and it's just me or they look alike

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Headcanon: Shinsou is actually Aizawa's son. It's just not revealed yet in the manga. Would explain why they look so much alike.


And I know I’ve already posted this but I’m just shook of how alike they are…..

Not only psychologically but physically too.

And I know that Aizawa is only 30………. But I just love these two.  

They have so much in common and I seriously want Aizawa to become at least his mentor ( Like All might with Midoriya )

let me dream

guess who jumped the bandwagon and started reading percy jackson? i’m only on the 3rd book so he’s not this old yet but i just wanted to draw him older so forgive me if i messed up his older design since i haven’t reached that yet 

ok back to reading

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RFA + V reacts to an MC who looks a hell lot like Jumin!!!

a|n this is a very old ask request and i can’t stop laughing tho this is so crack im crying in laughter lmao thank u anon

RFA + MC who looks a lot like Jumin


  • he went bat shit crazy when he first saw you in front of his door step
  • he’s like, “What the fuck?” because why is Jumin Han in front of my door, cosplaying as a girl?? is this some kind of a prank just because he got injured??
  • you pursed your lips and huffed because zen that’s not really a very nice thing to say to a guest
  • “If you don’t want me here, I can lea-”
  • he is so sh0okt
  • and maybe a bit relieved
  • because ok you sound really like a real girl but ur face and overall initial features were so much alike with Jumin he’s just
  • w o w how even
  • he would often ask u, “Are you sure you’re not related to that trust fund jerk?”
  • and he would cringe whenever u look at him bemused with his questions
  • because its like jumin is staring straight @ his soul
  • though he loves u so much?? but hes just really bothered that u look a lot like him
  • sometimes he would scream while waking up because he forgot that ur with him
  • and he’d think “Why are you here, you trust fund jerk?!”
  • and ur like lolzen its just me
  • “Oh, right. I’m sorry, babe.”
  • what even


  • ok she is initially bothered because
  • “Mr. Han?”
  • but when you said something that only the two of you talked about while PMing in the messenger
  • she sighed in relief
  • but is still initially bothered because w o w even your face looks so much like Jumin except that maybe you’ve got longer hair with the same color
  • one day she asked you 
  • “How are you related to Mr. Han, MC?”
  • and ur like uh no
  • idk why would i be related to him?
  • “Is he a distant relative of yours? Uhm, are you his … sister?”
  • jaehee what no
  • and sometimes she would forget that u were with her
  • because when she would pass by you sitting at the dining table she’d often have mini heart attacks
  • because you even eat like jumin w t f
  • and then she’d be relieved because right she’s with mc
  • one day though “Mr. Han has distant siblings.”
  • “No, Jaehee.”
  • “Oh, okay. I-I thought, sorry, you just resemble him so much.”
  • she loves you but when will Jumin stop haunting her
  • even inside her house she can see his f a c e


  • ok boi this is hella funny
  • the moment you arrived in front of his doors, even his body guards were so sh0okt of your appearance
  • one even stammered, “M-Mr. Han?” and they all elbowed each other because is Mr. Han really dressing up as woman lololol
  • and isnt he inside the house how come he’s out??
  • but then you’re like um no i actually came for him cue bothered coughs from them
  • one of his security led you to his bedroom door and knocked, announcing your arrival
  • and the moment Jumin opened the door, he immediately slammed it back to your face he was fucking sh0okt
  • wow jumin what a jerk move
  • he was so confused?? he’s like why is someone looking like me outside of my door and inside my house?? he was expecting mc not a look a like
  • he heaved a troubled sigh before opening the door again
  • “Luciel, I have no time for your games. Go home.” god 707 had already done so many things just to sneak inside his house to kidnap elly tbh
  • “No, Jumin, it’s me.”
  • and he was caught off guard because at least he knows Luciel can’t bend his voice to that extent
  • and he knew what you sound like
  • “MC?” he blinked, initially surprised because
  • w o w how is this even possible how do you look so much like him is this a way of the heavens telling him to procreate using his own genes wtf
  • and before everything he initially makes sure you weren’t, by any means, truly related to him because he can’t marry a family member now can he
  • he was very relieved when everything turned out negative
  • and he would often prance you around like he was so proud of you he’d brag about how beautiful you are and how he’s lucky to meet his match made in heaven
  • even his bodyguards are deeply bothered with the fact that you look so much like their boss
  • and they can’t imagine the moans and screams they often hear outside his bedroom and the faces that pops inside their minds are:
  • Mr. Han doing Mr. Han
  • oh my god
  • and everyone who saw you with him is like: “Is she your little sister?”
  • “No, she’s my wife.”
  • wow jumin you can’t marry yourself
  • even one Mr. Han is enough
  • but now, two???
  • juminception


  • okay why is jumin in front of my doorstep?? would his initial thought be
  • but then you’d tell him it’s you he’s really relieved because he knew your voice!!
  • he’d gush about how you look so much like jumin
  • he’d tell you if jumin was a girl he’s gonna look so much like you
  • and that you are very beautiful
  • and you cough at his statements because didn’t he just indirectly admit that jumin is hot??
  • still sometimes he’d stare at you for hours
  • probably thinking w ow how is this what on earth why do you look so much like jumin
  • the poor boi would probably bug u several times “How come you look so much like him? Are you sure you’re not his relative?”
  • and youre like no yoosung i don’t even know him personally like ever except of course inside the messenger
  • he’d have mini heart attacks because your resting face is very much identical to jumin’s it’s almost s c a r y
  • it’s like jumin was indirectly telling him to do good or he’ll fail later in life
  • and he’d be 10 times more pressured than he already is
  • poor bby


  • ok so seven
  • already knew this
  • that’s why he was not very surprised though the extent of his stalking skills went as far as your first pet when you were 5
  • he’d often tease you about how you look so much like jumin and he’d take snapshots of you and send it to the fellow members inside the chatroom
  • of course everyone is very sh0okt
  • “Why is Jumin dressed as a woman inside your house, Seven?”
  • and he’s like LOLOLOLOL no u guys this is mc
  • they’re like “WHAT?”
  • and you’re like “Yes, that me.”
  • wow how can this be how can u look so much like jumin did he have a secret sister or something
  • and seven’s like ‘that my girl’
  • you’d be trolling them with seven, cosplaying magical girls and animal sexy outfits as pranks and you’d be pranking jumin by sending some photos to his office
  • and this adds more fuel to the does jumin han is gay rumors
  • and to the chatroom
  • and everyone’s like “Okay that’s enough. We can’t take anymore of Jumin posing like that.”
  • and jumin’s like mc stop that don’t sink like him
  • and you’re like lololololol it’s fun
  • initially everyone just thinks you’re like the opposite of what jumin won’t dare to do
  • *high 5s seven


  • ok wow he is so precious he’d smile fondly while meeting you
  • because how can u look like his best bro
  • how come did this happen
  • was the world concealing something from him??
  • he’d be having an internal turmoil because jumin didn’t tell him anything about having a twin sister
  • and you’re like “No, we’re not really related, V.”
  • and he’s like o h
  • he’d be super embarrassed because how come u read his mind
  • was he that obvious??
  • still he’d love taking pictures of you
  • and he’s not the least crept out about how you look
  • he’s like you’re the most perfect canvas for him
  • but he also makes sure you’re not really related to jumin in anyway by doing background investigations about your origins
  • because what if, what if jumin was really like your brother or something
  • he’d feel bad if he just snagged you like that without asking jumin’s permission
  • he’d often take stolen shots of you because he wants to imprint your face in his life forever
  • you’d sometimes catch him smiling while looking at u
  • he’s pretty amused the entire time you’re with him
  • thank for putting a smile on his precious face

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You made a vine about heartache and someone saying "ill only break your heart."that drastically altered the way I looked at the people. Now if someone says "im a wolf with gnashing teeth and i think you're delicious " i don't think "well may Be he's vegetarian". I go shit I believe you and totally peace the fuck out. Like thanks. I know it was just a 6 second vine. But it changed me for the better.

that was honest to god the purpose of that vine

yeah its 6 seconds and said comically but there are so many things I wish I was told as an adolescent - this being one of them.

these people, men and women alike, start off the dating process by saying things like “ill only break your heart” or “i suck at relationships” or “I always do the wrong thing” so that a) you can soothe them, reassure them that’s not true so that they can feel better about themselves and b) they can use that back at you when the dating inevitably fails (i.e. “i told you id break your heart idk what you expected”) so it’s a way to not take any responsibility for their behavior while simultaneously getting consoled for their behavior - always using the other individual in the process and never actually getting better no matter how much this individual “helps” them. Most of the time this type of behavior is completely unintentional and deals with someone stuck in a cycle of abusive behavior paired with self-hatred; using people to soothe that lack of love for themselves and then pinning the blame on the other person for “not knowing better” that “they were bad”

so i’m so touched and thrilled that the message effectively went across the way it was supposed to! ultimately these people need help and i know often their partners/friends take up the role of therapist and punching bag when they’re not being paid to do so - but i think the lesson here is to know your worth and what you’re willing to put up with. regardless of how good of a person Joe is, if Joe is unaware of how abusive he’s being, you are in no way obligated to stay in that friendship/relationship. You’re a person and not every individual you come across is going to be what’s best for you. ♡

In this massive world of artists and designs, copies are bound to happen. You’re going to see something that looks like yer own thing A LOT. And, well you’re kinda gonna have to get used to it… 

I know it can be very frustrating. I know it frustrates me to no end to see shit so similar or for people to assume you copied this or that when, nope. These two things just happen to look alike! 

Nothing is original. And if people end up being inspired as the same things you are, you’re bound to see similarities in your works. And thats ok! You can’t get too worked up over similar designs. (Now if they’re clearly blatantly stolen, its a little different but. It’s still tough to deal with. Once your art is out there, people will see it and do whatever the hell they want with it no matter your rules or regulations. It sucks. I know. But it is what it is.) If you are CERTAIN that something is stolen, confront the person but DO NOT if you only assume it is. 

Freak coincidences DO happen. 

It can be destructive to constantly be brought down by similar designs you come across, seriously I understand, but try to use it as an opportunity to improve upon your own and make yours better. Theres a SHIT TON of artists out there. You’re bound to see lookalikes.

Let things go, move on, and keep creating. 

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Okay. So I was re-reading the entire story over again. And that part where cable shows up and sees dead Wade. Peter turns around to see him. And in that moment. They looked so alike and i was just like, "Damnnnnnn, Wade has a type." Is this just me???

No it’s my terrible same face syndrome art but Yes Wade Definitely Has a Type 

if I’m sad or tired from life and you happen to be the person I confide in, don’t tell me that stupid “give life another chance” shit. No. Dont you dare.
At that point nothing you’ll say will make me feel better.
So next time if you hear from me giving up, look me in the eye and say “you’re a god damn slytherin” and I swear to the devil himself, I would do a 180° flip.
My house has helped me a lot. Its more than just a fantasy. It’s where I have found my home. People with greatness and tragedy in their blood Alike.
Yes. So next time just remind I’m a slytherin and what I am supposed to do. How great I am meant to be.
Because the world can turn it’s back on me but my house will never let me down

  • Raven: Tai. I'm leaving you and the baby.
  • Tai: WHAT!? Raven, aside from the fact that you just gave birth to our daughter! Why would you leave us!?
  • Raven: Because Tai. *Raven glaring at him reaching into her pocket and pulling out Yang's birthcertificate pointing as her name.* YOU NAMED HER AFTER YOURSELF YOU ASSHOLE!
  • ~Present~
  • Raven: Aaaand then I left and took leadership of my tribe. *Raven said, sipping her tea as she finished her story leaving Blake, Kali, and Ghira staring at her with jaws dropped and eyes as wide as plates, meanwhile I literally flaming red eyed Yang sat glaring at her.*
  • Yang: So you mean to tell me. *Yang growled through her teeth, boiling the tea in the cup she is holding.* That you left me and dad. Just because you didn't get to name me "Robin."
  • Blake: Sweetie calm down. I'm sure Raven was just joking. *Blake said, panicking at the thought of the damage her girlfriend will do to her parents house.*
  • Ghira: Please tell me your joking.
  • Kali: That is horrible of you Raven!
  • Raven: Oh relax. I Left because I found a lead on the spring maiden and the fact she was in my tribe gave me to opportunity to take her under my wing, mind the pun, and train her so her powers didn't fall into the hands of someone how would use them against my family both within the tribe and out of it. Plus, since I and Yang look alike it gave me the back up plan of killing her and powers going to Yang after the two met. I didn't leave Yang and Tai because I didn't get to name her Robin. *Raven said with a straighter face, calming Yang slightly as the belladonna's all sighed a breath of relief, just before Raven added.* It's just why I didn't bring her with me. Robin is a way better name.
  • ~later at Patch~
  • Ruby: Uh. *Looks back at the screen to see a video clip of Raven running from it.* YEP.

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do you have any theories on how they might reveal broganes? why do u think shiro and keith wouldn’t say it right away? also w/ the line “you’re LIKE a brother to me”, do u think they might have a different familial relationship?? those new screenshots w them in the background has me 👀 bc... now I’m wondering why they wouldn’t just tell the team they’re family? what do u think might be up with that


ok so i fervently believe that they have no idea that theyre related (if by blood or not). i firmly believe shiro is somehow related to keiths dad because i dont think its a coincidence that they look somewhat similar. voltron has proven to be pretty diverse on character design and the fact that shiro and papa kogane look eerily alike is …. 👀👀👀 something ……

my personal belief is that shiro and papa kogane (who we’re gonna dub as ryou from now on) are brothers/half brothers and probably didnt stay in contact as they grew up, whether is be from personal grudges or they just never had a close relationship.

ryou, obviously older than shiro, most likely took off as soon as he could and probably dropped all communication. cue ryou being a fucking furry and boning a hot alien galra lady.

now i think when shiro and keith meet at the garrison, its purely coincidental. they dont know who each other are and keith, being so young when his father left him, probably doesnt understand why he feels so close to shiro.

i think keiths brotherly love for shiro stems from faint memories from his father who he barely remembers (this is at the garrison and before the BoM trials) and so they become close in some sort of broken familiarity that they cant quiet put their fingers on.

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what would you recommend to someone starting astral travelling and spirit work as far as maintaining self confidence and expelling self doubt? I've been practising and using discernment techniques but still feel like Im not cut out for this or that Im making things up, even when I had an experienced practitioner confirm one of my spirit guides. Tips? Pep talk? please?

Hello, Anon! <3 I feel for you. This stuff is overwhelming and it’s easy to get discouraged. Many years down the path, you can still find yourself stumbling over doubts you thought you’d put to bed. It’s natural. It’s good, even. Doubt doesn’t have to be our enemy. BUT it doesn’t have to be our best friend, either.

On that note, here is a short list of posts by myself and others that you might find helpful for putting doubt in its place (I dredged up all I could find in my archives that seemed remotely applicable):

Personally, one thing I like to do when I feel doubt edging up on me is just be completely honest about that with both my gods and my spirit companions alike. I tell them straight up, “Look, this is hard. I’m sorry to ask over and over again, but if you could send me a sign or set me up with a moment of validation that I can’t just reason away, I’d really appreciate it.” Be patient. They won’t always answer right away or in the way you expected, but they will answer.

This is a huge topic and I could go on and on. Regrettably, I do struggle with chronic wrist tendinitis and I’ve done a number on my wrists recently, so I’m going to have to cap my advice this time. But I really want to make sure you get all the advice, guidance, and support you need, so how about I link a few blogs (off the top of my head) that have some good, helpful stuff in their archives on these topics? @spiritvexer @duskenpath @urbanspellcraft @spiritconnect @thiscrookedcrown

I hope that helps! Good luck, Anon! <3

Just so you know, that kid from 13 Reasons Why is actually a clone of Liam Hemsworth and that kid from Perks of Being A Wallflower

You know what I’d like to see?

A production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream where Lysander is a girl. Hermia’s father would play the part of an aging homophobe who can’t accept his daughter is gay, and that’s why he keeps trying to set her up with Demetrius. And the reason Lysander and Hermia decide to run away and get married is because same-sex marriage is illegal in Athens. It brings whole new meaning to the idea of escaping the “sharp Athenian law.”

Oberon would see Demetrius chasing Hermia even though he knows she a lesbian and go, ‘Nope. That ain’t right. Puck, get me some love potion, we’re gonna teach this kid some manners.’

And the happy ending only comes when Theseus finally legalises same-sex marriage and Demetrius and Egeus accept Hermia’s sexuality. Then the couples get married and the fairies bless both marriages equally.

It would be amazing.

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A lot of the customers at the store I work at are, not to be rude, very generic or average looking & they look just alike to me. That being said unless you come in at least once a week on my shift I'm not gonna recognize you. The number of times people will come up to me and be like "oh you're hair was a different color last week!" (I dye my hair a lot) or reference what I can only assume was a previous conversation, it's not a bad thing it's just amusing bc they're strangers to me

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Can we please have Qui-Gon helping Obi-Wan cope with his ADHD, as was hinted at in the last one?

“Obi-Wan?” The redhead looked up slowly from the datapad and the sentence he had been rereading for eight…or make that fifteen times.


“Are you alright young one?” The older man sat down beside him on the couch with a cup of tea in hand, watching him closely.

Obi-Wan glanced at his datapad and then back at Qui-Gon, wondering if he should tell him. “I…”

“Are you having trouble focusing?” Qui-Gon glanced down at Obi-Wan’s tapping foot. He had started to notice Obi-Wan having…troubles.

He was starting to wonder about a lot of the things he had read in Obi-Wan’s folder and if perhaps it wasn’t caused by one particular thing instead of being a general problem.

“Yes Master.” Obi-Wan bit his lower lip hard and tried to stop shaking his leg when he noticed where the other was looking. “Its…I’m sorry master. I’ll try better.”

“No, no don’t be sorry Obi-Wan. I don’t think its your fault.” Qui-Gon smiled and reached out, stroking the others hair back. “Let me guess, the assignment isn’t one you’re interested in really, what is it?”

“…Navigational tactic.”

“Which you don’t like.” Qui-Gon chuckled quietly. “Not like you like languages and science…Obi-Wan, I want us to go to the healers tomorrow, I have a little suspicion.” He smiled at the boy to show him nothing was wrong per say.

Obi-Wan blinked but nodded and gave a frustrated sigh. “I’ve read this eight time master…I don’t…”

Qui-Gon took a sip of tea while thinking before getting up and turning the music on, a low and steady beat and not to loud before he returned to the others side and taking a hand, settling back in his space. “I want you to try to read now and every time you feel like you can’t read, you either listen to the music or squeeze my hand for a bit. Can you do that for me?”

Obi-Wan blinked and looked from the player to Qui-Gon, hesitant before he nodded and turned back to his pad.

Slowly, tortuously slow someone might have said, Obi-Wan managed to get through the text he was reading.

Giving the boy a few moments, Qui-Gon squeezed the smaller hand in his gently. “Did it help?”

“Kinda? I don’t know if I’ll remember it but I got through the text at least?” The other muttered.

“That’s what I’m here for Obi-Wan, to guide you and help you through it.” Carefully plucking the datapad from the teen, Qui-Gon placed the empty cup down. “Lets go through it, see what you remember.” He smiled gently.



Qui-Gon looked up from his meal and raised a brow at Mace. “That’s still being examined but its the most likely, yes.”

“I did wonder about Padawan Kenobi’s occasional…bursts at time. He’s usually so steady and smart.” The other hummed, looking over to where a happy Obi-Wan was entertaining his friends.

“He is smart. He just has a different learning curve. You know how it functions, do you think Depa mind it if I introduced him to her?”

Mace shrugged. “I don’t think so but it might be best to ask. That’s why I know if I’m honest, since I already had a student with ADHD they wanted me to talk to you, give you advice.”

“No two are alike. I’m not putting him on medication yet.” Qui-Gon hummed.

“Nor would I advice to, just yet. If you and him can make it work without it, then that’s fine. Be prepared for eventual side symptoms though.”


“Anxiety, depression, mood switches, tourettes, restless leg, sleep disorders and a whole sleeve of others. Its best to just wait and see if I’m honest Qui-Gon.” He patted the other on the shoulder. “I trust you though, this can be worked with, figured out and coped with.”

Qui-Gon nodded and smiled when he saw Obi-Wan watching them, making a gentle shooing motion that got a grin out of the boy before he focused back on his friends.

“With a boy this bright, yes.”

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sis tell me about your top 5 Arya moments and quotes pls. your wisdom is much needed in these trying times :D

alright lets do this: 

“The wolf blood.” Arya remembered now. “I’ll be as strong as Robb. I said I would.” She took a deep breath, then lifted the broomstick in both hands and brought it down across her knee. It broke with a loud crack, and she threw the pieces aside. I am a direwolf, and done with wooden teeth.”

I feel like such a cliche with this one but its a classic for a reason lol. theres nothing about this scene i don’t love. all the nature imagery for starters: the sound of the wind and the water. the eyes of the gods peering into arya as she kneels before the heart tree, asking for their help. and then! “ from somewhere out in the world, came the long lonely howl of a wolf” and arya feels lightheaded. i don’t think she’s actually hearing nymeria either. she’s warging her wolf. the best part is the old gods actually communicating with arya, obviously. i will never stop stressing this because ?? it literally never happens in any other scene?? this is the most northern thing ever too and it happens in the middle of the riverlands. it has huge significance for arya’s identity arc as well. she starts to doubt herself here. after hearing the news that winterfell has been burned and her little brothers are dead but the gods intervene and with ned’s voice reminding arya of who she is and where she belongs she finds the strength to carry on. its just an intense and beautiful scene.

She looked at their filthy hair and scraggly beards and reddened eyes, at their dry, cracked, bleeding lips. Wolves, she thought again. Like me. Was this her pack? How could they be Robb’s men? She wanted to hit them. She wanted to hurt them. She wanted to cry. They all seemed to be looking at her, the living and the dead alike.

this moment is so important to me. its so important to the story. arya has seen so much of the war. she’s fought in the battles. she’s seen the dead bodies and burned villages. she’s seen all this death and destruction. and its mostly from the lannisters. but then she starts too see a lot of the evil the northmen are doing too. and it breaks arya’s heart. she’s so ashamed. but its an inevitable truth of war, unfortunately. i like to harp on this a lot but the truth is very important in arya’s story so this is something she has to see. she hates these men for what they’ve done. they’re supposed to be her people but they have betrayed everything she stands for. but all the same, she shows them mercy. the villagers yell at her to stop but she fills her own cup until its brimming over with water. while standing on gendrys shoulders (yes this detail is important) she pours it over the first man. and she does it all again for the other two. these men are criminals. they’re in disgusting shape, naked and filthy. but arya is still able to do and watch as they’re given mercy via anguy’s arrows without flinching. she feels duty bound to give them one last drink of water but she doesn’t make excuses for these men. this shows the huge potential in arya to become a great leader. the experience is so valuable as well. all these lessons the war taught her will effect how she rules in the future.

Arya put her lips to his ear. “It’s Jaqen H'ghar.”
Even in the burning barn, with walls of flame towering all around and him in chains, he had not seemed so distraught as he did now. “A girl … she makes a jest.”
“You swore. The gods heard you swear.”

she 👏 did 👏 that 👏 arya played a faceless man like it was nothing. she is the damn champ. and this is only in the second book. now that she’s had faceless men training herself arya going to be a an even bigger force to be reckoned with. but yeah this is just one of the best tricks in asoiaf. jaqen really thought he had the power and arya just switched it up before he knew what was happening. i love how the three wishes trope is used with all the power of names business. its very old school. the entire “only death may pay for life” stuff is my favorite too. i even like all the weasel soup stuff that follows even though its horrifying. “a girl should be bloody too. this is her work” but like my last point, thats a lesson arya learns from. she’s cunning and clever and a very quick study. i love her.

“I’m sorry, my lady.” Arya suddenly felt bad for her, and ashamed. “I’m sorry I tore the acorn dress too. It was pretty.”
“Yes, child. And so are you. Be brave.”

when i started this i said i wasn’t going to include any arya/gendry moments but i lied to my damn self. kinda. this is only partially about the otp. i love this entire chapter because its pretty different from a lot of arya’s. the theme of love and romance is really strong (i wonder why?) her interactions with lady smallwood are beautiful. the dialogue between them is great and this woman treats her so kindly. arya’s so responsive to that. we see her open up to lady smallwood. unlike with the highborn women she grew up with. she even says the acorn dress is pretty in the end. the “be brave” just destroys me. and arya even remembers the lady who said she was pretty at acorn hall. theres the wrestling and the song :) i mean what can i say that i havent said a hundred times before? arya and gendry are gonna fall in love. another fave bit is when harwin says “arya was much the same at winterfell” after her and gendry play fight. which shows that she can be her true self with him. he even says just arya when asking if she wants to see the forge with him. she’s not in survival mode or hiding her identity. she’s just arya. and he’s gendry. and they’re beautiful.

… but it wasn’t.
Needle was Robb and Bran and Rickon, her mother and her father, even Sansa. Needle was Winterfell’s grey walls, and the laughter of its people. Needle was the summer snows, Old Nan’s stories, the heart tree with its red leaves and scary face, the warm earthy smell of the glass gardens, the sound of the north wind rattling the shutters of her room. Needle was Jon Snow’s smile. He used to mess my hair and call me "little sister,” she remembered, and suddenly there were tears in her eyes.

ah, needle. i couldn’t not include this scene, ya know? i tear up every time i read it. i love the dark, watery atmosphere of braavos. its the perfect backdrop for this scene which is essentially a rebirth. arya is told by the kindly man she must rid herself of her possessions. thats the first step. the next will be her body and her feelings and, ultimately, her future. so she takes everything out into the night and stands at the waters edge and throws it all in; her little trinkets and even her clothes. everything except needle. she can’t part with it. that sword is a symbol of everything that makes arya stark. its such a profound moment for an identity arc. when we’re stripped bare, what makes us who we are? and this is what makes arya: her mother and her father. her brothers and her sister. old nan’s stories. her home and its people. jon snow’s smile. (and i am actually tearing up now as i type this lmao) thats who she is and arya cannot give that up. she thinks the old gods wanted her to have needle. the many faced god can’t have it. so arya hides needle. she conceals it from the faceless men and buries those memories deep in her heart. with a promise that one day she’ll be back for them all. and that day will be the day i die.

Just for Cefmua56...
  • Real Persephone: *glaring at Jason Bryce* I'm sorry, he did WHAT?!
  • Patton: I know, he's an asshole.
  • Logan: Wow, we really look alike, Hades.
  • Real Hades: Yeah, that's why you really should stand back. It's about to get messy.
  • Persephone: *rolls up her sleeves and pulls flower from her hair* Babe, hold my flower.
  • Hades: *sighs and holds her flower*
  • Jason Bryce: *screaming in agony*
  • Logan: Oh...oh wow...
  • Bonus--
  • Patton: Persephone, either put him through a table or tag me in!
  • Virgil: ME NEXT!!!!
  • Hades: ....How did you all get DOWN HERE?!
  • Jason Bryce: *still screaming*