and it's been overdone but i dont care

“Meet the Artist… I guess”

Here is me in all of my trashiness. I know its a bit early and stuff to do this, but i dont really care. It seemed fun to do and i could always do a new one later.

Some things to clarify:
I say He/him or They/Them because I definitely prefer They/Them, but if you arent comfortable with it or whatever, you can use He/Him instead.

Polyfriendly means i accept or is supportive of consensual poly relationships. (I have ot3s, ya think i wouldnt?)

Fraysexual is a bit hard to explain so just look it up (if ya dont know what it is), and ask for details later.

I dont want to specify my age, so i just said 420 because memes.

I’ll probably change my look a bit later so i dont look basic/boring as fuck, but thats the closest and most accurate representation of me.

I dont have a ‘stuff in my bag’ cuz the only bag i got is a bookbag full of school shit. So have a meme instead.

Some extra to know about me:
-Im an ambivert (half extrovert half introvert)
-Im taken, i have a girlfriend lol
-I know i said before im Bisexual/romantic, but that was just as a more broad term instead of getting specific.