and it's boring whatever

im so tired of every single piece of media having hamfisted straight romances as plot points or whatever its SO boring and predictable and overdone . i couldnt care less about your feewings or love triangles i just wanna see some actual content like i came here for the murder mystery or whatever not to watch someone cheat on their wife

sorry but writers are no longer allowed to use the “jerk with a heart of gold” trope on men. women? fuck yeah i’ll eat that shit up. men who are douches most of the time but soften around like baby animals or whatever are OUT, theyre ILLEGAL. its boring and im tired. give me hard tough ladies who secretly care deeply abt EVERYTHING. gimme my tough lady shedding a single tear then straightening and acting like it didnt happen. gimme all that trope shit but leave the dudebros out of it thank u


a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house

I have an AU I call the “Boring Modern AU where nothing Bad happens except for when they lose Ciri at the mall” and mostly I tweet about it instead of talking about it here but anyway here’s an awkward Halloween picture I mostly wanted to draw because I had a lion costume when I was five (Geralt made hers though)

Eurovision 2017: Celebrate Diversity

Most European Countries: Let’s sing in English

Sene Lavellan, under attack by a pretty little army of Solas’s butterflies. ☆゚.*・。゚

Thank you so so much, @nipuni! What a perfect interpretation of Sene. I am humbled by this. She’s so full of life and so pretty, and the surprise in her freckled cheeks and the big red nest of her hair–it’s just so incredibly HER. Your art is so inspiring, and this is a dream come true. ꈍ .̮ ꈍ

Meep. Close-up because tumblr quality does not do her justice. Sene and Solas’s butterflies are from The Dead Season. <3

Tom Holland Laughing

Random Loser’s Club headcannons

- Whenever any of them have a breakdown due to the trauma/ptsd of pennywise or anything in general they already have a plan for what to do that is specialized for each person. They rarely stick to the plan but it’s there.

- Mike got them all obsessed with Langston Hughes’s poetry.

- Bill had to do a speaking presentation at school. He was afraid he wouldn’t get a good grade on the speech portion due to his stutter, so Mike recorded himself saying Bill’s whole presentation. Bill just mouthed along with the recording. He got an A.

- Stan convinced everyone to come with him to the birds exhibit at the zoo. Everything was fun and dandy till Eddie got attacked by one of the birds. Richie has 20 pictures to prove it happened.

- Beverly kept a straight face all through a roller coaster because Richie dared her. This resulted in the cashier staring in shock at bev and whispering “how’d you do that” when they went to look at the photo.

- Ben got somehow got everyone to agree to go to a New Kids on the Block concert with him. He and bev kissed during the last song. This was followed by a chorus of “aw’s” from bystanders. Stan, Bill, and Mike also became low key obsessed with the band for a week after the concert.

-Mike took them all to the farm one day. They all cried when they saw the animals. They helped out with the farming and ran in the fields. Mike was overjoyed. They visit now at least once a week most of the time.

- Everyone actually attended Stan’s Bar Mitzvah. They all cried because they were just so proud/touched by Stan. They freaked the fuck out though when he was lifted in the chair™ because “BE CAREFUL HE IS FRAGILE NO ONE DROP HIM O MY GOOODDDD”


a series of unlikely crossovers


Viva is perhaps more serious than the other three. She’s a girl who wants to move up in the world. She is very responsible towards her friends; she cares about their well-being and has a nurturing side. She’s sensible and very highly motivated to do well at school, go to university and have a career.

The Valkyrie