and it's because of your face your voice your clothing

requested: ramsay does things to you in front of captured jon

requested by an anon: ramsay captures jon and ramsay rapes reader infront of jon?


okay, tbh this req. made me a lil sad and angry that’s why its kinda long ((hope u like the ending bc i fucking did fam))


You were inside the cells were the hounds were kept in Winterfell. You have been in there for months, barely being fed or even seen light. You cried yourself to sleep every night, thinking of what wrong have you done for Ramsay to capture you.

“Please!” you croaked out, “Let me out.”

A couple of nasty men entered your cell and slapped you left and right to shut you up. “Speak again and I’ll skin your pretty smooth skin.”

You stayed quiet for a little while and the night comes again to end the day. Your day started with a bang of metal to metal to wake you up. A man purposely dropped your food, or whatever it is, a combination of solid and liquid for you to fill up your stomach. You ate it from the dirty ground and drank the most clean water they have offered for you. That day also, you got a visit from your captor. Ramsay towered you, with his nasty smile. He crouched down at your level and touched your face. With his touch, you shivered.

“My sweet love,” he started, “You’re going to be free today.”

You cried and kissed his hands, “Please, my Lord.”

“Oh my sweet love.” He said, fixing your hair and even giving you something more food to eat. Proper food. “Now, I’m going in to battle.” He said, standing up and smiling down at you. “You better pray to your gods to give me my victory, or else if I’m killed, every men I have is going to use you for the rest of your life.”

You shivered from that thought and you muttered that you are going to pray for him. “My Lord, you have my prayers.”

He left you in the dark again, and you were left again with the company of his foul smelling hounds. After a while, a young maiden with a guard entered and offered her hand to you. “My Lady, let’s get you ready?”

You held her hand tightly, her uneasiness on your grip visible on her face, “Sorry.”

“It’s alright, my Lady.”

You didn’t ask her to not call you her lady, because you liked it. Its been awhile since somebody said that. Been awhile for somebody to address you with softness and kindness in their voice. She led you into the familiar tower you haven’t seen in forever and was welcomed with a nice warm tub of water. She stripped you off your dirty clothing, and led you into the tub where she dropped lavender oil to lather into your skin. Lavender was always your favorite and you were thankful for it. The guard left you two and waited outside. The room was quiet and the splash of water was what filled your ears. You have always loved getting baths and they calmed you down.

“Why are you doing this?” You asked after she scrubbed you cleaned.

She gave a little smile, “Lord Ramsay commanded me.”

She gave you pretty clothes to wear. Even gave you a dark blue silk dress with pretty embroidery of flowers. She splashed more lavender oil on behind your ears, the nape of your neck and even in between your thighs. She left you in the chambers alone with a piece of bread and honey and some ale to bring it down. It has been awhile since you laid down in the mattress and so you slept through the clashing of metals and the shout of men downstairs to ready for battle.

A guard slapped you again left and right leaving a brighter and bigger cut on your lips for getting slapped often. You were used to the pain so you didn’t wince but you weren’t used to blood. “Get up and follow me.”

You followed him, his armor glistening. He opened a door and led you inside where few men with a hood on, sat in the middle of the room with their arms tied to the wooden chair. You were met by Ramsay and the heavy groaning of the bloodied men on the chairs.

“My sweet love.” He  whispered at your ear. “I won, and your prayers worked.”

“Of course, my Lord.” You said, quietly.

That was just enough for one man on the chair to scream Ramsay’s name. He shook until the chair creaked endlessly. “What game are you playing, Bolton?”

That voice. Jon, you thought. Is it Jon? That voice was undeniably his. That deep voice.

Ramsay walked over to the men and revealed their faces. One of them was Jon. You ran towards him and swept away all the dirt and blood on his face and you hugged him tightly. You cried and cried, because you his familiar face. Jon let out a few tears but that ended when his screams echoed throughout the room where Ramsay dragged you by the hair. Ramsay slapped your face, your lips visibly bleeding hard now.

“You touch her again, I will kill you.” Jon spoke, his voice deep and dangerous.

Jon’s threats didn’t work on Ramsay as he just laughed at how petty Jon’s threat was. You thrashed to get away from Ramsay but he held you harder by your hair that your scalp is burning already. “Now, come here.”

Ramsay thrashed you against the wall and kept you there for all Jon to see. He spoke to Jon, and his words killed you. “If I fuck her bloody, will you kill me?”

Jon’s eyes darkened and his scowl deepened. “I will kill you myself, Ramsay.”

“Try then, bastard.” Ramsay spoke and you can feel his malicious smile on your neck.

You thrashed around, and you even slapped him as hard as you can. He slapped you back and threw you at the wall. You cried when he took off your clothes leaving you cold and naked. He ripped your dress in half and stuffed it into your mouth. He undid his breeches and inserted you into him. He held your arms behind you back and you cried. Ramsay’s grunts and Jon’s scream filled the room. “Please, please!” You cried out. “Please, no!”

Jon at the corner of your eye, stood up with the heavy chair on his back and ran towards Ramsay and hit him. You and Ramsay fell down and you crawled away from him. Jon hammered Ramsay with the feet of the chair and Ramsay was sprawled on the floor, bleeding and his face broken. You cried out until Jon came and asked you to get rid of the rope. You did what he told you and once it’s done he hugged you and breathe you in. He cried into your hair and he clothe you back. The remaining men in the room was freed by Jon. They fixed themselves and you saw the deadly looks on their faces and armed themselves with whatever they can. The lot of them fled and the men downstairs were filled with the sound of ripping flesh.

“I’m sorry, Y/N.” Jon whispered, “I’m sorry.”

You cried at his shoulders, when he hugged you again. You broke away from him when you heard Ramsay groan. You broke the chair’s leg and you crouched down at Ramsay. You wipe the blood away from his eyes until you saw the grey and cruel eyes you’re going to bring back and forth to hell.

“My sweet love…” Ramsay started.

You hit him with all your might, his blood splashing all over your face and the sound of flesh making you hit him again harder and harder until the blood splattered at you. Jon held you back and wiped your face clean. All your anger broke down when you saw Jon’s warm eyes. The look on his face wasn’t enough to calm you down and remind you who you were. He hugged you again and whispered, “It’s done, Y/N. I am going to protect you.” It’s going to take all the kindness in the world to heal and bring you back again to when you were a mere lady born in Winterfell, with all the gentleness and grace stripped off of you when Ramsay took you and you killed him with all your wrath.


this ending is probs my fave ((idk why))

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Shadowhunter preference*First Fight

First of all I would like to say this is from my wattpad. My wattpads warlocks_wrath. Its 50 parts so far and I upload daily.

Jace: Family
Jace was meant to be coming to your flat tonight to hang out. You lived a couple streets away from the Hotel but still sometimes stayed there. He was over an hour late when he finally arrived.
“Hey babe. You lose you watch?” You joked, wanting him to know it was whatever.
“Ugh no.” he mumbled looking annoyed. You switched the TV off and looked at him.
“You alright?”
“Uh, why is this so difficult?” You were confused to say the least. He could tell before continuing,
“My family hate the idea of you being a vampire. They refuse to even meet you!” He flung himself onto the couch. You just raised an eyebrow before saying.
“Really? J calm down. They don’t like me, I don’t like them. Its whatever.” He sat up straight at that.
“They killed a bunch of vamps for no reason, wrecked our bikes, invaded our hotel, questioned our capability, tortured us with sunlight and oh that’s right judge downworlders for no reason. Everyone in my clan doesn’t understand why I like you.” You didn’t see the point in lying. It was all true.
“You cant hate my family! Some of that is true but it was mostly my ancestors. Alec and Izzy would never and Mayrse and Robert have learned to accept them.” I just snorted at that, “besides you haven even meet them yet.”
“Or ever.” he looked at you kind of angrily, “look Jace, I don’t want to meet your family. Maybe Alec because he’s your parabatai but its not that important. They don’t like me, I don’t like them. Besides they’re not your real family.” You went to turn the TV on and ask what he wanted to watch but he had already left. Damn it! You always forgot how mortals were with their families.
You tried texting and calling but he didn’t answer. You would have to wait till the sunset. So another 12 hours. Crap.

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Prompt: I dont know if you do prompts but this has been running through my head all day. Reader to Negan: “You’re not a leader, you’re a fucking tyrant!!”

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words:  811
Warnings: Suggestive, like very suggestive, minor daddy kink, curses

“You’re not a leader, you’re a fucking tyrant!”

You were sitting down on black leather seats, driving down a long straight road. You had your arms behind your head and your shoes up on the dash board. The car vibrated under you and the only sound was the rumbling engine beneath you.  You turned on your side and looked at Negan whose lips were upturned in a smile.

“I assume that’s a compliment?” Negan said lightly as he glanced over at you.

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I met a little princess recently. A real one. 

She’s my niece, I’ve been staying in London with my brother and his family. Devon is an honest to god princess. a REAL little girl.

But she’s not a little princess because she likes dresses, or because she wont eat off of any dishes that arent pink. Thats not what makes her a princess.

What makes her a princess is that she doesn’t need to prove that she’s a princess. When she cuddles her doll she cuddles it because she wants to, not because she looked around and saw all the other girls doing it. She doesnt force herself to play a little bit of house every day because she thinks she needs to learn to enjoy it to be normal. She doesnt wear dresses and keep clean because she feels like an imposter in her own skin, and even the smallest speck of dirt might unhinge her flimsy perception of self. She doesnt latch onto labels, negative or positive, because an identity, any identity, is better then the nothing she faces every time she looks in a mirror, or hears her name. 

She says “You know that I’m a princess!” without even knowing what that means. No one told her. Her parents dont even allow princesses in the house because they dont approve of the misogynist baggage. She doesnt need to attach “warrior” or even “sorcerer” to the title. She doesnt need to make the princess more masculine so she could bear to call herself one. She just is a princess, she knows she’s a princess. she says so every chance she gets. 

and looking at her, watching how EASY it is for her, hearing my mother’s voice in my head arguing that “you always wore dresses and carried dolls, you were the girliest of all the girls!”

its not about the dolls. Its not about the trucks. Its not about the games you played or the clothes you wore, or any other ‘proof’ that your parents shove in your face every chance they get. Just because you used to wear a crown, doesnt mean you were ever a princess. fairytale castles arent supposed to feel like cages. If your dress never fit you right, it was never really your dress. 

some people’s gender experience is fluid. Some people were the gender they were born as, but then grew into something new. Thats some people’s experience, but it might not have been your experience. And just because you sat still and let your mom braid your hair, doesnt mean she has any idea what was going on in your head. 

If you were ever a princess, you would have known it. If you werent, then regardless of your actions as a child, you arent now either. You never have to be ever again. 

Imagine Juice finds you crying in the bathroom all bruised because of your abusive boyfriend & he takes care of you & the reason for you pain.

this request took awhile to write, but i hope you all like it. <3 sending extra love to the sweetheart that requested this, love you darlin. oxo

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You have been friends with Juice for some time now, but when you started having problems with your overly jealous boyfriend you started to stray from Juice. You started to ignore his texts, his calls and you hardly went to the club house anymore, Juice didn’t like it and one day no one has heard from you all day. It was becoming late, and usually you talk to Lyla or Tara but no one seem to get a hold of you and this worried Juice.
So he hopped on his bike and headed to your house, it was dark but Juice still walked up to the door. He was prepared to run into your boyfriend that didn’t like him one bit, but he didn’t care he wanted to talk and see you.
He knocked on the door and nothing, he twisted the door knob and it was unlocked. He thought that was strange, you had always kept your doors locked. Juice walked in slowly, he was on alert and he spoke softly;

“ Y/N .. Y/N ? “ Nothing, the house was silent. Juice walked in, he noticed broken dishes on the floor, furniture was tossed and he reached for his gun that was hidden beneath his cut. He walked around, noticing droplets of blood and walked down the hallway, and he heard whimpering coming from the bathroom. His heart was racing, but he approached the door and listened.
It was you, Juice opened the door but it was locked then he said;

“ Y/N .. it’s me Juiice “ Once you heard his voice, you felt this sense of safety come over you and you said through your sniffling;

“ Juice ? is that really you ? “ Juice answered you quickly;

“ yes Y/N it’s me, open the door “ You took a while to get to your feet, before you got to the door you seen your reflection and you didn’t recognize this person you saw. You thought to yourself that you could handle him, that you could avoid this. You face was swollen, it was battered and bruised. Your left eye was blood shot, he hit you with such force he broke blood vessels in your eye. Your wrists and arms were bruised from being held to tight.

Juice was getting impatient, he said again while jingly the door knob;

“ Y/N if you don’t open this door i am going to knock it down “ You reached for the door knob and unlocked it, you quickly turned away once Juice swung the door open. You walked to the toilet bowl, where you were sitting and Juice said;

“ oh my god. .. Y/N. .. was this him? “ Juice was shocked, and sick to his stomach when he seen your face, you could see the hurt, anger in his face. You couldn’t even look at him, you kept you head down. Juice didn’t know what to do right away but he knew it was your boyfriend that did this to you, and he swallowed his anger at that moment and slowly reached for a face cloth, ran cold water on it and walked over to you slowly. He bend over, you flinched and Juice said;

“ its okay.. here “ Juice slowly touched your face as soft and as gentle as he could, the cold cloth against your face hurt but it felt nice against the swollen and tender surface of your face. You said softly, because your jaw was killing you;

“ i .. i thought i could prevent this “ Juice looked at you with his big brown eyes, they were watery and he said in a shakey voice;

“ why didn’t you tell me it was this bad, i could have protected you “ You licked your fat lip and said;

“ i didn’t want to get you involved, this was my mess. .. not yours “ Juice looked at you and said in a defensive tone;

“ Y/N .. i care about you. this shouldn’t have happened. …” You looked at Juice, and he continued to try and patch you up.

Then after a few minutes Juice said;

“ where is he ? “ You answered quietly;

“ i don’t know .. “ Juice walked you over to the couch, he cleaned up and you watched him. Juice then said;

“ Y/N come with me “ You looked at him and said;

“ where ? “ Juice walked over to the couch and sat beside you and said;

“ to the clubhouse “ You shook your head in disagreement and said;

“ no Juice, i can’t let them see me like this. “ Juice nodded in agreement and then he said;

“ i’m not leaving you here alone, unprotected if that psycho ex boyfriend comes back. i’m calling Chibs, and happy okay ? “ You knew there was no arguing with Juice so you agreed. Juice pulled out his cell and called Chibs.

“ Hey brotha, i need your help. can you come to Y/N’s right away ? “ Chibs answering;

“ yeah course, everything ok ? “ Juice let’s out a sigh and says;

“ i’ll tell you when you get here, just bring Hap and the medical kit. “ Chibs knew this visit wasn’t going to be good. They hung up and soon enough they pulled into your driveway and walked through the door. Juice stood in front of you, protecting you just out of instinct. Chibs and Happy stood in the door way and walked slowly and Chibs said;

“ aye, i’m here Juicy.. what’s going on ? “ Juice moved over, and reviled you to the guys. There mouths dropped open and Chibs’ face said it all, he said as he rushed over to you with the medical kit;

“ aye, love .. “ He knelt down beside you and touched you gently, he started examining your face, and Happy walked up to where Juice was he said;

“ was this that prick ? “ Juice nodded and said;

“ i need your help brotha “ Happy knew exactly what that meant and said;

“ no worries brotha, he’s gonna die. .. like a lot “ Juice was fuming with rage, and asked you once more where he was;

“ do you have any idea where this asshole might be ? “ You took a few seconds and you gave him some ideas;

“ he could be at the one of the bars in oakland, or at the jellybean “ Juice nodded and said;

“ okay, i’ll be back. Chibs you’ll watch her ? “ Chibs still stitching up your face said;

“ aye brother, no worries i’ll watch her “ Before Juice could leave you said;

“ what you going to do if you find him ? “ Happy all ready to go and Juice turned around and said;

“ don’t worry Y/N, hes not going to hurt you ever again “ They walked out and you sat there with Chibs.

Happy and Juice drove everywhere looking for this piece of shit, finally they found him getting a lap dance by some hooker at the Jellybean. They took him out back, and kicked the shit out him. He knew exactly why this was happening and as they were beating the crap out of him he still managed to say;

“ so your here to protect your little whore!? “ Hearing that Juice saw even more red and he held him by the throat and said;

“ don’t you ever fucking call her that, or as a matter of fact Y/N is with me now! and if you come anywhere near her, or even look in her direction, or call or text hell or even think about her .. i will kill you “ Juice punched him and he fell face down in the dirt. He backed up, turned around and this guy got up and pulled out a knife from his sock and said

“ you son of a bitch “ He lunged at Juice and caught him in the shoulder. Happy acted and pulled the knife from his hand and they dropped him. Juice looked at his wound, it was bleeding pretty bad, then he said;

“ really ? “ This asshole looked at Juice while kneeling in front of him and said while spitting out blood;

“ you think you won ? i know everything about Y/N .. “ Juice knew what he had to do, so Happy and Juice exchanged looks and Juice looked at this man that was in front of him. He pulled out his glock and shot in in the head, the man dropped to the ground. Both men staring at this piece of shit corpse and before Juice knew it Happy pulled out his gun and shot him like 6 times. Juice said;

“ did you get’em ? “ They got rid of the body, and they both headed back to your place. You were asleep in the bedroom and Chibs was watching over you, he went and checked up on you every now and than. Chibs was in the kitchen when he heard the bikes pull in, Juice and Happy walked in.

Chibs said while pointing at Juice’s shoulder;

“ aye, you okay brotha “  Juice looked at his bleeding shoulder, didn’t really care about it and asked Chibs;

“ how is she ? “ Chibs said as he grabbed his bag;

“ ayy shes good, shes resting in the room. now lets patch you up “ Juice sat down and removed his cut, his sweater and shirt. Chibs cleaned and stitched Juice’s shoulder and once he patched him up, Juice said;

“ thanks brotha, for everything.. “ Chibs carefully hugged Juice and said;

“ ayee no problem.. go see your lass now will yaa, we will see you tomorrow “

The men left the house, Juice locked up and made his way to the bedroom where you were resting. You heard Juice walking towards the bedroom, and you sat up. Juice said as he reached the room;

“ shit, sorry for waking you “ You said in a lazy tone;

“ no no .. its okay “ Juice walked over to the side of your bed and sat down beside you. You both didn’t say anything and you said quietly;

“ uhm, so what did you do to him ? “ Juice didn’t answer right away, he just looked down then he looked up at you and said;

“ don’t worry, its done. he wont hurt you ever again. “ You just looked at him, and you didn’t want to think about what had happened and you said;

“ i’m sorry. .. i’m sorry that i avoiding you for awhile. i didn’t want too “ Juice gave you a little smirk and said;

“ i’m sorry too that i didn’t come here sooner, i should have been here to protect you. “ You interrupted him and said;

“ Juice, you did protect me. “ You smiled at him and then you noticed Juice leaning towards you, you didn’t move back you continued to smile and you kissed him. 
“ i should have did a long time ago “ You both giggled and you pulled Juice up onto the bed, he laid down and you laid your head on his chest, he wrapped his arms around you. You could hear his heartbeat, it was like music to your ears and in the darkness he said;
“ Y/N as long as i’m in your life, i promise you i’ll never hurt you and i will not let anyone hurt you “ You looked up at him and gave him a kiss and said;

“ i promise i’ll never hurt you, Juice “ He squeezed you a little tighter and you both laid in bed together till you both fell asleep in each others arms.

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Percival Graves x Reader

Words: 970


You loved the way your damped hair caressed your face while you walked through the streets without a clear destination. In fact, you loved the sensation of coldness making you shiver with that strange emotion that you called excitement. The rain was the definition of alive, at least that’s what you thought…Percival didn’t agree with such a mad statement, he detested the idea of walking in the rainy streets of New York during December. (He was adverse to the idea of going out during a snowy day, but Percival absolutely preferred freezing to death with three coats than getting himself drenched.)

“For goodness sake!” Once you were standing in front of him, Graves exclaimed with a frown. “Don’t.” He stopped you from hugging him –even when you were just teasing him- and stepped back, watching how your boots left a puddle of water on the floor. “This is an official department, you can’t just walk inside in that unappealing state. I don’t know how you are still working here…”

“Sorry.” A grin appeared on your face with innocence, forcing your friend to chuckle before sighing.

“Its fine, but don’t catch a cold…” The tall, raven haired man stripped off his black coat with discomfort before reaching out for your hands. “This is the last time.” Percival assured you with a smirk placed on his handsome face, obviously lying because he was a gentleman, but making you feel a little guilty for the coldness he would confront thanks to your craziness. “Take it already, Looney, and do something about your wet clothes.”

“A charm?”

“A small one, but don’t tell Picquery I let you.” Now you giggled, eyeing him tenderly. Seconds later your wand moved slowly, your voice silently murmuring a spell to get your formal black uniform. “Well that´s it, weren’t you going to be at the novices class about ten minutes ago?”

“Oh god!! For Merlin´s beard!” With widened eyes and stammering steps, you managed to run away while you putted on Percival’s winter coat. “Thanks Graves! You are the best!” You yelled lacking shame, earning a full laugh behind you that thankfully belonged to your superior auror.

You and the mysterious yet calm man, shared an odd but interesting relationship. Meeting him was one of your most bizarre days of your entire life. It occurred about three months ago, when you were still a junior for the juniors –a complete fool who asked questions about the magic security department to a tad less bunch of complete fools-. Because of that fact the new experienced aurors thought that you could be a great chambermaid and ordered you around. One of those awful days, you were serving them coffee and accidently tripped with another human being. Who was that human being? Awkwardly, Percival Graves, an auror who also served as the Director of Magical Security section. (Remembering correctly what did you assumed it was going to happen the exact second you met his gaze was hard, but in simple muggle words, you wanted to strangle yourself before he could.)

“Something to say, miss?” Jumping out of your train of thought, you shook your head wildly. Seraphina narrowed her eyes at you, not so convinced.

“No, President.”

“Great. Now, if I must continue with the ess-”


“Goldstein said you weren’t paying attention today, are you ill? I knew that letting you do whatever you wanted to wasn’t a good idea.” Percival tightened his lips in a straight line, talking to himself but at the same time questioning you with his piercing dark eyes.

“I’m okay, I was daydreaming…” Your answer didn’t help and he raised one of his eyebrows in disapproval. “I know, I know. I will not do it again…I need to get myself in a good position inside the MACUSA, you´ve told me that a million times.”

“Another million times will occur if you don’t settle down.” He leaned into your personal space, with his elbows above your desk, observing you in relief as well as a new overwhelming worry. “Stop doing reckless things, one day I will not be able to give you a hand. Porpentina it´s already at the edge of blackmailing me.” You contained a chuckle, however, a tiny grin placed itself on your expression.

“I will be okay, Percy.” Huffing, he didn’t go back to his seat, instead he leaned more towards your frame. Something more that wasn’t near worry appeared on his features. “Percy? That’s an offensive way to call your superior.”

“Is it?” This time, you poked his cheek with your index finger, mischievously tilting your head to the side, closing the small gap between both of your noses and playing with the burning sensations the simple touch of skin made you feel.

“If you grant me permission to kiss you, I will absolutely forget your previous rudeness. Maybe I will even let you repeat it.” Percival mumbled a millimeter closer to your mouth, breathing gently on top of your lips.

“That a tempting offer.”


“I accept it.” His lips brushed against yours moderately, warming up your cheeks with shyness, you got the bravery to kiss him back harder. The affectionate kiss began to change into kisses, quick pecks that provoked you to bite him and ghost open mouth kisses that didn’t really get to be fulfilled into anything but a skin contact. The touch was so fast that it reminded you of the ephemeral seconds the rain caressed your face before disappearing. “Don’t be unfair.” You pouted, getting away from a kiss that ended up in your jaw. (It was the first time you disliked something that felt similar to the rain.)

“I fancy you enough to know that I need to maintain you entertained. I´m not going to kiss you properly till our first date.”


“Of course, love.”

Distract (Namjoon Smut)

*Some real writing for once*

Word Count: 1277 words~


He wasn’t paying attention. You sighed, taking a seat next to him. He asked you to come, begging you over the phone and since you got here, he has looked at you three times.

It’s been two hours.

He was writing lyrics, making beats, and successfully ignoring you. He really did have talents, but you wanted to see the only talent that leave you a hot, breathless mess. You sat close to him, touching his leg and he continued to write. You gently caressed his thigh and he stiffed up. The words continued to flow onto the page as did your advances, your hand rested near his crotch. He sat up, your hand almost getting crushed and you weren’t going to give up.

He was going to crumble at the mercy of your hands.

You licked your lips and your hand unzipped his pants. His large hand covered yours as you reach the bottom of the zipper and moved it away.

“Babe, I’m trying to focus.”

“You can still focus, Joonie.” You poked at his bulge and he tried to continue writing. He was falling prey to your touch but he would never admit it. You undid his belt, your hand slipping into his boxers more freely. The sound of a low groan departing his lips gave you enough to continue.


“What is it, Joonie?’


“Hmm?” You were playing with his tip, your thumb rubbing against it harshly before you tempted to release his growing cock from his boxers. He stood up and made you stand up forcefully by your wrist.

Daddy’s here

“You wanted to see me angry, baby girl?” His voice now taunting, every ounce has its taste in the anger you’d awoke in him. His grip around your wrist reminded you that after this, the way you were getting out of this was on his back because you wouldn’t be able to walk when he’s done with you.

“Don’t get so worked up, Namjoon.” You knew this would truly make him snap. The look on his face, it was a sign that it worked. He was swift, your body already bent over his knee before you could even take your next breath and he rid you of your clothes.

His hand caressed your ass, light squeezes and touches before you felt his hand came down.

“Baby, what’s my name?” *smack*

“Say it.”*smack*

“N-Namjoon” *Smack*

“Wrong *smack* answer.” *smack*


“Say my name, Y/N.”


“On your knees.” You impetuously did so, watching him stand again. He looked at you expectantly and your hands did their work again. His erection was more overt to you as he sat once again. You stared in awe before his hand grabbed at your hair.

“Suck my cock.” His tone didn’t hold back on the vulgarity and you pumped him with your hand moderately. Your eyes traced back to his and you licked against the shaft slowly. He pushed your head closer, his hand wasn’t untangled from your hair.

Your lustful tongue pressed against his shaft lazily and he bit his lip. Your licks were vexingly slow and he’s had enough. You licked his tip slowly, not giving up the small bit of control you still had.

“Do you really want to test me after what you did, baby girl?” His grip on your hair tugged and you sucked on the tip before taking him whole.

You bobbed your head to a rhythmic beat as his low grunts harmonized with you.

You were such a pretty sight, your head bobbing on his cock in a meticulous pace and your eyes never leaving his. He could tell how wet you were, to the point of you wetting the floor and he had enough.

“Knees on the armrest of the couch.” You got up, his hand lightly smacking your ass before you positioned yourself.

Your knees rested on the arm of the couch while your arm supported you by pressing against the cushion. He came between your open legs and his fingers stroked against your wet pussy.


“Look, you wet the floor with your little pussy.” You turned your head, seeing a little puddle against the hardwood.

“I want you to lick it clean with that pink little tongue of yours.” He added a light smack to your ass and he watched you crawl over to the spot.

“What are you waiting for? Lick it.” You licked it slowly at first before you felt Namjoon’s fingers inside of you.


“Who told you to stop?” You continued to lick the spot while he pounded you with his fingers. You couldn’t stop yourself from moaning and he knew that.

His hand would smack your ass if you stopped licking the floor. The spot was clean and he pulled out his fingers.

“Clean my fingers, baby.” You turned around and sucked on his fingers. He pulled them for your mouth and you went back to your position on the couch.

“Good girl.” His fingers plunged back into you and you almost fell forward into the couch.


“Did you really think I was done with you?”

“I’m going to make sure you don’t walk for months.” Your hands clenched a fist of the cold leather cushion and his hand held you in place.

“P-Please, daddy.” You breathed out and his fingers continued to widen your tight pussy. He watched attentively, seeing your pussy clenching around his fingers and your head throw back when he plunged deeper inside you.

He pulled his fingers out and spread out your hole. You could feel his tongue press inside you and you let out a breathy whine.

“Oh m-m-my god, d-daddy.” He repeated it only twice before he sucked on your clit. Sounds that are incomprehensible escaped your lips and he stopped again, smacking his lips.

“Heavenly as always.” You could feel his hand hold you to your spot and his tip teasing your entrance.


“I don’t hear you begging, baby girl.”

“Please, daddy. Punish me with your thick cock, I need you.” Your words took an effect on him and you could feel his damaging length inside you.

“Were you always this tight?”

“Holy shit, d-daddy.” Your fist tugged at the leather of the couch which his hips worked at a vicious pace. Every thrust was felt throughout your body, almost pushing you face first into the cushion.

You like how tough he was, this powerless feeling you had every time you would meet his dark eyes. His voice would taunt you, his eyes would frighten you but it only made you wet for him.

“So fucking good.” His hand grabbed your ass and you strained your voice. You knew you would be able to speak tomorrow but you didn’t even care.

All you could think about was how his cock continue to push against your g-spot. His hand pulled your hair, pulling your head back while he continued to fuck you.


“You want to cum.”

“Please; please make me fucking cum.” Those were the magic words and he was drilling you at this point. You could barely keep your position and he explored your g-spot.

Your orgasm rippled in you like waves and you collapse into the couch. He came inside you, his hot seed flowing inside you.

You were consumed by the sound of his breathing, it was just as heavy as yours and you stood up. He kissed you lazily, his lips pressing against yours and you touched his sweaty face.

“You’re such a beautiful distraction, baby.”

~Admin Blake

"Imagine Sam, Dean, and Cas treating you like a little sister" One Shot

This is a part of the re-upload series; From the early days of this blog. These are not in the current format. All new submissions must be in the current format to be posted. 

You’re sitting at the kitchen table, eating the pancakes Dean made when someone comes up behind you and ruffles your hair.

“Hey, squirt, ready for school?” The voice is Sam’s and you look over your shoulder at his grinning face and roll your eyes. Of course you’re ready. You have been for the past week now, waiting for the new school year to start. You had a new set of clothes thanks to Sam, who took you shopping because Dean ‘doesn’t do that girly crap, sorry’. And Cas has been spouting positivity, telling you to just be yourself and you’ll make friends easily.

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