and it's in the same locations too

A Partial Guide To Legendary Sites...

Legendary sites, similar to magical locations, are areas with special properties or effects from which a character might gain a significant benefit.

Magical locations are areas that have been crafted by mighty magic or imbued with ancient power. 

They are hard to find and harder to use, and confer their powers but rarely. 

Legendary sites, in contrast, are places where great works have been wrought and where seemingly impossible deeds have occurred. 

These locations have a lesser kind of power. 

A site such as a sandy beach where an explorer stepped for the first time, or a plaza where a long-fallen marvel once towered, pulses with its own renown, if not with true magic. 

The stories that inspire these places and make them famous lend them reputations that can be shared by those who brush with such a site’s notoriety. 

Characters who visit these sites of historical import, incredible acts, mystery, and great danger come away changed, not just in the eyes of the public but in their own hearts as well…

Such legendary sites need not be unique. 

Their inspirational effects might develop wherever a spot becomes imbued with a momentous event or spectacular achievement.

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Cirque du Bangtan : A Carnival of Souls (Taegi/BTS)

Genre: Smut - Vampire!AU, Circus!AU, Detective!AU

Words: 14.5K+

Author: Admin Kaycie & Admin JP

Summary: Staring BTS as the exclusive circus troupe behind the nation’s biggest unsolved mystery. In the height of their fame, can Detective Kim Taehyung find the connection between the thousands of corpses turning up suddenly and tie it to the ethereal beings of the bangtan troupe- or will he fall as yet another victim claimed by Cirque du Bangtan, the carnival of souls?

Tags: Smut, Blood Play, Dirty Talk, Double Penetration, Oral Sex, Bukake, Pet Kink, Vampire!AU, etc.

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Bedroom HCs Pt.1- Connor

This is really just to give you an idea of how each character’s rooms are like when a story takes place in one of them! Asks are open!


-walls are dark blue

-it’s been that way since he was little its just too much effort to change them

-like you can just see little racecar decorations and all the shit that little boys like in that room

-his rooms pretty big so he has a queen sized bed

-he doesn’t like it cause “it’s too big for one person”

-you solve that problem very quickly ;-)

-all his furniture is black because he’s Connor

-his room always smells like Connor Murphys signature scent: weed

-that may or may not be because he keeps his stash in an art set located under his bed…

-stash or no stash it would still smell the same because he is a highkey pot addict™

-big closet

-but only has about 10 outfits

-all of them look the same

-he has a pet snake

-its dark green

-her name is Mari J. Uana

-so her name is marijuana

-this guy is obsessed

-you scoff because even you could’ve come up with a better name

-moving on

-he has a window but lowkey hates natural light

-he bought these all black curtains that prevent any sunlight from entering the room

-dark floors

-a desk from ikea that he highkey doesn’t use

-no wall decor

-until you came around

-he would take pics of you every second


-he’s good at it too

-anyways he tapes all of these polaroids of you up on one of the walls

-he totes has a black polaroid

-bed is supes comfy

-like sleeping on 10,000 pillows comfy

-you make sure to test it out asap ;-)

Sex in 5e and You

I cannot believe how many sex spells there are.  I CANNOT.  I must share my knowledge with the world.

These are all homebrew things and not affiliated with Wizards of the Coast.  I’m only picking out the ones that are interesting to me as a writer.  But if you’re the kind of person who writes Taakitz, Taagnus, Bradko, or any other combination of magical boys, this may be useful to you.  WRITE MORE MAGICAL SEX!

Things to be aware of: apparently the kind of people who homebrew sex rules into their dice rolling nerd game make spells that are basically sexual assault assistants WHO KNEW.  I won’t be sharing those unless I see an alternate consensual use for it.


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one thing or a few: yoongi says that in this version he came closer to achieving the feeling he was aiming for the first time — well, originally. he says that in working on the mixtape the song was revised over and over and he didn’t realize until after the mixtape was dropped that the lyrics [don’t far away] were the incorrect ones [meant to be: don’t fall away.] he was / is happy that he could share the corrected lyrics with us officially and hoped we would like it. i feel it’s safe to say that we liked it and loved it and call me melodramatic but i may want this written and also playing over my tombstone whenever that happens. 

but in addition to that i’d want the notes he left us today. because every time someone i admire, like yoongi, mentions the editing process, mentions the way things are processed and completed versus the way they were intended? it gives me some kind of….calm. i would not even call it hope. it is just a sense of relativity from a small small existence to a brighter more generous one, and it’s….an enormity i find difficult to express. but it is something i often think: there are so many versions of a story for example — and sometimes i wish i had shared a different one, and maybe i yet will. i’m saying in a really round-about way that i appreciate yoongi’s candor and honesty regarding his process, this song especially. 

the blending of so far away and first love that we glimpsed in the WINGS tour performance of first love itself? beautiful. it makes sense to me that his solo ties in with this song because they feel (they are) a part of the same story — yoongi’s story. and that he trusts the other members to build it in the shape and way that is most honest? that’s part of the story too. jungkook’s and jin’s voices were perfect. the piano was a location as much as a sound itself. and yoongi our moon….a sky anchor. i’m really grateful.

Persian Lesson 1: Alphabet

Welcome to the first Farsi/Persian lesson! We’re gonna be kicking it off with the script and spending a good bit of time on that. Throughout there’ll be a lot of example words to demonstrate the script: don’t feel obligated to memorize any of these yet, but you can pick some of the important ones and try to learn them as you go. Also, note any pronunciation approximations I give will be according to American English, not British English. Anyways, onto the actual lesson.


While we tend to use the term “alphabet” to refer to any system of writing, it also has a more specific meaning, which is a system in which both consonant and vowel sounds are written with separate individual letters. Persian, however, is an abjad, a writing system vowels are either not written at all or optionally indicated. That would be a pure abjad, one where all vowels truly could be left out. However, all abjads in use today are impure abjads, meaning that there are some vowels that must be indicated. There are 2 more things to know about the Persian script: it is written right to left rather than left to right, and letters connect with each other much like English cursive.

To start off, we’re going to learn the first 5 letters. Here are those letters in alphabetical order:

ا ب پ ت ث

We’re going to begin with the second letter of the alphabet, ب, called “beh” /be/. It makes the same sound as the English letter “b”. And now, the first letter of the alphabet: ا, called “alef” /ælef/. This generally makes the sound â /ɒ/, much like the “a” in “father”. Since we have our first consonant and our first vowel, we can combine them together and make a syllable. So, ب + ا gives you this:


Remember how I said Persian works like English cursive? The form that I just taught you for those 2 letters is called isolated form, referring to the letter standing alone. There are 3 more forms, however: the initial form (coming at the beginning of a word), the medial form (coming in the middle), and the final form (coming at the end). In the word above, we only see the initial and final forms on display: ب has the initial form بـ, and ا has the final form ـا. Combine them together, you get با bâ, which means “with”.

Now it’s time for your third letter of the alphabet, پ “peh” /pe/. This is pronounced just like the English “p”, and is very similar to the previous letter except that it has 3 dots at the bottom instead of one. This goes for all its forms, too; the only difference between the various forms is that پ has 3 dots. So, this means that combining پ and ا gives you پا pâ “foot”.

Then there’s the third letter, ت teh /te/, which makes the sound “t”. By now you’ve probably noticed a pattern, and have assumed that this letter has the exact same forms as the previous two besides the number and location of the dots. That’s actually correct by the way, I wasn’t trying to lead up to some sarcastic surprise reveal. So yeah, your example word is تا tâ “until”. Then you have ث “seh” /se/, making the “s” sound.* You get the drill by now, and the word ثا doesn’t exist.

Now, what if I told you I could teach you 3 more vowels without showing you another letter? You may think I’m crazy, but let’s go back to what I said about vowels being optional: some vowels, such as alef which I showed you above, are mandatory. You can’t just write ت and hope people read it as tâ “until”. The vowels that are optional are indicated by diacritics rather than by separate letters, and I’m going to teach you the 3 main ones.

First, there’s the diacritic representing the “a” in the word “bat” (/æ/). It’s written like so, as a horizontal line slanted to the top-right above the letter:


This is read as “ba” /æ/, which isn’t a word. But we can actually make a word if we put this together with what we just learned! Now that you know this vowel marker, you can read the word for “fever”:


There are 2 more of these vowel diacritics I want to teach, representing the sounds “e” in “bed” and something similar to the sound “o” in “toe” respectively (with the “something similar” part: if you say the word “toe” to yourself, you’ll notice that there are actually 2 vowel sounds. In Persian, however, this “o” sound doesn’t glide into another vowel at all).

بِ بُ

(In case it isn’t clear: the one below the ب is “e”, the weird squiggly one above is “o”) Now that you know these all, there’s one more rule to cover: you know how I said alef generally corresponds to the sound â? Well you see, at the beginning of the word it’s actually silent and essentially a placeholder for these vowel markers. This is because in Arabic, it’s not a pure vowel marker and in fact stands for the glottal stop /ʔ/. Anyways, if you want to represent the vowel sounds “a”, “e”, and “o” at the beginning of a word, you write them as

اَ اِ اُ

respectively. If you want to actually represent the sound â at the beginning of a word, you add a little doo-dad to the top of alef and get آ, this special new alef being called “alef madd”.

Remember that these vowel diacritics are optional: they are mainly used in children’s books and materials for learners, and in actual native text you have to know from context which vowel sound is meant. It’s a pain in the ass, but you get used to it.

But anyways, now that we have our 3 vowel diacritics, alef, and a couple of consonants, I can talk about the medial forms that I forgot to explain. For this, we only really need to look at ب:


You can see the ب has the medial form ـبـ. Seeing as we know the other letters are formed simply by substituting the dots, I trust you to figure out the medial forms of them yourself. And with that, the first lesson is over! Don’t relax though, make sure to quiz yourself on all this.

READING PRACTICE: transliterate these gibberish words

بُث، تات، تِب، بات، ثَت، آثِت پُت، پُبَت، بِاپَتِب

*This is just one letter of multiple that represents the sound “s” and is not in fact that one that’s used when adapting foreign words to Persian; you’ll learn 2 more later. The reason that there are 3 letters for the “s” sound is that 2 of them actually represented different sounds in Arabic that Persians just pronounced as an “s” to make life easier. ث happens to be one of those letters with a different sound in Arabic (that being the “th” in “thick”).

As many of you may know by now, Korotan D has just released in Japan, with the light novel segments set at the end of the high school age for the former Class E kids. It is considered canon.

Shueisha’s J-Books website included some samples of the English Reference book, and as a treat, I’ve translated one of them. 

Hopefully I got most of it right. Also, given the spacing, it’s possible that there may be more lines in-between in the real deal.


Immersed in her memories, someone is shouting out a name. One by which she was addressed as back when she was in Class E.

…no good, she’s so immersed that she can even hear the voice. Furthermore, of all things, it’s the voice that she wanted to hear the most…

She gets up from her chair and shakes her head (ie in denial).


This time she heard the voice clearly. Turning around to its direction, a familiar face is there. It’s Nagisa.

“Nagisa!?” She yelled without thinking.

As she rushes over to him, she sees that it’s not just him, but the faces of everyone else from Class E all lined up with Karma in front.

“Wha, why is everyone here!?”

“Ahaha,” laughed Nagisa. That answer was too ambiguous, so Karma explains the situation in his place with a mischievous smile.

“It’s really just a coincidence~. The destination for our graduation trip just happens to be the same as your film location~”

Shoutouts to @blazardragon @irraydiance @greengargouille @kaoarika
Thank you all for the delicious, delicious intel on Korotan D. It looks awesome!

In fact, with the main Assassination Classroom Baidu Board outlawed by the administrators (likely permanently, most likely on account of it assessed as “promoting dangerous thinking” by central government), if it weren’t for you guys, I probably wouldn’t even be aware of this wonder!

I really need to get to finishing my summaries of Korotan C. Aiming to get the next part out before Itona’s Profile.

to win the hand of pasithea

y’all, i wrote a draft of this back in january during a cross-continental flight while ridiculously sleep-deprived in order to submit it on time for a flash exchange. i only just now finished it, thanks to @crispypata‘s beta work. @clairelutra THIS IS FOR YOU, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND SUPPORT, PLEASE ENJOY (also on ao3)

In which there’s this really great, kinda dark akuma that gets absolutely no screentime because there are kwami to save, freakouts to be had, and teenage shenanigans to steal the show.

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I’m trying really hard not to look into the whole ‘Capulet Cathedral as a metaphor for the blossoming Rosaline/Benvolio relationship’ because I’m already in too deep but like, it just fits? This beautiful structure that’s been in the works for generations, with so much promise, being put on hold right around the time of Romeo and Juliet’s deaths, and (most likely) getting closer to completion the closer Rosaline and Benvolio get to one another, and how it’s literally set as the location of their wedding and thus already tied to them. This once abandoned thing finally achieving its full potential after years, at the same time two adrift people come together as one. The symbolism, intended or not, is killing me

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On the online training my work stressed a strict no cell phones policy. I have literally watched a manager pull her phone out and text while supervising a cash pull. My section's manager has a "if something goes wrong, text me" attitude. I've watched servers stand around and text in the service station while waiting for their tables' food. Honestly everyone at our location only follows it if the DM is in town. It's remarkable really how unified our location is at ignoring policy

Yeah my job has the same policy since we’re around medical records and what not. No one listens to it except for one coworker and myself. I’m too paranoid not to adhere to the rules. One of the guys listens to music without headphones while cleaning which is bringing so much attention to himself and his lack of fucks to give. Good thing the owner and co-owner never come in because even the supervisor does it. -Abby



Pointing the Very Large Array (VLA) at a famous galaxy for the first time in two decades, a team of astronomers got a big surprise, finding that a bright new object had appeared near the galaxy’s core. The object, the scientists concluded, is either a very rare type of supernova explosion or, more likely, an outburst from a second supermassive black hole closely orbiting the galaxy’s primary, central supermassive black hole.

The astronomers observed Cygnus A, a well-known and often-studied galaxy discovered by radio-astronomy pioneer Grote Reber in 1939. The radio discovery was matched to a visible-light image in 1951, and the galaxy, some 800 million light-years from Earth, was an early target of the VLA after its completion in the early 1980s. Detailed images from the VLA published in 1984 produced major advances in scientists’ understanding of the superfast “jets” of subatomic particles propelled into intergalactic space by the gravitational energy of supermassive black holes at the cores of galaxies.

“This new object may have much to tell us about the history of this galaxy,” said Daniel Perley, of the Astrophysics Research Institute of Liverpool John Moores University in the U.K., lead author of a paper to appear in the Astrophysical Journal [, preprint will appear on by tomorrow morning] announcing the discovery.

“The VLA images of Cygnus A from the 1980s marked the state of the observational capability at that time,” said Rick Perley, of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO). “Because of that, we didn’t look at Cygnus A again until 1996, when new VLA electronics had provided a new range of radio frequencies for our observations.” The new object does not appear in the images made then.

“However, the VLA’s upgrade that was completed in 2012 made it a much more powerful telescope, so we wanted to have a look at Cygnus A using the VLA’s new capabilities,” Perley said.

Daniel and Rick Perley, along with Vivek Dhawan, and Chris Carilli, both of NRAO, began the new observations in 2015, and continued them in 2016.

“To our surprise, we found a prominent new feature near the galaxy’s nucleus that did not appear in any previous published images. This new feature is bright enough that we definitely would have seen it in the earlier images if nothing had changed,” said Rick Perley. “That means it must have turned on sometime between 1996 and now,” he added.

The scientists then observed Cygnus A with the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) in November of 2016, clearly detecting the new object. A faint infrared object also is seen at the same location in Hubble Space Telescope and Keck observations, originally made between 1994 and 2002. The infrared astronomers, from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, had attributed the object to a dense group of stars, but the dramatic radio brightening is forcing a new analysis.

What is the new object? Based on its characteristics, the astronomers concluded it must be either a supernova explosion or an outburst from a second supermassive black hole near the galaxy’s center. While they want to watch the object’s future behavior to make sure, they pointed out that the object has remained too bright for too long to be consistent with any known type of supernova.

“Because of this extraordinary brightness, we consider the supernova explanation unlikely,” Dhawan said.

While the new object definitely is separate from Cygnus A’s central supermassive black hole, by about 1,500 light-years, it has many of the characteristics of a supermassive black hole that is rapidly feeding on surrounding material.

“We think we’ve found a second supermassive black hole in this galaxy, indicating that it has merged with another galaxy in the astronomically-recent past,” Carilli said. “These two would be one of the closest pairs of supermassive black holes ever discovered, likely themselves to merge in the future.”

The astronomers suggested that the second black hole has become visible to the VLA in recent years because it has encountered a new source of material to devour. That material, they said, could either be gas disrupted by the galaxies’ merger or a star that passed close enough to the secondary black hole to be shredded by its powerful gravity.

“Further observations will help us resolve some of these questions. In addition, if this is a secondary black hole, we may be able to find others in similar galaxies,” Daniel Perley said.

Rick Perley was one of the astronomers who made the original Cygnus A observations with the VLA in the 1980s. Daniel Perley is his son, now also a research astronomer.

“Daniel was only two years old when I first observed Cygnus A with the VLA,” Rick said. As a high school student in Socorro, New Mexico, Daniel used VLA data for an award-winning science fair project that took him to the international level of competition, then went on to earn a doctoral degree in astronomy.

Also at the time of those first VLA observations of Cygnus A, Carilli and Dhawan were office mates as graduate students at MIT.

Carilli, now NRAO’s Chief Scientist, was Rick’s graduate student while working as a predoctoral fellow at NRAO. His doctoral dissertation was on detailed analysis of 1980s VLA images of Cygnus A.

TOP IMAGE….Artist’s conception of newly-discovered secondary supermassive black hole orbiting the main, central supermassive black hole of galaxy Cygnus A. Credit: Bill Saxton, NRAO/AUI/NSF

UPPER IMAGE….VLA radio images (orange) of central region of Cygnus A, overlaid on Hubble Space Telescope image, from 1989 and 2015. Animated GIF. Credit: Perley, et al., NRAO/AUI/NSF, NASA

CENTRE IMAGE….VLA radio image (orange) of central region of Cygnus A, overlaid on Hubble Space Telescope image, from 1989. edit: Perley, et al., NRAO/AUI/NSF, NASA

LOWER IMAGE….2015 VLA radio image (orange) of Cygnus A, overlaid on Hubble Space Telescope image. Credit: Perley, et al., NRAO/AUI/NSF, NASA

BOTTOM IMAGE….1989 VLA radio image of the central region of Cygnus A.
Credit: Perley, et al., NRAO/AUI/NSF

LAST IMAGE….2015 VLA radio image of the central region of Cygnus A.
Credit: Perley, et al., NRAO

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Klance 14? :)

14.  “just sit down and let me take care of you.”

Okay uhhhh… there were a few different ways this fic could have gone, but how could I resist some classic hurt/comfort? (I legit teared up this got so heckin fluffy I love it.)

Yeah this really got away from me.

Learn to Love You

Pairing: Keith/Lance
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1459
Content Warning: injury

Find it on AO3! Or keep reading =)

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170914 Happy Birthday to you :)

This year is such a great year, I think both for me and also Jongsuk.

For me, I finally got a job! Haha. This gonna be a totally new chapter of my life, since the job I’ve got is nothing similar with what I was study

For Jongsuk, he has done a great movie ‘V.I.P’, a drama 'While You Were Sleeping’ which probably be a great one too, and also one of his dream to own a Cafe is come true! Congrats!

I have a chance to go to his FM, it’s my first time to attended his FM in Seoul. Even I can understand just some part, the FM still totally impress me.

I love how he try his best, get out of what he doesn’t familar with, singing an OST song just because he think that fans may like and want him to do (and you done a really great job!)

I love how he practices the move so hard, so he can dance by his best in front of fans

I love how he was so claim and enjoy MC-ing himself tell us his childhood story without any fear and panic, that also mean you’ve overcome how panic you have when you’re in front of many people~ see, another great thing that happened in this year :)

And today (14 Sept) Jongsuk has an Events at Lotte 잠실 but due to the time and location.. its too far for me who notice that at almost 3 pm.. so I went to his Cafe instead.. and you know what happened to me? I met LEE JONG SUK!

I arrived at the cafe around 15.40 there’s only 2 table of customer (totally 5 including me) I order the signature menu '89Latte’. Around 15.55 Jongsuk and his manager came in the cafe with the same outfit as the events, he ask us not to take a photo. His manager grab a box of shoes from the barista and then they left. After 5 minutes Jongsuk and his manager comeback with a new outfit, oversize white t-shirt, black trouser, and slipper. Jongsuk ask if any of us know Korean? He said the Cafe have to be close in 20 minutes and politely ask us to leave. After 20 minutes we’re about to leave, Jongsuk come out again so I gave him a birthday card, we also said 'happy birthday’ to him, he thanks us and give us a mini-heart. We still stay there in front of the door because it’s too hard to leave like that.. then Jongsuk said 가 (just go) with his mouth (without sound) and a hands things too in a joking way.. and then we left the cafe

It was such a great moments that I won’t forget! Being his fans for 5 years.. today is such a big day for me ㅠㅠ

Even now he’s not my one and only bias like before, but he'a always be my first priority, I still do a translating things for him because I really want other people to see how cute, how good, how hard work he does

I just want you to know that, whatever things happened to you, if you look back here, there’s always be me who’ll be your power and supporter~ so just do what you want to, we appreciate it all :)

With love

Im kind of scared and mostly angry at myself. We are currently understaffed where I work. We cant really take sick days and schedule isnt at all flexible since the only other retail person that isnt working fulltime is doing so because shes going to school. Im not upset at her for doing what she wants in her life-Im happy about that. Im just upset it leaves me having NO choice but to work the same schedule every week even if I’m too sick to come in.
Our boss is pretty great about not having anyone work alone-but its to the point were if youre sick and no one can cover you all that can be done is giving you a shorter shift (until a closer comes in or right as the openers are leaving depending). We are also a small place-i work at the second location which has only been open roughly 7 months (Sept. 23) while the first location has been open 16 years. #1 is painfully busy right now, while at #2 despite being understaffed it’s painfully slow. Normally some #1 people would be able to cover-but like I said. Painfully busy.

My shifts have also lately been three days of 9 hours then one 7 hour shift and a 6 hour shift. Not bad, until you know I’m pre everything trans and have to wear a binder to even come close to passing. This is why I’m angry at myself. I havent even tired to build up the courage to ask for shifts that do not go longer than 8 hours. Despite the fact that my phyiscal well being requires it. I know I need to do this (im waking up with sore ribs despite never sleeping in my binder) but Im just.
So nervous about having that conversation. Its one im terrified to ask even though im sure my boss/manager would be understanding even if i didnt explain why its such a big deal.

My ribs, having trouble sleeping, and forgetting my meds for social anxiety have really put me on edge. I even forgot to do major things a couple nights ago because I was so tired in every sense of the word.

Im pretty lucky though that I live in a small town (people are only now realizing we exist) and because of that everyone tends to be really nice. Or maybe its because we’re in canada? Who knows. Ive only had one really rude customer-I was clearly helping somone, and this guy. This grown man who was NOT in the store when I first started helping who I was helping got mad I didnt drop everything for him. There was also several other people who had been in the store longer than him. I finished helping who I was helping and instead of going to the people who had been waiting much longer i go to now help the guy who just showed up. He had been standing there, looking patient and annoyed if not somewhat understanding that hey. You were not here first. However as soon as to start ringing him up he just says that he doesnt want to buy anything anymore. Despite standing there. As if he was still going to buy something.
Apparently not helping somone who’s barely been waiting a minute when youre already checking somone else out is a terrible offense.

Also-for the record we have products behind the counter on display. These items which make up most of our stock can only be retrieved from behind the counter. Because of this we rarely have actual lines in my store, since often times someone will just be standing near what they want. Instead of going over to the register and saying what they want.

Hot Headed, Cold Hearted (Chapter 1)

(This is my new sequel to the now-completed A-Mei-Zing Outback Adventures, found here

Thanks for reading! Hope you’re ready for more MEIHEM!)

“Agent 20151107, Mei-Ling Zhou, please report to the briefing room.”

Athena’s soothing voice chimed from her communicator, just as Mei had stuffed an overly large mouthful of egg tart into her jaws. Of course. She coughed and sputtered as she tried to swallow, patting her chest roughly to try and force it all down. “Hhfk!”

Athena’s icon blinked before speaking again, “Miss Zhou, you appear to be choking. Mercy is nearby, if you require-”

“No!” She rasped, clearing her throat before speaking more clearly. “No, I’m fine. Sorry about that. Is it an emergency?”

“It was not specified as such and Winston has indicated that you will be very pleased with the news, as it is regarding your science division. Please report to briefing when you are able, but I believe you have time to finish your egg tart in a less vigorous manner.”

Mei was already pushing her tray away from her, said egg tart still mostly uneaten along with the rest of the meal she had barely just started. “Thank you, Athena, but this can wait! Oh, could you message Jamison and let him know I can’t meet him for lunch because of my meeting, he’s probably already on his way here? Tell him I’m sorry, too!”

“I will contact Agent Junkrat now and let Winston know you are on your way. Good day, Miss Zhou.”

The icon went dark, and Mei dumped her meal into the bin on her way out the door, her snowflake pin swaying cheerfully as she bustled out of the cafeteria and started to make her way through the main base. If it was any sort of news regarding the science team, she wanted to hear it right away. True, her science team only consisted of herself, Winston, Bastion, and a rotating handful of lower-ranking agents, but she was still willing to do whatever it took to get things started off the right way. After her disastrous mission into the Outback, Winston was finally starting to grant her the time and resources to get their division off the ground, but Overwatch business had kept getting in the way. But if he finally had good news for her…maybe today would be the day!

“Miss Zhou, there is a reply message from Agent Junkrat.” Athena’s icon lit up again. “He…wishes to relay his understanding of the delayed lunch date, as well as good tidings and good luck to you, but his phrasing is littered with curses and very colorful language. Would you like me to relay the exact message to you?”

“Oh. No thanks, the nice thought is enough.” She pushed open the door to the briefing room, where Winston was already waiting for her. He sat in the main command chair, the only one that had been tailored for a genetically-altered gorilla, and his features were lit up by the only source of light in the room, the enormous main monitor where a soft pulsing ray of light in the center meant Athena was listening. With a little polite bow of her head, she hurried over towards the seat next to him, unable to keep the smile off her face. “Ni hao, Winston! I came as soon as I could.”

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Wolf Moon Pt 4

Season 1 Masterlist

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 2,571

Warnings: None

   After I’d been home for about an hour, my phone rang, telling me I had a message. It was from Stiles.

I know.

   My mouth went dry and I swallowed thickly. Play it cool, Y/N.

What is it you think you know?

   This all seemed too Twilight-turned-horror, so I added a ‘haha’ at the end then awaited my fate. My palms got clammy with nerves and I paced the floor. My phone dinged.

Just come over. I’ll explain.

   Ahh, crap, crap, crap. Why was he being so evasive? And why was I this nervous about it?

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final fantasy type-0 abilities:

Jack ➟ Transience.

anonymous asked:

Hii! I'm in real need of realistic fluff, I feel like I've already read most of the oneshots and my soul is empty :( (Also, wouldn't mind a bit of angst) Thaaaanks!!

Hi! There’s never enough canon compliant one shots! I’ve found some relatively new ones for you:

Go Nowhere Tonight by Anonymous:

Summary: As always, the easy nonchalance with which he treats the rumors hurts, stabs Harry in the gut, twists the knife. Because it is hard for Harry; it’s hard to know people think they should be or are together because he wants that. Wants it so fucking badly, and it would be one thing if he could just silently quarantine that part of himself and pine secretly, but instead he’s faced with fictionalized accounts of his and Louis’s nonexistent love life and photoshopped pictures of them being coupley every time he’s on the internet. It is hard, and the fact that it supposedly isn’t for Louis functions as proof that it’s unrequited. “It’s gonna be a rude awakening for them,” he starts, gazing into his empty glass, “when we eventually come out but are dating other people. No one likes being half-right.”

To Keep the Night From Ending by objectlesson:

Summary: It doesn’t always feel real to kiss in the dark, Harry guesses. He wants it to feel real. He wants it to be the realest thing, burnt indelibly into his skin.

Or, Harry and Louis take a night swim.

Stargazing by larry_phanatic:

Summary: "What do you want, then?“

“I want to fall in love,” Harry didn’t even need to think about it, “I mean, I want to find the one.”

Gemma let out a soft puff, as if to say ‘I knew it’, which wasn’t all that impossible since it apparently was all Harry could talk about. When she spoke, her tone was affectionate and sweet. “Of course you do.”

Or: the one where Harry really loves stargazing but somehow it’s never about actual stars.

We’re Crumbling (Hold On) by Clamat_Submissa:

Summary: reality; their relationships has been on the rocks for years now, and it’s only when they address it that they start to crack.

If You Say Run (I’ll Run With You) by sign of the times (alittlelove):

Summary: In regards to Louis’ smoking habit, Harry’s not too psyched. He blames his Motherly instinct to protect Louis from anything that could possibly be detrimental to his health for that. He doesn’t want Louis to sound like he’s just swallowed a razor when One Direction returns from hiatus and he thinks his opinion is plausible, and just, fuck whatever Louis tells him.

Good Enough to Eat by objectlesson:

Summary: “Fuck,” Harry mumbles, shuffling. “You won’t give me shit for it? It’s sorta weird.”

“No,” Louis breathes. “Promise.”

“Okay. I just…fuck, I can’t believe I’m telling you this,” Harry whimpers, and he must be blushing because Louis can feel waves of heat coming off him, his embarrassment a hot, palpable thing. “So, like…I love rimming videos. Nothing makes me come harder,” he admits, covering his face with his hands so his voice comes out muffled and strangled.

It takes Louis a few seconds to process, to mentally rifle through his Pornhub search history and remember what rimming even is; Harry has him so stupid he can’t keep stuff straight. His ears ring, and then it hits him, and, oh, fuck. His stomach turns and tightens so quickly he’s gasping, an audible and shameful scrape of air in the dark. “You…really?” he chokes out.

Or, Harry is convinced he’s never gonna be able to try his favorite porn fantasy on a real boy, and Louis offers to remedy this.

This is all we need by JohnDoe221B:

Summary: “Harry, I don’t think it is a good idea to run on the beach during a thunderstorm. I might not have been the best student back in the days, but I know very well that lightning is always aiming for the highest object. No pun intended.” It took Harry way too long to get the joke and he was sure that Louis might have been worried that the master of bad puns lost his sense of humour due to intoxication. Without any warning though, he busted into a full-hearted laughing fit. Louis smiled at the sign of his boyfriend gasping for air.

“Come on Lou, only a few minutes. I promise I will protect you.”

Or the one where Louis and Harry have a little fun in Jamaica.

two ghosts by suicxne:

Summary: we’re not who used to be. we’re just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me. trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat.

That Smile Is Worth The Wait (Darling I’m Forever Only Yours) by LiveLaughLoveLarry:

Summary: It was a conversation they would have dozens of times, over the years. Perhaps even hundreds. The details were different, the locations, the reasons, the voices, but it was at its heart the same conversation. And each time they reached the same conclusion.

“Harry, I’ve never felt anything like this before.“ Louis shook his head. "I don’t know how to do this.”

Harry smiled. “There isn’t any knowing,” he said. “That’s not how it works. You don’t know. You just feel. What do you feel?”

He felt – so many things. Fear. Excitement. Longing. Uncertainty. “Too many things,” Louis said.

“What do you want?” Harry asked him.

Again, so many things. He wanted to kiss Harry. He wanted to win X Factor. He wanted to talk to his mum and ask her what he should do. “I want everything,” Louis said at last. “I just don’t know if I can have it.”

Two heartbeats by JohnDoe221B:

Summary: “But what is bothering me even more, is the fact that the ones that make the right assumptions, will probably get the wrong picture of us. Us falling apart, not talking anymore. Hating each other, after being inseparable. There are so many people that literally watched the two of us falling for each other. After hearing this song, they will think it didn’t last long. That it didn’t work. And somehow they are right. It pains me to know that you wrote this song during a time I wasn’t a part of your life-”

or Harry is recording his new Album and of course, Louis is with him. When he hears "Two Ghosts” some feelings surface he was not prepared for.

i don’t know what i thought the end would look like.

something wretched, perhaps.
confessions with traffic horns in the background.
too much hennessy in our blood.
one of us says ‘i love you’ and the other one says 'i don’t’.

someone cries.
someone screams.
another one bites the dust.

or happiness, maybe.
the soft press of mouths and hands and hips.
too much hennessy in our blood.
one of us says 'baby’ and the other one says 'yes’.

someone smiles.
someone sings.
another one falls.

but instead, there is not much of anything.

a lot of silence.
a lot of apologies.

someone lets go.
someone leaves.

can you guess which is which?

—  letters from drake’s ex; 2 in the morning my mind is on you, 4 in the morning it still hasn’t moved

So regarding that CW Las Vegas promo. The locker is definately Jughead’s. At the beginning of episode 2 there is a flashback of Jughead in front of his locker watching Jason walking by; the angle of the two scenes matches as well as the fact that the locker is second (or third) from the right. Also, in the same episode we see Betty at her locker talking to Veronica and its location is further down the corridor and to the opposite side of the locker in the CW clip. So the threatening/offensive banners are hanging on Jughead’s locker. There’s the voodoo doll of Betty there too though. So my thoughts are these: 

1. whoever did this wants to threaten both of them because a.they are simply a couple b.they are investigating Jason’s murder together so they are both responsible for revealing the killer c.we learn something in the next episodes that ties their families together and involves them to the murder.

2. (this thought is painful) whoever did this is actually threatening/ridiculing Jughead and/or his father and Betty’s doll next to it, hanging actually, is a sick joke about the fact that Jughead is a phycopath and sooner or later Betty herself is gonna end up like Jason Blossom because of him. That’s why Jughead looks petrified and Betty rushes to take everything down, looking hurt (?). 

I don’t know, the wheels in my mind are turning viciously right now and taking me to dark imaginative places :p