and it's just me or they look alike

guess who jumped the bandwagon and started reading percy jackson? i’m only on the 3rd book so he’s not this old yet but i just wanted to draw him older so forgive me if i messed up his older design since i haven’t reached that yet 

ok back to reading

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You made a vine about heartache and someone saying "ill only break your heart."that drastically altered the way I looked at the people. Now if someone says "im a wolf with gnashing teeth and i think you're delicious " i don't think "well may Be he's vegetarian". I go shit I believe you and totally peace the fuck out. Like thanks. I know it was just a 6 second vine. But it changed me for the better.

that was honest to god the purpose of that vine

yeah its 6 seconds and said comically but there are so many things I wish I was told as an adolescent - this being one of them.

these people, men and women alike, start off the dating process by saying things like “ill only break your heart” or “i suck at relationships” or “I always do the wrong thing” so that a) you can soothe them, reassure them that’s not true so that they can feel better about themselves and b) they can use that back at you when the dating inevitably fails (i.e. “i told you id break your heart idk what you expected”) so it’s a way to not take any responsibility for their behavior while simultaneously getting consoled for their behavior - always using the other individual in the process and never actually getting better no matter how much this individual “helps” them. Most of the time this type of behavior is completely unintentional and deals with someone stuck in a cycle of abusive behavior paired with self-hatred; using people to soothe that lack of love for themselves and then pinning the blame on the other person for “not knowing better” that “they were bad”

so i’m so touched and thrilled that the message effectively went across the way it was supposed to! ultimately these people need help and i know often their partners/friends take up the role of therapist and punching bag when they’re not being paid to do so - but i think the lesson here is to know your worth and what you’re willing to put up with. regardless of how good of a person Joe is, if Joe is unaware of how abusive he’s being, you are in no way obligated to stay in that friendship/relationship. You’re a person and not every individual you come across is going to be what’s best for you. ♡

  • Raven: Tai. I'm leaving you and the baby.
  • Tai: WHAT!? Raven, aside from the fact that you just gave birth to our daughter! Why would you leave us!?
  • Raven: Because Tai. *Raven glaring at him reaching into her pocket and pulling out Yang's birthcertificate pointing as her name.* YOU NAMED HER AFTER YOURSELF YOU ASSHOLE!
  • ~Present~
  • Raven: Aaaand then I left and took leadership of my tribe. *Raven said, sipping her tea as she finished her story leaving Blake, Kali, and Ghira staring at her with jaws dropped and eyes as wide as plates, meanwhile I literally flaming red eyed Yang sat glaring at her.*
  • Yang: So you mean to tell me. *Yang growled through her teeth, boiling the tea in the cup she is holding.* That you left me and dad. Just because you didn't get to name me "Robin."
  • Blake: Sweetie calm down. I'm sure Raven was just joking. *Blake said, panicking at the thought of the damage her girlfriend will do to her parents house.*
  • Ghira: Please tell me your joking.
  • Kali: That is horrible of you Raven!
  • Raven: Oh relax. I Left because I found a lead on the spring maiden and the fact she was in my tribe gave me to opportunity to take her under my wing, mind the pun, and train her so her powers didn't fall into the hands of someone how would use them against my family both within the tribe and out of it. Plus, since I and Yang look alike it gave me the back up plan of killing her and powers going to Yang after the two met. I didn't leave Yang and Tai because I didn't get to name her Robin. *Raven said with a straighter face, calming Yang slightly as the belladonna's all sighed a breath of relief, just before Raven added.* It's just why I didn't bring her with me. Robin is a way better name.
  • ~later at Patch~
  • Ruby: Uh. *Looks back at the screen to see a video clip of Raven running from it.* YEP.

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what would you recommend to someone starting astral travelling and spirit work as far as maintaining self confidence and expelling self doubt? I've been practising and using discernment techniques but still feel like Im not cut out for this or that Im making things up, even when I had an experienced practitioner confirm one of my spirit guides. Tips? Pep talk? please?

Hello, Anon! <3 I feel for you. This stuff is overwhelming and it’s easy to get discouraged. Many years down the path, you can still find yourself stumbling over doubts you thought you’d put to bed. It’s natural. It’s good, even. Doubt doesn’t have to be our enemy. BUT it doesn’t have to be our best friend, either.

On that note, here is a short list of posts by myself and others that you might find helpful for putting doubt in its place (I dredged up all I could find in my archives that seemed remotely applicable):

Personally, one thing I like to do when I feel doubt edging up on me is just be completely honest about that with both my gods and my spirit companions alike. I tell them straight up, “Look, this is hard. I’m sorry to ask over and over again, but if you could send me a sign or set me up with a moment of validation that I can’t just reason away, I’d really appreciate it.” Be patient. They won’t always answer right away or in the way you expected, but they will answer.

This is a huge topic and I could go on and on. Regrettably, I do struggle with chronic wrist tendinitis and I’ve done a number on my wrists recently, so I’m going to have to cap my advice this time. But I really want to make sure you get all the advice, guidance, and support you need, so how about I link a few blogs (off the top of my head) that have some good, helpful stuff in their archives on these topics? @spiritvexer @duskenpath @urbanspellcraft @spiritconnect @thiscrookedcrown

I hope that helps! Good luck, Anon! <3

Just so you know, that kid from 13 Reasons Why is actually a clone of Liam Hemsworth and that kid from Perks of Being A Wallflower

if I’m sad or tired from life and you happen to be the person I confide in, don’t tell me that stupid “give life another chance” shit. No. Dont you dare.
At that point nothing you’ll say will make me feel better.
So next time if you hear from me giving up, look me in the eye and say “you’re a god damn slytherin” and I swear to the devil himself, I would do a 180° flip.
My house has helped me a lot. Its more than just a fantasy. It’s where I have found my home. People with greatness and tragedy in their blood Alike.
Yes. So next time just remind I’m a slytherin and what I am supposed to do. How great I am meant to be.
Because the world can turn it’s back on me but my house will never let me down

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I know it's bad to compare other artists to eachother, but today I saw some of the new gorillas CD art for the first time and instantly thought of your art style. Like, I don't think they look alike at all really, but it just has the same feel, ya feel?

YOOOOOOOO OMG no this is a huge compliment lmfao jamie hewlett is a huge inspiration to me asdfgdf. thank you!

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You're latest Sakuya drawing is amazing! I love it so much! A thing I realised though is that he Linda resembles Amami from ndrv3 a bit? Or is that just me? It's probably the clothing and the way he holds his head XD

Thank you /owo/
Danganronpa? wait I googled it, you’re absolutely right XD amazing how much they look alike. It’s not just Sakuya though ôwo thahaha (sry I find this too funny, thanks for telling me).

Ohmtoonz: sleepover

Ships: cartoonz x ohm/ ohmtoonz
Smut or fluff: fluff
Inspire from derpydoodlez

Ohmtoonz: sleepover

Luke p.o.v:

My eyes lazily looked at my phone, seeing that nothing was going in twitter or Instagram or any of my social media. I sighed as turned off my phone and laid in the coach just looking at the ceiling.

‘I could go to sleep??’ I thought, my mind seemed to agree as soon my eyelids began to droop, letting the comfortable darkness consume me…….


I gave out a sharp gasp as I stood up from the couch and quickly turned my head around to see what caused the noise.

“LUKE PATTERSON! GET YOUR HAIRY ASS OVER HERE!!” I growled as I covered my ears from the yelling!

“BITCH! IM OVER HERE!!” I shouted at ohm, he turned his eyes at me as he began to laugh.

“OH FUCK!! HAhHhahahHaahHha” he laughed as he clutched his stomach. I grumbled as I stood up and crossed my arms.

He wiped some tears from the corner of his eyes,“ oH MY GOd! Hehehhahah- I-I’m so sorry-heheheah- oh my!” As he settled down.

I glared at him but just chuckled.

“Either way, why did you kicked my door open?” I said looking at my door which was wide open, he looked back at my door and soon back at me.

“Well you didn’t lock the door and I knew that you’ll be sleeping you lazy ass bitch!” He said as he shifted his backpack he currently had. I gave him a confused look as I pointed at the bag.

“What’s with the bag?” I asked, he just smiled.

“Didn’t you get the message I sent you? We’re having a sleepover!” I tilted my head as I grabbed my phone as went through my messages and saw I got a new message.
Chubby bun:

'I just had a crazy idea!’
'What if we had a sleepover! At your house,! :D’

I face palmed my face.

“WOW! I am oddly offended!” Said ohm as he looked at me. “How dare you call chubby!” He said dramatically.

I laughed as I ruffled his hair “well you are kinda chubby!” He just giggled, as he pulled his bag.

“Are we gonna have this party or what!?” I said, he cheered as we both went and changed.

*few moments later*

“OH MY GOD!! THIS IS SO COOL!” I shouted as I entered our pillow fort. Ohm was putting the blankets and pillows down inside, I smirked as I crept behind him my hands ready to grab him. I pounced towards him but he just moved to the side making me fall on a pile of pillows.

“When you try to sneak behind people don’t make so much noise!” He said with a smirk as he laid down a blanket. I laughed as I made myself comfortable as I put my arms behind my head, looking on top seeing blankets and some little Christmas light we put to add the mood.

“Move you arm!” Said ohm as he crawled next to me, I chuckled as I put my arms to the side. He crossed his arms as he looked up. We both just laid their silent, embracing the silent.

I soon heard a yawn as ohm shifted to his side. He pulled out a mask that covered his eyes and had his symbol.

“Really? You need those things to make you sleep?!” I said, he giggled.

“Oh shush!” As he put them on, he looked at me and I just chuckled.

“You look just alike how artist draw you!” He shrugged with a goofy smile.

“That’s the point my man! That’s the point!”

We both began chatting about things, letting time past pass and giving each other company. Soon enough I began to feel a little warm and I soon noticed that it was pretty hot in here, I looked over at ohm.

“Hey is it okay if I took off my shirt its getting pretty hot in here.” I said he blushed but nodded. I took off my shirt sighing in relief as the heat finally cooled down. I the corner of my eye I could see ohm just staring at me, I chuckled darkly.

“I hope your enjoying the view over there!” I said as I put my shirt into a ball, he just blushed and tsk,

“Shut the fuck up bitch…..” I laughed at him thinking that his actions were pretty adorable.

“He is sure adorable af, I could just kiss him right now,” I said

“UuUuUuUUUUUUHHHh!!! I-I never th-thought you h-had those fe-feelings for me!!” Said ohm. My heart dropped as a sudden realization hit me, I said that out loud, Infront of ohm!

“W-w-wEll I-i-I ….umMmM W-well yo-you s-s-see I-” I was cut off from a pair of lips making contact with mine and felt a hand behind my head pulling me closer to the kiss, I looked at ohm eyes but they were closed concentrating on the kiss. Soon enough I kissed back as I wrapped my arms around his waist.

We were kissing for a while until both of us needed air so we parted panting. I looked at his eyes as he looked at mine he soon smiled as he pounced at me, hugging me.

“You don’t know how glad I am knowing that you like me back!! Right?” He said. I laughed as I kissed his cheek.

“Of course I love you bitch! Who wouldn’t!” I said as I hugged him tighter, he giggled as our lips met again.


Slowly my eyes opened adjusting the light that was shining through the blankets, i gave out a groan as I tried to move myself to get away from the light but couldn’t since I felt someone on top of me. I looked down at my chest to see a cute sight.

I saw ohm sleeping on top of me cuddling up on my chest, his arms were close to his chest and his legs were curled up close to him. He was slightly snoring.

My heart was melting by the cute sight I am seeing right now. I couldnt’ help myself but hug him eventually waking him up.

“EEKK!! LUKE!” Squeaked ohm, I just giggled as I hugged him close to me, kissing his cheek. Ohm soon enough began laughing as he kissed a great me back.

What a great way to wake up!
And there you have it hopefullly @derpydoodlez you like it and I am soooooo sorry this was late. Hopefully you guys like and and if you do thank you very much for reading this. Bye
June 9, 2017
7:37 pm

There’s days when I wanna smile and cry all at once. Days where I wanna go outside but lock myself inside too.

It scares me how much emotion is inside me and how quickly they all mix into one confusing force that brings a sense of isolation; for when I say it, friends and family alike can overlook it or understandably not comprehend it.

Its been so long since this feeling’s come, and maybe I should be grateful for that.

But I’m trying. I’m trying to look to the world around me with a smile and make an effort to regain joy, as I’ve been fighting to do for many years now. As often as people narrow me to a silly presence and just another “wacky” artist, I still have feelings, and down days, and whatever the hell these days are. It’ll be okay, eventually things always turn out okay again. I just really wish my body could make up it’s mind whether I should be smiling or crying on these days.

You know what I’d like to see?

A production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream where Lysander is a girl. Hermia’s father would play the part of an aging homophobe who can’t accept his daughter is gay, and that’s why he keeps trying to set her up with Demetrius. And the reason Lysander and Hermia decide to run away and get married is because same-sex marriage is illegal in Athens. It brings whole new meaning to the idea of escaping the “sharp Athenian law.”

Oberon would see Demetrius chasing Hermia even though he knows she a lesbian and go, ‘Nope. That ain’t right. Puck, get me some love potion, we’re gonna teach this kid some manners.’

And the happy ending only comes when Theseus finally legalises same-sex marriage and Demetrius and Egeus accept Hermia’s sexuality. Then the couples get married and the fairies bless both marriages equally.

It would be amazing.

eurovision 2017 recap
  1. israel : trying to hit the camera up but not quite hitting the high notes tbh
  2. poland: great dress. great dogs. great voice. hella freedom??
  3. belarus: not the one direction song. frozen meets moana? theyre on a boat motherfucker. not english!
  4. austria: hey nowww. dreamworks logo; plus clouds that would be popping on instagram. WINGED SHOES!!
  5. armenia: there’s the obligatory eurovision-dominatrix by mehutchinsane  lowkey beyonce. is it english??
  6. netherlands: cute sisters, always a classic. h2o: just add water returns. Sounds like it should be in a Disney film by thisrandombitch
  7. moldova: epic sax guy. thats all. also weddings. theme for eurovision 2017
  8. hungary: violin girl. sparkly aesthetic. no english, rap
  9. italy: colors and karma. gay as all hell godbless.  harambe.
  10. denmark: sike its another australian. no white dress tho props
  11. portugal: cinnamon roll. not english. the opening of a disney movie? look alikes according to tumblr: hozier, jesus, sirius black, harry styles
  12. azerbaijan: emo phase. tumblr in an eurovision performance - horse head meme and skeleton war meme
  13. croatia: a duet sang by one guy. me every single day. the cello dude can get it. rainbow finale
  14. australia: she doesnt even go here. hair goals. eyebrow goals. is he harry styles?
  15. greece: im just gonna call it. im gonna be gay for every single woman on eurovision. CLUB NIGHT TIME. props to the dude dancing on water and doing backup vocals. GAY AS HELL
  16. spain: Spain looks like he’s about to tell me that he’s weird and the fact that he wears a hat is weird by phichitsbitch . 60% singing 40% flirting with the camera. lazy sing by bruno mars vibes. cant hit the note
  17. norway: ed sheeran ft daft punk
  18. uk: SPARKLES THANK YOU UK. the song is trying to fix brexit
  19. cyprus: The European Male Fashion TM . Rag'n'Bone Man - Human
  20. romenia: yodelling its time to yodel it!! and … explosions ??
  21. germany: David Guetta - Titanium ft. Sia . also cant hit that note
  22. ukraine: emo phase male version. giant terrifying shiny head. light screamo
  23. belgium: hey adele, loving the black dress. graphic design out of one of those tv shows that involves being inside computers
  24. sweden: is this country ever NOT attractive? whos not trying to fuck the camera this year? backup dancers are the real deal
  25. bulgaria: must protect. maybe daniel howell? MUST PROTECT at all costs
  26. france: french af. would play over that scene where too many things are going on and you cant keep up 
Keeping Score

“ I Managed To Find Something In The Coat Pocket Too, But You’re Going To Have To Play  Nicely ”

Why Aren’t You At The RAAF Wing Walking Or Something ? ”

“ Now That Won’t Score You Any Points ”

“ I Managed To Score A Few Without You ”

’ You Know Jack, You And Compton Are A Lot Alike, I Think You’d Like Him. “

 ” I Don’t Think One Necessarily Follows The Other “

” Ok, Full Points For That “

” A Match To The Love Letter “

“ I Was Just Looking At His Tattoo ”

“ You’ve Seen It Before ”

“ Well My Case Is Closed. The Hat Is Back Where It Belongs And Coach McLean Is Most Grateful ”

“ Full Marks, But It Won’t Win Me Any Points With The Deputy Commissioner ”

“ Its Very Bad Luck That His Daughter Found Herself Another Abbortsford Man, Sidney Fletcher Won’t Be Winning Any Points With Him Either ”


soooo…..i got bored…

Dove Cameron - Iris

Zendaya - Talia

Ariana Grande - Auriana :P

Tyler Posey - Nathaniel

Ryan McCarten - Mephisto

Sofia Carson - Praxina

Debby Ryan - Carissa

Arden Cho - Lyna

Tenzing Trainor - Zeinos and Deinos

still thinking on others such as Gramorr, Lev, Izira, Aunt Ellen, and Doug…originally had Liz Gillies and David Henry as Prax and Mephisto but its so hard to find a look alike for Liz and David just wasn’t Mephisto enough for me appearance wise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯