and it's black history month too


Not logging in means less users on their domain for the day, so if you have the app loaded on your phone or tablet…don’t forget to log out of the app. The goal is to stagger the site with lowered activity.

I have several cued BLOGS that I’ve suspended to support the BlackOut March 5th. Until People of Color create a microblogging platform of their own, I’ll continue to use Tumblr, but I will be an active part of this protest. User data generates revenue for Tumblr, even though its a free blogging site. Participating within this platform lends geographic and psycho graphic data to Yahoo so their Business Development department can seek out more brands for ad dollars.

Tomorrow please make sure that you are in solidarity with the #BLACKOUT #LOGOUT. This will be the best way to help @STAFF understand that a too little to late approach to Black History Month or their failed interest to Black users of their brand SHOULD NEVER BE IGNORED.


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Sister, Sister | S5:Ep18 - I Have A Dream

In honor of Black History Month, I’d love to share an episode with y'all that always made me super emotional as a kid. Hell, it still does. Sister, Sister dealt with stuff in a great and intellectually relate-able way. It was unabashedly proud of its Blackness while allowing those of other racial identities and ethnicities to understand and learn from that. Everyone gives Boy Meets World props for helping teach life lessons as a lot of twenty-somethings now were growing up. I’ll admit that was a big show for me too.
But let’s not forget the gem that was Sister, Sister, alright?
It was just as important. 

Maybe even more so.