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Shout out to people who followed me for my YouTuber art and put up with my endless reblogs with nothing to do with the YouTube community.

Y'all are the real followers that matter to me.

man oh man, we’re just on top of the world today, aren’t we? i unexpectedly posted something that was trash, but it was a pwp so it’s allowed to be trash. lol and finally updated my writing pages since october of last year. movin’ right along here, wow. what’s next? updating wordpress? eating something? wow, talk about treat yo self day


You are close enough to immortal
as is necessary for me to think
of you as a god; a vengeful, snarling deity who hangs
his whole life in the back
of a truck- chewing on the remains
of past ages like one gnaws
on a cigar. Tugging on strips
of jerky, your only meal on the road,
and it seems you are found
only in the wild places, like an
old folk legend.

‘There is a man with claws
that could eviscerate a man-
he walks, calm as the closing night
nostrils flaring as he catches
your scent on the wind-
do not walk alone when it falls dark,
the stars are no help to you.’

Or so I imagine they say.

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anonymous asked:

hey!! do you have any alpha/omegadynamics yoi fic recs?? (theyre my fav but i wont ever admit that outloud) oops

Ahhh I’m afraid not!! I don’t really read those D: D: @victuurificrec has a high quality list here though!

First song on the radio this morning: Carry On Wayward Son. cool!

Car in front of me at the stop sign: black chevy impala. uh…

with a bumper sticker that says “girls can hunt too”

next song on the radio: Enter Sandman.

goddamnit, i’m going to die in the cold open of the season finale.

i really liked reading captain underpants as a kid. it was one of the few book series’ i had access to that didnt speak down to its audience. also the art was soooo much fun. do any of yall remember how theyd have those action sequences where you could flip between the pages to make it look like it was sorta animated? that was so entertaining to tiny gayby me

Do you sometime just, idk try real hard to not think about how you failed your whole purpose of living, and managed to actually trick yourself into thinking that you’ve moved on and is making new plans…
And then, something just HAPPENS to remind you what a fucking failure you are.