and it's just me or they look alike

guess who jumped the bandwagon and started reading percy jackson? i’m only on the 3rd book so he’s not this old yet but i just wanted to draw him older so forgive me if i messed up his older design since i haven’t reached that yet 

ok back to reading

okay i feel bad but i dont feel comfy doing tythan stuff, like i think it’s an adorable ship but i feel weird thinking/writing ethan being romantic because i have a brother named ethan and theyre just a lot alike that it feels like i’d be writing my brother being like that which is a no for me im so so so sorry but like there are some great fic writers that will do tythan justice but im just not that person im sorry

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My understanding of gender can best be described with a shrug and about a bajillion question marks so I declare all my faves trans. The one I latched onto in Miraculous was Adrien, he's v trans. Please consider: Nino getting a miraculous and being very wary of the skintight suit because his body isn't RIGHT. But then he transforms for the first time and through whatever kwami magic everything looks and feels the way he wants to and he ends up happy-crying just a bit at Wayzz afterward.

Same. Its something that causes a lot of stress for me but i never talk about it much online. Having someone to see yourself in is important. It matters to me with nino cause we look so much alike i suppose hehe.
But the fucking kwami thing made me cry. What if that wasnt automatic, what if its something wayzz did for him because he wanted him to be comfortable and happy

Since I was asked by a few anons (and one not anon)  after my post about the ME humans I’ll just consolidate my answer: This essay will be affectionately titled: Why I don’t think Cullen and Ryder look alike. 

ANGLES. They’re all different.I tried to get the angles close in xna lara and trace the contours so you can see what I mean. Ryder’s are much softer. He has a higher jawline (vline Ryder’s curves into ear above his mouth, Cullen’s curves below his mouth line). Much less defined cheeks. Straight nostrils. Much softer brow line. Less space between his brow bone and eyes. Eyebrow shapes are also different.Cullen’s are fuller mid to inside corner and Ryder’s on the outside. Eyes are a completely different shape apart from the hooded lid. Ryder’s aren’t downturned at all. Cullen’s sag on the edge. Wheras Cullen= sharper angles, jaw curves down near ear then back up. Much more prominent cheekbones. Nostrils are rounded and then curve up dramatically near tip (aka ski slope/pig nose). Heavier brow. Different hairline. Also Cullen has REALLY strange eyes. They are very small and the inner corners jet down dramatically toward the bridge of his nose. Ryder’s look straight to me or more “normal” Cullen’s face is also longer.

What I’m saying is I just don’t see it.To me the only similarities are the nose bridge, the mouth (the mouth is super close), the scruff and the hair. Not that it actually even matters. But in answer of the question, yes it’s possible that I’m attracted to Cullen and not attracted to Ryder because to me they don’t look alike. Maybe it’s because I do likeness painting? If you’re trying to do likeness just getting a fraction of an angle wrong can change everything and make someone look totally different. (Not that I don’t mess up on a near constant basis XD)

I dunno. Is it just me that thinks they look completely different?


soooo…..i got bored…

Dove Cameron - Iris

Zendaya - Talia

Ariana Grande - Auriana :P

Tyler Posey - Nathaniel

Ryan McCarten - Mephisto

Sofia Carson - Praxina

Debby Ryan - Carissa

Arden Cho - Lyna

Tenzing Trainor - Zeinos and Deinos

still thinking on others such as Gramorr, Lev, Izira, Aunt Ellen, and Doug…originally had Liz Gillies and David Henry as Prax and Mephisto but its so hard to find a look alike for Liz and David just wasn’t Mephisto enough for me appearance wise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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The post about the handwriting in the letter and the objective being alike, It could be just for the aesthetic of the game but, This made me think about Joey actually giving instructions for the machine... I mean, Henry does look to know about the machine in a way "So, this is the ink machine?"..

To be fair, it is labeled “INK MACHINE“ in giant letters above the door.

Someone once asked me what I think love is. Instead of saying something simple like ‘love is when you come home and see your dog,“ I wrote this:

You’re standing on a cliff looking towards the ocean. It’s a sunny day and it’s absolutely beautiful. The sky and the water are almost so alike but different at the same time. They’re both blue but one is just slightly darker than the other, and one is up high but the other is down low, but they both meet in the middle on the horizon. Once they meet, you can no longer see how far it goes, it’s forever a mystery to our eyes, but it does end at one point- that’s for certain. You decide to walk closer and closer to the edge of the cliff, trying to get a better look at the beautiful scenery in front of you. But as you get closer, the sky gets darker and the water gets crazier. You’re at the edge and you’re so close you could fall right off and into the chaotic ocean. The clouds go from grey to a shade of black that is darker than no other. The ocean creates tidal waves bigger than imagined but you stand on the edge in hopes you won’t fall and you yell 'I love you.” It floats into the air and to the once beautiful horizon that never ends, but you never see it. It disappears into the now blackened sky and the dark blue ocean that no longer collide into each other to create a beautiful horizon, but rather something completely unfamiliar. Something you wouldn’t chose too see again until the scenery you once found beautiful turns into that once again.

—  A poem I once heard and would gladly hear a thousand times more.

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Hi Raph. I heard you were subbing for the mun this week. That is really thoughtful of you to help out. This isn't really an ask. I, ummmm... I just wanted to say that you’re my favorite, and you're soooo hot and... I'dliketohaveyouoverfordinnerandamovie (andmaybebreakfast)... **face turning beet red**

Raphael:… GRACE!
Its my week off, I ain’t helping you!

R: Aw jeez… *turning dark green as he blushes Look, i-I just wanna help out the nerd, ok?


Im sure your a great person and thanks for saying all that stuff about me being…handsome o-or hot or whateva.. *smiles softly* But… ya don’t want anything to do with me. All the Foot and street gangs and alike? It won’t be pretty.


R: But… I guess I could swing by ya place sometime? Waffles would be wonderful :)

New Vegas, part 11: Nightmare

Wherever man forsakes atonement for his crimes, there goes dread Tisiphone, wreathed in bloody pall.  With funeral torch in her right hand, and poisoned lash in her left, she falls upon the guilty as a scourge, and her cruel sisters answer her call.  They are the Furiae, whom darkest Nyx brought forth, breeding all alike with crimson wings and crowned with venomous serpents.

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I know this is a little late but this is just my opinion a lot of people are extremely mad about Jack.G and Madison Beer. I know some people are just annoyed because of rumors they have heard about Madison and how she is a bully and an extremely rude, mean person, but i know a lot of fans are mad because it seems as if Jack.G is ignoring Jack.J to go hang out with Madison and that is one thing that we are all mad about. For all the hate that she gets idk how she keeps dating him, but to every one that is saying they make a cute couple i could not disagree more in my opinion they look like brother and sister. Maybe its just me but i just find they look alike in certain ways. Another thing is I’ve noticed that you never seem to see Jack.G and Jack.J together its always Jack.J and Nash or Jack.G and Madison. 

All the boys in Magcon have helped me through so much and Jack and Jack are apart of that and seeing them never around each other scares me and hurts me. I don’t hate Madison but i do think she is a little young for him. When i first seen her i thought she was 19 years old at that point she was 15 in my mind that’s not okay. 

Two more things and i am done my rant. If she has dated (From what i have seen) 3-4 other guys from Magcon why is Jack.G dating her. I kinda find it weird to date your friends ex girlfriend. Permission or not. 

Now the last thing is that from again what i have seen and read is that Jack.G will stand up for Madison at the snap of anyone’s fingers, but i have yet to see him standing up for Jack Johnson. Now this is that pisses me off you can stand up for your hoe but not your bro… If i was dating a guy and his friend his best friends was getting hate i would be expecting him to stand up for him, but no nothing I’m a Johnson girl so seeing him hurt and sad, makes me sad and knowing that his best friend will stand up for some girl but not him must really hurt i think Jack.G needs to learn the phrase bros BEFORE hoes. -Nasha

I know a lot of people are kinda getting upset about people saying Nathan Adrian and Calum look alike because they think we’re saying it in a rude culturally inappropriate way, but I really don’t think that’s the case 100% of the time. Like I know that Calum is not Asian at all and doesn’t like being called asian and Nathan is half Chinese, but those aren’t the reasons I think they look alike. I think they look alike bcuz of the way both their smiles take up their whole faces when they’re happy and how their eyes do the cute crinkly thing. And I’m sure there are some people who are basing their likeness on a perceived nationality but not everyone. And I’m not trying to undermine the seriousness of situations like this, I just think this instance has been a misunderstanding of sorts.

Blue Jeans Part 2

Author’s Note: It’s done! Yay! (: I’m pretty happy with this little series. I guess I just really like the demon!dean and reader chemistry. I wont spoil since a lot happens in this half, but there is a ‘happy’ ending. Dean goes looking for her after he’s back to himself. Once again, reader doesn’t know he’s a demon so its for demon!dean lovers and regular dean lovers alike. It’s a wonderful mix of sexiness, angst, and fluff. Warnings: drinking, alcoholism, language, demon!dean, angst, reference to drugs. Let me know what you think!

This whole series is directly based off the lyrics of Blue Jeans  but inspiration for this one is Cold by FFDP. I think it’s just perf for Dean as well as the angst/alcoholism of the reader.

PART ONE -Blue Jeans

I was constantly checking the faces of customers, my head jerking up with every deep voice asking for a shot of whiskey. I held on to the hope that some day I would see him again, but he’d never been gone longer than several days at a time. I was starting to wonder if he wasn’t coming back. I heard people talking, whispering over their beers about a new guy in town. As soon as they detailed his fights and the women hanging off his strangely tattooed arm I knew it was Dean. He was still around, just never at my door.

“Excuse me?” I didn’t bother looking up from my work, the voice was too high to be his anyway. “Could I ask you if you’ve seen someone?” Great, a Fed. I huffed and slammed the glass i was drying down on the counter.

“Look buddy, I’m on the clock. How about you go ask someone who has the time.” I glanced up to glare at the suit and tie in front of me, but the soft face there took me by surprise. He didn’t appear to be like the other Feds that had come in the past. This man had a sweet, sad smile and long shaggy hair. His eyes blinked at me without a shred of malice.

“I’m sorry, I should have introduced myself. My name’s Sam. Can I get a single beer?” I shrugged and served up his drink.

“Who are you looking for?” Sam smiled at my attempt to be helpful, acknowledging that it didn’t come easy to me. He rustled around in his suit jacket and produced a photograph. When placed it face up on the bar I almost gasped out loud.

“He goes by Dean, I think he was here recently.” I tried to hide my shock but he was quick to spot the recognition in my eyes. “You know him don’t you?”

I was quiet for a moment, wringing the rag in my hand around my fingers repeatedly. What had he done? I knew he had a dark side but could he have… killed someone? “You can tell me, I can help.” The officer’s eyes were warm and inviting. I watched him furrow his brow and lean closer in the space between us. He seemed to be genuinely concerned with the thoughts running through my head. He slid the picture over, his fingers gentle and slow. I took the photograph and studied it closely, my heart beating fast. Dean looked different in it, less harsh. He didn’t have the sickening darkness in his stare that he had now. My chest ached with the desire to know that version of him, and maybe there was still hope that I could some day. I took a deep breath and shook my head, my lips drawn into a firm line.

“No, I must have been mistaken. I’ve never seen him before.” Sam didn’t appear convinced, but I wasn’t about to betray my lie. He studied me with an almost piteous gaze. I felt as though he was reading my mind, seeing right through my paper thin facade. After a silent pause he downed the beer and produced several bills from his wallet. He placed a business card on top of the papers and extended them all in my direction.

“Well thank you for your time. If you think of anything else, please call.” I took one look down at his hand before turning away. I felt terrible being so aloof to such a kind man, but Dean’s safety was possibly at stake. I cringed when I realized I was aiding and abetting a criminal.

“No need, drink’s on the house.” I heard him sigh as he rose from the stool that was once occupied by the man he searched for. He lingered a moment, giving me a chance to change my mind. When I didn’t respond he turned to leave, his soft words making my skin crawl with fear.

“Be careful miss.”


I fumbled around in my pocket for the keys to the motel room. A bitter chill still hung in the air, its fingers grazing the exposed skin on the back of my neck. I felt vulnerable and ashamed under the buzzing streetlight overhead. This was the third day this week that I had to take a cab home from work. I sat there for hours after closing, just waiting in the darkness for who I knew wouldn’t come. I climbed up on the bar and thought back to all of our nights together, my hands grasping for every drop of whiskey I could find. But I could never drink enough to drown his memory, not when the alcohol itself reminded me of his smell and lips. When I finally found my keys I was shaking and my fingers struggled to follow the directions of my wandering mind. Just as the lock gave a metallic click I heard a noise behind me.

“Little late for a girl like you to be out alone, isn’t it?” My lungs couldn’t draw another breath of cold air, I was frozen with one hand on the knob. Any other person would have just ran inside and closed the door, but I couldn’t will myself to move. I knew that voice. Footsteps drew closer and stopped an inch from my back.

“I saved your ass once already…” A heavy hand laid atop mine on the handle. I closed my eyes and exhaled in the strange sense of relief washing over me. My next breath was filled with the smell of warm leather and aftershave. I shouldn’t have felt safe as a stubbled face nestled into my neck, but it was the closest thing I knew to utter contentment.

“Don’t you ever learn?”

Apparently not, since I was turning around in Dean’s arms, my chest pressed against his as he pushed me into the already open door. I grabbed at his collar as we tumbled inside together, his wide hand holding me from falling backwards. A gust of cold air followed us in and made me shiver against his warm body. I placed my hands on his chest, partly to hold him back and partly to revel in the way it felt under my fingers. I had missed him so much.

“Dean…what are you doing here?" I tried to sound angry but I could feel the smile creeping to my lips.

"What, you want me to leave?” He closed the door as he spoke, and the look in his eyes suggested he wasn’t really asking. He was taunting, he knew I could never turn him away. A pang of sadness gripped me as I leaned forward and kissed him. It felt like I was watching myself from above, out of body and chastising my foolish passions. No matter how many times he left me, he always came back with the same ferocity. His mouth took mine with need and desire. I wondered what about me left such an impression on him. I could smell the faintest odor of someone’s perfume as I kissed his neck, its bitter taste tainting my tongue and heart. Anger peaked inside me but I didn’t stop pouring out the affection I had stored up over his absence. He had loved other women, but we always ended up back here again. The thought that I was somehow different to him amazed me.

“A cop was looking for you at the bar today.” My words spilled out, a frantic remembrance of what had happened earlier. I couldn’t believe I was willingly committing a felony by helping him. He certainly felt dangerous, the way he was slowly pushing me towards the bed. Dean stopped his advances long enough to respond. His dark-as-night eyes were narrowed in annoyance.

“Tall guy? Girlish hair, puppy dog eyes?” I nodded, amazed that he knew exactly who I was talking about, although his description seemed slightly bias. Dean and Sam must have known each other. The man holding me shook his head and his mouth twisted into a small snarl. “That bastard just doesn’t know when to let it go…” Dean was lost in thoughts for a moment, his expression distant and haunted. Whatever history those two had must have been messy. He finally returned to the present and looked down at me again with familiar clouds in his dilated eyes. “Don’t worry about him. I’m going to take care of it.” I shuddered at his choice of words and wondered what kind of terrible fate was awaiting Sam. The thought reminded of the officer's advice earlier that day. 'Be careful miss.’

“Dean, what did you do?” My voice was shaky as I reached up a hand to hold his jaw. I wanted him to look me in the eyes, to focus his wandering long enough to answer me honestly. His pupils out shadowed every bit of green, their onyx color blacker than the darkness in and around him. When he didn’t seem completely focused I asked again. This time he grinned slightly, his hot breath tickling my cheek as he stared down. His jaw flexed under my touch and there wasn’t an ounce of regret in that vicious expression. I shivered as he bent to whisper in my ear.

“The real question, is what haven’t I done?” His words were raw, dripping with pride and desire. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that he meant what he said. I should have pushed him away and ran, but I couldn’t bring myself to resist as we both fell to the bed.


Two months later and I quit my job at the bar. I couldn’t handle it anymore, being cooped up in that place surrounded by sorrows and the painful reminders of the life I was living. Admittantly, my choice to peruse a different career was somewhat influenced by my newfound membership in the AA.

Dean hadn’t been back to me in over a month now, and I was sure our most recent time together was our last. He had left that morning like any other but it was like he disappeared. His name didn’t slip from any of the town gossip’s lips and not a single cop came to the bar asking questions. I couldn’t help but wonder if that doe-eyed fed had caught up to him, or if he was just busy running from the law. Regardless, I was doing a little running of my own. I took a bus to Lubbock and used my last bit of cash to get a tiny apartment. It wasn’t a white picket fence but it was better than dingy motel rooms and truck stops. Waiting tables at a family diner wasn’t all that different from serving at a dive bar. At least where I worked now I didn’t have to worry about drunken men throwing chairs into one another. I knew people talked, all intrigued by the sullen looking newcomer I posed. They probably questioned what a backwoods girl with a drinking problem was doing running to a new town. I didn’t care. If I wanted to I could pack up everything I owned and be in the next state by morning.

The diner was nearly empty, save a few regulars drinking coffee in the corner. I rubbed a cloth across the tables, reminded of my old job and how different everything was. The smell of baked goods and burnt coffee filled my lungs and stained my clothes, instead of cigarettes and booze. I could get used to this change of pace. The bell over the door tinkled and someone stomped their boots on the floor nearby. Another waitress beckoned them inside, where they sat alone in the corner booth. I glared at my coworker and ducked into the kitchen where I could whisper to her out of sight.

“Why didn’t you tell him we’re closing in five minutes?” She giggled and shrugged, the apron of her uniform appearing outlandishly large on her girl like figure. I wasn’t used to dealing with this kind of trouble. Usually a stern voice and several strong words would have been enough to get me through most conflicts, but here I had to behave differently. She leaned closer to me and smiled like an excitable teenager.

“You’ll thank me later, he’s so cute!” I frowned and lifted my hands in denial but she ripped the cleaning rag from grasp and pushed me towards the swinging doors. “It’s about time you made some friends here.” She winked and practically ran in the other direction, the oversized bow in her apron flowing behind. I sighed and rubbed the headache from my temples. Having to deal with people like this was bad enough, but not being able to drink my way through my day was even worse. One month sober didn’t seen like anything to brag about. I took a deep breath and headed towards the booth occupied by one attractive stranger.

I could only see the back of his head as I neared the seating. “Hi, what can I get for you?” I flipped open the notepad from my pocket and poised a pencil, awaiting his request.

“Don’t suppose you have any whiskey here?” I grit my teeth and pressed the graphite down till it dented the paper. Great, a smart ass. I looked up and glared.

“No I suppose we-” My sarcastic quip was cut short by the sight in front of me. I’m not sure what kind of face I made, but I imagine it was similar to that of someone who’s just seen a ghost. Everything in my body seemed to cease working as I stood paralyzed. The buzzing in my ears might as well have been a flatlined heart monitor. He couldn’t be here… I felt my little world of fabricated safety crumbling down around me. I wasn’t sure whether to cry tears of joy or sink the pencil I was gripping into his hand.

“Y/N, it’s good to see you again.”


It took me less than a second to get turned around and be back in the kitchen. I ripped the apron from my chest with one hand and grabbed my purse with the other. My coworker called after me but I was already out the back door. I just kept mumbling “no” to myself as I walked quickly down the back alley and towards the bus station. It crossed my mind that this all might be some kind of strange hallucination, that my withdrawals were literally driving me insane. I gripped my jacket close to my chest as I stepped faster. But even if this wasn’t an illusion, I wasn’t interested in sticking around. Kicking a habit was hard, but there was no way I’d be able to deny him. My only hope was running away. I was in AA, but god knows he was the strongest substance I’d ever abused.

When I rounded a corner and ran into a tall chest my heart stopped for the second time that day. I was completely frozen with fear, anger, and desperation.

“Leave me alone Dean!” I pushed him away but a hand held my arm still. His grip was softer than I remember. The other set of fingers clamped over my shoulder to keep me facing forward.

“Wait, Y/N. Look at me.” I struggled to deny him the pleasure and he released my arm to tip up my chin. I felt like a child when I squeezed my eyes shut tight. The rough kiss that I expected never came, and after a few shaky breaths I slowly opened my eyelids. The face before me made me weak with memories. I drank in the familIar features like they were the fix I had been craving, but something about him tasted different to my hungry mind. His eyes seemed alive with an unfamiliar lightness that I hadn’t seen before. The bend in his brow was of an emotion that he had never expressed. I was used to looks of malice, self loathing, and lust, but never of sadness. I was suddenly reminded of the photo Sam had shown me. He looked like that version of Dean. As if to prove my suspicion, his hand on my chin softened into a palm holding my cheek with loving gentleness. He swallowed and raked his teeth over his bottom lip.

“Y/N.” My name sounded like a plea rising from the farthest back church pew when he uttered it. “I’m sorry.” Before I could react I was pulled into a strong embrace, my body surrounded by his warmth. Complete shocked left me stuttering and my arms hanging by my sides. This wasn’t the man I though it was, there had to be some mistake. If I hadn’t seen the raised, unique mark on his forearm I wouldn’t believe it was him. A chin dug into my shoulder as he attempted to hold me as close as possible, the fingers in my hair were absolutely desperate. I wasn’t sure what was happening or how to react. “What’s- Who?” My broken mumbling was muffled but he heard me and pried himself away, although his one hand didn’t leave me arm. He acted as if he was afraid of letting me go completely.

When I thought things couldn’t get any stranger, a car pulled up to the sidewalk where we stood together. It was a beast of a ride, a shiny black 67 Chevy Impala that I recognized as Dean’s. The driver’s side window rolled down and the face that appeared made my jaw drop further.

“You found her? Let’s go!” The man who I once believed was a fed was leaning out the window, his plaid attire less than formal. His eyes lit up when he saw me and he gave a little wave.

What the hell was happening.

Dean stepped between me and the Impala in the distance to assure my attention. His hand grabbed mine and lifted it to his chest. “I know none of this is going to make sense Y/N… But you have to trust me. I was a different person a month ago, that wasn’t me. I’ve changed.”

I didn’t doubt that much. I had heard of people conquering their demons and becoming like new, but this was just too much to believe. I searched Dean’s face for what was recognizable. He still was the same man I loved, only now he no longer seemed sick. The deadness in his eyes was gone.

“But something didn’t change, how I feel about you.” He leaned towards me, like he wanted to kiss my still gaping mouth, but hesitated. That was another thing the Dean I knew would never do. “I did some horrible things… Especially to you, and I am so sorry. I want to fix that. If you come with us and I’ll explain everything.” My head was swimming, and if I had touched a bottle of alcohol recently, I would have thought I was drunk. Deep down I knew that all I wanted was this man in front of me, but I was more afraid of him now than when he was slamming customers heads into counters. I was terrified of the uncertainty that waited for me if I followed him to that car.

“Dean, this is crazy…” I squeezed his hand slightly and swallowed, trying to organize my thoughts. I had just come to grips with what my life would be without him and now he was here, asking for me back in a way sweeter than ever before. He smiled and shook his head.

You have no idea. I know it’s a lot to ask, and if you don’t feel the same way for me any more than I’ll leave right now and never come back, I swear.” It was a similar offer to the one he had given me that drunken night in the bar. “But I couldn’t just leave things the way they were. Y/N,” His voice was fringed with urgency, his eyes gleaming with regrets and what looked like love.
“When I was that person, I didn’t even know who I was. But even in that mess of darkness and hatred, I knew I wanted you.“ Dean rubbed his thumb over my fingers in his grasp, jaw grinding as he searched for the right words to say. I found myself creeping closer to him.

"From the moment I saw you, I wanted you.” The old primal growl in his voice returned, bringing a shiver to my spine. I was melting under his desire for me. Just the look in his eyes was taking me apart piece by piece.  

“But it was more than that. The love that you showed me, I craved it. Even when I was doing things I shudder to mention and looking for fulfillment in all the wrong places, I couldn’t sate my hunger for you. And maybe in my twisted way, I did try to show you how I felt.” Dean was breathing hard with emotion, his eyes beseeching. I drew close to him and splayed my hands on his chest. Just like we were meant to fit together, he lowered his forehead to rest on mine. This was the kind of affection that he had never given me before. It was pure and needy, unlike his usual selfish passion. I could feel jagged hot air on my lips when he spoke again.

 “Y/N, you tamed me when I was a monster. Now please, let me love you as a man.” The way his body heaved as he panted, the way my eyes fell shut on their own accord, it all felt so right. I placed my hands on his neck and pulled his face to mine, our mouths finally meeting with every bit of electricity I expected. We were both starved for each other, two junkies desperate for one another’s lips. He tasted just like he always had, and in that moment I realized that he was my true addiction. I loved him with every fiber of his being and even more now that he was changed.

"You know I could never say no to you, Dean.”

All right folks, here‘s a fun little observation:

So a good ‘ol follower-buddy of mine (@kayarei​) found this guy lurking around in the background of the latest episode and wanted to bring him to my attention.

Hmmm…doesn’t he look just a little teensy bit like….

Yeah, sure. Maybe not all that much and we could be overthinking this whole thing, but just hear me out.

We all know that it’s canon that McGucket has a son and that he looks like this:

There is certainly some resemblance, yes. But they definitely don’t look as close as one might think, despite being really closely related.

So anyway, this really got me thinking, so I scoured the wiki for more potential look-alikes and just…

Don’t even get me started on THIS GUY that some of you already pointed out to me:

Or maybe even this… INFANT WITH A BANDAGE ON ITS FACE THAT THREW EVERYONE OFF FOR A PRETTY DARN GOOD AMOUNT OF TIME (and probably doesn’t seem that relevant anymore but I’m still putting it on here anyway just for kicks):

So just go on and take a moment to think about this (along with the fact that everyone on here except for the baby has 5 fingers and the same kind of nose and same-ish hair color/type).

….just…WOW. Ok….

That’s all I got for right now, but feel free to add anything else that you happen to find or any additional thoughts.

The older we get, the more alike we are. Your my little sister. 

We fought like hell growing up. Looking back, and I’ve told her, I was just so angry and angsty having to share a room with her as opposed to my brother. The sex/gender binaries in my house were just too overwhelming. I took things out on her, when its was never her fault that we both share 2 X chromosomes.

Clearly I love you, even when your not sure if you love me. Thank you for being the very first person to ever support my transition. I will never forget that. I love you little sis. 

I hate when I’m cleaning up the dining area at work and a child talks to me, like today a small girl asked my why I’m wearing my hat. What do I say to that?? Do I tell her that I’m wearing this hat because I work for a corporate company who wants all of their employees to wear a uniform and look alike because they only see us as tools to use to make money and it’s easiest to tell which tools you own when they’re from the same set, or do I tell her it’s because I’m having a bad hair day