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The timeline for SWTOR has always been wonky considering how fast everything seems to go, but thanks to some canon dates we know the prologue thru the end of Ziost is about 5 years, and that the Outlander is frozen for another 5.

Thanks to Quinn’s immpecible need for detail and consistancy, he informs a SW Outlander that its been 6 years, 8 months, and 12 days since they seperated, thus I presume he counts starting from the day that Marr’s ship went down.

That helps frame the length of time over which KotFE/KotET occur, about a year and a half, allowing for several months of slow rebuilding before the War for Iokath.

With a year and a half to play with, Im inclined to say KotFE took a significant chunk of that because they needed to literally and metaphorically build the Alliance, along with the month it must have been for 3 people and a droid to fix/clean the Gravestone enough so it was spaceflight-worthy. Vaylin’s reign was likely short and brutal, only a few months, cause unlike with Arcaan, the Alliance could go head to head with her basically from the get-go.

The canon dates we have are (per Wookiepedia):
▪The Sith Empire returns and sparks galactic War - 3681 BBY (28 BTC)
▪Treaty of Coruscant - 3653 BBY (0 ATC)
▪The start of the class missions 3643 (10 ATC)
▪End of the Cold War, return to open warfare - 3642 BBY (11 ATC)
▪Invasion by the Eternal Empire - 3637 BBY (16 ATC)
▪Outlander freed, beginings of the Alliance - 3632 BBY (21 ATC)
▪Ending Arcann’s and subsequently Vaylin’s reigns - 3631 BBY (22 ATC)

Which gives us a 12 year time frame from story start to end.

So Id be inclined to break it fully down as:

▪10 ATC: Prologue thru end of Chp 1
▪11 ATC: Chp 2 (Including the Revan-related FPs) *Note: the War is reignited by the SW destroying the War Trust and Baras’ ascension to the Dark Council
▪12 ATC: Chp 3 thru Ilum
▪13 ATC: RotHC, Oricon
▪14 ATC: Forged Alliances
▪15 ATC: Rishi thru Ziost
▪16-21 ATC: Outlander Frozen, Arcann invades and subjugates the galaxy
▪21 ATC: Building the Alliance thru taking down Arcann
▪22 ATC: Taking down Vaylin thru the War for Iokath

And all this is give or take a few months depending on which class story you played. And that time-frame works with the what Quinn tells us, so the war of Iokath is there at the end of 22 ATC or thereabouts.

April 13, 2017

Hiveswap is not out yet.

HAPPY 4/13!!!!!

its been 8 years since homestuck started. 8 years on this wild ride. All the beta kids are officially 21 years old. And hiveswap is coming along well!!!

if you havent seen the trailer, go watch it!! it looks amazing and i love xefros even more now. The animations and the music and the humor all look incredible and I cant wait for the next update bc well get a real release date next news update.

unfortunately, that means that were still here. counting down the days until hiveswap is released.

I hope everyone had a great 4/13. It was nice to see homestuck trending again and for the homestuck fandom to come together in unison to celebrate the anniversary despite homestuck being over. Its good to know that no matter how much we stray from the daily homestuck routine we once knew, and find new fandoms, we all come back together to celebrate on 4/13 because homestuck changed so many of our lives.

Happy 4/13, merry christmas, happy birthday (john + jane) god bless and good night. Enjoy the last few hours of 4/13/17 (year 1 A.H.)

It has been (-104) days since “January 2017”.

Today is 4/13.


here’s a list of adult lost characters + their heights. because i feel the need to make lists all the time. and height (particularly height difference) interests me

from tallest to shortest:

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My favourite type of customer are the ones who are looking for something specific and are like "it's ALWAYS been on this side of the store you must have moved it!" Then glare at me. No, we didn't move it. It's been in the same section for 8 years and you're on the wrong side of the store. Just ask for help nicely instead of accusing us of ruining your life by apparently moving the coffee makers.

Aelin and Darrow
  • Aelin: I've finally come back to rule Terresan.
  • Darrow: *looking around*
  • Aelin: I know it's been 8 years but I'm ready to accept my crown.
  • Darrow: *carries on looking around*
  • Aelin: Are you listening to me? I said I'm claiming my throne. What are you doing?
  • Darrow: Looking for the receipts

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honestly i hate how unnecessarily salty brendon still is to ryan. it's been almost 8 years yet he still can't get over it. i love bden but he's a real rick.

oh good, now those same neighbors are burning stuff in their backyard

in florida, one of the hottest places in the united states

in the dry season

at 3 PM, when its the hottest time in the day