and it's just me or they look alike

guess who jumped the bandwagon and started reading percy jackson? i’m only on the 3rd book so he’s not this old yet but i just wanted to draw him older so forgive me if i messed up his older design since i haven’t reached that yet 

ok back to reading

I know a lot of people are kinda getting upset about people saying Nathan Adrian and Calum look alike because they think we’re saying it in a rude culturally inappropriate way, but I really don’t think that’s the case 100% of the time. Like I know that Calum is not Asian at all and doesn’t like being called asian and Nathan is half Chinese, but those aren’t the reasons I think they look alike. I think they look alike bcuz of the way both their smiles take up their whole faces when they’re happy and how their eyes do the cute crinkly thing. And I’m sure there are some people who are basing their likeness on a perceived nationality but not everyone. And I’m not trying to undermine the seriousness of situations like this, I just think this instance has been a misunderstanding of sorts.

You know what I’d like to see?

A production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream where Lysander is a girl. Hermia’s father would play the part of an aging homophobe who can’t accept his daughter is gay, and that’s why he keeps trying to set her up with Demetrius. And the reason Lysander and Hermia decide to run away and get married is because same-sex marriage is illegal in Athens. It brings whole new meaning to the idea of escaping the “sharp Athenian law.”

Oberon would see Demetrius chasing Hermia even though he knows she a lesbian and go, ‘Nope. That ain’t right. Puck, get me some love potion, we’re gonna teach this kid some manners.’

And the happy ending only comes when Theseus finally legalises same-sex marriage and Demetrius and Egeus accept Hermia’s sexuality. Then the couples get married and the fairies bless both marriages equally.

It would be amazing.

The older we get, the more alike we are. Your my little sister. 

We fought like hell growing up. Looking back, and I’ve told her, I was just so angry and angsty having to share a room with her as opposed to my brother. The sex/gender binaries in my house were just too overwhelming. I took things out on her, when its was never her fault that we both share 2 X chromosomes.

Clearly I love you, even when your not sure if you love me. Thank you for being the very first person to ever support my transition. I will never forget that. I love you little sis. 

Sentence Meme for people with the same faceclaim
  • "But... how do we look exactly alike?"
  • "Oh my god its like looking in a mirror!"
  • "It's like looking into a very poorly dressed mirror"
  • "Am I drunk? I think I am because I'm seeing myself"
  • "Oh... are we not going to do that thing where we both move our arms in sync? Well now I feel stupid for doing those random arm movements"
  • "Is this some weird 'separated at birth' thing?"
  • "Are you me from the future?"
  • "Am I you from the past?"
  • "Witchcraft! It has to be! No two people can look alike without the involvement of sorcery!"
  • "I can't believe you look just like me?"
  • "Well, I must say that looking at myself makes me realize just how beautiful I actually am"
  • "Gosh I am... beautiful/handsome!"
  • "Give me my face back. It's not yours"
  • "Impostor!"
  • "Do you think you can just parade around trying to be me and think that I wouldn't notice"
  • "Are we long lost twins?"
  • "I am so exited to have a long lost twin!"
  • "Is this real? Or am I dreaming?"
  • "I can assure you, this isn't a dream"
  • "We look exactly the same!"

Hae:10 years later i think i might have kids already

Hyuk: kids just like me

Hae: kids just like eunhyuk is nice, then I can see his face everyday and can laugh happily, even if doesnt looks alike its ok, because i will remember (his face) and can laugh happily

hyuk: hope everyone can give birth to kids that look like me..


Eunhae tour day-3


I wasn’t ready for BTS at all like, how do you start to cope with these crazy children?? I’m gonna be so whipped omg I don’t even want to think about it.

Anyways, these two were just too cute this day and omg taetae you can’t just come out wearing that hat and expect me to do nothing about it, right? Also this haircut makes kookie look so handome give me a break please? I just hope they look kinda alike to the real ones (ू˃̣̣̣̣̣̣︿˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ू)


“Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”
You just quoted Tolstoy.
The EMT is full of surprises. Who knew?

Witches of East End 2.02 - The Son Also Rises

watching orphan black with my dad
  • dad:*sees helena*
  • dad:is she crazy??
  • me:no
  • dad:she looks crazy
  • me:shes not. Uhh. She's just.. idk. not crazy.
  • *after 20 mins*
  • dad:what is this show about anyway?? i dont understand
  • me:its about clones
  • dad:where are the clones??
  • me:...
  • me:youve been looking at them for the past 20 mins!!
  • dad:where
  • me:the one you called crazy, that girl with the glasses, the one with the bangs, and that girl (points to sarah)
  • dad:theyre clones? why dont they look alike??
  • me:they all look alike
  • dad:no they dont
  • me:theyre all played by the same actress.....
  • dad:really??
  • dad:wow
  • dad:so whos the original?
  • me:no one theyre all clones
  • dad:that impossible. to be a clone there needs to be someone they got the genes from.
  • me:uhh
  • *pauvre petit chiot scene comes on*
  • me:*grinning like an idiot because cophine*
  • dad:i dont understand
  • dad:why are you smiling??
  • dad:did i miss something???

What It’s Like To Be Transsexual Without Transitioning

The actor Lauren Hennessy identifies as male, but chooses not to pass or transition.And his fiancé is just fine with that. 

In Lauren’s interesting article “Yo: Pronouns and cons" he writes:

Recently, transgender people like me began popping up in the media and probably in your social circles. We are no longer trying to hide who we are and assimilate quietly. Just as the gay rights movement reared its head in the late ‘60s, we’re now seeing a similar movement of transgender people, straight and gay alike. We are asking to be referred to using the pronouns that match our gender identities. For me, although I look like a "girl,” that would mean referring to me using the words “he,” “him” and “his." 

I suspect that a majority of transsexuals are not transitioning, and for a wide variety of reasons. 

HTBuzzFeed, See also Lauren Hennessy’s home page.

Art that depicts Monty (God rest him) as Ren’s literal father fucking kills me though like on the one hand its really sad and poignant when you consider the context of it

but at the same time I’m just having the most inappropriately funny family thoughts like holy shit

“Oh hello! Are you Ren’s brother?”
“Not again…”

[Ren’s sighing heard around the world]

“You sound just like your Dad!”
[Monotone voice] “No I don’t”

All right folks, here‘s a fun little observation:

So a good ‘ol follower-buddy of mine (@kayarei​) found this guy lurking around in the background of the latest episode and wanted to bring him to my attention.

Hmmm…doesn’t he look just a little teensy bit like….

Yeah, sure. Maybe not all that much and we could be overthinking this whole thing, but just hear me out.

We all know that it’s canon that McGucket has a son and that he looks like this:

There is certainly some resemblance, yes. But they definitely don’t look as close as one might think, despite being really closely related.

So anyway, this really got me thinking, so I scoured the wiki for more potential look-alikes and just…

Don’t even get me started on THIS GUY that some of you already pointed out to me:

Or maybe even this… INFANT WITH A BANDAGE ON ITS FACE THAT THREW EVERYONE OFF FOR A PRETTY DARN GOOD AMOUNT OF TIME (and probably doesn’t seem that relevant anymore but I’m still putting it on here anyway just for kicks):

So just go on and take a moment to think about this (along with the fact that everyone on here except for the baby has 5 fingers and the same kind of nose and same-ish hair color/type).

….just…WOW. Ok….

That’s all I got for right now, but feel free to add anything else that you happen to find or any additional thoughts.

I hate when I’m cleaning up the dining area at work and a child talks to me, like today a small girl asked my why I’m wearing my hat. What do I say to that?? Do I tell her that I’m wearing this hat because I work for a corporate company who wants all of their employees to wear a uniform and look alike because they only see us as tools to use to make money and it’s easiest to tell which tools you own when they’re from the same set, or do I tell her it’s because I’m having a bad hair day