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Doctor Who is powered by all types of love–friendship, romance, familial, altruistic, colleagues, self, etc. etc. 

It’s believing in and performing kindness and compassion and courage in the face of hardship and fear and hatred. Kindness is not weakness, but rather a type of ferocity. Kindness is not naivety, but rather a deliberate choice. 

It’s believing and acting that we’re all bigger on the inside than we even know, or, at least, that we’re capable of being bigger on the inside than people would expect. 

can you believe eunki deals with this


Guess who’s a Whovian? Nah, don’t guess, it’s pretty obvious. Anyway I actually forgot to upload the things I did for the convention months back. These badge designs were some from then. Thought I’d best put em up before I forgot again. Have a good day folks! I’ll be around. 


“It doesn’t get any better than this.” And for you, I’m afraid, that’s literally true. You’re a nice kid, and you’re obviously very smart, but you don’t belong here. So, as long as you’re part of my team, this is all you’re ever going to be doing… suction.


twelve days of twelve – day six: twelve’s hair
“My hair is a nightmare. My hair is visible from space.  It does what it wants…I just let it go, really.” - Peter Capaldi


The Capaldi Era (30/41

Smile - written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce - directed by Lawrence Gough

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“Inspiration” - Digital Oil Painting

Dyed blond hair? Hazel eyes? Yeah, I think I can see where the newest Doctor got her inspiration for her look. ^_~

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