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Becoming Real: Little Lime

In this installment of Becoming Real, Diana gets some news. @coveofmemories @the-slytherin-ice-queen @cosmicjennifer @mxolh @ultrarebelheart @remember-me-forever-silent-angel @tinyplanet-explorers @burnbrightdoll


She had no idea whether or not it was all of the running around, eating very little and the stress of Michael being away on a very difficult case, or whether she was coming down with something, but she’d felt like absolute garbage for about a week. 

Running between classes and clerkships was insanely challenging, although rewarding, and she was starting to lose energy. Thankfully, the end of the semester was coming up and then she only had one left. Internships, residencies and then she’d be Dr. Diana LaMontagne.  

“You still not feeling well?” Charlotte asked. Though they didn’t have more than a class together anymore, they were completing their clerkship at the same hospital. “How long has it been?”

“About a week,” Diana said, taking a bite of her sandwich and making a face. “I love turkey and pickles. Why don’t I wanna eat this?” She put the sandwich down and looked toward where the cafeteria was. She’d have to go get something else.

When she looked up, Charlotte was smiling from ear to ear. “Sweet pea, is there a chance you could be pregnant?”

Diana’s face immediately went slack-jawed. “Yes,” she said hesitantly. “Oh my god, I need a pregnancy test.”

“They actually have some in the gift shop right alongside the teddy bears,” Charlotte laughed ironically. “Let’s go.”

Nearly 20 minutes later, a test had been purchased and she had taken it, leaving it on the sink as she paced back and forth across the bathroom floor. “I gotta ask,” Charlotte started, “How do you feel about being pregnant right now? If you are.”

Diana halted from her rapid pacing and looked Charlotte right in the eye. “Great,” she smiled, bringing her hands up to her mouth. “I mean, insanely nerve-wracking and overwhelming because I still have a semester of med school and residencies and all that stuff, but Michael and I really want kids and with our jobs there’s never really a quote unquote good time, so why not now?”

“Test should be ready.” 

She was too nervous. “You look. I can’t.” 

Charlotte crossed the few steps to the sink where the test lay. “You Diana LaMontagne…are pregnant.”

“Oh my god!”


It had been two days since Diana found out she was pregnant. She’d had a blood test done at the hospital just to make sure and now Michael was coming home. She hadn’t told him yet, wanting to tell him face-to-face. Charlotte was literally the only one who knew; she hadn’t even told her dads yet. 

She was 12 weeks along, meaning she would be having a baby about a month before the semester was over. After freaking out and clapping and trying to think of a cute way to tell him, she thought of one and grabbed a decorative box from the craft store, as well as a lime from the grocery store - and a chocolate bar. Her last stop was a Target nearby where she found a newborn onesie that said “Hello Daddy.”

Excitedly, she drove back home after her internship with just enough time to set up her little surprise. Placing some tissue paper in the box she’d bought, she folded the onesie and placed it on top before placing the lime on one side and a handwritten card on the other. Now all she had to do was wait.


It seemed like days before Michael got home, but it was probably only an hour or so. During that time, she found herself eating guacamole out of the container, but before Michael walked in the door, she hid the evidence. That might’ve given it away. 

“Hey babe,” Michael said as he walked in the door. “What’s up? You look extra happy?”

“What? I can’t be happy that my husband is home?” She leaned into Michael and pressed a kiss to his lips before pulling back. Apparently, she couldn’t keep the sleepy smile off her face.

Michael leaned their heads together, his nose bumping against hers. “Absolutely, but there’s something else. What is it?”

She pulled out the box and handed it to him. “I just got you a little present is all.”

Sitting at the table, Michael glanced between the box and Diana a couple times before opening it. Inside was the lime as well as a card with a note that read, “This is how big I am now.” 

“We have a little lime!” She said excitedly, pointing at her stomach.

Michael’s face dropped instantly, his head flying rapidly between the box and Diana. Quickly, he took the note and the lime out to see the onesie. The tears sprung to his eyes as he hopped back from the table with the onesie still in his hands. “Hello daddy?! You’re pregnant?”

“Mmmhmm.” She reached behind her to grab the pregnancy test, placing it in Michael’s hands. For a few moments, he stared at it in awe. “You’re gonna be a daddy, and I’m gonna be a momma.” As she started to cry, Michael crouched down in front of her and lifted up her shirt, placing small kisses on her barely there stomach.

A sob escaped his lips. “Hi baby,” he said softly between kisses. Diana held onto his dirty blond hair, crying happily as he continued to talk to her stomach. “I love you so much. I can’t wait to meet you.” It seemed like hours that he crouched there, kissing their baby to be. After a few minutes, they had both gone silent, but once he stood up again, the both burst into tears, laughing and kissing as the walked back to bed.

I think I’m actually ready to seek medical help for all this mental health shit….

LGBT issues: access to bathrooms for trans people, texas trying to make it illegal for “non-christian” couples to adopt children, they’re literally murdering us in chechnya
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