and it's for real

the fact that monsta x knows how hard we’re trying to give them a win and they’re so grateful and amazed by it………..i’m getting emotional again

I decided to draw Citron….I’ve probably had to fix everything about 20 times…
I like how it’s coming together…….
I’ve had about 50 breakdowns since beginning this.
*crying in the corner drenched in my own tears*


Here’s my half of an art trade with @itsallpeachykeen/ @peachbuttz! It’s her Saints Row character, Boss Fran. (I don’t know much about the games)

anonymous asked:

We have a lot of similar interests and I wish we could be friends but I'm so bad at making friends and you're way out of my league :^(

same. i honestly have no idea who i even got acquainted with my very, very few mutuals but if you wanna be friends a good thing for you to do is send me asks off anon, like my posts a lot and leave snazzy replies on them ;;^)

someone: talks about bringing back Tevinter’s former glory

Archon Radonis, internally: and what are you gonna do, shit ten hundred new legions out of your own ass? you gonna obliterate all of the Qunari on your own, personally, with your own two hands? make every single fucking magister in the senate agree with their neighbour about what “bringing Tevinter’s former glory back” means? wow man, show me the fucking way! and shall we kill every southerner until they agree to come back to the Imperium? embrace old gods cults and worship giant lizards? the fuck you wanna do, mate. then you wonder why I get y’all assassinated. holy shit. holy shit.


Finally got it glued together! I’m going to wait till tomorrow to put grout on as it’s getting rather late here, but so far so good! Unfortunately I forgot to account for the width of the styrofoam when I cut the top, so it looks a little funky. Oh well, I’m sure apep won’t care. @wheremyscalesslither, I’m tagging you in case you’re curious as to how this is going. (Also if you’re interested in cool snake things you should check out her snake resources page, that’s where I got the idea to make this!)