needs more work… Where’s that sonnvabitch now, Wally?”

The janitor had to stop, processing what he heard. That was Sammy alright… But he never heard the music director curse out Mr. Drew so casually. “Um… Probably not in yet…” He looked over his shoulder, expecting to see the black haired music director with a drunken flush or frazzled hair.

He was not expecting a blond man in suspenders, who honestly looked more like a dock worker. Said blond was using a stained rag to wipe ink off his face, and was starting to walk towards the door. “‘Probably not in’ please… Just gimme the mop ‘n get the merch floor. I’ll clean my own office. Shawn didn’t leave last night, and he probably needs some'a Norman’s coffee to wake up. God knows I can’t understand his Irish when he’s knocked out like that.”

The blond walked around Wally, tucking the rag into a back pocket as he walked down the hallway. It was only then that Wally finally went into the hall closet, deciding two things. Firstly, to make sure he wasn’t seeing things. Because while that sounded like Sammy, that…MOST CERTAINLY wasn’t him. Appearances aside, when did Lawrence pick up a mop? Or offer to clean? It was just a little too weird.

And then he heard the screaming.


Never a dull day indeed.

((oh my god phantom, phantom phantom phantom. is this that little crossover fic you said you were gonna write? I can already tell this is gonna be Good :’D thank you for the fic!! <3))


Fauré - Requiem

Of all his music, Fauré’s requiem is held up as being his greatest masterpiece. And it’s a bit of an anomaly in his oeuvre. Through his career he focused on small scale, intimate chamber music, art songs, things that can be saved for parlors or salons. And he was criticized for it. Only pretty little melodies, and no depth. An unfair judgment because we can see and hear the form of his music and how he plays with harmony in ways that keeps his chamber music from being trite. Even so, it was a bit of a surprise that he came out with a Requiem mass. Something that was becoming more and more “reserved” for “great” composers. It was written in the late 1880s, possibly because of his father’s death. And shortly after its premiere, his mother also passed away. Despite these tragedies, this requiem does not have the bombast and dramatic flair that one would expect from this kind of work in the Romantic era. In a unique move, Fauré goes against the requiem format, omitting the Dies Irae and Tuba Miram, and adding a “Pie Jesu” and “In Paradisum”. The result is something meditative, accepting, and serene. It is a calm approach to death. It has been judged as a “requiem without the Last Judgment”. It was revised a few times after its premiere, adding more instruments and giving the orchestra a more full sound. This performance is with the original 1893 instrumentation and gives the performance a more intimate feel. If you haven’t heard this work before, then it’s going to be a very moving experience. I’m always taken aback by the subtle introduction, the beautiful and simple Pie Jesu, the dramatic climax and recapitulation of the main theme in the Agnus Dei, and then the final heavenly peace of the In Paradisum.


1. Introit and Kyrie

2. Offertorium

3. Sanctus

4. Pie Jesu

5. Angus Dei

6. Libera Me

7. In Paradisum

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Another fan! Loving your fanfics!!! Your writing is godsend! Request: a jealous Soma please! Sorina!

Hey! Sorry for the wait on this one! 

Now, Nakiri Alice had known for the longest time that all—and she really did mean all—of her friends were petty when it came to love. But as she sat on the rooftop bar of Erina’s flagship restaurant sipping her vodka cranberry, she felt extremely grateful to be a mere spectator of all the drama.

You see, after months and months of Alice begging, Erina was finally throwing the Madrid rooftop party small get together that she’d been dreaming of since the day Auctoritas opened its doors.  

Erina had come in fashionably late to her own event wearing a short red cocktail dress and tall black stilettos that made her legs go on for miles. She had a dark haired body builder named Marco on her arm…and on her waist, and the side of her neck.

Alice had to take a minute to stare. Her cousin had always attracted some very good looking men, but damn. Between this guy and the NFL running back Hishoko recently started dating, she almost regretted not taking her time to play the field.

Actually, on second thought, she didn’t because Ryo was better than all of those guys combined.

“How are you Alice?” Erina asked as she took a seat next to her.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” she asked in a lilting voice when Marco went to the bar to fetch Erina’s martini.

Erina crossed her arms over her chest. “Why wouldn’t it be?”

“Didn’t you invite Yukihi-”

“He’s not coming,” she said, her voice stalling halfway between annoyance and melancholy.

“He said he’d try to make it, though.”

“That means he’s not coming,” Erina explained. “He’s working halfway across the world. I probably won’t run into him for another six months, and I am not going to be alone at my own damn party that I didn’t even want to throw.”

“That’s fair,” she admitted as Marco returned with the drink. “I’ll leave you to it.”

After that, Alice had gone downstairs in search of tapas…and Ryo. And of course she really wasn’t all that surprised when she saw none other than Yukihira Souma stepping out of a taxi. Life loved the screw with Erina almost as much as she did.

“Yo, Alice!” he greeted when he saw her.

“It’s been a while,” she said. “How’s it going?”

“I’m thinking about opening up a place in Sydney,” he said. “I was just over there looking at a few sites, but I figured Nakiri would be pissed if I didn’t show up.”

“Wait…you flew here from Australia? Just now? Just for this?”

“Yeah. Why?”


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Ep 4 screen shots with dumb commentary

Super late on these. But here we go.

Also im going to queue most of them so i dont make anyones dash explode.

Where’s Link and Zelda?

Me playing any FPS

My face when my kids ask 10000 questions in rapid succession

Cutie alert!

I love how its 4 business-ish clothes and one cat suit

Steven with boobs. I see no down side to this.


Im sorry im trash for steven. I cant help it.

BTS @The Late Late Show
  • Some of the fans waiting in line before the show were being interviewed.
  • Fans were talking to James Corden and pointed out he was wearing a Gucci tie and mentioned that Tae would love it since he likes Gucci. James responded saying “Oh true because it looks like Gucci threw up on them”.
  • Jungkook was like a little kid and extremely pumped, he waved to the crowd before the first recording. Namjoon looked really proud.
  • James Corden took a selfie with the boys after they finished performing.
  • At the end of the second recording, Taehyung and Jimin were dancing with James.
  • Jimin kept laughing and hugging James, he looked like he was really enjoying himself. 
  • Jin sent James a flying kiss LOL
  • Taehyung was the last one to leave the stage, and seemed very excited to see all the fans.
  • Lastly, THE FANCHANTS were amazing (as we all saw) and the camera crew confirmed that the fans were louder than when 1D performed.

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aways if u 

support whitewashing /think idols look better white washed

support fat shaming / extreme dieting / idols starving themselves

think idols owe you anything 

think you’re gonna marry an idol 

fetishize asian people/cultures/languages

support dating bans/ boycott idols when they date 

think idols HAVE to speak english / think western validation is the ultimate goal

support anti blackness in kpop / think idols saying the n word is okay

support shipping but are homophobic / don’t think idols are actually lgbt

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A nesspaula comic I made a bit late for valentines day


a good mm loving// ♡

If you have a lucid dream, do not commit any acts of violence against the things you meet

by reddit user professionalsuccubus

I had my first lucid dream at age nine.

I was in a decrepit neighborhood – rotting porches, peeling paint, Spanish moss hanging off dormers, the works. Mist swirled around my ankles as I walked slowly through the streets. Like an old video game, the horizon was both unchanging and unreachable.

I wandered around, in and out of the cobwebby houses. Although the streets were empty, the houses usually had a few ghosts floating around. There were a few children, but they were mostly old people, in various stages of decay. They never hurt me, nor did they speak. They just floated. Sometimes they’d follow me, but I never felt threatened.

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a man of infinite..hidden savage charms
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Kissing turians remains necessary


When you’re a kid, you think that you’ll always be… protected, and cared for. Then, one day, you realize that’s not true. If you open your eyes, you will see what we’re going through. ‘Cause when you’re alone as a kid, the monsters see you as weaker. You don’t even know they’re getting closer. Until it’s too late.


I remember reading a post about Hera and the crew when they got sick… And the one with Ezra… It was perfect.

Give me Hera and Ezra moments goddamnit.