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One thing I enjoy about Vimes is that he’s naturally a very noir, as in the genre, person…but Discworld, by contrast, isn’t noir at all. And neither is virtually anyone else around him. So you get stuff like this Detritus quote, aka my favorite description of Vimes:

Mr Vimes is okay but he a bit weird about some stuff, he keepin’ on sayin’ stuff like dis city is a meltin’ pot an’ all der scum floats to der top, and stuff like dat.

I love that. You get this mental image of him skulking around in a trenchcoat saying cynical noir-ish things and everyone around him going ‘well you know he’s kinda weird but he’s got your back so it’s all right I guess’ and generally being fond but bemused.

It’s so great.


It’s come to my attention that there’s been blogs on tumblr that’s been taking content from around the net (photo websites like weheart it, instagram and even tumblr) that originally belong to studyblrs on tumblr. 

STUDYBUDDYX is the blog and shes reposting (NOT REBLOGGING) these photos without any credit to the original poster. Judging from her comments she doesn’t realise that these photos are taken from the studyblr community or where to find the credits but she also has stated she will not stop what she’s doing. 

Edit: Found another one who has been reposting STUDYBLR-HEAVEN. As kimberlystudies has mentioned reposting violates community guidelines. It is NOT allowed. None of these blogs have their ask box open so please flag the posts if they are yours and report the pages for violation of these standards.

Please if anyone comes across this blog or follows them please do not follow/reblog her posts! It is never nice to find your photos being reposted without credit! 

briellestudies as found her photos reposted by this blog and i have seen many photos from studyblrs I follow that have been reposted too! If anyone recognises the photos on her blog please inform the original blog owners that their photos are being reposted!

Edit: ineverstoplearning has also had her photo reposted. I encourage anyone who has quite a few notes on their posts to check if shes reposted your posts. 

Note: I’m gonna explain that studybuddyx has put the link of where she got the photo from (often from instagram) in some photos and some photos redirect you to the “source” link. The confusing and kind of rude thing is she has linked another blogs reblogged link of the original post from briellestudies as the post. (I know its reposted because the original post by briellestudies has over 3000 notes whereas the post on studybuddyx’s blog has almost 200 notes). I don’t believe she’s knowing reposting to be rude but she seems ignorant about the original content on studyblr’s and the “reblog” function on tumblr. Her ask box is not open so please spread the word to make her stop!