and it's gone on to influence what i look for and appreciate most in any love story i watch or read

Matthew B. Roberts (Outlander Writer & Producer)
Twitter Q&A | Oct.23, 2016

MATT: Taking a short break from writing … How about a #Droughtlander Q&A? 

FAN: which episodes have you written in s3? 
M:  I’m writing 2 eps and co-writing a third with #ToniGraphia

FAN: Have you finished filming Block 2 (episodes 3 & 4- correct?)?
*the episodes are not in sequence*
M: Not quite

FAN: where is your favourite spot in Scotland and can you speak any Gaelic?
M: No I cannot speak Gaelic

FAN: have you always had an interest in photography, I really enjoy your images.
M: Thank you … and yes, I’ve always loved photography

FAN: from season one to 3 and… To 4… Which is the most challenging?
M: each one is (was) challenging.

FAN: what will be your fav scene this season?… make a riddle if you please
M: I won’t put that into PRINT

FAN: any female directors for S3 and if so, can u reveal?
M: Yes!  and no i cannot…

FAN: What has been your favorite location or  interior set thus far of any of the seasons?
M: The Great Hall and the Star Chamber were both stunning in person and on camera Well done @jongarysteele and team

FAN: Do you ever get emotional for characters?
M: Of course… moving scenes move me.

FAN: how has it been in the writers room this season with all the new writers?
M: The new writers fit right in.  Smart, fun, love the books, and have tons of enthusiasm.

FAN: do you have a favourite quote from the books (that made its way into an episode you wrote perhaps)?
M: My favorites usually make into the episodes i write.

FAN: one average how long does it take to write an episode?
M: We generally take a month from outline to script but it can vary.  Hope that’s vague enough

FAN: how much is Print Shop going to make us cry a) a lot or b) a very lot?
M: I’m not sure… but there might not be enough tissue in the world.

FAN: Are you surprised by the passion of this fandom?
M: Only surprised at how personal it gets sometimes.  I think some forget we are people and have actual feelings

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