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Random suggestion but maybe you could make your OC have like a literal name? So like Midori means green, and Y'know Midoriya's hair is green so you could somehow correlate your OC's name with their quirk/appearance???



people are always like "ohhh, the adhd drugs are so bad!!!! they’re nasty” and i’m just like….. that’s ‘cause y’all who don’t actually need ‘em are snorting them or whatever. taking more than needed. well, in fact, a lot of people who take them without an actual prescription don’t need them. but ya know, the majority of people who actually do need them do experience improvement from taking them. difficult to understand, i know……

Tangled is such a great Millennial show:

-Everyone in it is trying to find jobs. This isn’t just “hashtag-relatable” this is also motivational. Too many cartoons don’t have people actually “dealing with responsibilities”–they’re usually too busy trying to save the world or defeat the villains. Daily life responsibilities are usually either viewed as a distraction or just something that can be done naturally (e.g., someone’s cousin comes to town for an episode and helps them fight the villain, someone wants to have a simple date but an asteroid hits). This show has those things, but focuses heavily on interactions and ambitions, too. 

-Everyone has anxiety. Except Eugene. Mostly. He worries, but it’s a more natural worry. But everyone works with everyone else to help them through it.

-The characters are all adults. Yes, this is a “kid’s show”, but the characters are mostly eighteen or older–meaning that they are all regularly engaging with their responsibilities and duties while worrying about their ambitions and goals.

-The adults are all characters. Arianna and Frederick are both easily in their forties, but they’ve still each had their own episodes focusing on individual conflicts. While they do often serve as mentors, there’s no illusion in this show that your life will just “come together” at a certain age: Frederick still partakes in pranks, Arianna admits that a lot of bad things happened in her past, and now Willow has come to show that even if you enjoy being a “free spirit”, you still need to consider other peoples’ responsibilities. Heck, there was a ghost who had to learn never to give up on her dreams after she was dead. 

There’s more, but I am an adult, and I need to go to work. I need to fulfill my responsibilities.

Next time: relationships.

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Will you be doing any special drawings, or no for ace awareness week? (I don't want to sound like I expected you to or not, I'm just genuinely curious, sorry if I sounded otherwise ^-^')

Sadly, I won’t have time for a new drawing, but here you go <3 This is the ace cloud flag I painted last Summer as icons and a banner c:

Feel free to use, edit, and even slap a transparent of any character you like on these, and then use that. If you take the time to make a set of icons with my flag behind them, however, please tag me, since it’ll be considered a repost! (But I’m allowing it in this specific occurrence)

And I may not be ace, but happy asexual awareness week, nonnie!! :D

So about that comic

Long story short, I apologize if some people see my recent Klance comic as abusive in any way. I wrote it with the short brawl because it seemed like the most realistic way those two would try to express their feelings at first, and I made it as balanced as possible, with no one being more powerful than the other. I understand not liking fighting, and not wanting characters I love to fight, but I won’t shrink away from writing it because I don’t like it.

I expound more under the cut, if you want more of my thoughts~

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get to know me: [7/10] fav movies → Peter Pan
“It would be delightful to report that they reached the nursery in time…but then, there would be no story.“

oh no you’re so damned wicked
you got me by the throat


It’s just that some people like guns.

Yes they do.