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I had forgotten that part in Dragonshy where Rarity tries to Bilbo Baggins this dragon’s hoard. And it actually almost worked until she showed her hand too early.

It’s kind of funny because this episode is so focused on Fluttershy being scared and inconveniencing everypony, but I never really realized until now that literally none of them have the slightest idea what they’re doing at all. Which kind of makes sense, cause they’re still pretty new to adventuring and stuff, but it kind of seems like Twilight’s making it up as she goes along.

Like, Twilight’s plan if the dragon got rowdy was for Applejack to kick apples at him. Fluttershy was the least of their problems.

if i’m ever a dick let me know so I can, like, be less of a dick

Sometimes there are certain quotes or lines in fanfics that never fail to take my breath away like “What was this writer thinking?” “How were they able to come up with something as good as that?” “This sounds like something out of a movie that people would use as their captions for as long as we can remember” Honestly? Kudos to all the writers out there

i really don’t want to do that again 

  • viktor: i live on the edge.
  • viktor: haha get it because i spend my time skating in skates which are edgy
  • yuuri: viktor if you make a skating pun one more time i'm divorcing you
emergency theme commissions

hey guys! so, long story short, my work just screwed me over big time because they aren’t going to pay me in time to pay for a lot of stuff (mostly comprised of bills or things i’ve already committed to) that i cannot opt out of.

this has put me in a very sticky situation because i just can’t afford to go an entire month without getting paid. so i’m opening up theme commissions because it’s the only other source of work i have that i can look to right now, and i really need to not go into the negatives because i’m not going to get paid on time.

i will not take donations. this is not a life or death situation, just a “i’m really fucking screwed” situation, therefore please do not ask to simply donate to me, although i appreciate the sentiment. if you want to send me money, please send it in the form of a commission. and if you cannot commission me, then please reblog this so others see it! i would really, really appreciate that.

thank you so much.


nezumi for @howljpendragons ¦ happy birthday (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

ok but literally jackson did lowkey aegyo and asked for more time to carve his frankenstein squash thing when they said time was up and the rest of got7 all froze and then complied and gave him time to finish like this boy got his whole group wrapped around his finger they are all so weak for jackson i’m wow

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Since youtube blocked my video last night for copyright reasons, I figured that this is the easiest way for me to share it with you. Even if I can’t share it anywhere but here and not even see how many people have viewed it or anything, I still really want to share it with you. So, let’s try again.

You have to click to “watch on [blog]” to see it, and if you want full screen, just click the arrow in the right corner of the video.

Ten months in the making. Ten months of manually removing the background music on every single clip using both of my laptops, my Sherlock DVDs and a portable writer. (It’s not actually literally ten months, I kind of took a long break between February and August but it just sounds more impressive with ten.) Many many thanks to @thejohnlockhell for being my moral support the past months, this video is for you.

Oh, and I definitely didn’t intend for this to be 45 minutes long. It just… happened.

Please reblog if you like it, since this is the only way I get to share it with people. ❤️

I know Gorillaz looks rough initially. Because the first thing you get from them is that there are zombies, a dude with black eyes and another green dude that likes to show his dick around

but saying it’s just that and it has uninteresting music is…  sad, honestly, because you didn’t take the time to look up what gorillaz really is

you’re missing so much stuff, you’re missing the large and super strong guy that loves wearing dresses and heels and news flash! it’s not used as a joke

you’re missing out the anxious cute boy who likes to wear make up and nail polish and! it’s not a joke!

you’re missing out the young smart woman that is not sexualized, encourages girls to join STEM fields. The young woman that loves her cat and would love to smash the patriarchy with her thighs at the same time.

and you’re missing our Murdoc Niccals. He… is something. Anyway a man with a complex personality and backstory that has sex with people regardless of their gender and is not ashamed of publicily say it. He’s green too.