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Standing Rock is on fire — this is what camp looks like on its last day

  • STANDING ROCK, NORTH DAKOTA — Standing Rock is on fire.
  • As police prepare to raid Oceti Sakowin Camp on Wednesday afternoon at 2 p.m., the water protectors clear out what remains of the former front lines of the struggle, demolishing some structures and burning others ceremoniously to commemorate the camp and its former inhabitants.
  • Other camps have been established in the past few months, with new sacred fires lit farther from police lines. 
  • The tribal government has asked protesters to leave while they try legal measures to fight the Dakota Access Pipeline; the water protectors still at the camps stand resolute.
  • With the smell of burning wood and insulation in the air, and only a few hundred water protectors still at the camp, someone will occasionally shout the signature cry of the Standing Rock resistance: “Mni waconi,” or “water is life." Off in the distance, protesters shout back in solidarity, "Mni waconi.” Read more (2/22/17 2:48 PM)

Sanji gets reverted back to a child and finally gets the childhood he deserves. [2/?]

  • Zoro takes what he assumes is Sanji into the kitchen.  He looks like what a 5 year old Sanji would look like but infinitely less irritating.
  • “Umm, where is this?”
  • “Your kitchen.  I know it’s been a while since you’ve been in it dartbrow.”
  • “I have a name.”
  • “Sanji!”
  • Chopper speeds into the room and Zoro lets down Sanji back to the actual floor instead of dangling from his hands.
  • “Did you eat something weird again?  What happened?  Why are you so small?  Did someone touch you with their devil fruit?  Do you know where you are?”
  • Zoro can feel the tension building up in Sanji’s shoulders.  He wasn’t there for the fight against Big Mom so he got an extra summarized version of Sanji’s past.  He figured Sanji wasn’t always the person he met on that floating restaurant years ago.
  • “Slow down there Chopper.”
  • He stands a little taller when he speaks again, “How do you know my name?  You called me Sanji when you ran in.”

Happy birthday @sarapyon! Here is some prompto for your special day (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

Writing is Hard, Pt. 2: Description

Summary: Dean wants to write a second story.

Read Part 1

Warning: Smut, dirty talk, use of a vibrator, all kinds of fan fiction clichés

Word Count: 4000ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

Your laptop is screaming at you from its spot on the motel table.

You ignore it.

It’s not like you’ve been waiting all day to check it. It’s not like you were impatiently stomping around as you folded clothes with Sam and Dean in the laundromat, as they took their sweet time at the grocery, as Dean dragged you to some fucking hardware store because he needed a specific type of wrench (the six identical wrenches he already owns just aren’t enough).

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there’s something about even’s little nod in this scene 

because even knows. he’s not oblivious, he notices the way isak reacts to his presence, to him. he’s been noticing him for weeks, weeks before they first met. he saw the way isak was when he came over to his place the previous week, he saw the look in his eyes, the light in his eyes, he saw the way he smiled and laughed, he noticed the changes in his voice. he probably memorized his facial expressions and the things he said last friday. kept replaying them in his mind every single day, in class, before going to bed, when he was with other people 

earlier in that episode, when he came to give isak his snapback, in a matter of seconds, he understood that isak hadn’t told his friends he had gone to his place, he understood that he didn’t want them to know. because he sees and understands. he remembered the cardamom on the cheese toasties five weeks later, how they were sitting on the floor of his room as they ate them, he remembered isak saying he had a drop of water in his throat, he remembered isak talking about parallel universes. because he pays such close attention to isak and the way he looks and moves and speaks and all the things he says

do you think that even, who saw this boy on the first day of school, who was probably looking forward to seeing him even when it was just at school, in public, in rooms and hallways with other students, would not notice how isak was acting? notice the way he’s been looking at him the moment he showed up at his place for the pregame? the way he starred at him when he kissed sonja and looked at him straight in the eyes? how tensed he was as he told him about sonja and how they’d been together for years? the intonation of his voice as he said his okay’s (been together since we were 15. okay. can’t dump her. okay). do you think that even who’s been desperately trying to spend time alone with this boy he was falling for would not notice the smile that spread all over isak’s face when he realized that even was messing with him, the smile he was trying to stop it, in vain? do you think he would not sense his attraction to him? the vulnerability?

of course even notices. and since he came to see isak in his kitchen, he’s only been kidding, pretending not to be serious. but with that little nod, he grows more serious. with that little nod, it’s like he’s saying i see you, i see it, i’ve seen you for a while. it’s reassuring. it’s okay. it’s understanding. i know, isak. i know. me too

ive been watching this one animation meme thing on youtube for a while now. its like a minute long and its an animation to the song “get lucky” by daft punk w/ binding of isaac characters dancing along and i gotta tell you

it’s pretty fuckin hypnotizing

ive been watching it on and off for like 2 days i dont know what i find so appealing about it


Drawing Challenge Meme

3 Conforting Eachother, 2 Flirting and 1 Holding Hands

these are the ones i could draw today.. XP all day drawing and coloring made my hand hurt.. so better take a rest ^_^

still some more to go.. reminder that i’m not taking anymore
 ^u°  ♡  hope u liked these!

Arkham’s Female Knight (Part 2)

A/N: Back again with part 2 (go read part 1!!)!! I will be honest with you guys, with all the support and likes, I was completely caught off guard (YOU GUYS ARE FANTASTIC!! *throws love at everyone who lurks or follows!*)! This chapter is a bit more…darker than the first chapter (gosh, Jacin, when did you become so sadistic?). It’s sort of a filler for the part 3 I’m going to write (yes, I’m doing another part, and its gonna have more Jay-bae in it, hes been MIA in this…) but I just wanted to explain more of the reader’s past. I hope you guys love it! MESSAGE ME IF YOU THINK I’M MISSING SOMETHING OR IF YOU WANT ME TO WRITE SOMETHING LIKE SHIPS OR SOMETHING, NAME IT! 

PS: I forgot to mention, the personality of the FemArkhamKnight!Reader is quite crazy, because it is canon that Jason Todd in the Arkham Knight series, is actually considered mentally and emotionally unstable, so if the character is somewhat crazy, refer to this!

PSS: thanks to Aster for editing it for me. ( ;3;)

PSSS: @actbat @the-chick-with-the-best-fandom Here you go! Hope you guys enjoy it!

~ J.

Ship: Jason Todd x  FemArkhamKnight!Reader

Backstory: Basing the story line of Batman: Under The Red Hood & Batman Arkham Knight, the reader is Bruce Wayne’s blood daughter, whom he had raised and trained to be the current Batgirl. During this time, Jason is the current robin and was captured by Joker where Batman and Batgirl tried to save him but did not make it on time. As 5 years went by, everyone moved on. Not knowing that Jason has returned as Red Hood, the reader got captured by Joker and was tormented for a year (based on the torture scene in Arkham Knight), now the reader returns, seeking out batman, to kill him, but certain paths cross and now, conflict arises.

Prompt:  FemArkhamKnight!Reader gets a little flash back of her past, explaining how she got that lil “J” scar and becomes a little bit unstable.

Warning(s): Swearing, torture, uhh…? (tagging warnings is my weakness, I’m practically immune to anything. I APOLOGIZE IF I DO SOMETHING WRONG.)

Word Count: 2381


Arkham’s Female Knight (Part II)


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w/out internaI dialogue elliot would be the dullest most boring fucking character can u imagine omfg… I mean think abt the people who interact with him on a daily basis lmfaoiio “hey elliot how u doin” “……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………yes” id have him blocked on every social netwrk lmfo

I spent a long time today musing the paradoxical nature of the oil slick.

To the naked eye, it is alluring and enchanting; a liquid rainbow. Its seduction is a metaphor for its omnipresence in the world….

How could we tear our eyes away from something so beautiful?

How could we stop using something so vital to existence ?

The US uses more oil than any country in the world ~ almost 2 billion barrels (84 billion gallons ⛽️🤢) a day. Despite the fact that we’ve been relying on it for centuries, it has not proven to be a sustainable resource. Whether we like it or not, the impact of oil is destroying our planet. We need to continue advocating for safer and smarter energy alternatives & fight against those who claim that “climate change is a hoax” because they profit from oil’s greasy stream. Yes it’s “beautiful” in that it provides instant gratification / comfort to us as consumers, but we need to continue advocating for more sustainable alternatives.

Solidarity to all of the water protectors at Standing Rock ✊️ We are with you


HAPPY 2017!!!!

Sorry I haven’t been here for a while, but I’ve been very busy and when I finally had the time, I got sick! Ha ha =__=

But, during these days I found THIS post  and I just couldn’t help myself ;) [It’s been more than a year since I did something like this… I had forgotten how funny it was haha]

Sorry for Yoosung (not really haha! I was gonna draw a lineart and everything I did with the other 2, buuuuuuutttttt I just couldn’t cuz that face would have dissapeared~ )