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HOW DARE YOU? you're not a real chocolate. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT




SOME ASSHOLE SAID “oh well we made all this amazing milk and dark chocolate but, what tf are we gonna do with all this fat that came out while we were making it??? OH I KNOW,”


-guy who invented white chocolate (97 BC)


block b grocery shopping
  • Zico: very efficient. He knows what exact brand and flavor he wants and doesn't waste time. However, always forgets to buy toilet paper
  • Park Kyung: spends most of his time in the produce aisle hitting on girls with cucumber related pick up lines
  • P.O.: goes to the store to buy milk and comes back with chocolate and no milk. He justifies it by saying it's milk chocolate
  • Taeil: holds up the checkout line because he has like 5000000 coupons. everyone behind him is annoyed
  • U-Kwon: goes grocery shopping with his girlfriend. They're the disgustingly cute couple you see having a play argument about what noodles to buy
  • B Bomb: every time he tries to go grocery shopping he ends up taking aesthetic pictures of fruit and then eating at a restaurant
  • Jaehyo: he takes 20 million years to decide what flavor of ice cream he should get but ends up getting the same exact flavor each time

december prompts- cookies

hux worked so hard on them, he will not waste them on ren’s filthy mouth.

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*LONG WHEEZE* SEASON TWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Celebrate by Osomatsu becoming a dragon and Karamatsu becoming a merman but he's out of the water and Choromatsu being a centaur while the younger trio sit back and watch while drinking chocolate almond milk because it's the best milk


That Life (Part 2) [a Barry Allen imagine]

a/n: since you guys wanted part 2….

Part 1

“So, wait, wait, wait…” you shake your head, resting your body against the wall, squinting at the duo. “You and I- well, Earth Two Barry and Y/N are together?” you arch an eyebrow, crossing your arms over your gray Palmer Tech shirt.

Barry nods eagerly, a bright smile stretching from one ear to the other. “We’re- They are…um, married!” he exclaims, dark red hoodie fluttering around his thin torso while his hands curl to his chest. Oh boy, he looks like an excited puppy… His green eyes stare at you, practically sparkling.

“And you have like eight kids.” Cisco interjects, pointing a pen at you, cocking his head to the side. Choking on air, you cover your mouth with your fist, standing up straighter. Eight?! “Just so you know.” he grins, patting Barry’s upper chest before stalking into the Cortex.

When you’re sure the engineer is out of earshot, you let a little squeak pop out of your mouth. “We have kids?!” you whisper, smiling brightly as you grab onto his arm. Barry bends his neck down, nodding excitedly. “That’s…holy shit!” you mumble, eyes widening.

“I know! It's…” he trails off, shaking his head, milk chocolate locks jumping. “It’s amazing! I mean…our- their kids…well, five of them - three were being born-, are so adorable…” he gushes, wrapping his pale long fingers around your biceps. Your shirt and your eyebrows scrunch. Barry tilts his head, squinting his eyes. “Earth Two Y/N might have been going into labor…” he says in a slightly higher voice.

Opening and closing your mouth, you try to take in all this new information. What does this actually mean? “Are you… are you suggesting…” you motion between the two of you, sucking on your lower lip. The speedster smirks, nodding, turtle like eyes scanning your face. “Are you sure?” you whisper, hoping for him to say yes.

A little gasp leaves Barry’s soft pink lips. “Yes.” he breathes, eyes watching his hands creep up to your cheeks. His blood red hoodie dances around his gray Henley, dipping off one of his broad shoulders. This feels like a dream to him. Slowly, his thumb drags underneath your eye, in a calming motion. “I want that kind of life…with you…” he mutters, leaning forward.

Surging up, your lips catch his at the perfect time, turning into a deep and meaningful kiss. Your gray Palmer Tech shirt shifts when you cradle his neck in your arms, nose piercing his freckled cheek. A moan escapes him and he pulls back, peering at you. “I do too.” you nod. It feels like a weight lifting off your chest. “Just…maybe not that many kids…” you giggle, playing with his hair.

“Maybe like…four?” Barry puckers his lips, shrugging. “Three at the least…?”

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Caryl Prompt: "Why can't you see?!"

Nicely done, you had me on the verge of tears there. Here is your second prompt, this is all on you. Thank you for sending it in!

Nothing left to save

She had moved into this house with him five days ago, and this was the fifth night in a row that she wasn’t sleeping.

The first night, waking up in the middle of the night, clawing himself out of a nightmare about the cell the Saviors had kept him in, he had found her side of the bed empty and cold. Once he had stopped shaking, he had made his way downstairs and found her in their small kitchen, sitting on one of their two wooden ladderback chairs, with her elbows on the table, sobbing into her hands that were covering her face.

Heart heavy, he had pulled the other chair that had been facing her around the table to sit next to her, one hand on her back to give her what comfort he could until she turned toward him to huddle against his chest, both his arms around her, still racked by deep, wrenching sobs that had made him ache for her. Neither of them had spoken until she had finally stilled against him, with the first feathery bands of color already on the horizon, announcing the sun. Only then had he gently led her upstairs and back into their bedroom, lying next to her until she had fallen asleep again, and making sure that nobody disturbed her rest until she had come down toward noon.

The second night he’d woken up because he’d needed to take a piss.

The third night he’d woken up parched because he’d been out in the heat all day on too little water.

The fourth, it had been a loud creaking and crashing noise outside that had woken him, along with half the town. They had spent the following day making sure that no more watch towers were going to collapse on them, day or night.

And just now, he had woken up stifling a sob because he had been naked in his cell again, with Dwight throwing a Polaroid into his face, sneering down at him.

Gasping, heart racing, he sat up, his legs tangled in his blankets, wiping tears and snot from his face with one hand while the other reached over - only to find her gone again.

Five nights, and she hadn’t slept through for even a single one of them. Five nights in which he’d found her spot in their bed empty, her sheets crumpled, her blankets pushed to the foot of her bed in panic. Five nights in which he’d found her sobbing desperately in their kitchen, trying to be quiet so she wouldn’t wake him. Five nights that had driven home how much work they both still had ahead of them to achieve any kind of healing, both individually and together.

Knowing that he’d be no good to her in the state he was in, and that she would want to help him should he turn up like this, he fought to calm down to the point where he knew he’d be able to at least support her without forcing her into helping him, however unintentionally, just by being upset.

Once he felt grounded enough, he swung his legs over the edge of the bed and made his way to the door and down the stairway on naked feet, only managing to run his toes into the doorframe of the kitchen door this time - much better than the first night in which he’d run into their bedroom door, one of the posts supporting the handrail in the stairwell, and the frame of the kitchen door, all within five minutes.

He could hear her soft sobbing even before he opened the door and braced himself for the pain of seeing her crying. Ever since that night on the highway right after Sophia had gotten lost, he had found it next to impossible to listen to Carol crying without doing something about it - only these days, “doing something about it” required so much more than going out at night to try and find a missing girl.

Following the routine he had established since the second night of their silent kitchen vigils, he got their jug of milk from Hilltop out of the cupboard, uncovered it, and first sniffed it to make sure it was still good. Next, he stoked the fire in their small wood stove and added two logs to the glowing embers both for heat in general and for heating the milk. Pouring some milk into a small pot, he moved it over the struggling fire he’d coaxed to life, got a mug and their tin of chocolate powder, and silently waited next to the stove until the milk was hot.

He was careful to move slowly and deliberately as he poured the warm milk onto the long-past-its-best-before-date chocolate powder he’d spooned into the mug, moved the empty pot away from the heat, and banked the fire in the stove before moving over to the table. He gently set the mug of hot chocolate down in front of her and pulled over his chair to sit down next to her again, silent as always, one comforting hand on her back.

Carol felt as if the heat radiating from his hand and that of the chocolate she was drinking were melting a block of ice inside her that had been getting smaller ever since she had moved into this small house with him, one of the smallest in Alexandria, just the right size for two people. And it had been melting only at night, and without him ever actively doing anything but sit next to her.

Maybe, she thought, someone sitting next to her, just keeping her company, braving her silence, was exactly what she needed, just like that time he had sat with her, silently, in the RV back at Hershel’s farm after Sophia had stumbled out of the barn after three days of desperate searching and three days of having her hopes renewed, time and again, by Daryl who hadn’t been ready to give up on her little girl.

This time, it was her he wasn’t willing to give up on, and as before, his care wasn’t aggressive or demanding, expecting explanations or answers, but supportive and caring and silent. The love and tenderness she felt, just from his hand resting on her back, was overwhelming and felt undeserved, with her not giving anything back so far.

She managed five sips from her mug of hot chocolate, one for each sleepless night, before tears began to well in her eyes and spill down her cheeks. The block of ice around her emotions was cracking and dissolving, and it was all pouring out of her.

She heard him exhale softly and then draw a shuddering breath as if he had been relieved of a heavy weight bearing down on him - he had felt her tension, and feeling her letting go came as a relief to him as well. His hand slid over her shoulder as she turned to face him on her chair, and he pulled her into himself, holding her tight, the heat radiating from his body enveloping her like a blanket, comforting both her body and soul.

“Don’t you see?” She was shocked at the ragged sound of her voice - even during the day she rarely spoke, there was so much to process, and it had to have been many hours since she had said even a single word. “Why can’t you see?! This world has turned me into a monster, and I don’t deserve what you are offering. Everything good about me has burned away. There is nothing left to save, nothing left to love, and I -”

He moved his right arm away from her back, and his right index finger gently touched her lips, keeping the words from tumbling out.

“You haven’t burned away,” he whispered, voice loaded with emotion. She felt him trembling against her as he kept shielding her against the night. “You’re as kind as always, as caring as always, as protective as always, and that’s what’s makin’ you … vulnerable to this guilt you feel over people dying.” She was no longer trying to protest, so he moved his right hand to her back again, caressing her arm, her shoulder, her neck, infinitely gently.

“You said it yourself - we don’t get to save people anymore, not everyone, but that ain’t on you. You’re the same good person you’ve always been, and you’re not a monster - you could never be a monster. Everyone else, but not you.”

When she leaned away from him slightly so she could look at his face, the love in his eyes nearly overwhelmed her, and she started crying again, silently. Nobody had ever believed in her like he had - but since she knew him, knew his essence, she trusted him, and his assessment of her.

Not a monster.

Absolved of guilt.

Maybe now she would be able to close her eyes without seeing a girl’s feet in dirt-caked sneakers stumbling over a dozen walkers, making her way out into the merciless sunlight.

Maybe she would no longer see the knife clutched in a little girl’s hand, both the hand and the knife dripping with the blood of her younger sister.

Maybe she would no longer see her own hand, knuckles white with strain, as she pulled the trigger to shoot the older sister in order to save the lives of those remaining of her family.

Maybe she would be able to sleep again, now that the world around them was calm once more.

She felt Daryl moving his head, and then his lips touched her forehead in a gentle kiss.

“Ya need to rest. Come with me.”

Her hand in his, his body heat still comforting and protecting her against the cold emptiness of the night surrounding them, she followed him, and with the block of ice gone, and Daryl holding her even in his sleep, she slept peacefully and without nightmares for the first time ever since their night together in Atlanta.


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Chapter Six “Normal”

SUMMARY: You were held captive by Hydra for years and had only just escaped when the Avengers find you. You’re beyond terrified of everyone and everything around you, but the thing the terrifies you the most is yourself. The things you can do with your “abilities” are beyond what anyone could possibly imagine.

Chapters: 1 ~ 23 ~ 4 ~ 5 

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Warnings: Sexual harassment (near rape experience) and anxiety. Fluff too!

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You stared out the window of your bedroom, watching the rain fall down onto the streets of New York. The people were seemingly unaffected by the rain, a few umbrellas popping up here and there. You smiled when you saw a man rush to shelter an elderly woman from the rain with his yellow umbrella, the kind action stuck out to you.

Your stomach grumbled angrily, asking why you hadn’t fed it yet. You sighed and pushed yourself off your bed, nervously making your way to the kitchen. Natasha sat at the counter with Sam, talking quietly amongst themselves, a box of donuts sitting in front of them. You stopped in the doorway when they smiled at you.

“Good morning, (Y/N).” Nat greeted. Sam waved at you.

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I miss you.
I miss your touch,
I miss looking at your face,
I miss the way your face light up whenever you got too excited.
I miss our phone calls.
I miss our “good morning” and “good night” texts.
I miss our long conversations about anything and everything.
I miss your kisses.
I miss your lips.
I miss your brown eyes that always reminded me of milk chocolate.
Its strange because I never thought brown eyes were beautiful until I saw yours.
I miss our laughs, and tickle attacks.
I miss being in your arms.
Feeling like no one can do no harm.
I miss sleeping next to you.
Feeling as though I was in my own little heaven.
Between the little arguments, and the happiness I felt.
I wouldn’t have asked for anything more.
life had a different plan.
Your feelings changed, and you thought you weren’t ready.
Leaving me broken hearted.
Although, you have moved on.
I can’t help but sit here writing this.
Telling you;
how much I miss you.
I miss the kissie attacks.
I miss holding your hand, and exploring the city.
I miss our adventures.
And our silly little jokes that only we understood.
I miss your dorky laugh, and the way you corrected my words whenever I messed up.
I miss your hugs,
I miss your smile,
I miss being the reason for it.
I miss all of the memories we made.
Maybe these didn’t make a big impact in your life.
But for me?
These are the memories I will hold on like treasures.
For I have learned,
That no matter what happens in the future.
You had made a big impact in my life.
Teaching me lessons that I will forever be grateful for.
Thank you for everything you have done for me.
For I have learned that if you love someone sometimes letting go is for the best.
So to my bubbas,
This is my final goodbye.
—  This ones for you Bubbas. // My Writing🌸

there was such beauty in the days of the early 5sos fam and I’m like in tears so I’m making a list of memorable things:

• teenage queen getting leaked on keek and then sOLD
• Muke almost kissing in that twitcam
• that sweaty Ashton selfie with an orange bandana
• only being able to listen to 18, good girls, voodoo doll, amnesia, and more in forms of recordings from concerts
• slsp getting leaked from a weird ass radio station??????
• when we thought if you don’t know would never be played live
• Georgie and Michael seeing each other and taking selfies
• Halsey and Ashton being best friends
• calum’s lip piercing that lasted like a day???
• when Luke put a bobby pin on his shirt sleeve to keep it rolled up
• wherever you are :“/
• the rise of the jack hemmings fandom
• Gemma styles and Ashton?????????#gashton
• Calum’s ass pic
• every one and their goddamn mother claiming they were one of the twelve OG fans that went to the first gig in AUS
• Michael and Luke getting high and then that picture of them talking to a cop/security guard w/e
• luke and the fucking hamburger card
• the first time Michael wore a SnapBack on stage
• cashton dancing in sweatpants on that twitcam to hot in herre
• you suck by Abigail Breslin
• literal fandom wars bc 1d fans wanted 5sos to credit them for making them famous
• Michael in that oversized white sweater
• Luke’s hair writing the song "defying gravity” for the musical wicked
• “what the fuck is this”
• the tally marks getting taken away
• column interview
• that vine of Harry and Ashton snapping
• sleep is for the weak tank top
• people finding Calum’s pictures from when he played football
• those 5sos member introduction videos on yt
• Calum giving us sneaky peeks on the album on Instagram
• michaelgclifford & luke_is_a_penguin
• liz hemmings photography pics from concerts
• you complete meSS
• the bandana Ashton era
• that time Calum said he hated miss Jackson by panic at the disco
• hungry5sos???????
• 5ONTHEWALL??????????????????


Finished just in time for Valentines Day! The idea came to me over a month ago, just had the hardest time finding the time to finish them all.

Anna’s Strawberry-Filled Chocolate:

A burst of real strawberries that’s nothing like the tastes you’ve tried so far, covered in a wonderfully creamy, milk chocolate that could melt a frozen heart.

Elsa’s Mint Chocolate

A cool and intense mint flavor that will make you feel as though you are one with the wind and sky, paired with a chocolate so rich and delightful you’ll be singing its praises from the mountaintops. 

Kristoff’s Milk Chocolate

A milky and creamy experience that is far sweeter than it appears, and so delectable you’d cross a frozen fjord just to taste it again. 

Hans’ Dark Chocolate

A rich, bitter sweet delight, so smooth you’ll forget its plotting to murder you and your sister in an attempt to steal your throne.

Wait, what?

  • Ruby: Weiss are you eating cookies and chocolate milk without me!!?
  • Weiss: its not what you think they mean nothing to me i can explain
  • Ruby: i am sleeping in my sister's room tonight at least tell me they are chocolate chip
  • Weiss: ..oatmeal raisin
  • Ruby: raisins!? In our home how could you do this!?
  • Weiss: i am sorry!
  • Ruby: wake me up inside!!!!!!