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When Anna had been human she had grown to like Ruby for the short time they’d known one another. When she regained her Grace, became an angel, she had felt the angelic distrust of demons leak through and try to taint the memories of their tentative camaraderie. However now, after dying and being condemned to Purgatory, she realized that in actually Ruby had been…not good. But straightforward, loyal to her cause, strong. They might not have been rooting for the same team…but she couldn’t bring herself to hate Ruby. Hate what she did, yes. But hate her? It just wouldn’t come. 

However she hadn’t expected to see the demon again; though the pool which had taken years to find had promised contact with the outside world. When Anna had peered into its depths she had expected to see Castiel or another of her brothers or sisters; perhaps Sam Winchester who she’d sinned against. But she had not expected the demon.

“Ruby…” Anna breathed, looking down at the dark haired, dark eyes woman peering back with no little awe.