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So lemme tell y'all a story:

I was in 10th grade honours English. I loved my teacher - she was super cool, but didn’t take any shit from anyone. During our time with her, she was going through a rough divorce.

Our teacher had developed this system: if we were good, she’d add “time” to our class, with each “time” being worth ten seconds, so we had to work hard. That meaning, she would give us a free period after we’d built up the exact time that a period extended to be. It was an earned privilege, and we always did our best to try and obtain it. Hell, playing puzzle games and reading was way more fun than a test or worksheet!

We were reading Animal Farm, a book my mom had given to me when I was ten bc she knew I loved to read and enjoyed anything that was thought-provoking. I’d read it then, and again later in my parochial middle school. Living in a big city, public schools aren’t well-funded, and I was lucky to have all my close family scrape together cash for a good education. Needless to say, I was rather familiar with the book.

Now back to the system! Our teacher had implemented a rule that every morning (she taught my first period class) we wood stand up and recite the commandments of animalism. We’d all try our hardest to do it perfectly, lest “time” be taken off our class. But one morning, she was… cold.

My classmates who’d recited before me were all told to sit down and stop reciting, because they were “wrong.” Knowing that, I was confused, as was everyone else. Yet, we all kept trying the same thing. She let the first few people finish. Then, she let people get partially through before she’d utter, “wrong” or something of the sort and deduct our hard-earned time.

It finally got to me; it was my turn. I stood up and started, and was immediately shut down by her. I was frustrated, to say the least. I replied after a second and told her that I was, indeed, right. She muttered for me to sit down. I refused, and by now she’d taken off twenty seconds. Everyone groaned, but I continued to disobey. Eventually, my classmates started telling me to just stop and it turned into yelling at me once I’d lost our hard-earned twenty minutes (meaning we had been halfway to a free period) as I continued to argue. Once we were in the negatives, people were literally yelling obscenities at me. They even yelled at her, blaming her divorce and period. Gross behaivour, mind you.

I didn’t stop.

The teacher said that she was going to call security and have me removed. I replied that it was a-okay with me to do so. I promptly walk out of the room and she followed up by telling me to wait in the hallway. I’d intended to walk to the office myself, but obliged figuring it was no matter to me.

I was in the hallway for about a minute before she rushed out and gently grabbed me by the shoulders. I was rightly confused. She gasped, and stammered out that she had never imagined it would happen. Why was she suddenly not being so ruthless? Why was she flabbergasted? Well, apparently what she’d “wanted” was for us to all fail. That it was a lesson, and she’d have given back the “time” she had removed. It was all about “knowing” what was coming, and how fascism meant that the rules could change at any time, without your knowledge and consent, but you could still be punished for it. She told me that she’d called security, and told them if they saw me in the hall during that call, to excuse me. Nobody had done that before. Apparently, throughout her decades of teaching, not one student had done that. They had all caved and sat down eventually.

You can be that person. In something that matters to us all. It’s not fun, but when has fighting for what’s right ever been easy?

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As a older and cool aroace, can u gimme advice? All my friends are dating rn and im feeling kinda lonely... They try to hang with me but its like an obligation? We used to make plans abt living we all together but now they all want to get married...

I can tell you as an aroace that it is so easy to forget other people just aren’t aroace. I usually forget most of my friends either have or want significant others until they tell me they have a crush or that they actually have an SO. 

It’s super hard when your friend starts talking to you less and less and someone else more and more. My advice is two fold, you should try and remember that your friend has a right to their own version of happiness, and you do too. Losing the closeness of a friendship sucks, but I advise taking this chance to try and make some new friends. Maybe try a meetup or find a group to join like a gaming group or political group. 

I’ll tell you how I personally get the most happiness out of my own life. I live in the moment with the people I love and care about right now. If they choose to spend their time with someone else tomorrow, that doesn’t lessen the love we shared today. Tomorrow I’ll find a new friend to chill with. 

I hope that helps. 

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Nurseydex where they're both trans please please please

hahaha okay!  So I been thinking about what to write for this for like a week now. but you know what I wanna right some fluffy stuff that isn’t about the “bad days”.  I have read enough “bad days” to last me a lifetime on top of actually living them. I am sorry if its not explicitly enough about them being trans. 

Thank you for the prompt!

He doesn’t want to open his eyes. Its the one freaking morning that he can sleep in. He buries himself further into the blankets and his pillow. The other side of the bed is cold. Dex must have gotten up early. He smells coffee and rolls over to the smell. He rolls over to squint at the “Dr. Cool” mug on the nightstand. He snorts. It was Dex’s Secret Santa Present to him a couple of years ago. 

“Well they didn’t have ‘Nurse Chill’ mug , so, this was the next best thing.”  It’s Nursey’s favorite mug. Dex’s buys him a new one every year to have spares for when Nursey’s eventually breaks one. Nursey is really careful with them to spite Dex. He likes to imagine that they will have a whole shelf of these obnoxious red 50′s diner mugs. 

Right now though, he debating the merits of moving from his side of the bed to get said coffee. Its like asking him to cross the Arctic Circle for a cup of Jo, yanno know? He snorts again. He should write that down… But, that would mean leaving the bed. Hmmm… Yeah, it wasn’t that good of line anyways.  His brow furrows at that the mug until he rolls back over to look at the window.  He can see the birds working on their nest and chirping louder than necessary.  He finally closes his eye for what must have been for a minute, maybe more than minute. Then, there is spreading icy chill spooning up to his back. He eyes snap open and he groans. 

“What the hell, Dex? Did you hang out in a freaking freezer this morning?” Nursey hisses over his shoulder.  He can feel the huff of a laugh against the joint of his shoulder and neck. 

“Hmmm… Maybe.” Dex presses the words into his bare shoulder with cool kisses. “It was definitely weirdly cold walking to and from the doctors.”  That’s right, Dex had his annual physical today.  Nursey turns in Dex’s arms to face him. 

“So, How did it go? Everything good under the hood?” Nursey wiggles his eyebrows and leers.  Dex rolls his eyes at Nursey’s ridiculousness. 

“Doctor had no complaints.  My levels still looked good.  None of my freckles are cancerous, yet.”  Dex chuckles at that before continuing, “ She gave me the “do not forget to wear sunscreen, try to minimize my stress, and, I should consider using birth control” speech, again.”  Nursey startles with a laugh.  Nursey was there the last time she gave that speech. She said as more of a disclaimer than to actually lecture Dex, but, it was still funny to watch. 

“Did she do in that voice this year?” Nursey clears his throat.

”Now William, I can not stress the importance of sunscreen for someone of your complexion. Skin Cancer is no joke, mister.” Nursey mimicking the doctor’s very dry monotone voice. 

“OMG. did you have to remind her the whole ‘accidental pregnancy’ thing is impossible with us?”  Dex face palms and groans. 

“Yes. I didn’t phrase it nearly as appropriately as you did last year. You would think that because she and her husband sees both of us that she would put two and two together. But enough about my oblivious doctor, whats on your agenda for today?”  Nursey pushes on Dex’s shoulder until he is laying on his back. Nursey swings a leg over to straddle Dex’s lap. 

“Well I didn’t have anything planned, but, I can think of a few things to do.”  Dex’s hands coming to pet at Nursey’s waist and ribs. 

“O. Really?” Nursey leaning down to give Dex a small kiss. 

“Yeah, maybe you should move your glasses out of harms way.”  Dex nods in agreement and takes off his glasses.  Nursey instantly pulls Dex into a searing kiss, which, Dex will later claim its the reason why he was distracted.  

Dex tries to place to glasses on the nightstand without breaking off his kiss with Nursey.  He is reaching and groping for the hard surface of the wood. He is tempted to just throw them in the direction of the nightstand, and, get back to more important matter at hand.  Then, the edge of his glasses catch on something and he just pushes the glasses the rest of the way. The following shatter echoes through their apartment. Nursey breaks the kiss to look at the sound. He burst out laughing.  

“ What? Nursey? What fell over?”  Nursey is laughing so hard he can’t breathe.  

“I can’t believe,” He gasps, “ you just broke the mug.” Antoher gasp for oxygen,”Who know you could be so accident prone?” Dex collapses on the pillow. He flushes in embarrassment, but, not before his hand are covering face. Nursey continues to fall into a giggling fit at Dex’s collarbone.  

“Jerk.” Dex says when moves his hands to Nursey’s shoulder. 

“Yeah, but you love me, right?” Nursey lifting his head looking so sincere and vulnerable.  

“Yeah, of course, I do.”  

the sun

warm and welcoming

its soft rays comforting me

I am enveloped in a blanket of happiness

the grass

prickly beneath my feet

the blades tickle my feet

it is a long-awaited feeling

the birds

chirping and calling

filling the air with their songs

making music for themselves and no-one else

the breeze

a breath of cool air

drying my sweat

the solitude

along I can be myself

standing in silence

I can be comfortable

in nature

it exists not for our pleasure

no symbiotic relationship exists

it can survive without us

but we can not live without it

it asks for nothing

yet we destroy

when we need only

to enjoy

Here’s a late earth day poem. I was enjoying the weather and being outside yesterday so I wrote this.

I really really really like the arc of Tsunade, before she becomes Hokage (yep too late i’m deep in it  hello darkness here i come)

Hello, Baby. Part 1.

This is my first story, ever. So please be honest. I went kind of light on the smut and language. Just kind of wanted to get a feel for it. 
Im sorry its so long.
I love having details in stories and having the back story, so i just ran with it. 

Let me know what you love & hate.

You start walking home from a long night at work, thankfully you only live a couple of blocks away. But no matter what, you always walk past HIS club, morning or night. You just want to be able to see what everyone talks about. 

You want to see the green hair, the cool white skin that sends chills down your spine when you imagine it, and clear ocean blue eyes that you can see yourself melting in. You feel your heart rate increase just thinking about him. You were drawn to a man you have never met, have never even seen.

 You know if you could just afford to get in his club, you could see him. Touch him. You can feel the warmth between your legs grow as you think of running your hands all over him. It feels like the people around you can hear what you are thinking. You put your head down and head home. 

 You toss and turn as most nights when he is on your mind. The morning comes quick and you wake up unrested. Time to get ready for work. Your long black hair is tied up in a tight bun on top of your head. A light foundation, blush, mascara and a light purple lipstick. One last glance in the mirror before you turn and lock your door behind you. 

You start your walk to work and find yourself in front of his club again. Like it should surprise you. 

It is so mysterious. The outside is dingy and dark other than the double green doors and a tilted J at the top of the building. There are huge windows across the entire second floor and from seeing it morning and night they must be tinted or mirrored because you can never see in. You straighten yourself up as your mind has wondered far now and get back to your routine. 

Work is a small dinner; you never make much and rarely make any tips, but this job keeps a roof over your head so you keep the job until something better comes along. Your shift seemed to go by quickly, there were many people that came in from out of town. A huge smile starches over your face when you see the tip money tonight, rarely does this happen, but when people make this place their rest stop, the money is nice. You count it out evenly between you and the cook, you smile and say your goodbyes and head home.

 You were going out tonight! 

As soon as you get home, you throw off your clothes as fast as you can. You shower, wash your hair and shave everybody part you would want him near. The thought makes you tremble a little. Trying to calm your nerves you tell yourself ‘maybe he won’t be there tonight of all the nights I decide to go.’ You straighten your hair, letting it fall down to the small of your back looking like black silk. You find a tight black dress and some bright red heels that would match your lipstick. You spritz perfume on your collarbones and inside your wrists. You give yourself a small pep talk before heading out. “He will be there and I WILL meet him. Ugh, how badly I’ wanted this! I can do this. Be mysterious. And don’t drink. Well, don’t drink a lot.“ 

You walk up to the green doors and realize there are gold specs all over the door. The J at the top is lit up in purple that is so bright it almost hurts to look at. You hand the guy at the front door the cash. He looks at you questionably and you think he’s not going to let you in. 
He asks “you alone?”
Your voice is quiet from being nervous and taken aback. ‘Is this guy hitting one me right now?!’ you think to yourself
“Um, yes.” Your voice squeaks at the end.
He nods and let’s you in. ‘Weird’ you say under your breath. 

 It’s beautiful inside, huge chandeliers; elegant cage dancers, gold and purple cover the club so tastefully. It is far from what you expect a club to look like, it is well lit, almost like a dewy gold lighting. The dance floor is packed and it reaches all the way to the bar. Everyone seems happy or drunk, or both. Quickly you scan to the upstairs, more freaking Windows. 'I can’t see a damn thing!’ Frustrated, you head to the bar.
“One shot of any kind of vodka” 

You are stuck watching the cage dancers, glitter all over them; their hair is up like it’s in some sort of fashion show that no one would ever wear on a normal basis. They move effortlessly. The way the lighting hits their bodies and the glitter it almost makes them seem unreal. You immediately wonder how close they get to him. You shift in your seat trying to get the thought out of your head.

One of the girls gets off her platform, a large man in an all black tuxedo escorts her. 'Screw this, who the hell knows when I’ll get back in here!’ You say to yourself. You order another shot. You make your way through the crowd. You ask the guy next to the cage to help you get inside it.                                       “Do you work here!?” He asked “No I don’t. I…” You trail off thinking how crazy you seem right now. 
He brings you back from your thoughts,
“Do you want a death wish then?!” His eyes are wide.                                        
“I know what I do want. Him” ‘I just said that aloud. Yep, he heard me. Yes, I am crazy. Crazy for a man I have never even seen!’ You are screaming at yourself in embarrassment. 'What the hell am I doing!’ Runs through your mind for a split second. Too late, he pushes you up in the cage.
“Your funeral.”           

 You panic at first. People are starting to notice. There is a lump in your throat “Now or never, right!”                                              
You start moving your hips, your arms above your head, you let loose. You actually are having fun; you really let go and kept thinking how grateful you are for having rhythm. For a second you actually forgot about him. Only a second. You body sways with the music.                              
‘Time to shine baby!’ You are not sure if that’s you talking or the vodka. You drop down and slowly lift your ass facing the windows hoping that he is there, watching. You realize the man in the black tuxedo is opening the cage reaching for your hand.        
“Don’t make this difficult.” His voice is low and serious. You understand, you feel a rush of emotions flood you as he helps you out. You’re being thrown out and you didn’t even get a glimpse of him. The man takes you firmly by the arm, being gentle at the same time. He leads you away from the front door. Your heart feels heavy, almost broken. He brings you to an elevator and pushes you in before him. 

This is not out. A smirk comes across your face. The elevator opens up, it’s almost like another club up here. Definitely VIP, or people that do not want to be seen here. It’s a lot darker, a lot more secluded areas. Of course more cage dancers. As soon as the doors open all eyes are on you. 

You flush red. 'Shit.’ You keep your head high acting as if you are ok, even though your insides are screaming and wanting to vomit. You walk past the first section of people, second and third section as well… There is a thick purple curtain that is touches the roof as well as the floor. Your heart is racing. You feel almost like a surge of ecstasy has run through your veins. The man in black opens it up only enough for him to see inside.                                             “She’s here boss. Where do you want her?”                                                  
Your heart is pounding and you are sure the man next to you can hear it. Little does he know it is out of excitement, fear is the last thing on your mind right now. He looks at you and nods you in                                                            
“Mr. J would like to speak with you.”                                                                   'Mr. J’ you say repeatedly in your mind. You walk behind the curtain and the man is fast to close it shut behind you. 

 He is real. He is right here. Right in front of you. Right now. 

His back is to you and he’s looking into the club from the windows. His hair perfectly in place and bright green. You just want to run your fingers through it. The thought sends a warm chill through your legs. His pale skin drawing you in, the lights from the club giving him a sense of warmth. He turns to face you, still across the room, but you feel his eyes scan over you as you do the same to him. He is gorgeous. Your knees feel weak. There isn’t a single imperfection on him. He is better than any image you could of pictured.                                “Well, well, well, well.“ 

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He walks towards you. He is standing so close to you. You now notice the smaller tattoos on his face, his jaw line, the scars, the jewelry, the details on his coat, his scent. Oh, how he smelled. He smelled of cologne, sweat and power. It’s was intoxicating. Your eyes were trying to devour him, making sure you didn’t miss a single detail on him. He noticed.                                             
"Slow down.” His voice low,  
Your eyes snapped up and met his. He reached up and pushed hair behind your ear. His touch soft and cool. A strong shiver took course of your entire body. You wanted to reach up and touch him, you knew he probably wouldn’t like that and you don’t even know what side you are on with him.                                     “Did you enjoy yourself out there?” His eyes intense.                                         “I-I did.”                                                                                                     “Mmmm” he growled softly                                                                               “Do you go into a restaurant and just head to the kitchen and start cooking?” His stare was starting to burn but you couldn’t look away. You don’t want to seem weak, even if you were ready to pass out.                                             “No, I don’t.”                                                                                        
“Interesting. Why did you see that tonight’s performance was welcomed?”     He walked to his desk and gestured me to sit in the chair in front of him.        
“I-I just wanted to have fun, forget about… Everything.” You hope that sounds convincing as you take a seat in the cold leather chair.                                   “Are you sure? Don’t lie to me. I hate, hate, hate liars.”                                 “Well, I also wanted to…” You trail off and look away.                                      
His voice is frustrated now. “Darling, you can come into my club, take one of my cages and dance for all sorts of people, but you can’t tell me why. You will not keep my patience long. Try again.”                                                                 “I wanted to see you!!” You almost yell.                                                               He doesn’t seem bothered by what I said, nor does he seem to care.           “Why, why would you want to come pay a visit to the Clown Prince?”             You figure you are here might as well just tell him the truth. He will either let you live or kill you.                                                                                                    
“I-Im … I think im obsessed with you.”                                                              
He shoots you a sharp look and walks behind the chair your in. It takes everything in you to not let your eyes follow him. You can feel him so close to you.                                                                                                                    
He whispers in you ear “Obsessed?”                                                              
He moves the hair away from your shoulder and neck. He leans in even closer. You are able to feel his lips on your ear as he speaks.  
“Obsessed. Mine. Mine. Mine.”                                                                         You tried hard to not let him see how he affected you, but you were wet. He ran his cool hands up and down the sides of your arms and softly kissed your neck. “Answer me this Doll, have we met before? Do you even know who I am? What I am capable of?”                                                                                                
“I have never met you, I have lost sleep over you. Clown Prince, as you said before. Yes, I do. I figure I might as well be honest now. You will either kill me or let me live, but either way at least I was able to see you.” You keep your voice soft. You can feel that he is still close behind you.                                             He begins to rub your shoulder in a good way; it almost does help you relax but it not helping the fact that you are still wet. He reaches down and starts leaving small bites in your shoulder and neck, you cant help but let out a moan.   “That’s what I wanted to hear Darling.”                                                          
With that he reaches his hands down the front of your dress taking each breast in his hands. Your nipples are hard and he has his thumbs working them. You keep letting out soft moans, hoping this isn’t a tease.                                            
“Tell me, how is that?”                                                                                      
You let out a moan that is louder “Don’t stop. It feels so good!”                      
He takes one hand out and begins to reach up your dress.                         “Ahhhh, you have been waiting patiently.” He says as his fingers run up and down your slit. 

“Uh, Boss?” You forgot you were at his club. The voice pulls you out from your trance for a brief second.

“Moan for me.” He whispers in your ear.                                                          
He doesn’t stop, and neither do you. You keep moaning as his fingers circle your clit.
“Yes Jay!” he says sharply                                                                            
“Your business is here. What would you like me to tell them sir?”                
“That my hands are busy!!” his voice is full of sarcasm and switches back to serious in an instant. “Send them up in 3 minutes.”                                           He rams 3 of his fingers in you. Your back arches and your hands reach up to find his shoulder.
You dig your nails deep into his skin and you can hear him growl. “That’s a good girl.”  
You cum on his fingers and he licks them “So sweet darling.”                                The room is still spinning and you are trying to find your breath when he tells you “Get under my desk doll. You pass this and I might take you home with me.”                                                                                                                   You do as your told, your mind begins to race as you think you know where this is going. He sits in his chair and you can see the massive bulge in his pants. “Send them in boss?”                                                                                       “Yes Jay, send them in!” He responds quickly                                                       You take that as your cue. You start to unzip his pants as he tells them to take a seat. His dick is big. You let the spit build up in your mouth as your run your hand all over him. You can hear the other men talking but you aren’t paying attention to the words, just focusing simply on his reactions. You slowly take the tip and swirl your tongue around it, he reaches down and squeezes your arm. You keep doing it, adding more into your mouth until you cant fit anymore. You can see his eyes close almost all the way in pleasure while he keeps his focus on business. You grip the base as you nod your head up and down on him keeping your hand in sync. He grabs the back of your hair and you feel him tense, you push him as far back in your throat as you can and he lets go. He lifts your head up under the desk to look at you and nudges your mouth open with his thumb, you open up showing him what he wants to see. 

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He bites his lip and lets a grin appear on his face. You swallow. 

The voices of the men in the room sound nervous. He nudges you from under the desk to come up. A small sense of panic sets in as well as a rush of excitement. He scoots his chair back and you can hear the men in the room shift.                                                                                                             “Excuse me men, this darling here seems to need some fresh air.”                 You get up, lightly resting your hand in his lap and he lets out a small grunt. He pulls you by the waist and sets you down in his lap. The men in the room try to not let their expressions show.                                                                       “Now say hello to my Doll here.” The men all give off weak hellos.               “Nice to meet you guys!” you say with a bit of pep.                                        
You have no idea where that even came from. He smiles at you and gives you a slap on your ass                                                                                            
“Now let me finish this up and we can head home, ok baby doll?”                
You wink at him and leave the curtain. The man in the black tuxedo is right there, grabs you by the arm gently, and has you sit in the chair by him.         “You must be Jay.”                                                                                              He nods.                                                                                                          
“So friendly! I am Katrina.” You are on could 9 right now and your voice and attitude show it.                                                                                             “Don’t get too comfortable.” That’s all he says with a stern voice.                     “Is this nor….” 

You cover your ears from the sounds of gunshots and Jay has your chair pushed in a corner with him in front of you. Jay’s composure is calm yet protective, everyone else is calm as well. You are so confused.                           “What the hell just happened?! Is he ok? Should you go check on him?! Let me go see him!!” your heart sinks. You can feel your eyes start to water.
‘I just got to meet him. I felt so good with him. Why!’ you kept asking yourself question after question. It felt like hours went by but it had only been a few minutes.
“Where is she?!” His voice is loud but emotionless                                         “Got her right here boss.”                                                                                
You push Jay out of the way and run at him, you wrap your arms around his neck.                                                                                                             
“What happened! Are you ok?!” Your voice is shaky                                          
“I am fine doll, this is business. This is what I do. What I am capable of.”         He pulls you off him and sits you down and he paces in front of you. The others up there try not to look but are definitely listening.                                               “I don’t love. Never will. I will never love you. You are merely a thing, possession, possibly an obsession one day. I can live without you, I do not need you. Do you understand that? I am not a fairy tale. You cross me and I will kill you. I am a businessman, not a family man. Do you get that baby doll?” His voice is stern, almost angry.                                                                             “Yes. I have no intention on changing you.” Your try to keep your voice strong but there are hints on weakness across your face.                                            
“If I choose you, IF I choose you. If I choose you. Baby this life ain’t easy. Like I said, I don’t need you. However, if I choose you, you will be mine. Is that clear?” He is so hard to read. His face says one but his voice says another and you can’t tell which one he is hiding behind.                                                         “Yes.”                                                                                                                 “Jay pull the car around.” He reaches for your hand and you take it.             Once you are up, he places his hand at the small of your back and leads you to the elevator. ‘What did I just do?’ You keep asking yourself. He puts his jacket around your shoulders as you exit the club. Jay pulls up in a black unmarked car. He opens the door for you both and he lets you in first. Your mind and emotions are having a hard time finding a balance. It is not silent long.         “You can call me Mr. J, or J for short. Usually you have to earn those names baby doll, but you did one hell of a job in my office.” He gives off a smirk as if he is having a flashback.                                                                                
“Ok, Mr. J.” you reply with a full smile on your face.                                    
“What shall I call you darling?”                                                                   “Katrina or Kat, since I think you earned that.” You say it with such sarcasm. “Oh. Kat.” There was a small pause. “Daddy doesn’t think you have earned enough to back talk me.”                                                                               Before I could say anything Mr. J slapped me across the face. I could taste blood. I could feel my eyes well up from shock and pain. Before I could even speak again we pulled up to his place. 

Similar to his club it was very dark and dingy on the outside. It almost looked vacant, but im sure the inside would say otherwise. Mr. J opens the door and extends his hand, I take it. I’m not sure if it was out of fear or because I was still so confused. He brings me to his side and we walk inside. His hand never leaving my back. His place is perfect. High ceilings with big, beautiful chandeliers. Bright white marble floors covered the entire house; the décor was rich and warm but still felt like him.                                                               “You’ll be sleeping in my bed, is that a problem?”                                           “Not at all Mr. J.” You reply.                                                                                   He reaches for your face and you flinch a little. He ignores it.                     “Come here.” he says he walks toward the bedroom.                                      
“Ill be right back, do not move.” He went to go turn and stopped at the door. “Are you forgetting to say something Kat?” His voice is neutral, like he is tired. “Sorry. Yes, Mr. J”                                                                                              
He turns and keeps walking. He comes back a few moments later with an ice back and a purple towel.                                                                           “Change into this, we will get your clothes and everything else in the morning ok baby?”                                                                                                     “Thank you Mr. J” You slip off the little black dress and slip on the shirt he gave you. He lets out a small growl and you feel in in your bones. ‘How can someone that just slapped me make me weak with just a noise?’ You brush off your own thoughts. You glance up at Mr. J and his eyes are fixed on you.                         “Is everything ok Mr.J, did I do something wrong?”                             “Absolutely not baby. You are just on hell of a sight.” He sounds tired now.   “May I get in bed Mr. J?”                                                                             “Please do.” His eyes still glued to you.                                                          
You lay down and face inward. Your face still felt like it had a heart beat from where he slapped you. He brushes your hair out of your face and places the ice pack wrapped in a towel gently on the side of your face. You wince at the pressure. You look at him and he looks as if he wants to say something but doesn’t. A few moments pass by and your eyes are closing.                       “Good night my sweet.” He says as he kisses my forehead, still holding the ice pack on my face.

 “Good night Mr. J.”

Think of it

Kara is getting her lunch handed to her. She just got off red sun poisoning, had her powers drained- whatever. But she knows that she’s still Earth’s best hope right now.

Clark can’t make it. He’s handling the other side of the equation. They can hear each other fighting for their lives.

Then, a noise. Just as Kara is wondering if she actually can die, she hears a new noise. A whine of power, and in a flash, her enemy is off her. And between Kara and them- Lena.

Lena, who wears a modified version of Lex’s super suit. The one he’d use to go ten rounds with Clark. Except, rather than purple and green- the green of the kryptonite Lex would use to power it so he could punch Clark all the harder, Lena’s super suit is purple and gold.

It’s power source isn’t kryptonite, Lena’s super suit is powered by the sun. Just like Kara.

Lena offers her hand, and Kara can feel the energy radiating off this suit, strengthening her, helping her get her second wind.

“Thought you could use a hand,” Lena offers.

“Always appreciate the help,” Kara replies, breathlessly.

“Let’s go kick this jerk’s butt,” Lena says.

How Chill Is Your Sign?
  • Aries - No chill. Nope. Uh uh, nada.
  • Taurus - Chill af unless you try to take their food
  • Gemini - "Imma let you finish, but nah imma never let you finish because i have no fucking chill."
  • Cancer - Yeah, no.
  • Leo - Can be chill if you give them a mirror but most likely out hunting ur man
  • Virgo - Chill on the outside but is having an existential crisis internally
  • Libra - The limit does not exist for their chill, the fucking chillest
  • Scorpio - They had chill once, but decided to eat its heart because blood
  • Sagittarius - Absolutely NO chill, they are fucking rUtHlEsS
  • Capricorn - Pretty chill until they diabolically take over the whole goddamn world
  • Aquarius - lmfao so chill they are below zero and live with the penguins cuz they're cool af
  • Pisces - Chill but mostly cuz they aren't paying attention but not chill cuz they are probably daydreaming ripping u limb for limb RIP
Ok but listen

I just watched last night´s episode and my brother was with me (he doesn´t watch the show but his computer is broken and he was bored)

*Cas kills Billie and gives his speech*

My brother: Oh cool I didn´t know they were a couple

Me: Who´s a couple?

Brother: Him and that Dean guy

Me: you think they´re a couple?

Brother: Yeah… they´re not?

Me: nope

Brother: Well that´s stupid, the dude just basically told him he can´t live with out him…

me: he wasn´t just saying that to Dean, he was looking at the 3 of them… he did say Winchesters

brother: oh cmon! he was looking at Dean and you know it… strictly platonic “no homo” bros do not look at each other like that

So I think my brother became a Destiel shipper in just one epidode? 

House Spirits (our friends)

If spirits are part of your paradigm, I highly recommend introducing yourself and working with your local spirits. I am all about literally everything having a spirit (hello rock, let’s be friends) and also that all those things are one with all the things (animism + pantheism ftw)

anywhoooo I think it’s a great idea to get to be besties with my house spirit, mostly because I do a ton of magic on its land, and I am down with any ooomph it can give me to that business, even if it’s like 

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[Abed being all “cool. cool cool cool]

This is the way that I said “Hi” to my house spirit, feel free to adapt to any way that makes sense for you. I can totally see how living in an apartment or condo might call for different wording - NB I live in the basement of a house.

I sat in my kitchen, because that’s where I feel most at home in this apartment (also it’s very central and totally felt right). My desk is a close second, but I love cooking while guests hang out, or Jamie and I watch Vampire Diaries, or I’m alone watching youtube, etc. It’s my chill spot. Find your chill spot. Sit there. Yes, on the floor.

Here’s what I said:

I live in your skin
I live in your bones
I live in your heart
I live in your belly

You have seen me laugh
You have seen me cry
You have heard me scream
You have felt me bleed

I reach out to you as friends
With a gift in my hands
Present me with a dream
A sign of your desire

How may I honour you?
What is your wish?
Direct my awareness
With symbols I recognize

See what I did there? Where I told the house how I wanted my message, and made sure it wasn’t totally Lynchian confusing imagery? There’s the acknowledgement of how the house helps me, and also that we have a history. Flowery but repetitive is my style. You do you.

I’m sure there are incense + candle + crystal mixes that someone else might feel, but I was pretty spontaneous and it felt right going without the additional accoutrements. Maybe your place is more formal.

I ended up getting a ton of dreams about protection, so I get that my house is all about keeping everyone safe. Also what felt like a year shoveling the walk. So next snowfall, I’m totally shoveling the walk. 

Be open, and if you have a hard time remembering your dreams maybe ask for a different sign. 

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[becca and her girlfriend chloe with a big ole gif BOOM]

House Spirits.


I was watching the infamous mission in Osaka and it’s damn hilarious. If I think about how jimin was surprised and flustered by Jungkook’s compliments because JK didn’t usually act like that and how now Jungkook can’t live a minute without saying how jimin is beautiful, cool, handsome, talented, sexy, perfect.

I guess it’s what happen when two became boyfriends.

listen I just want people who ship eremin to ship eremin WITH me

I can’t take this near constant stream of ereri, it’s like being pissed on by a stranger who thinks I’m the guy they’ve been messaging on tinder but totally did not communicate their location properly.

Please less piss.

If you post eremin, like eremin, support eremin, or think ARMIN IS IMPORTANT TO EREN, i.e. you have basic reading comprehension skills, please do something to this post.

I may follow you.

Chapter 3 Motives

Celes: I want money so that I can live the elegant and fascinating life I’ve always dreamt of having!

Mikan: I want to kill for the sake of my beloved, the only one who noticed and appreciated me!

Korekiyo: I wanna bang my sister again lol let’s do this fam

There’s a level of childishness that i genuinely love about Ben Garrisons terrible cartoons, they remind me of when a child draws their own super hero and they have to be the most awesomist ever, and they’re covered in cool spikes and rockets and lasers and they live in a house with its own arcade and water park, Ben Garrison has to cram literally every single political metaphor he can into every one of his images and it’s really funny to me.

Chuuya: its so great getting to hang out with you- I forgot how cool you were!

Dazai: aww, Chuuya, that’s so sweet! I love hanging out with you too!

Chuuya: shut up waste of bandages, im video-chatting with akutagawa

Sniper & Scout headcanon

We all know that Scout as a runner, well loves to run or do sports in general. And as we know from the “Blood in the water” comic (and a previous headcanon) he does have a lot of knowledge about minerals, maybe nature in general? I can fairly imagine him and Sniper go on hiking tours then and now, in which Sniper also shows and teaches him basic survival techniques. Scout thinks its cool and it adds to his previous knowledge and Sniper lives up in his teacher/father figure.

  • What JYP tagged his Flight Log Fanfic Series: #got7 #planes #hurt/comfort #jinyoung is my fav so he ofc he lives #do i do 2young or markjae #but also JJP #because those boys are my favs #wet boys in the middle part #its defs hot ;) #diving #polyamory #aside from jinyoung #he gets none because he ded #comment and subscribe!!!
  • What he should have tagged his Flight Log Fanfic Series: #major character death #angst #this will probably hurt #not really linear #a bit confusing #I HOPE YOU'RE COOL IF I LEAVE THIS UNFINISHED #no resolution #some people die? #or one person #i didnt make it super clear lol #you can make up the rest
  • Yang, shouting into the darkness, at a figure she can't quite make out: Well if you won't come out...I'll make you!!!
  • Yang, charging at the figure, ignoring the fact it begins to tower over her the closer she gets, her fist raised and thrown, only to be caught with ease, Yang looks up with horror in her eyes: Wh-...what are you?
  • The figure speaks with a gravely voice, its likeness still hidden by the dark void surrounding it and Yang: I have been known by many names, "Living Battering Ram", "Rage incarnate", and my personal favorite..."A goddamn walking tank."
  • The figure leans forward, light hitting its huge face, a sly grin fitted onto it as it stares at Yang, who's shaking in her boots: But, there is one name that truly fits me.
  • Yang watches helplessly as the giant hulking creature clenches the fist that's not holding her still by her wrists, eyes shaking as the creature cocks back its arm, ready to throw a punishing blow, through fear she manages to stutter out a question: A-and what's that?
  • The creature's grin turns into a smug smile: Krogan.
  • Yang, screams as the fist comes inches from her face before she lunges up in her bed, gasping for air: O-...oh, just a dream...thank goodness...
  • Yang, after being silent for some time: Maybe I should work out with Nora more...

Hawaiian markets dudes i tell ya, its the greatest thing. So much fresh fruit and cool stuff everywhere, yummy food trucks and cool people! Just gonna spend a few hours here today and then we’re off to another beach. I cant wait to try surfing!! hmmh what more, in a couple days we’re off to a new town and also picking up their old van thats been in the shop, which im super excited about so i can see what they really live like down here haha. But iihh okay I gotta run now, talk later muahh!!

My rant: shoplifters community

I have seen a disturbing trend on Tumblr of people using shoplifting as some kind of culture or community then their followers telling them what an amazing job they are doing. 

Lets just get this straight, its not if you get caught its when. Its not cool, its stupid. I wouldn’t be so disgusted by this if the things they were stealing were things to keep them going like food for their family or sanitary products but its high end make up and those heels they want. 

You can’t afford it? Tough. The sooner you realise that life is unfair and you wont have allot of money to get things that your mates get then the easier your life will be. I personally think its selfish and tacky. Supporting and aiding other young people to go down your criminal path and mess their lives up as well is very low. 

I save for the things I need, I could not afford to by clothes so I learnt how to make them. Never once did I think of stealing, I would never be able to wear it or use it with a clear conscience. If your willing to shop lift how low are you willing to sink yourself because you threw your toys out of your pram cos you did not get what you wanted. 

If expensive make up is that important to you then you need to look at your life and think about the person you really want to be and the person you want to be remembered for.